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Coronation Street Advent Calendar: Day 16

Happy Saturday! Happy DAY SIXTEEN! And happy Jack P Shepherd reading your best tweets about David Platt (this could get messy )

Preview Clips: Friday 22nd December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


After attending his AA support group, Peter walks out realising drink isn’t the demon he’s fighting.

I don't want to drink, I really don't, okay?

– Peter Barlow


Santa Brian is getting fed up of kids queuing to sit on his knee. When Asha deliberately taunts him, Brian snaps telling her she faces a lifetime of misery and suffering. Yasmeen and Cathy are shocked at his behaviour.

Consider yourself cursed for all time, no more presents, no more snow, just winter after winter of terrible Christmases

– Brian Packham

Preview Clips: Thursday 21st December

Tonight on the Cobbles...


Chaos reigns over at the Rovers as Leanne, Simon, Oliver and Eva move in. Peter and Simon feel outnumbered by all the women.

Come on, there must be a law against sharing a room with your mum and baby brother.

– Simon Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 20th December

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Playing Cupid, Billy asks Adam to assist at his kids’ Christmas story. Adam is dressed as an elf opposite Eva in a sexy reindeer outfit while Billy recites a Christmas story to the local children. Adam’s mortified to see them sniggering.

It's a Christmas miracle!

– Peter Barlow


Aidan bites the bullet and asks Johnny to sell the factory to him but admits he can’t match Matthew Singh’s price. Johnny rejects his offer, will Aidan be able to change his mind?

Why are you wasting my time

– Johnny Connor

Preview Clips: Monday 18th December

Coming up on the street...


Anna informs Gary of her intends to find evidence proving Phelan lied about witnessing her push Seb and that she needs his help, but will they be able to prove Anna's innocence?

You've got every copper in Weatherfield looking for you

– Gary Windass


Tyrone, Ruby and Hope surprise Fiz with a special Christmas dinner to make up for her being away on Christmas Day. Fiz is moved as the girls sing "Little Donkey" to her.

We wanted to have Christmas dinner with you, we got turkey

– Hope Stape

Coronation Street Advent Calendar: Day 15

Here's the lovely Shayne Ward answering our 60 second questions.

Coronation Street Advent Calendar: Day 14

We asked more of our cast (if they had to) what they'd buy another character for Christmas.