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Share a Story 2016: Michael Rosen's Top Tips

Want some top tips to get you started on your way to Share a Story success?
Have a nosey at Children's Author and Share a Story Ambassador, Michael Rosen's Top Tips on how to create a fab story that's unique to you!

"Stories are all around us!"

– Michael Rosen, Share a Story Ambassador

We'll have more Top Tips to inspire you in the coming weeks, so make sure you keep checking back!

Good Luck!

What are you waiting for! Let your imagination loose!

Share a Story: The Rules!

Every year we receive thousands of Share a Story entries! Follow these rules to make sure yours isn't left out!

Your Entry:

To enter Share a Story 2016 you must be between the ages of 5 and 12 at the time of the competition closing date which is 6 pm on Friday 29th April 2016!

The only way of entering is by using the entry forms provided (HERE) on the CITV Website.

Share a Story 2016 has four age categories:

Check out last years winners!

We had everything from naughty pandas to sea-swallowing sharks! What are YOU going to write your story about?

What are you waiting for! Let your imagination loose!
Download the entry forms HERE!
You'll find the rules HERE!


11 - 12 Age Category - WINNER - Hannah Robinson, aged 12, from Lancashire with 'The Naughty Panda and her Army of Ants'

9 -10 Age Category - WINNER - Heidi Hogarth, aged 9, from Liverpool with 'A Shark Who Swallowed The Sea'

Share a Story 2016: Meet Michael Rosen!

Credit: Goldsmiths, University of London

About Michael!

Michael Rosen was born in 1946 in North London. One of the best-known figures in the children's book world, he is renowned for his work as a poet, performer, broadcaster and scriptwriter. As an author and by selecting other writers’ works for anthologies he has been involved with over 140 books. He lectures and teaches in universities on children’s literature, reading and writing.

Share a Story 2016: Grown-ups! This is for you!

Grown-ups! If you care for small people between the age of 5 and 12, then we've got the perfect way to keep them entertained as well as flex their imagination.

In this section you will find top tips from Children's Author and Poet, Michael Rosen, on how to encourage your child with their Share a Story entry as well as details of the entry process. If you're a teacher, here you'll find a special Share a Story lesson plan for you to download so you can bring the Share a Story magic into your classroom!

Note: Teachers can not give permission to enter. Forms must be signed by parent or guardian!

Michael Rosen's Advice to Parents:

Share a Story 2016 is coming!

Share a Story 2016 launches on WORLD BOOK DAY, Thursday 3rd March 2016!

Check back for exclusive news, updates and, of course, those all important entry forms!

Get ready to let your imagination loose...

Share a Story: Winning Films 2015

The Share a Story 2015 competition came to an end with a glitzy screening event at a secret location in Manchester! Watch Tillie and Noah as they guide you through the day's events!

To read more about the 2015 Share a Story screening day CLICK HERE!
You can watch this year's winning animations HERE!

Think you've got what it takes to be a Share a Story winner? Keep checking back for details of Share a Story 2016!

Share A Story: Screening 2015

Monday 26th October 2015! The day our Share a Story winners will never forget!

The end of this year's competition was marked by an exclusive screening of the finished Share a Story 2015 animations! We invited our winners, their friends and their families to celebrate with us at a secret location in Manchester!

The day kicked off with a chance for everyone to see the winning story boards and as a surprise, we arranged for balloon sculptures of their character!

After everyone had taken photos, had their faces painted and been 'wowed' by the magician, it was time to take to their seats. Our VIP's had seats in the front row! Especially reserved, obviously!

Once everyone had taken their seats we welcomed our Share a Story ambassador, Peter Andre, to the stage!

Peter hosted the day's events and after a few words about his involvement in the judging process, and what the winners had achieved through the Share a Story journey, it was time to take a peek at the final animations!

The first animation to be revealed was 'Chilly the Polar Bear' by Harry Gove!

Harry just loved his animation! He wasn't expecting to be invited on stage to receive a very special award! He even got to show Peter his secret hand shake!

Next up, it was Serafina's turn to watch her story 'Pod the Odd Person'! She thought her finished animation was "Really awesome!" We think it's pretty awesome too! Afterwards, she took to the stage to collect her award and have a chat with Peter about her Share a Story experience!

Heidi's story 'The Shark Who Swallowed the Sea' was next! Heidi just loved the look for her animation! Peter joked that the shark in Heidi's story learnt a very valuable lesson which was to "...never steal Pickled Onion crisps!"

Hannah's animation 'The Naught Panda and her Army of Ants' was next to be revealed! She loved the look of her story and was very happy with the end result!

Last but not least was our 2015 Wild Card Winner, Finley, with his story 'Fug, The Stone Age Brain Box'.

Finley's said that his final animation was 'exactly' how he wanted it to look!
This photo says it all!!!

After all of the awards had been given out, it was time to be interviewed by CITV presenters, Tillie and Noah!

As the day was coming to an end, there was just enough time to take a few photo's with Peter Andre!

That's it from our 2015 Share a Story competition! It's been an amazing journey!
You can take a look at more photos from the exclusive screening by CLICKING HERE!

Can you picture yourself as a Share A Story winner? Do you think you've got the skills to write and draw a winning story?

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