Amanda Holden

Revelation Avenue: "we're so glad we got back together!"

Soulful singers Revelation Avenue bagged themselves a spot on the live shows!

Gospel singers Revelation Avenue brought Saturday's show to a spectacular close with their fresh spin on Katy Perry's hit song Roar.

But they weren't expecting what happened next: "it hasn't really hit us yet to be fair," says choir member Beatrice Awotayo of the group's golden buzzer success.

"I just saw confetti everywhere, but not everyone in the group knew what the golden buzzer meant. We realised it must be something pretty good when Amanda joined us on stage though!"

Simon pranks Amanda - on air!

Has Simon gone too far this time?

Simon Cowell gave Amanda Holden the shock of her life when he called her up and told her she was being replaced on BGT - by Cheryl Fernadez-Versini.

The head Judge duped Amanda on this morning's Radio 1 breakfast show as part of host Nick Grimshaw's feature Call or Delete.

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden has been judging the country’s top talent since day one of BGT so if anyone can pick a winner it’s this lady.

Her ‘girl power’ duo with Alesha kept the Simon and David in check on last year’s show and the ladies could well have to form a united front again.

She’s the Judge most likely to have her heart-strings tugged at – remember her amazing emotion reaction to last year’s winners Attraction?

A seasoned actress, singer and presenter she says she has seen some strong mucical theatre performces from this year’s auditions but will anyone bring a tear to her eye this time?