Picture Previews: Mon 6 July - Fri 10 July

This week on the Street: The Barlows get some devastating news, Callum propositions Kylie and Roy helps Cathy.

Ken and Audrey excitedly get everything ready for Deirdre's 60th Birthday party.

But are devastated when Bev arrives to break the news that Deirdre has died. Ken, Tracy and Audrey can only look at her in stunned silence as Bev explains how she passed away.

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In the Rovers, everyone's stunned by the tragic news, as they raise their glasses in a toast to Deirdre.

First Pictures: Entrapping Callum

In a bid to nail Callum and show Sarah his true colours Kylie and David come up with a fool proof plan - what could possibly go wrong?

Spotting Callum across the street, David and Kylie put their plan into action and stage a huge row for his benefit.

Finding Callum, Kylie goes all out to convince him how unhappy she is with David and how she wishes she’d taken him up on his offer. Callum falls for her act and leads her through to the back room of the Dog & Gun...

But as David searches in vain for Sarah, realising that time is running out, Callum pulls Kylie towards the sofa, telling her he wants her!

Wondering where on earth David has got to, Kylie tries to conceal her mounting panic.

How will she get out of this one?


The Tilsley Triangle

We spoke to Ben Price about Nick's difficult decision. Will his heart lead him to Carla or Erica?

Having been burnt so much in the past, Nick and Carla have both tried to be cautious and adult about their feelings for one another.

But after the heartbreak of the miscarriage, Nick wants to be a good man to Erica, who's convinced he was only with her for the baby.

Nick makes a decision and honours his commitment to Erica, but will there be a Carla shaped itch he needs to scratch?


Previews: Friday 3rd July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Michelle and Liz break into the Builder's Yard.

Dev tries to win Julie around.
Roy and Carla race to help Cathy.
And, Nick and Erica need to talk.


Will Julie wave goodbye to Weatherfield?

Leanne tries to hide her shock when Liz introduces her to Dan.
Roy and Carla are stunned by Cathy's secret.
And, Nick and Erica have a decision to make.