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Look Out Steve, Nick Knows!

This is the dramatic moment when a furious Nick Tylsley confronts Steve McDonald after discovering he is the father of Leanne’s child.

Leanne confesses to Nick next week that she slept with Steve and that she is carrying his baby. Whilst Nick had been prepared to bring up someone else’s child he struggles with this revelation and Leanne is devastated when he walks out on her.

Determined to get more answers Nick asks an unsuspecting Steve to go with him on a test drive for the new bistro Delivery service he is planning with Streetcars.

But once the two men are on the road it becomes evident to Steve that Nick has more on his mind than food deliveries when he asks Steve to stop the car on some waste ground and demands he gets out.

How will Nick deal with this turn of events? Will he be able to stay with Leanne and bring up Steve’s baby with the father living just around the corner? Will Nick believe that Michelle deserves to know the truth.

Tune in to ITV on Monday 5th September at 7.30pm to find out.

Sally's Deal With The Devil

We asked Sally Dynevor whether Sally will be taken in by Phelan's silver tongue?

What does Sally make of Phelan?

She likes the fact that Phelan talks to her like a councillor and takes her very seriously, she thinks. She thinks he is quite intelligent and knows what he is talking about and seems to like her as a councillor so he must be ok. Some of the other residents are a bit sniffy about her but he massages her ego.

What do his development plans involve?

He has been telling her that he is going to develop an old building to build the apartments and sell them on but Todd has said that she needs to be careful as people won’t want the building to be developed as they will want it to stay as a meeting place.

Sally knows she has to be careful that there are stipulations in the contract that he has to adhere. But then he says he is going to build some of the apartments for people with learning difficulties.

Why does she with draw her support from his development project?

Basically the council veto it and say they are important meeting places and she is going to upset her constituents. She was elected in by them and she can’t just go ahead with supporting something they may disagree on. She is worried she may lose her seat so she is a bit thrown by that. She is a bit naive really.

How does Phelan try to win her over?

Very cleverly he brings Alex round to Sally’s house and uses him as an example of someone who could benefit from the housing. She thinks if she goes back to the committee and explains this then she may get brownie points.

What makes her consider changing her mind?

She really does want to be looked up to and be a good councillor, she has principles and she really wants to do the right thing she just doesn’t have the experience. She has a good heart and a conscience and she wants to be liked, she thinks this might help with that.

Why does Tim not trust Phelan?

He can see through him, I’m not quite sure why but he is a bit more savvy than Sally and she thinks she is cleverer than Tim because he is ‘only a window cleaner ‘ and she has been in lots of meetings and read up on it all.

She is very disparaging about him! He is probably ten times cleverer than she will ever be and far more worldly wise. He knows people like Phelan.

Why does Sally not share his suspicions?

Basically because Phelan is very clever and knows how to play people. He has her wrapped around his little finger. Sally is completely taken in and thinks he takes her seriously. She thinks he really believes she will be able to do something for him

Are you surprised that Sally trusts him?

Not at all I think that is exactly how she would react, I like the fact that she trusts him.

Are you enjoying playing Councillor Sally?

I love it, it’s great it is another side to her. It goes with all the snobbery and it is so different from what Tim does. I like the fact that she is still working in Underworld as well as being a councillor.

She also has a new councillor wardrobe that can be a bit over the top but she thinks she should have a certain look as a councillor.

Has it been nice working with Connor McIntyre?

Fantastic. I am really enjoying working with him. He thinks about things a lot and works them out. He is a brilliant villain, he is the sort of villain who could be around for a while, he is very clever and I hope he stays around.

I was surprised but pleased that Sally got involved with him because of course he would use her position for his own gain.

Have you enjoyed the relationship between Sally and Yasmeen?

I love working with Shelley, we are good friends and I think Yasmeen is great. I do hope with have more stuff together. They have more in common than they realise. There is a scene coming up where they open up a bit to each other and there is a kind of coming together of these two characters so I hope that develops.

They are at loggerheads but they can recognise something in each other. Playing the councillor means that I get to work with lots of different people which is great!

Preview Clips: Friday 2nd September

Having called a strike, the workers assemble outside. While Aidan tries to negotiate with them, Jenny slips in unnoticed.

Maybe I should go on strike more often?

– Eva

Craig celebrates his 18th birthday!
Realising it’s time for complete honesty, Leanne steals herself and admits to Nick who the father of her baby is...
And, Liz calls a truce with Steve.


Lauren threatens Bethany in the school corridor but will Bethany's fortunes soon be turning around?

Are you scared?

– Lauren

Nick struggles with the truth, can Leanne talk him around?
With all eyes on her, Beth reveals the secret she's been keeping from Craig all his life.
And, Johnny and Jenny's relationship is exposed!

Preview Clips: Wednesday 31st August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Accusing the management of spying on them, Sally leads the girls out on strike.

You can't do that!

– Johnny Connor

As Maria comforts Liam and promises him the burglar won’t come back, her phone rings but there’s nobody there.
Liz is stunned when a determined Steve lays down the law.
And, Todd tells Eileen she’s mad to invest in Phelan’s project but is she prepared to listen?

Preview Clips: Monday 29th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Maria struggles to hear about how well Eva and Aidan's relationship is going.

Take the hint Eva!

– Maria Connor

Sally and Phelan go head-to-head over the development.
Later, as Maria and Liam walk Ozzy on the Red Rec, they’re shocked to find Caz sleeping rough on a bench.
With the bosses out for the afternoon the factory staff decide to have a little fun.


Phelan sets his sights on Alex, will he be able to win him over?

I would love to pick your brains about something.

– Pat Phelan

Finding the door to her flat open, Maria enters with trepidation as a burglar lurks in the shadows.
Nick and Leanne put the past behind them as she moves the last of her things into his flat.
And, Craig explains to Bethany how Gary has asked him to keep an eye on her.

Picture Previews: Mon 29 Aug - Fri 2 Sept

This week on the Street: Maria is attacked, Craig uncovers Beth's secret, Alex could put a stop to Phelan's fiendish plans and Gary makes a stand for Bethany!

Maria's shocked to find Caz sleeping rough on a bench. But pointing out she's already had her fingers burnt once, Maria hands her some cash and tells her she'll have to sort herself out.

Maria comes home to find a burglar in her house! Shoving Maria out of the way, she falls and cracks her head on the edge of a table.

Caz calls at Maria flat and is horrified to discover she's been attacked.

While tending to Maria's wound, Caz phones the police to report the burglary.

Maria and Caz comfort Liam but as Caz prepares to leave, Liam finds his dad's watch in Caz's bag. Will she be able to explain?

Craig's devastated when Beth admits to Craig she concealed the truth about his dad from him.

When Johnny catches the Underworld staff out for slacking Sean wonders who grassed them up.

We can't think who it might be!?

But are Jenny and Johnny about to be busted!?

Sally explains to Phelan how the building he intends to pull down currently houses a film club which Alex attends. Will this put Phelan's plans in jeopardy?

Meanwhile, Todd tells Eileen she's mad to invest in Phelan's project but is Eileen prepared to listen?

Steve lays the law down to Liz and tells her if she can't disguise her feelings over the situation with Leanne then she needs to find somewhere else to live as he can't risk losing Michelle.

Bethany's shocked when Gary turns up at school and tells the Head that Lauren is has been making Bethany's life hell and they need to do something about it!

Maria Attacked!

Maria is shocked when she comes home to find her flat broken into.

Suddenly, shoving Maria out of the way, the burglar makes a run for it!

But, Maria falls, cracking her head on the edge of a table. Will she be okay?

Bethany's Diet Pill Danger

Bethany's bully pushes her to do something drastic. We asked Lucy Fallon if anyone can help Bethany in her hour of need?

Why has Bethany become concerned about her weight?

It’s because of the bullies, she’s receiving texts from several girls at her school saying that she’s fat, so it’s made her really self-conscious and this is what’s made her determined to lose weight.

How does Bethany feel when the garden swing collapses with her in it?

She feels horrible, especially because Craig takes a picture of her while she’s on the swing when it breaks, he puts it on a social media website so everybody sees it, so Bethany is absolutely mortified because she already feels really self conscious anyway because of the bullying, so that just makes it worse and heightens it.

Why has she ordered the diet pills? And how much does she know about them?

I don’t think she really knows a lot about them, she knows that they are illegal and that she shouldn’t be taking them, and because she’s not eating either, she knows that it’s really not good for her.

I think she ordered them just to sort of make the process faster and lose the weight quicker, because she’s going to the gym quite a lot, so I think she just thinks that it’ll really help her to shed weight quickly.

Why is she being so secretive about the pills?

It’s because she knows how bad they are, so she doesn’t want her mum to find out because of everything that she’s gone through already. Aswell as everything the whole family is going through with Kylie’s death, she thinks that if they know she’s taking diet pills they’ll think there’s something really wrong with her, so she wants to keep it to herself.

Is she worried after she passes out at the gym?

Yes, I think it does worry her a little bit because she obviously knows that she’s not eating and she’s taking these pills, on top of really pushing herself at the gym, so it’s obvious to her that something is wrong. But I don’t think it worries her enough for her to want to stop doing it, because she’s quite young, she’s so fixated on the fact that she’s over weight, so it doesn’t worry her too much.

How does she feel when Gary finds the pills?

She’s going to be really worried that Gary’s found the pills because she doesn’t want him to tell anybody. She doesn’t want him to tell her mum or any of her family, so that they don’t worry.

What is she thinking when Gary suggests they report the bullies to the school?

She doesn’t want to do that at all, because she doesn’t want to make it worse, she doesn’t want to report the bullies and then for Lauren to keep bullying her because of it, she thinks it’s just going to make it even worse, so she really tries to persuade him not to do that, but he does it anyway.

Does she think by losing the weight that the bullying will stop?

Well at first, it wasn’t really about her weight, it was because she was new at the school and she didn’t really have any friends. They were bullying her for different reasons and then they started to fixate on her weight. I don’t think she thinks that the bullying will stop, but she will feel better about herself if she doesn’t feel like she’s fat.

Why is she so keen to keep the bullying hidden from Sarah?

Well, Sarah’s just come out of hospital and if she tells her that she’s still getting bullied and that it’s got even worse, that it’s got physical,she’s worried her mum will just lose the plot again and end up back in hospital, so she just wants to keep it from her while her mum get’s better.

I hope that girls watching realise that just because someone bullies you about something, doesn’t make it true.

– Lucy Fallon

What are you hoping that teenage girl viewers will take from Bethany’s body issues?

I hope that girls watching realise that just because someone bullies you about something, doesn’t make it true, I know that really I’m not overweight, and I hope that they see that bullies just say cruel things to bait people and to be nasty.

They’ll probably realise that what Bethany is doing is stupid, and it will show them how serious taking diet pills and not eating can be.

Have you had many fans get in touch with you about the bullying story?

Yes, I’ve had quite a lot of tweets about it, people telling me they have been in similar situations and that the storyline has helped them want to tell somebody so that’s really nice to hear. And there was a girl who came into work yesterday to look around the set and she was telling me about how she had been bullied in the past and that watching the storyline develop made her upset, but she was glad that we’re highlighting just how bad bullying can be, and luckily she told her parents what was happening and she doesn’t get bullied anymore.

Are you glad to see Bethany stand up for herself and punch Lauren?

Yes, definitely. And I think that Lauren deserves it,although it doesn’t really make things better for her, in fact if anything it makes it worse.

Do you think that Bethany regrets doing it?

Yes, as soon as she does it she regrets it, but it was just her instinct, it was her initial reaction to just punch her, and then as soon as she did it she felt so guilty and she was really worried about what the consequences would be because of that.

Do you get on well with Shannon who plays Lauren?

Yes, I get on really well with her. She’s really lovely and because she’s the same age as me as well, we’ve got quite a lot in common, and she’s really easy to get on with.

What about the rest of the cast?

I am really good friends with Colson, if we are free in between scenes we will often go for a drive somewhere and get some food, he’s like my brother.