Behind The Scenes at Bear Grylls Survival School

We sent Arielle from Scrambled! to Snowdonia in Wales to check out what was going on behind the scenes at Bear Grylls Survival School.

It's Josh's turn to take on the Scrambled! tag and egg roulette

Top survival tip ... make sure you get a fire started

– BGSS recruit Josh gives his top tip for survival

Arielle is behind the scenes at BGSS and this week Josh is taking on the Scrambled! tag challenge. Just how is Josh finding Survival School? Watch to find out more.

Bear Grylls Survival School: students 2017

Meet Abigail and John

Credit: ©Rob Sixsmith/ITV 2016

Abi moved from Chicago to the UK three years ago and now lives in a small village in Scotland.
Abi admits to having a mischievous side. " I used to get into a lot of trouble when I was younger. I love adventures!"

Credit: ©Rob Sixsmith/ITV 2016

John loves spending time in the great outdoors as he used to venture into the countryside with his late father.
He thinks Survival School would change him as "I'd probably be a bit skinnier"

Bear Grylls Survival School: students 2017

Meet Lauren and Ash

Credit: ©Rob Sixsmith/ITV 2016

A natural peacekeeper, Lauren is enthusiastic about making new friends and is keen to keep the team together. " I just hate when people get bullied, that's just really horrible.
Spending half her life doing sports she's always up for a challenge!

Credit: ©Rob Sixsmith/ITV 2016

Ashley describes himself as a real chatterbox " but I know when to shut up"
He insists he doesn't get into trouble at school because "no one catches me"

Ashley loves kickboxing and attends a weekly class. He's been going since he was five years old!

ALL NEW Bear Grylls Survival School

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Get a first look at the challenges that face our Survival School students of 2017. Will they overcome all that Bear and his crack team have in store for them? Tune in to CITV this Saturday 7th January at 8.30am to begin the adventure!