Can you Outsmart Sam?

Credit: Not one to gloat! Sam wins a point this week

This series we're trying to Outsmart Sam but we need your help! Do you think you can defeat our resident smarty-pants?

Do you have a question or a fact that you think might stump our Mr Know-It-All? Upload your video here and let's Outsmart Sam!

C+Sam is good at geography, be warned! But fantastic questions.

Sam is a geography genius and knew Alexa and Emma’s location based questions but Niamh clawed back a point for team kids with a questions about planets.

Where's Your Bear Bean?

Mr. Bean takes his teddy on all his adventures with him. So we wanted to see all the adventures that you and your teddy get up to 🐻

Whether it’s going on holiday or just playing at home, we want to see. Just send us a picture or video by clicking here, but don’t forget to tell us your teddies name.

This week Katie and her bear Betty have been on holiday, while Stevie’s bear Barnabus was keeping clean in the shower and Anna’s bear has been taking in the sights, driving past the Ritz!

Scrambled!'s Got The Eggs Factor

Do you think you have what it takes to become the winner of Scrambled!'s Got The Eggs Factor?

Upload your own talents here and you could be on the show.

We were bouncing along to Gemma’s flute playing. Lovely tune and earns her the top spot as our new 🌟 Scrambled! Star! 🌟

Blink and you’ll miss it! How great was Nathan at speed stacking!

Grace swept us off our feet with her brilliant aerial acrobatics display and was our Scrambled! Star for two weeks - very impressive.

Eggbox interviews

The Scrambled! Eggbox has been getting out and about and doing some very cool interviews.

Take a look below at who we've had on Scrambled! recently

The Eggbox quizzed those cheeky chappies from Mic Lowry, who have been very busy lately touring with a certain Mr Justin Bieber!

Check out their video below to see the inspiration behind their new track and which Scrambled! presenter they'd most like to go to a party with. We predict big things for these boys.

R U Funny?

Do you think you can make our Queen of Comedy, London, laugh her socks off?

Upload your jokes here and laughter-lover London will let you know whether you tickled her funny bone.

You lot are hilarious! 😂 London is still LOLing from your jokes this morning. Thanks to Dylan, Jay and Nikita for making us giggle.

The Purple Hand Gang: Rogues Gallery

It's the club everyone wants to be in and we are always looking for new members (unless you're Sam but don't tell him that!)

If you'd like to be apart of the coolest gang in town, send us your Horrid Henry style name here and maybe we'll be welcoming you into The Purple Hand Gang next week with our other fantastic members.

Is it us, or is this gang getting cooler every week? A big purple-hand splat to our new members Crazy Kiara, Happy Harley, Savaging Sosij the Dog and Outstanding Olivia!