Scrambled!’s Got The Eggs Factor

Can you impress our Eggs Factor Judges, Baron Von Osborne, Tom Moans and Lukey Walsh with your talents? Upload your clips here and you could be on TV!

Scrambled Star 🌟 NED 🌟

You guys are awesome! Katie's rendition of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off was amazing - and last week’s winner Cara impressed once again, but Ned wowed the judges the most with his acoustic version of Britney's Baby One More Time 🙌

Celebrity Eggbox Interviews

Thunderbirds Are Go's David Menkin

We have new bad guys, we have a big showdown - and we have loads of guest stars!

– David Menkin, the voice of Virgil and Gordon Tracy, on the new series of Thunderbirds Are Go

R U Funny?

Can you make our Queen of Comedy laugh?
You know we’re serious about our jokes and this series we’re also crowning one person every week as the Prince or Princess of Comedy. Are you our next ROFL Royal? Send in your jokes here.

All rise for the Princess of Punchlines: Maddison! 👑

Georgia and Ellie gave us the giggles but Maddison stole the Princess of Comedy Crown 👸

World Records

Luke Dives Into The Challenge

Luke was tasked with trying to put on the most amount of swimming googles any person has ever put on in one minute. Can he beat 26?

Free School Of Dance

Welcome to the Free School of Dance run by Professor and Dance Master Arielle Free. Everyone find a space and let’s do this. 1, 2, 3, 4…

Cossack Dance

Scrambled! Assessment Tests - it's gunge time!

Could YOU pass these Scrambled! Assessment Tests? There is a gungy forfeit if not! Take a look at how our presenters did… #SPLAT

Name five countries in Asia

Sharezies 😎

We LOVE finding out what you have to share. If you want to share anything with us, make sure to send it to us here.

Have you ever seen a three-year-old play the ukulele like Emilia? So impressive! We're also in love with Mille's rhyming, while May's dancing to a familiar tune got us all bouncing around. Great sharing, all!