Stephen Mulhern

Stephen meets your winner Tokio Myers

Stephen welcomes 2017 champion Tokio Myers to the BGMT studio to get his reaction on winning the show as well as taking some phone calls from viewers.

Cheers! The Judges celebrate Tokio Myers' win on BGMT

Champers at the ready! Stephen joins the Judges to celebrate Tokio’s victory and gets their reactions. Do the panel agree with the public?

How to avoid weird rashes with Handy Mandy!

Handy Mandy, our very own Amanda Holden, comes to the rescue when our one viewer asks how to avoid giving his girlfriend a rash when they're kissing... and her solution is very painful!

Watch with gritted teeth!

How to stop a burglar by Handy Mandy

Our one viewer’s house keeps getting burgled and it’s down to Handy Mandy herself, Amanda Holden, to prevent it from happening again.

Armed with a series of traps and Stephen Mulhern by her side, can she stop this barefooted thief in his tracks?

That is another problem solved, you’re welcome!

BGMT Preview: Who has Ant & Dec's faces tattooed on their bum?

One of these men has Ant & Dec’s faces tattooed on their bottom but can the pair guess who? Stephen puts them to the test in a game of Ant vs Dec: Tell The Truth!

Watch more from Stephen when BGMT returns to ITV2 on Saturday at 9.25pm.

BGMT Preview: David and Stephen try out Doga

With Simon said to be at one with himself thanks to the help of Doga, David and Stephen take it upon themselves to recreate some poses… with Stephen - the star of stage and screen - acting as the dog!

Watch more from Stephen when BGMT returns to ITV2 on Saturday at 9.25pm...

Stephen Mulhern & friends rap to find the one viewer

Ahead of the new series of Britain’s Got More Talent, we’ve got some bad news. Stephen Mulhern - star of stage and screen - has lost his one viewer!

In a bid to find him, watch as Stephen recruits the help of some famous faces and tries his hand at rapping… AGAIN!

So, without further ado, check out the new ‘unbelievable’ BGMT pre-titles above. BGMT returns Saturday, 15th April at 9.25pm on ITV2.

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