Preview: Wednesday 8th October


Carla joins the Barlows for dinner.
ATTENTION: No trifles were harmed in the making of this episode*

David goes to great lengths to keep Kylie away from Max's pills.
Elsewhere, Alya gets cold feet.
And, Steve worries about a mole on his arm.

*well, maybe one...

Preview: Monday 6th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


How will Tony react when Sean unwittingly lets slip that Liz has gone to visit Jim?

Meanwhile, Gary and Alya find it hard to hide their feelings for each other.
And, Kylie tries to convince Eva that Callum is staying in her past.


Gary and Alya finally kiss, but is she sending mixed signals?

Tony issues Liz an ultimatum, as does Jim...
And, Deirdre struggles with her guilt.

Picture Previews: Mon 6 Oct - Fri 10 Oct

This week on the Street: Alya and Gary grow closer - don't tell Kal! Deirdre has an incident with a trifle and Jim continues to mess with Liz's life.

Alya and Gary continue to flirt as they work on refurbishing the community centre.

Later Alya steps in for a kiss - is she wanting to move their relationship on?

Kal asks for help with the Eid banquet, but Zeedan says there is no way he will cook for Leanne...

David discovers Kylie's secret

There's more trouble in store for the Platts, when David catches Kylie taking Max's pills.

Then to make matters worse, as their relationship reaches rock bottom, Kylie goes in search of Max's biological dad - bad boy Callum.

And, Kylie going back to her past is never going to be a good idea!

Jack P Shepherd teases what's to come...


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Interview: Paula Lane chats about Kylie's troubles