Tyrone's Discovery

Tyrone's had a bit of a tough time recently, after his fall through the roof.

Luckily, Tony, Todd and Jason ride in as the cavalry and can't help enough with the repairs...

Little do Tyrone and Fiz know, but the Grimshaw's are desperately trying to cover up their negligence.

But, an innocent comment from Owen about the floorboards blows the whole thing wide open and leaves Tyrone and Fiz looking for answers.

Alan Halsall reveals all in this exclusive interview.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Watch how Tyrone's attic fall stunt was performed

Corrie Pride 2014

The Coronation Street cast and crew joined forces to celebrate this year's Manchester Pride parade in style.

Check out some of the pictures below:

Say hello to Team Corrie!

Here comes the Pride!

Les Dennis made a star turn as Mavis.

We're loving the new look Rovers.

Brooke and Kym joined Les for the festivities.

As did the rest of the cast!

But the party really started when crew joined the float.

Even the Corrie ducks made a special effort!

And a great day was had by all!

Preview: Wed 3rd Sept 7.30pm

With Peter in a critical condition, Tracy tells Ken that they've cancelled the wedding - which isn't exactly true...

Carla goes to Peter's death bed.
Max's classroom assessment takes a turn for the worse.
And, Tyrone spots Jason skipping all of the loft flooring...