Video of the radio star Allan Turner-Ward

He’s big in Bournemouth and now he’s big on Britain’s Got Talent

DJ Allan Turner-Ward is through to the next round.

See piano playing wonder-kid Curtis Elton

10-year-old Curtis shows practice makes perfect with his flawless piano playing.

Will he be tinkling the ivories in the semi-finals?

Steve Reynolds steps out of the shadows

Steve Reynolds attempts to bring the sound of The Shadows back to the mainstream.

It’s not a popular campaign with the Judges – apart from David.

Brig Og Le Spun-On plays Michael Jackson hit on the spoons

Brig Og Le Spun-On serves up a Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal on the spoons.

Will she make it all the way to the Royal Variety Performance?

Lettice Rowbotham gives the Judges something new

Plummy Lettice impresses the Judges with her super posh personality but her real talent blows them away.

Watch her electric violin versions of pop hits including Imagine Dragons’ Demons and One Republic’s Counting Stars.

Saws Crossed fail to cut it with the Judges

This saw playing pair audition with their version of Yesterday.

Sadly the act is cut off before the next round.

Lady Enchantress sounds off

Lady ‘Jane’ Enchantress attempts to get the nation playing the recorder with her unrehearsed performance.

Unfortunately the Judges decide the Royal Variety Performance won’t be hosting her recital this year.

Operadoo Operadon’t

Simon compares this unlikely duo to “eating a bowl of strawberry ice-cream with a sausage.”

Do you think this is a compliment? Take a look.