Is Keith about to get tongue tied?

Are you ready for passion, excitement and a hint of bromance?

You may not find it in this VT, but it's definitely worth a watch as Gok Wan gives Keith a mouthwatering birthday treat.

Tune in Thursday 30 April at 10pm on ITV2

Shaky shaky flaky flaky

Watch above as Gino welcomes us into his own kitchen and brings us his unique kitchen games!

Prepare for Holly and Denise Van Outen strapping cereal boxes to their hips and thrusting like they've never thrusted before. And wait for it LADZ, we'll even show you some of it in SLOW MO!

What a handful...

There's a juicy baguette just waiting to be eaten by Steve-O.

The only issue is, it's parked between Madonna's buttocks. Seriously...

Watch our preview of tonight's Celeb Juice above and don't forget to tune in at 10pm on ITV2. Bang tidy baguettes. Oosh.

I Gotta Get Through This

May we present to you our brand new Daniel Beddingfield inspired game, Gotta Get Through This: Extreme!

Watch above as Vernon Kay and Steve-O take on the challenge and show off their flexibility as they Gotta Get Through various different objects...

Stereokicks take over Juice!

Hold onto your knickers, ladies. We've got two juicy videos for you right now - both of them featuring hot new boyband STEREOKICKS!

So what can you expect when they join our very own Keith Lemon on Celebrity Juice? Well watch above as the boys get a grilling about their love life and watch below as Barclay gives us a masterclass in YODELLING! Two vids for the price of one. Bang tidy.

Tune in Thursday 9 April at 10pm on ITV2

Gino changes his name by deed poll... Seriously!

Our Gino is put under pressure on this week's Juice, as Keith asks him to change his name - all proper legally and everything - by deed poll.

There's a lawyer in the studio waiting to make it official... Have a watch of the preview above and see what you can expect from the show!

Tune in Thursday 9 April at 10pm on ITV2