Celebrity Eggbox Interviews

We send the Scrambled egg box off to quiz the best celebrities. Take a look at who we've had on the show recently... 😎🌟💫

The Vamps

What's my favourite emoji? I like the 😬 one...

– The Vamps discuss emoji fun

Scrambled! Assessment Tests - it's gunge time!

Could YOU pass these Scrambled! Assessment Tests? There is a gungy forfeit if not! Take a look at how our presenters did… #SPLAT

Name five cartoons that have appeared on Scrambled!

London takes the Eggbox Challenge 🥚😎✌️

The Aces challenge London to answer the questions from the eggs 🥚🌟🎉

That's a perfect pizza. I'd just look at it and probably frame it and put it in my bathroom!

– London describes her perfect pizza... but it's too good for eating! 🍕🚫