Celebrity Eggbox Interviews

The Scrambled! eggbox gets to quiz the best celebrities. Take a look at who we've had on the show recently... πŸ˜ŽπŸŒŸπŸ’«

Matt Terry

I used to be a waiter and now I get to sing in studios everyday and travel the world

– Matt Terry reflects on his year since winning the X Factor

Christmas on CITV

The Race to Christmas starts now! Let the games begin and enjoy these great shows on CITV: Wishfart, Scrambled!, Teen Titans Go!, The Bagel & Becky Show, Mr Bean & What's New, Scooby-Doo?

CITV takes home two Children's BAFTAs πŸ†

It was a busy night for CITV at the Children's BAFTAs, as we picked up the two awards we were nominated for. Wahoo!

The CITV gang were out in force and don't we scrub up well.

Well done everyone πŸ‘

Entertainment: Bear Grylls Survival School

Short Form: Share a Story 2016

Congratulations to Potato, Bear Grylls and the Share a Story team

Credit: @bowenmatt

Luke takes the Eggbox Challenge

You know that one where you have to survive without your phone or the internet? It's like adult hide and seek!

– Luke talks about which TV show he'd like to be on

After school on CITV!

Who do you hang out with after school? How about Fangbone and his side kick Bill? Or Bagel & Becky? What about Dez, Akiko and Puffin? Well what about hanging out with all of them? CITV, weekdays After School.