This Weekend's Stax: Horrible Science

This weekend, let's play STAX with back to back episodes of Horrible Science!

Join us from 8.30am and get ready to squirm and learn!

Don't forget to tell us who's your favourite character in the Poll below!

The Four Plops!

Watch The Four Plops preform their massive Horrible Science hit!

Thank goodness there's no such thing as smell o'vision!

DIY: Bogus Bogies!

Watch and learn SNOT fans! Here's everything you need to know to make your very own fake bogies!

Prof McTaggart's Brain Dump!

This Weekend's Stax: Mr Bean

This weekend, the legendary tweed machine that's Mr Bean, will be taking over your telly in something that we like to call, STAX!

You can enjoy back to back episodes of your favourite bumbling Bean!
This weekend from 8.25am on CITV!

Could you be Mr Bean?

Do you constantly find yourself bumbling through misadventures? Yes? Maybe you're the long lost brother or sister of Mr Bean. Take this quiz to find out how 'Mr Bean' you really are...