Share a Story 2015 starts NOW!

Share a Story is back!

Have you got a brain full of brilliant stories? Can you draw the coolest characters in the country? Do you want to see your brilliant stories and cool characters on TV? Well, this is the competition for you!

CITV's Share a Story competition gives you the chance to get your stories and characters turned into an animation by professional designers and animators and broadcast on CITV, where it can be watched by your family, your friends, your school - and the whole country!

Just watch the video above to find out more and then download the forms to enter.

What are you waiting for? Get sharing that story!

The Wise Man and His Beard


Before we get to the big launch day tomorrow, here's The Wise Man and His Beard by one of last year's winners, William Bailey. A great story, a great song, and a great animation - and just remember that this could be your story next!

Everything kicks off tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon, so make sure you are tuned in to the CITV website for the launch. Grab your pens, grab your pencils, turn your creativity up to the maximum and get ready to start sharing those stories!

The Crocodile Trap

Only 2 days to go now before this year's Share a Story competition begins!

Everyone here is as excited as a bum-biting crocodile in a toilet! If that doesn't make much sense, then maybe you should watch Leah Faulks' winning entry from last year - The Crocodile Trap. It might give you some ideas about how crazy your story can be!

Then check out the CITV website on Thursday for the start of Share a Story 2015!

How People Really Go Bald

We're almost there - it's almost the start of the new Share a Story competition! Get your creative engines running, this could be the best one yet!

While we're waiting for the start of the competition (this week, on Thursday 5th of March!) enjoy one of last year's winning animations - How People Really Go Bald by Rhys Nicholson!

The Elephant Who Got Stuck in Our Fridge

For last year's Share a Story competition, Caitlin Yates wrote a bonkers adventure about The Elephant Who Got Stuck in Our Fridge. It was so bonkers that it won!

If you've got a brain full of bonkers stories, get ready to enter this year's competition which starts on the 5th of March!