What we are

ITV is the home of mainstream drama. We make series, serials and single films for a broad, heartland audience which regularly achieve ratings above 6m. Our output has variety and depth, including period series Downton Abbey, female cop duo Scott & Bailey, and event serials like Mrs Biggs.

The bedrock of our weekday schedule is provided by our two soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale. These long-running dramas have been entertaining the nation for decades and are at the heart of the national conversation on a daily basis. They provide a solid inheritance for our 9pm dramas.

Drama for Autumn 2013 saw the return of Downton Abbey, Doc Martin, Vera and Whitechapel, and the last ever series of Poirot. 2014 saw us welcome back Scott & Bailey, The Bletchley Circle, and Mr Selfridge, to name but a few.

What we're looking for

Here at ITV we are looking for the clearest ideas, by the best writers, and always put our audience first. No subject is off-limits - we can rise to celebratory, hilarious highs or plunge to very dark areas of human behaviour. But we will always look for some element of mainstream appeal and an accessible way in for our audience.

This might be the kind of story, type of character, or a piece of clever casting. We can take our audience to places they have never been as long as we don’t alienate them. An ITV drama is never cynical and is always entertaining, and even in the darkest stories we seek the hope of redemption. We don’t do black comedy or satire, and we can’t be bleak.

We are looking for ideas of all shapes and sizes. While finding returnable series is our priority, we also need two, three and four parters, ideally with the potential to return. We also need one-off films to be Bank Holiday specials. Finally, don’t forget that there are opportunities for series on ITV2. These ideas need to be comedy drama, younger-skewing and non-genre.

How to submit an idea

You can email your idea to any of the commissioning team as a one-liner, paragraph or a couple of pages by using Drama.Commissioning@ITV.com

We aim to respond to all submissions within about six weeks.

Please note: we only accept submissions from established drama production companies.

Drama programmes

Downton Abbey

Doc Martin

Scott & Bailey

Mr Selfridge

Other commissioning areas

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