Share A Story: Meet the Winners

Everyday this week we'll be taking a closer look at each of our winner's days at CITV, gaining an insight into what they think of their animations so far!

Finley Williams: 'Fug, The Stone Age Brain Box'

Hannah Robinson: 'The Naughty Panda and her Army of Ants'

Heidi Hogarth: 'The Shark Who Swallowed The Sea'

Serafina Wagner: 'Pod the Odd Person'

Harry Gove: 'Chilly The Polar Bear'

Ninja Warrior UK comes to CITV!

TV’s toughest obstacle course is coming to CITV!
Join Ben, Rochelle and Chris as brave competitors try to swing, climb and jump their way to the legendary status of Ninja Warrior!

Ninja Warrior UK starts Tuesday 27th October at 4pm!

Horrible Science: Gruesome Guts - The Four Plops


Ever wondered where you food goes? Is this a down part?
Am I off to the sea? Caught in a u-bend, no escape from the
lavatory. You unbutton your flies, take down your strides and
squeeze. I’m one of your poos, I can be many things. Short
and fat, long and thin, curled up like an onion ring. If you’ve
wondered where your food goes, it’s digested and pooed out.
As me. And me. Ever wondered where you food goes?

CITV Movie Club Presents: Horrid Henry: the Movie!

This week the CITV Movie Club presents: Horrid Henry: the Movie!

Make sure you watch our behind the scenes interviews with: Theo Stevenson, Ross Marron, Anjelica Huston and Dick and Dom! Also, check out our Horrid Henry: the Movie trivia!

Get stuck in to our behind the scenes interviews with the cast of Horrid Henry: the Movie

Behind the Scenes: Horrid Henry

Behind the Scenes: Perfect Peter

Behind the Scenes: Miss Battle Axe

Behind the Scenes: Dick and Dom

Movie Club Trivia

  • The first British children's film to be shot in 3D!
  • The name of the evil school is Brickhouse School and its headteacher is Vic Van Wrinkle
  • Anjelica Huston, who plays Miss Battle-Axe, also played The Grand High Witch in the film version of Roald Dahl’s The Witches!


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Pokémon Trailer Blazers: Winner

On Monday 12th October we welcomed Lois Ambrose, aged 12, from Edinburgh into CITV!
Lois was the lucky winner of our Pokémon Trailer Blazer competition. We worked with her to direct a Pokémon XY trailer using her competition entry poster as inspiration! You can read more about Lois' day in our Blog below!

We must say a huge thank you to everyone involved in making Lois' experience possible, especially ITV Granada Reports! Keep your eyes peeled, you'll be able to see Lois' Pokémon the series XY: Kalos Quest trailer on CITV in December!

Trailer Blazer Blog!