First look BGMT: Simon and David’s dog-off

Both David and Simon think they have the superior pup

Never mind the acts on this week’s show - Simon and David are debating a different kind of talent on BGMT.

Talk turns to their pooches and whose pet is the most fun – David’s Bert or Simon’s Squiddly and Diddly

Neither are willing to let it lie so Stephen suggests a dog-off.

Will the Judges agree to it? Take a look.

David showcases his signature move

Everyone knows David Walliams as a top funny man, author and BGT Judge but have you seen him tearing up the dance floor on a night out?

On Stephen's request David demos his eye-watering high kick - a Golden Buzzer worthy move if ever we saw one!

David's uncanny Simon impression

Want to see David sashay like Simon?

BGMT host Stephen Mulhern grabs a chat with Mr Walliams who can’t resist doing a little Simon impression.

It’s so convincing you’ll think the man himself is in the room.

To see if Simon catches him, make sure you don’t miss BGMT this Saturday, ITV2, 8.30pm.

David vs Doris: Round 1

David has a new BGMT nemesis for 2014 and she’s 90 years old!

But don’t be fooled, this sweet looking lady is going to keep David on his toes.

Watch a sneaky peek of what happened the first time the pair stepped into the ring for the Frozen Frolics challenge.

For more tune into BGMT on Saturday ITV2, 8.30pm.

David Walliams

Funny man, author and Simon fanatic David Walliams prides himself on being the BGT champion of the underdog.

As well as having a great eye for comic talent, David has been known to put through some of the most outrageous acts – much to Simon’s disgust and the girls’ amusement.

David can always be relied on the lift the panel with a quick quip or comic antics.

Which of his favourite acts will be laughing all the way to the final this year?