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Amazing Sharezies this week, guys! We're loving Amy's Let It Go, Mya's History and Lilli's Pink Fluffy Unicorns... And wait a minute, is that our old friend Brook again?

Team Nerd or Team Monster?

Are you Team Nerd or Team Monster? Upload your clips here and let us know... Monsters won last year, but Nerds have stolen the title.

Show your allegiance to Team Nerds or Team Monsters by printing off these fun door hangers. Click here to view them in full size

It's time for Charlotte, Taylor, Alyssia and Eddie to choose sides. Will they go for Team Monster or Team Nerd? Find out...

Let's hear it for Team Monsters, with a big grrrrr to Zack, Amber and Theo. But who is in the lead?

Scrambled!'s Got The Eggs Factor

So, do YOU think Scrambled!'s got the Eggs Factor?
Upload your own talents here and you could feature next series.

Get ready for the best of the series - it's the GRAND FINALE! Drum roll...
The winner is Brook, who took the top spot for an incredible five weeks. Amazing stuff. Have another watch...

Hey Olivia and Emma, we loved your French song that you're our second place runner up after three weeks at the top. Have another watch...

And a huge well done to Heidi - in third place - for those amazing gymnastics skills. You're a pro. And can we please borrow your headdress?

Celeb Egg Box Challenge

Grrrrr, he's back! Tor Miller tells us why he'd be a tiger. Get your claws into the rest of his interview below.

Horrid Henry's Purple Hand Gang Rogue's Gallery

Listen up, Sienna, Luke and Tierney - you're in the gang! Welcome!

R U Funny?

Do you think you can make our Queen of Comedy, London, laugh her socks off? Upload your jokes here and we'll find out next series.

Your funny bone is about to get a tickling - Megan, Lexie, Zach and Archie have all been drinking from the goblet of giggles!