Want to unlock more Buzzers?

Throughout the series, you’ll be able to unlock more fabulous buzzer bundles, containing a Buzzer skin and two Buzzer sound effects.

But to get your hands on these Buzzers… you’re going to need to put the effort in, ‘cos we can’t be throwing fancy new Buzzers all over the place, it’s only Week 2!

So, how do I unlock these Buzzers?! Take a proper look around… You might unlock a bundle when you watch a video, or maybe tapping away in the emoji rater might do the trick?

The more you have a go, the more likely you are to unlock new stuff!

If you haven't already, make sure you download the app for Apple device here and Android here.

FIRST LOOK: An inspirational audition by RISE

RISE are a dance group who are sharing an inspirational message of positivity and hope. The group perform their routine using wheelchairs in solidarity to one dancer, Hollie, who was injured in the Manchester Attack last year.

Watch their Audition and many more on BGT this Saturday. 8pm on ITV