They've all gone bananas

Yes, this week's show is brought to you by a bunch of bananas, a huge seal and some questionable dance moves - and ALL of these scenes have been set up for your entertainment.

Here's your sneaky first look...

Word to ya mum!

Where d'you learn THOSE dance moves from guys?

Let's get fish-ical

Wetsuit at the ready Keith, it's time for the greatest Man vs Seal Fish-Catching Challenge the world has ever seen.

Who'll get the most seafood goodies in their gob? Our money's on the seal...

Watch this seal-tastic challenge on Celebrity Juice tonight at 10pm on ITV2

Heads, Shoulders, Cheese and Toes...

As part of The Cheese Games (yes, think The Hunger Games, just a little bit different), Keith enlists the help of Tom Daley, Sam Bailey, Alex Brooker and Joe Swash.

Joe and Tom strip down to their Speedo's and it's all about to get VERY messy...

Watch this in full on tonight's Daley/Bailey rhyming extravaganza, ITV2 at 10pm

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