Catch Up With Your Scrambled Weekend

Missed the weekend's Scrambled show?

Don’t worry because if you click the links below you can see what we got up to, with pictures of your Pets In Pants & Scrambling! Plus, videos of your Saturday & Sunday Songs, Sharezies & more!

Saturday's Show

Pets In Pants
The Saturday & Sunday Song
R U Funny?

Sunday's Show

Pets In Pants
Sunday Confessional

Scrambled! Is back next Saturday & Sunday at 7:30am on ITV & CITV. Catch Almost Naked Animals, Horrid Henry, Aquabats! Super Show! plus Adventure Time on Saturday & Victorious on Sunday. Plus, we’ll see more of your Pets in Pants, Scrambling Pictures & more.

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Get Scrambling!

Scrambling scram-buh-ling (verb):

To pose with one leg on the ground, one in the air at right angles to your back. You then put one arm in the air and the other bent at the elbow, like you're crawling up the wall.

Have a go yourself and send us your photos!