Amanda Holden

Daliso Chaponda gives Amanda the golden giggles

All Daliso Chaponda wanted to do was make the Judges laugh, but he got more than he bargained for when Amanda thought his jokes were that funny, they were worthy of the Golden Buzzer!

With Amanda left urging him to win the entire series, we have to agree with her when she says Daliso has got a golden future ahead of him! Next stop, the Live Semi-Finals…

How to avoid weird rashes with Handy Mandy!

Handy Mandy, our very own Amanda Holden, comes to the rescue when our one viewer asks how to avoid giving his girlfriend a rash when they're kissing... and her solution is very painful!

Watch with gritted teeth!

How to stop a burglar by Handy Mandy

Our one viewer’s house keeps getting burgled and it’s down to Handy Mandy herself, Amanda Holden, to prevent it from happening again.

Armed with a series of traps and Stephen Mulhern by her side, can she stop this barefooted thief in his tracks?

That is another problem solved, you’re welcome!

Alesha: 'Simon likes that we are one, big dysfunctional family'

Alesha Dixon has revealed that there is absolutely no rivalry between herself and fellow Judge Amanda Holden… much to Simon’s disappointment.

Ahead of the new series of BGT - which starts this Saturday - Alesha revealed: “I don’t know if Simon likes us to bicker. I think he secretly loves the fact that Amanda and I really like each other, he likes that on our show it’s one big dysfunctional, happy family. The banter is brilliant, if something feels good, it feels good.

Amanda: "I’ve learnt a lot about Simon this year"

Amanda Holden has revealed that despite working with her fellow Judges for years, she’s still learning new things about boss, Simon Cowell.

Speaking of her fellow Judges, Amanda claimed: “I’ve learnt a lot about Simon this year. He’s wanting to know much more about every single contestant, he's delving really deeply into people’s personal lives, he’s asking about their motivations, how they feel, how happy they are.

Handy Mandy goes live but how many pegs can she attach to a body?

Our one viewer has another strange request for Amanda Holden. How many pegs can she attach to the human body in 30 seconds? That is another problem solved, you’re welcome.

Preview: Amanda Holden offers some Handy-free phone advice

Our one viewer’s hands free kit is broken but he really needs to order a Chinese takeaway.

Cue Amanda Holden, some fat sellotape and Stephen Mulhern to try and help! That is another problem solved, you’re welcome…