Joey Essex's Mind Meld!

It's the game you all love, and it's making a welcome return for our festive special.

What happens when you put Joey Essex and Susanna Reid one inside the other?

Here's a sneak preview....

Keith snogs Olly Murs

Do not adjust your sets... this is actually happening.

Cheeky, chappy singer and trouble maker Olly Murs locks lips with Keith. This is quite possibly the hottest thing on the internet right now.

Make sure you are watching tonight, 10pm, ITV2.

A McFlustered performance

McBusted perform live in the studio, but with the added challenge of Gino and Fearne trying to put them off. If they don't get 'McFlustered' while playing, they'll win a point for their team. Watch later to find out if they succeed.

McBusted Skulls

In this sneak preview, Keith gets Tom, James, Harry and Matt to play a game where, in pairs, they have to catch a copy of their new single. However, this catch comes with a catch... They can only use their heads. Ouch.

Jessie J's chewing gum relay

Jessie J can't believe her eyes when Keith pops her discarded gum in his gob but he's not the only one to have a chew, even the guests get involved.

We dare you to sit through this gruesome video without covering your eyes.