Stavros hangs out with Henry backstage

Young Henry Gallagher could have a bright future ahead of him following his flawless performance on Saturday night.

Our man behind the scenes Stavros Flatley caught up with the singer-songwriter backstage to find out what he'll spend his "squillions" of pounds on if he hits the big time, and why he plans to look after his mum.

Ahhhh what a sweetheart!

Boyband: "we're doing what we love!"

Boyband enjoying their golden moment on BGT

Talk about getting their groove on! When dance troupe Boyband bounded onto the BGT stage on Saturday night, they never dreamed they'd be leaving it with a place booked in the semi finals.

"It was incredible! We honestly weren't expecting that," recalls 18-year-old Dylan. "When we saw Ant and Dec walking off the stage, we sort of guessed they were going to press the golden buzzer but we still couldn't believe it. "