We'll always have #Breastmates

Our #BreastMates campaign came to an end today and Gaby was joined on the sofa by Giovanna Fletcher, CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga and Dr Hilary Jones to recap the last few weeks and share their highlights of the campaign.

Meet Giovanna's #Breastmate Katy

Have a feel, it's simple

– Giovanna Fletcher on the importance of checking your breasts for cancer

Today Giovanna met two pairs of #Breastmates, before introducing us to her best friend Katy McNab, who has been personally touched by breast cancer.

Dr Hilary's live breast examination

Our Breastival tepee has travelled the UK - through Breast-ol, Edin-bra and Bra-diff. As we continue our #breastmates campaign Giovanna Fletcher and Dr Hilary Jones will be joining Lorraine in the studio.

#Breastmates: Breast cancer facts and statistics

It's so important to check your breasts and get your #breastmates to do the same - just watch this video to see the facts in action.

Real Housewives of Cheshire back #Breastmates

It's been an amazing journey!

– Lauren Simon

Today we continue our #Breastmates campaign, encouraging people to get together with their friends and family to look out for signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

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It's here! The first Real Housewives of Cheshire calendar supporting CoppaFeel!

Hooray!!! The first Real Housewives of Cheshire calendar has arrived, you can pre-order yours today here. Even better £1 from every sale will go to our lovely friends at CoppaFeel! so what are you waiting for? Purchase one for your #Breastmate today.

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Giovanna reveals the importance of #Breastmates

On Monday our #Breastmates campaign continued with Giovanna Fletcher in 'Edin-bra', encouraging as many men and women as possible to grab a mate and get checking.

Today, we hear from Laura Plane who was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer when she just 29.