Catch Up With Your Scrambled Weekend

Missed the weekend's Scrambled show?

Don’t worry because if you click the links below you can see what we got up to, with pictures of your Pets In Pants & Scrambling! Plus, videos of your Saturday & Sunday Songs, Sharezies & more!

Saturday's Show

Pets In Pants
The Saturday & Sunday Song
R U Funny?

Sunday's Show

Pets In Pants
Sunday Confessional

Scrambled! Is back next Saturday & Sunday at 7:30am on ITV & CITV. Catch Almost Naked Animals, Horrid Henry, Aquabats! Super Show! plus Adventure Time on Saturday & Victorious on Sunday. Plus, we’ll see more of your Pets in Pants, Scrambling Pictures & more.

Click here to find out how you can take part.

Click here to see more photos & videos you've been sending in!

Winner's Words - Jay Jackson

Last year, Jay's story The Grumpy Pizza was one of the Share a Story winners. He'll tell you all about it himself in this video...

Now check out his story, fresh from the grumpy oven!

Everything you need to start sharing YOUR story is HERE!

A Hedgehog Who Wanted To Fly by Annabel Hind

Take a break from all that hectic Share a Story drawing and writing you've been doing (you HAVE been sharing your story, haven't you?!) and watch Annabel's awesome animation from last year's winners, A Hedgehog Who Wanted To Fly.

If you still haven't entered yet, you can find out all about the competition by clicking HERE.

Winner's Words - Liza Hammond

Listen to Liza telling you all about Granny Margaret (who blows off a lot), her winning story from last year.

And here's the animation of Granny Margaret doing what she does best...

Click HERE to find out how you can get sharing YOUR story!

Watch The Winners' Journey Again

The 2014 Share a Story competition is now well and truly open! Did you miss Share a Story: The Winners' Journey when it was on CITV? Don't worry, you can catch it again until the 18th of April on the ITV Player by clicking here.

Maybe you'll be one of the winners on telly next year - but you'll have to share your story first! Everything you need to enter the competition is here.

Keep checking back here too, because we'll be putting more of last year's winning stories online soon!