Round-up: it's crunch time for our acts!

The HoneyBuns had them dancing in the aisles!

Just WOW!

The final audition show of the series didn't disappoint on Saturday night, kicking off in splendid style with five-piece tap-dancing troupe Beat Brothers.

The talented tappers looked rather fetching in their morning suits, and one of them looked even better out of it! Trust David to persuade one of the crew to take his shirt off. Not that we're complaining, mind.

MORE BGMT! Stephen drops his guard, again.... and again... an again!

We don't think Stephen likes this ride an awful lot, but just to make sure BGMT decided to make him try it again, and again... and, well, you get the picture!

Watch Stephen's death-defying ride - for the good of the show, of course - as he finds a novel way to decide which acts to interview on BGMT.

Stirling effort Stephen! And, erm, impressive set of lungs!

Full list of Britain’s Got Talent 2015 semi-finalists

Here they are - all 45 of our talented semi-finalists!

"These are gonna be the CRAZIEST finals we've ever done," says Simon Cowell at the end of the Judges' deliberations on this week's show.

And looking at this talented - not to mention eclectic - bunch, it's hard to disagree!

After hundreds of auditions, and hours of wrangling, the Britain's Got Talent Judges have finally chosen just a handful of semi-finalists to go through to the live shows next week.