Long Lost Family

What we are

Factual on ITV in the broadest sense of the word should be entertainment and be able to give our audiences a good time be that via the emotional roller coaster of a Long Lost Family to the pleasure of joining Billy Connolly as he unpacks the humour and poignancy of death; and Trevor McDonald as he takes us into the unusual worlds like America’s amazing women’s prisons or event with the seriousness of a Hunt for Bin Laden.

Factual plays a vital role bridging between drama and entertainment and the rest of the schedules, offering a chance for a change of tone, of mood, of colour.

What we’re looking for

Each offer should be fit for purpose, subject and approach. We want to surprise the audience, grab their attention, appeal to their curiosity and always fulfil the promise that they will come away feeling that was worth the watch.

We want quality and volume but we also want range and variety. We want and need that variety in our schedules to ensure the channel’s overall offer is constantly enticing, geared to surprise, pleasure and inform. Quality is critical. But so to is range both in terms of shape and type as well as subject matter. That means we want all kinds of different programme shapes – from one-off events to formats and long running returners to ob doc and access that are a window on our worlds. And we want to ensure that we offer a range of subject matter too.

We are in the market for the best ideas, quality pieces of broad, mainstream audiences – from propositional ambitious landmarks to high concept and lighter-
touch formats, programming that uses the audience-friendly faces that are familiar to them to guide through a subject matter.

There is a lot of factual on ITV – Factual plays at different times, on different days, in different lengths. We have plenty of hours that need filling, both pre and post watershed.

Pre-watershead breaks down into three separate territories:-

• Softer 30’ series propositions at 8pm on Mondays and Fridays

• Greater ambition and an emphasis on entertainment values at 8.30pm on a Thursday

• 60’ series that can be formatted or ob docs at 8pm on Tuesdays

The main game for us is 9pm midweek. This is where we are looking for breakout successes that we can re-commission. These take the shape of Ob doc series; Formats; Big Ideas and Big Documentaries

How to submit an idea

Paragraphs can be emailed to the team at Factual.Commissioning@ITV.com. A few pointers:

Titles matter. What title will hook a big ITV audience?

Taster tapes always help, particularly for character-led ideas.

Come prepared with thoughts for off-screen talent.

Simple direct propositions that feel inherently noisy.

What's the story, the rationale? Why now?

Please note we only accept submissions from production companies.

Factual programmes

Births, Deaths and Marriages


Great Welsh Adventure - Griff Rhys Jones

Commissioning areas

  • Entertainment & Comedy
  • Daytime
  • Drama
  • Sport
  • Current Affairs
  • Digital Channels
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