Old Men Grooving - showing Britain's dads how to dance!

Old Men Grooving teaching dads everywhere how to dance!

Judging by the sceptical looks on their faces, it's fair to say that the awesome foursome weren't expecting very much when Old Men Grooving slouched onto the stage on Saturday's show.

And they certainly weren't expecting what happened next...

The dancing dads drew gasps of amazement from the audience - and our Judges - when they launched into their energetic dance routine - we even spotted Simon, the toughest Judge of 'em all, enjoying himself!

Round-up: brilliant, bonkers - it's the BEST of British!

Peter may be off his rocker but he sure can spin a plate!

Our BGT Judges were in fine fettle this week as they presided over the best - and the rest - of Great British Talent!

Saturday's show kicked-off with a sprinkling of Disney (black!) magic in the guise of 20-year-old Bristol singer Aaron Marshall, whose heavy metal take on Let It Go from Frozen left poor Amanda speechless... albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Equilibrium was soon restored when girl group Misstasia took to the stage though. Their smiley demeanours and sugar-sweet vocals had the audience singing along to Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid, and even Simon looked impressed.

What does The Question Bucket have in store for Ant and Dec?

Cheeky Stephen Mulhern has been delving deep into Ant and Dec's psyche this week with some rather probing questions (well, two of them) in The Question Bucket.

There are cries of foul play, but when it comes to our favourite double act's friendship, everything is just perfect thank you very much!

So perfect, in fact, they don't need anyone else... and especially not Stephen!

Misstasia come face-to-face with Prince Charming... or, err, Stavros!

Four-piece girl group Misstasia had the audience enthralled with their oh-so-pretty performance of Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid on Saturday night.

Does anything ever get these girls down?

Our man behind the scenes Stavros Flatley caught up with the little princesses to find out what inspires them, and what we can expect next from BGT's happiest act ever!