Backstage with Stavros: could Isaac be the new Jamie Cullum?

He's only 15, but Isaac Waddington brought the house down following his emotional performance on Saturday night.

The talented pianist overcame any jitters to give a stellar rendition of Billy Joel's Always A Woman, bagging himself four well-deserved yeses in the process.

Could he be the next Jamie Cullum? Stavros seems to think so. Find out what happened when the two of them caught up behind the scenes.

Revelation Avenue: "we're so glad we got back together!"

Soulful singers Revelation Avenue bagged themselves a spot on the live shows!

Gospel singers Revelation Avenue brought Saturday's show to a spectacular close with their fresh spin on Katy Perry's hit song Roar.

But they weren't expecting what happened next: "it hasn't really hit us yet to be fair," says choir member Beatrice Awotayo of the group's golden buzzer success.

"I just saw confetti everywhere, but not everyone in the group knew what the golden buzzer meant. We realised it must be something pretty good when Amanda joined us on stage though!"

Round-up: now THAT'S how to do a fantastic show!

Saturday's show was a roller-coaster ride!

From high jinx to hypnotic dogs, Britain's Got Talent was on fine form this week.

The show kicked off with musical "nun" Matthew Hunt, who took David for a spin on his motorised piano. Naturally!

Hula hooper Lisa Sampson managed to get the first standing ovation of the night from the Judges with her human slinky, while singer-songwriter Paul Manners may have just gone and got himself a record deal with David Walliams Records!

Subject to contract, of course...

Stavros gets the goss from golden buzzer act Revelation Avenue

Gospel singers Revelation Avenue have plenty to sing about - they only went and bagged themselves a spot in the semi-finals when Amanda pressed the golden buzzer on Saturday night.

Our man behind the scenes Stavros Flatley caught up with the group to get the goss on what we can expect in the live shows.

But has Stavros got what it takes to make sweet music with the choir?