Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Are the makeovers free?

Yes. If someone you nominate is selected for a makeover, then there is nothing to pay either by them or by you.

Why are the makeovers no longer completed in 60 minutes even though the title is the same?

For the new series, Peter and his team have a whole day to complete the makeovers, and each episode will show 60 minutes of highlights. With a bit more time, the team is able to complete even bigger and better makeovers.

Can you makeover council or rented properties?

We are able to consider any home for a makeover, however if it is a rented, local authority or housing association property then we need permission from the owner or relevant authority before we can proceed with the application.

How old do you have to be to nominate someone?

Anyone is welcome to put forward a nomination, but we ask if you’re under 18 that you provide us with contact details for a family member over the age of 18.

How many rooms do you makeover?

We normally makeover 2 to 3 rooms depending on the home. We will also sometimes consider garden makeovers, so please do let us know about these too.

Do you have to include video footage with your application?

Don’t worry if you can’t get access to a video camera to film the person you’re nominating, but it’s helpful if you can.

How long does it take to find out if my application has been successful?

We receive thousands of applications so don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us straight away. We do look at every application, but unfortunately we can’t respond to each one individually due to the volume we receive. You will hear from us if we want to take your application further.

Can I nominate myself for a makeover?

Unfortunately not. All of our makeovers are done as a surprise for the lucky recipient, who is put forward by friends or family members.

Are you able to give me design advice for my property?

Unfortunately we’re unable to give out design advice over email. However, please do join our Facebook page and post your question there, as people may be keen to share their design thoughts and tips.

Whereabouts do you film?

We consider all locations on a series by series basis, but please note that we only film in the UK.

Will you makeover a school, hospital or a charity?

In the main, our makeovers take place on people’s homes, but we do very occasionally consider makeovers for properties that aren’t flats or houses. Please apply in the normal way, but do mention on your application form that this is for a different sort of project.

Why do you throw furniture away rather than recycling?

Throughout the series, our designers will be giving top tips on how to creatively upcycle old pieces of furniture, rather than throwing them away. Where possible, we also encourage homeowners to recycle furniture or give it to friends, family or charity. However, some items are not in a good enough condition to be kept and some older items will not be accepted by charities, as they don’t meet current fire safety regulations.

Are you able to give me product information for programmes shown abroad, or on other UK channels apart from ITV?

Unfortunately we don’t have access to schedules for episodes broadcast on other channels. We may be able to help if you provide enough information about the show such as the designer and location of the episode, and some information about the room but we can’t guarantee as response.

If these FAQs haven’t answered your question, you can send an e-mail to Please note that applications for a makeover sent to this email address will NOT be considered.