Picture Previews: Sun 7 Sept - Fri 12 Sept

This week on the Street: There's trouble for Kal at the cricket match, Neil goes too far, Kylie is pushed to the edge and the police want a word with Rob...

The team gears up for The Rovers v The Flying Horse cricket match.

But when Leanne shows up to support Kal, his son Zeedan is less than impressed.

Will Alya be able to talk her brother (and Steve's star player) round?

Or will the game end in disaster?

Neil steps up his nuisance campaign, on what would have been his and Andrea's anniversary...

Even going as far as placing an announcement in the Gazette celebrating their love and showing Lloyd photos of previous anniversaries!

Kylie's at her wits end, struggling with the salon accounts as Lily cries upstairs. Feeling the pressure she looks at Max's pills, will she be tempted?

In turmoil, Kylie confides in Eva that she's a terrible mother. But will she confess the new depths she's sunk to?

When Rob overhears Owen say he has a job at the site where he buried the murder weapon. Rob sneaks in and stashes the evidence in the boot of his car...

But when Ken needs a lift to the hospital, Rob's heart is in his mouth as they're pulled over by the police!

Tony tries to make peace with Tyrone and Fiz, but just makes things worse.

Can Eileen convince Jason to give his dad a second chance?

And, Alya tells Julie that she thinks Dev fancies her...

Behind The Scenes: The Cricket Match

Join the cast as they gear up for the big pub cricket match between Steve and Dean, landlord of rival pub The Flying Horse.

Of course the whole cast are all keen cricketers and complete naturals when it comes to a bat and ball...

It's also a big day for Kal as all the Nazir's come together for the first time - although for how long remains to be seen once Zeedan, his son, clocks eyes on Leanne!

DON'T FORGET: Find out who wins the match during the one hour episode at 7pm on Sunday 7th September.

Tyrone's Discovery

Tyrone's had a bit of a tough time recently, after his fall through the roof.

Luckily, Tony, Todd and Jason ride in as the cavalry and can't help enough with the repairs...

Little do Tyrone and Fiz know, but the Grimshaws are desperately trying to cover up their negligence.

But, an innocent comment from Owen about the floorboards blows the whole thing wide open and leaves Tyrone and Fiz looking for answers.

Alan Halsall reveals all in this exclusive interview.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Watch how Tyrone's attic fall stunt was performed