C things Summer Winners

Check out the most recent C things winners here - and look out for them being fully animated on CITV soon!

Want to see your drawings come to life on TV? The next C things competition opens on Monday 25th August so check back here for details!

Chocolate Sundae by Abi Thornton

Chompasaurus by Harrison Lightfoot

SAS Winners' Day 2014

This year's eight Share a Story winners have already written and drawn their stories - and now they've all been into CITV HQ to direct and record the voice over for them! Check out what they thought of the day and get a sneak-peek at some of the early artwork for their animations in this CITV Exclusive video!

Share a Story Winners Take Over!

Four of this year's Share a Story winners have come in and taken over CITV HQ! Ewan, Tyler, Sam, and Harry won the competition with their brilliant stories, and as part of their prize they got to tell all the animators and designers EXACTLY how their animations should look!

Harry told them that the hamster in "Monkey Hamster" had to look like his hamster, Scrambles, Sam pointed out that the mole in his story should be wearing glasses and Tyler changed the colours of the football kit in his story (to his favourite team - Arsenal!).

C things Competition Closed

The C things competition has now closed.

Thank you for entering all your clever and creative designs in the C things competition!

The entries will be judged by our squad of designers and animators and we will select eight winning designs to be transformed into an animated Summer themed CITV logo to be shown on the telly.

The results will be announced on this website as soon as they are available. Stay tuned to see the finished animated idents later this year.

We'd like to say a big thank you to all the kids who entered from everyone at CITV!

C things Competition

CITV’s C things competition is back and it offers YOU the chance to see your own design brought to life and shown on the telly!

Download and print these forms and use the C as the starting point for your own idea.

Our squad of judges will then select eight winning entries to be transformed into an animated CITV logo. Send us your ‘C things’ and see them come to life.

Entering is easy

To enter, you'll need to download and print the ‘C’ Logo and Entry Form. That’s got everything you need. The competition is open for kids aged 5-12 , and there are eight winners in total.

Make sure a parent or guardian signs the ‘Consent Form’ - if it’s not signed you can’t win!

All entries must be received before 25th July

Send your completed forms to this address:

PO BOX 570
M5 0FE

Share a Story Winners 2014

It's the moment we've all been waiting for - the exclusive online announcement of the 2014 Share a Story WINNERS!

Our judges went through thousands of your entries and were blown away by the amazing stories. Now watch the video to find out if you're one of the 8 lucky winners...

Don't forget to keep checking back here regularly for updates on the progress of all the Share a Story animations!

(Oscar is from Into Film - if you want to know more about the work they are doing with young talent then check out their website at www.intofilm.org!)