CITV Movie Club Presents: Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers

This week, the CITV Movie Club presents, Tom and Jerry in Shiver Me Whiskers!

Tom and Jerry are marooned on an island and battle it out over a treasure map, with pirates on their tails! With voices from Mark Hamill, Kathy Najimy, and Charles Reilly. (2006)

Make your own Tom and Jerry mask!

All you need to do is:

  1. Download which mask you want to make from the list below!
  2. Print it out!
  3. Cut eye holes for you to peek through! (Ask a grown up for help)

CLICK HERE to download your TOM mask!
CLICK HERE to download your JERRY mask!
CLICK HERE to download your SPIKE mask!

Share A Story: Screening 2015

Monday 26th October 2015! The day our Share a Story winners will never forget!

The end of this year's competition was marked by an exclusive screening of the finished Share a Story 2015 animations! We invited our winners, their friends and their families to celebrate with us at a secret location in Manchester!

The day kicked off with a chance for everyone to see the winning story boards and as a surprise, we arranged for balloon sculptures of their character!

After everyone had taken photos, had their faces painted and been 'wowed' by the magician, it was time to take to their seats. Our VIP's had seats in the front row! Especially reserved, obviously!

Once everyone had taken their seats we welcomed our Share a Story ambassador, Peter Andre, to the stage!

Peter hosted the day's events and after a few words about his involvement in the judging process, and what the winners had achieved through the Share a Story journey, it was time to take a peek at the final animations!

The first animation to be revealed was 'Chilly the Polar Bear' by Harry Gove!

Harry just loved his animation! He wasn't expecting to be invited on stage to receive a very special award! He even got to show Peter his secret hand shake!

Next up, it was Serafina's turn to watch her story 'Pod the Odd Person'! She thought her finished animation was "Really awesome!" We think it's pretty awesome too! Afterwards, she took to the stage to collect her award and have a chat with Peter about her Share a Story experience!

Heidi's story 'The Shark Who Swallowed the Sea' was next! Heidi just loved the look for her animation! Peter joked that the shark in Heidi's story learnt a very valuable lesson which was to "...never steal Pickled Onion crisps!"

Hannah's animation 'The Naught Panda and her Army of Ants' was next to be revealed! She loved the look of her story and was very happy with the end result!

Last but not least was our 2015 Wild Card Winner, Finley, with his story 'Fug, The Stone Age Brain Box'.

Finley's said that his final animation was 'exactly' how he wanted it to look!
This photo says it all!!!

After all of the awards had been given out, it was time to be interviewed by CITV presenters, Tillie and Noah!

As the day was coming to an end, there was just enough time to take a few photo's with Peter Andre!

That's it from our 2015 Share a Story competition! It's been an amazing journey!
You can take a look at more photos from the exclusive screening by CLICKING HERE!

Can you picture yourself as a Share A Story winner? Do you think you've got the skills to write and draw a winning story?

Keep checking back for more info about Share A Story 2016!

Horrible Science: Mirco Monsters - Monster Song


Can’t see them. Can’t feel them. They’re everywhere, skin,
clothes, and hair. Some nasty, some nice, wash your hands
that’s my advice. What’s that in your carpet? Micro monster,
micro, micro monster. What’s that? It’s microscopic. A
monster, is it a monster? In your stomach, some digest.
Others make your skin protest.Thousands living in your bed.
Some right there on your head. What’s that in your toilet?
Micro monster, micro, micro monster. That bleach, they’re
going to get it. Micro monster, is it a monster? Is it a monster?

Share A Story: Meet the Winners

Everyday this week we'll be taking a closer look at each of our winner's days at CITV, gaining an insight into what they think of their animations so far!

Finley Williams: 'Fug, The Stone Age Brain Box'

Hannah Robinson: 'The Naughty Panda and her Army of Ants'

Heidi Hogarth: 'The Shark Who Swallowed The Sea'

Serafina Wagner: 'Pod the Odd Person'

Harry Gove: 'Chilly The Polar Bear'

Ninja Warrior UK comes to CITV!

TV’s toughest obstacle course is coming to CITV!
Join Ben, Rochelle and Chris as brave competitors try to swing, climb and jump their way to the legendary status of Ninja Warrior!

Ninja Warrior UK starts Tuesday 27th October at 4pm!