Share a Story Ambassadors 2017!

This year, along with Michael Rosen, we have enlisted the help of Past Winners to spread the word about how great Sharing Stories can be and what it actually feels like to have your story, your characters turned into an animation and shown on the Telly!

The impact of Share a Story continues beyond the competition itself too as past winner Leah's mum can explain.

Leah -Winner 2014: The Crocodile Trap

Share a Story is one of her best memories, and she benefited so much from the experience, it gave her a huge boost of confidence, and it has influenced a lot of her course choices at high school. She is doing Art, Graphic Communication, Photography and English.

– Winner 2014: Leah Faulk's Mum: Lissie

We also have fabulous feedback from past winners
Lucy, Matthew, Heidi, Serafina, Hannah
and Harry (with Steve the duck!),
who would all encourage you to GIVE IT A GO!


If you've been inspired by CITV's Share a Story or have some top Tips to pass on we'd love to hear from you.
e mail us at:

Half term on CITV

This half term CITV is stuffed silly with stacks of your favourite shows.

Sit back, relax and binge on back-to back-episodes of Horrid Henry, Mr Bean and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

Share a Story 2017 is coming!

It's National Share a Story Month so stand by for news of this year's Competition.
The launch date isn't far away, so keep an eye on the CITV Channel to be the first to hear.
You can check back here for exclusive news, updates and, of course, those all-important entry forms!

So get ready to Share your Stories!

See you in September!

That's it for this series of Scrambled! and - wow - what a series it has been! 💯🌟

From Saturday morning LOLs with the Queen of Comedy, sharing lots of awesome stuff with you all and even breaking World Records, we've had a blast!

Take a look at our best bits from this series and Arielle, Luke, London and Sam will see you back here in September for lots more fun, games and your favourite cartoons to make your weekends that little bit better 😎🙌

Scrambled! EXCLUSIVE: A day in the life of London Hughes 🌟

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a presenter on Scrambled!? Well, wonder no more because we sent our lovely London off with a task for the day - we wanted to see just what she got up to on a day filming Scrambled!

From breakfast with the crew to make-up, autographs and crew dance offs... it's all happening in the Scrambled! flat! But don't take our word for it... check it out for yourself right here... 😎🙌

BGSS: Catching up with expert Tim

He's one of the top experts on Bear Grylls Survival School and is trusted by Bear Grylls with life-saving tasks and challenges, we spoke to caving expert, BGSS leader and all round adventurer Tim about his highlights of the series, whether he ever gets scared and what his top tips are to become the next great survival expert.

Plus he shared with us some of his personal snaps from the series. Take a look at them below.

This was a great day!

Bear is a great role model for children to live healthy and active lives and that's why I love working on the show so much. It gives children confidence and belief in themselves, no matter the odds!

– BGSS expert Tim

TWO World Records for Scrambled! 🏆🏅

We've had a very busy day, hanging out with the team at Guinness World Records today and we've come away with two, that's right TWO World Records for Team Scrambled!

All in a days work for the World Record Dream Team!

Sam beat the fastest time to match 20 pairs of emoji cards by a whopping 45 seconds. It was pretty impressive. Watch it here

London and Luke also tried but both were disqualified for breaking the rules (tut tut!) 🙊😂

Not everyone managed to do as well as Sam 🙊