Previews: Friday 31st October

Tonight on Coronation Street...

David is convinced Michael is having an affair - can he enlist Kylie in his investigations?

As Tracy and Amy pose for photos outside the wedding venue, Rob tries to read Carla...


As Fiz and Chesney celebrate the fact Cilla’s gone, Sinead tells them about their mum's illness.

Will Carla stand by her brother and watch the wedding go ahead, or is Rob and Tracy’s perfect day about to be blown apart?

Carla's Showdown

Carla finds out that Rob killed Tina! We spoke to Alison King about how Carla will handle the truth.

Mrs Barlow (it's Connor!) knows in her heart that Peter is innocent, but can't understand why Rob overreacts every time she brings it up.

This leads her to believe that he's covering for bride-to-be Tracy (well, she has got form), which forces Rob to come clean and admit what he's done...

Can Carla keep quiet for the sake of her brother?

Classic Cilla Moments

Celebrate Cilla's return to Weatherfield by looking back at these classic scenes - the Street is set to get a great deal noisier!

The Bath

Cilla and Les are enjoying a romantic evening in the hot tub, until Schmeichel decides to join them!

Bribing Rita

Rita discovers that Cilla is not to be trifled with, after she has a run in with Chesney...

The Reveal

Cilla confronts Les and Yana about their affair, whilst Kirk records it all on the video camera!

Cilla Takes Chesney

Cilla takes Chesney to live with her, after Les calls Cilla's bluff.

The Wedding

Les and Cilla's wedding was never going to be a quiet, straight-forward, understated affair, was it?