The Backwards Game

Ever wondered how amazing it would be to see Samia Ghadie from Corrie limbering up and doing the hurdles... backwards?

Yes, of course you have! Watch the sporting action unfold below...

It's Louis VS Cheryl!

With Louis Walsh previously describing Cheryl (formerly Cole) as "chav-o-rama", we simply had to ask if he still feels the same way or if the two X Factor judges actually see eye to eye these days.

Watch below as Keith grills Louis about his true feelings for Chezza, and Mel B butts in with some home truths.

We love it. The X Factor claws are out and no one is holding back. OOSH!

The X Factor take on Juice

Tonight, prepare for one of our biggest shows to date as we welcome to the stage...

(Please do read this at home in the style of the big X Factor voiceover bloke)


Yes, it's our X Factor special and here's a taster of what X-rated action you can expect with Keith.

Pucker up, Fearne!

If Fearne Cotton thought she would never ever allow herself to lock lips with Keith Lemon, she was absolutely incorrect.

Just how much persuading does it take for Fearne to pucker up with Keith? Or, is she actually quite enjoying it, eh?!