Share a Story

Share a Story Winners Take Over!

Four of this year's Share a Story winners have come in and taken over CITV HQ! Ewan, Tyler, Sam, and Harry won the competition with their brilliant stories, and as part of their prize they got to tell all the animators and designers EXACTLY how their animations should look!

Harry told them that the hamster in "Monkey Hamster" had to look like his hamster, Scrambles, Sam pointed out that the mole in his story should be wearing glasses and Tyler changed the colours of the football kit in his story (to his favourite team - Arsenal!).

Share a Story Winners 2014

It's the moment we've all been waiting for - the exclusive online announcement of the 2014 Share a Story WINNERS!

Our judges went through thousands of your entries and were blown away by the amazing stories. Now watch the video to find out if you're one of the 8 lucky winners...

Don't forget to keep checking back here regularly for updates on the progress of all the Share a Story animations!

(Oscar is from Into Film - if you want to know more about the work they are doing with young talent then check out their website at!)

Share a Story 2014 Now Closed!

The Share a Story competition is now closed for this year! The judges will soon be getting to work going through all your stories to find the very best ones to turn into amazing animations.

Keep watching the channel and check back here to find out if you are one of the winners!


Share a Story Competition 2014

Share your story with us!

CITV's Share a Story offers YOU the chance to see your own story turned into an animation and shown on the telly!

Our squad of judges - including TV producers, animators and even past Share a Story winners - select eight stories to be transformed from page to screen.

The winning writers will come to CITV and help direct their own stories. They'll see how we make animations, and even record their own voiceover!

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready to SHARE THAT STORY!

Winner's Words - Jay Jackson

Last year, Jay's story The Grumpy Pizza was one of the Share a Story winners. He'll tell you all about it himself in this video...

Now check out his story, fresh from the grumpy oven!

Everything you need to start sharing YOUR story is HERE!

A Hedgehog Who Wanted To Fly by Annabel Hind

Take a break from all that hectic Share a Story drawing and writing you've been doing (you HAVE been sharing your story, haven't you?!) and watch Annabel's awesome animation from last year's winners, A Hedgehog Who Wanted To Fly.

If you still haven't entered yet, you can find out all about the competition by clicking HERE.