David Walliams

David Vs Dog: canine creativity challenge

What's that you say? You want EVEN MORE David Vs Dog!

This week, our favourite furball (that'd David btw) returns to our screens to take on Tug the dog in the game that Stephen still can't believe made it past the drawing board - the canine creativity challenge.

Tune it to see which one is best in show...

  • 2015
  • David Walliams

Unseen footage! Watch as David wigs Simon out with his new do

Anna Romanenkova's avant garde hair show left the BGT Judges somewhat perplexed on Saturday's show, but trust David Walliams not to miss a trick!

Check out our exclusive extra footage to see the cheeky Judge disappear backstage to borrow one of Anna's outlandish creations.

David wears it well, but Simon's not having any of it... Ahhh, they love each other really!