Guess the Moon-face!

WARNING: This juicy vid contains strong language and adult humour
In a brand new clip that's not been on your telly box, can the teams guess the identities of some famous celebrities from a picture of their bums?

Double D-light

Inspired by Gok Wan, Keith has created a prototype bra that's going to revolutionise bras. Watch the VT (stands for Video Tape) to see the Double D-light in all its glory.

Bedtime wind

WARNING: This juicy vid contains adult humour and sexual references
Can Holly Willoughby and Dave Berry sleep peacefully through some of Keith Lemon's bedtime wind? Find out in this exclusive clip that's never ever been seen on your telly box before!

Wash Your Body

In this exclusive unseen round, Keith Lemon acts out a film title with the help of Verne Troyer - but can Fearne and Jason guess the celluloid classic?