Box Hill

Attention! Pete and the team are on makeover manoeuvres today transforming a mobile home for ex-serviceman Jim Skasick. Designer Ben Hillman takes inspiration from Jim’s American roots to bring a ranch them to the lounge / diner and military theme to the bedroom.

the spacious living and dining room


The 60MM team hit Lancashire today to spring a surprise makeover on supermum Gayle Moore. Designer Linda Barker gets creative in her bedroom and lounge, squeezing in enough seating for a family of 16.


Enormous, navy velvet sofa means there's room for everyone to lounge around

Surprise Surprise Makeover - Huddersfield

Paula Kershaw has been nominated for Surprise Surprise by her best friend Sophia Crawshaw for all the voluntary work Paula does for the charity Sophia set up called “One Good Turn”. The Huddersfield-based charity helps disadvantaged families living in the local community by giving them furniture, domestic appliances, clothes, toys and other items that have been donated.

Paula has been volunteering for the charity for 3 years and is an integral part of the team. Amongst the many things she does she personally washes and irons all the donated clothes before they’re distributed to people who need them. Her house and garden are overflowing with things she’s brought home for the charity. Sophia wanted to do something to say thank you to Paula for all her hard work so she wrote to Holly at Surprise Surprise. Holly then enlisted the help of Peter Andre and the 60 Minute Makeover team, under the guidance of designer Linda Barker, to transform Paula’s garden.

the transformed multi level garden with brand new shed


Designer John Amabile brings the seaside to Essex on today's show, to surprise hard working widow, Bernie Bishop, with a wonderful new kitchen, diner and conservatory.


Fresh blue and white new kitchen


Pete and Team 60 are in Rochdale today to give charity worker and volunteer Pam Semp a wonderful surprise makeover courtesy of designer Leah Hughes, who draws on Pam’s love of Africa to inspire her bold design.

ROOM 1 - Living Room

African-inspired prints adorn the formerly plain living space


Pete and the team are joined by Hollywood designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard who pulls out all the stops to give Theo and Lisa Coyne an incredible kitchen makeover.

ROOM 1 - Kitchen

Colourful country-style kitchen


Pete and the 60MM team are under the command of designer Leah Hughes today to spring a wonderful surprise makeover on the home of Monica Lockett in Cheshire.

Room 1 - Living Room

The new cream and floral living room

St Helens

Pete, the 60MM team and designer Ben Hillman travel to St Helens to bring some good fortune to Eileen and Stephen Bennett with a surprise home makeover of their lounge, dining room and bare plasterboard bedroom.

ROOM 1 - Living Room and Dining Room

Transformed living and dining room