David Walliams

BGMT Preview: David and Stephen try out Doga

With Simon said to be at one with himself thanks to the help of Doga, David and Stephen take it upon themselves to recreate some poses… with Stephen - the star of stage and screen - acting as the dog!

Watch more from Stephen when BGMT returns to ITV2 on Saturday at 9.25pm...

David does the Marshall Shuffle... and lands on Simon!

Following Wayne Woodward and Alex Magala’s victory on tonight’s Results Show, Stephen catches up with the Judges with David getting a bit TOO excited after dancing on the desk, before conveniently landing on Simon…

4G have some serious six packs

Gymnastic act 4G are on hand to show off their skills to Stephen, with the lads also revealing something interesting which calls for some medical help!

And, after their topless audition leaves the Judges a bit hot under the collar, will they agree to David’s idea of losing their trousers as well?

David is crazy in love with Ian and Anne Marshall

Love is well and truly in the air, with Ian and Anne Marshall leaving one Judge in particular more than head over heels.

But, when David stands on the Judges' desk in awe of their rendition of Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love, it can mean only one thing… the Golden Buzzer!

Preview: David, Stephen wants his shoe back!

David Walliams is up to his old tricks again, this time, stealing Stephen’s expensive shoes!
After chasing David around the theatre, can he get them back?