This Weekend's Stax: Horrid Henry

Our Master of Mischief, Horrid Henry, is taking over this weekend with back to back horridness! Oh Yeahhhh!!!

DONT FORGET! We'll be switching off Horrid Henry for 1 hour from 9.30 'till 10.30 so you can get outside and take part in the nations biggest sports day! Find out how you can be part of the I AM TEAM GB fun, HERE!

I am Team GB 2016

On Saturday 27th August at 9.30, CITV will be switching off for 1 hour so you can get outside and take part in creating the nations biggest ever sports day!

There will be lots of ways to get involved, including thousands of fun, free events across the country. You can find out more at the I am Team GB website.

Moss and Major have the right idea, kinda! Take a look at their Garden Games!