Don't mess with karate kid Jesse

She's cute as a button, but don't get on the wrong side of this fearsome nine-year-old from County Armagh!

Jesse Jane McParland melts the Judges' hearts when she first appears on stage, but they're not expecting what happens next...

Could Simon have met his match?

Gallery: who's on tonight's show?

All dressed up and ready for Britain's Got Talent!

If you thought last week's show was an emotional roller coaster, then hold tight - you're in for a special treat tonight!

The greatest show on earth is back on ITV at 8pm, so clear your diary and book a place on the sofa for tonight's spectacular show.

Don't believe us? Here's a sneaky peak at what to expect...

Billy and Emily have Stavros in a spin

They're the roller-skating siblings who whipped the Judges - and the audience - into a frenzy last Saturday with their death-defying act.

Stavros Flatley caught up with the daredevil duo behind the scenes to find out why they've got their mum to thank for their BGT success, and why Billy defers all his style decisions to his sis - including his beard!