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The summer holidays are FINALLY here!

To celebrate Tillie and Noah will be on hand to keep you topped up with refreshing silly and slimy antics. We don't want you to just sit back and relax though. Oh no! We want you to get involved!

Throughout the summer we want you to send us a picture of your 4 favourite things. As long as you love them, we want to see them!

Take a snap (making sure it's Landscape and there's no branding visible), add a fancy filter and send them our way!

Here's Director Lee's Super4:

“Hi I’m Lee and here are my Super4: My mini trolley, my headphones, my funky flips flops, and my Thunderbirds notebook”.

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Tillie and Noah's Summer Zone: Noah's Blog!

This week we are getting to know our Noah a little better!

I love every minute of filming days! We have a great new studio set this week which is brilliant. It looks the same on the TV but its pretty fancy to work in! It's weird how homely it feels. I already LOVE IT!!

Before coming to studio I feel really excited and just can't wait! I expected the studio to be completely different because of the change in location but Tillie and I settled in straight away. But that’s also because of the fantastic crew too. (They paid me to say that).

Being a presenter is so much fun, when I first started presenting it felt similar to when I was in primary school, reading out my work in front of the whole class for the first time. Once you've finished you feel amazing . Also, I get to work with the one and only Tillie who has the super power of infinite energy! I was so surprised when people from higher and lower years at school started to notice me. It's funny to know that people remember who you are and what your name is!

Oh, in case you were wondering, my favourite CITV show is Pokémon. I love all the graphics and the amazing storylines. It's epic to watch and it's exciting!

You can catch Noah every weekday during the summer as part of Tillie and Noah's Summer Zone!

Tillie and Noah's Summer Zone: Outtakes 2

Sometimes funny things happen during filming but they don't always make it onto your TV screen. Thank goodness for the internet!

Take a look at some of the unseen funny bits from this week's Tillie and Noah's Summer Zone!

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Tillie and Noah's Summer Zone: Vlog!

CITV's Tillie gives us an insight into what it's like to be a presenter! Watch her Vlog NOW!

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be the best I can be but we have so much fun!

– Tillie

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CITV Stax: My Phone Genie

This Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 check in with Jasmine, the girl with a genie in her phone! We've got a mini marathon of My Phone Genie!

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