'Hoo'-s ready for this?

Hurrah! We've got hoovers a-plenty in our game of Guess Hoo-ver, we've got some risqué chapatis and we've got Johnny Vegas doing a dance: it's got to be another episode of Celebrity Juice bonkers-ness.

Want a look before it gets on your airwaves? Feast your eyeballs on these pictures...

Keith celebrates Johnny's 6th time on the show. Or was that 7th? No one knows!

Wheeeere's Johnny?

He might have been late, but he travelled to the studio in style: on the back of a 'terrifying' taxi! Check out Johnny Vegas' motorbike face for a first look at tonight's episode of juicy goodness.

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It's a lick-tacular new series!

Ooosh! Have we got a brand new series lined up for you!

In the first show tonight, Holly's back on the board, Gino D'Acampo's trying to start his own team, there are plastic bags a plenty and lots and lots of licking. Get a little looksee here at what you'll be seeing on your telly box tonight!

Gino and Jimmy share a tender moment...

Let's play... Lickalikes

Keith and the crew are back for a new series, but what madness awaits? First up, take a sneaky look at Holly and Fearne gazing into each other's eyes for a game of Lickalikes: all the ladies have to do is lick their way through a pile of peanut butter to discover the celebrity face below.

Simple, right?

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It's our Xmas special!

Ready for the most festive Celebrity Juice you've ever feasted your eyes upon?

Susanna Reid, Paddy McGuinness, Professor Green and Joey Essex join Keith Lemon and the team for our very special festive special, on your telly box.

Joey Essex's Mind Meld!

It's the game you all love, and it's making a welcome return for our festive special.

What happens when you put Joey Essex and Susanna Reid one inside the other?

Here's a sneak preview....