Beat Brothers have got razzamatazz

These talented tappers went down a storm in their audition.

They're on a roll in the semi-finals, but can these snazzy chaps tap their way into the final?

Lisa Sampson's playing with fire!

We're invited into Lisa's diner for her retro-themed semi-final performance.

This girl is on fire, but will the public warm to her?

Ok WorldWide are bouncing off the walls

These acrobatic free-runners impressed the Judges with their back-flipping amazing audition.

Will their tutti-fruiti-themed semi-final win the public over?

Backstage: Stavros gets the skinny from Ok WorldWide

The dance, acrobatics and free running act chat about their plans for the show tonight.

But will they take a tumble with our man Stavros?

Or will it be Stavros taking a tumble...

Will IMD Legion's super routine impress the Judges?

Their high-octane audition won plaudits from the Judges and wowed the crowd.

But will their pumping Avenger's-themed semi-final performance be enough to bag a spot in Sunday's final?

Dance act UDI light up the stage

This Siberian dance troupe dazzled the Judges, and the audience, following their audition.

Will the public warm to them tonight?

Can dancer Dylan Byrd shake up the semi-finals?

Dylan's energetic audition charmed the Judges.

He puts on dynamic show in tonight's semi-final, but will he go on to the final?

Dancer Luca Calò is crazy in love

Luca's energetic dance routine was popular in the auditions but his vocals split the Judges.

Will his semi-final performance be even bigger and better? His heels certainly are!