Previews: Friday 7th November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Todd gets mugged on his way home. Will he be okay?

Tim gets roped into helping out at Faye's school.
And, The First Aid course starts looking up for the girls when Yasmeen introduces first aider Mark...


Cilla and Beth clash during a family meal.

Eileen and Jason are horrified to hear that Todd's in hospital.
Tim turns to Anna for help with his reading.
And, Katy and First Aider Mark go for a drink.

Run Rob Run!

The truth is out and the police are on his tail, but will Rob get away? We caught up with Marc Baylis to see if we can get some answers.

As weeks go, it's not been Rob's best...

Betrayed by his sister, his wedding day destroyed and down to his last penny, Rob's only hope is to turn to his one true love for help.

But will Tracy join him on the run?

Also: Look out for a cheeky cameo from Alison King!

EXTENDED TRAILER: Watch our spoiler filled preview to see what's coming up over the next few weeks

EXCLUSIVE: Mini-bus crash storyline revealed

Disaster is set to strike in Weatherfield this winter when a mini-bus crash leaves some of the Street’s favourite residents fighting for their lives!

Planning has started on the dramatic stunt which will be filmed before Christmas and screened in the New Year.

The staff of Underworld will be caught up in the horrific crash as they head off on a works’ outing - in a Street Cars minibus driven by Steve McDonald.

Exact details are being kept under wraps but more than one character will be hospitalised as a result of the crash and one Underworld knicker stitcher’s life will be on the line!

Locations for the smash are currently being explored to find a suitably dramatic setting for what promises to be a high octane start to 2015 for Corrie fans.

Keep checking back for more news and previews in the coming weeks and look out for our exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast during the stunt!

SPOILERS: Watch our Teaser Trailer for hints on what's to come over the next few weeks

Corrie Quotes Quiz

We hope you've been paying attention to tonight's episode.

If you can match all the quotes below to the correct characters, we'll give you an extra special, top secret treat!

Preview: Wednesday 5th November

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Will Tracy chose Rob over her family?

Elsewhere, Todd stands up for Roy against the group of teenagers.
Maria moans to Audrey about Luke, but is she protesting too much?
And, Yasmeen tries to drum up interest in the first aid course she’s running.