ant and dec

What does The Question Bucket have in store for Ant and Dec?

Cheeky Stephen Mulhern has been delving deep into Ant and Dec's psyche this week with some rather probing questions (well, two of them) in The Question Bucket.

There are cries of foul play, but when it comes to our favourite double act's friendship, everything is just perfect thank you very much!

So perfect, in fact, they don't need anyone else... and especially not Stephen!

Boyband: "we're doing what we love!"

Boyband enjoying their golden moment on BGT

Talk about getting their groove on! When dance troupe Boyband bounded onto the BGT stage on Saturday night, they never dreamed they'd be leaving it with a place booked in the semi finals.

"It was incredible! We honestly weren't expecting that," recalls 18-year-old Dylan. "When we saw Ant and Dec walking off the stage, we sort of guessed they were going to press the golden buzzer but we still couldn't believe it. "

Will Ant and Dec play their cards right?

It's the Quiz Show Even More More-A-Thon and before Ant and Dec can even begin to compete in Stephen's classic game of choice, they have to impress him with their Bruce 'Brucie' Forsyth impressions.

Take a look at all the higher and lower action. "Nice to see you, to see you nice!"