Pokémon Trailer Blazers: Winner

On Monday 12th October we welcomed Lois Ambrose, aged 12, from Edinburgh into CITV!
Lois was the lucky winner of our Pokémon Trailer Blazer competition. We worked with her to direct a Pokémon XY trailer using her competition entry poster as inspiration! You can read more about Lois' day in our Blog below!

We must say a huge thank you to everyone involved in making Lois' experience possible, especially ITV Granada Reports! Keep your eyes peeled, you'll be able to see Lois' Pokémon the series XY: Kalos Quest trailer on CITV in December!

Trailer Blazer Blog!

Horrible Science: Wasted World - Ice Song

Sing along to this week's song!


It’s nice and warm at the North and South Pole.
Not an iceberg to be seen.
The penguins are all sunbathing, and the
polar bears agree.
The ice is gone and the sky is blue, when
there’s lots of lakes and rivers too.
The sea is warm, sand on
the shore, so grab your bikini and explore.
Don’t let it go.
Let it snow, don’t let the ice caps go.
If you please, let it breeze.
We need those cold degrees.
Let them stand, don’t them fall.
Keep the icecaps cold.
I want to see the snow when I’m old.

CITV Movie Club Presents: Arthur and the Great Adventure

Get ready for Arthur and the Great Adventure starring the voice of Selena Gomez, Jimmy Fallon and Freddie Highmore!

Movie Club Trivia

Want to impress your friends with facts about this weeks film? Read on!

Did you know...

  • Arthur is allergic to bees!
  • They use a telescope to shrink to Minimoy size
  • Arthur gets his “growth potion” from the Queen Bee!

Remember to download your exclusive 'Do Not Disturb' CITV Movie Club Door Hanger so you can watch this week's film totally uninterrupted! DOWNLOAD HERE

Horrible Science: Space, Stars and Slimey Aliens - Earth Song!

If you’re happy to be average, in the universe. If you habit
planet Earth, you could do much worse.

Jupiter has a skin condition, see that big red spot.


It’s made of gas so I just fly past, or I drive right through the


If you want a holiday on Mercury to get a tan.


But your clothes and skin will strip away, because you melt
before you land.


Cool guy Saturn’s into fashion, check out the bling of those
rings. Neptune is one ice cool guy, but is Earth is average in
everything. There’s one planet every kid knows, in fact he’s
rather famous. Look through the Hubble Telescope, and get
an eye of Uranus.

And that's not average at all!