Round-up: another night, another AWESOME semi-final

Jamie Raven won, while UDI and IMD Legion battled it out for second spot

There were dazzling dancers, sensational singers, and even a helicopter on the third AWESOME instalment of the BGT semi-finals.

But there was only room for two more finalists from Wednesday's show.

Magic man Jamie Raven took the top spot, with the Judges sending IMD Legion and UDI to deadlock.

UDI were eventually victorious, joining Côr Glanaethwy, Entity Allstars, Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse and Old Men Grooving in Sunday's final.

Check out our other magnificent semi-finalists here:

Look who's in the final - Jamie Raven and UDI!

Tonight's winning acts - UDI and Jamie Raven

That's it - we're past the half way mark and now have SIX acts in the final!

First up, your pick of the bunch Jamie Raven was the act you voted tonight's most talented.

And what a performance he gave - conjuring up an actual helicopter on stage.

The Judges had the difficult decision to make between UDI and IMD Legion and once again it went to deadlock with our bright stars UDI taking the second final spot.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow night, 7.30pm, ITV to see who will be joining them.