Scrambled! Assessment Tests - it's gunge time!

Could YOU pass these Scrambled! Assessment Tests? There is a gungy forfeit if not! Take a look at how our presenters did… #SPLAT

Name FIVE European capital cities

Celebrity Eggbox Interviews

We send the Scrambled egg box off to quiz the best celebrities. Take a look at who we've had on the show recently... 😎🌟💫

Kidz Bop

My favourite dance move is the Carlton!

– Ashton, Kidz Bop

Luke takes the Eggbox Challenge

You know that one where you have to survive without your phone or the internet? It's like adult hide and seek!

– Luke talks about which TV show he'd like to be on

After school on CITV!

Who do you hang out with after school? How about Fangbone and his side kick Bill? Or Bagel & Becky? What about Dez, Akiko and Puffin? Well what about hanging out with all of them? CITV, weekdays After School.