Picture Previews: Mon 21 July - Fri 25th July

Coming up on the cobbles this week - Peter languishes in jail, the bailiffs come calling for Owen and Anna, Steve suffers from a case of mistaken identity and Yasmeen makes her feelings known about Leanne...

Peter's feeling low, having not heard anything from his dad...

Perhaps it's about time Deirdre told Ken what was going on?

Owen and Anna admit to the family that they've received a bankruptcy summons...

But when the bailiffs come calling, will they be able to rally together?

Things get awkward when Neil accuses Steve of having an affair with Andrea.

We think Lloyd might have a thing or two to say about that!

Gail makes a point of hugging Michael in front of her disapproving family.

Yasmeen warns Kal that if he ever intends to marry Leanne, he'd better draw up a pre-nup.

We're not convinced that's going to go down very well.

Nick's informed by his solicitor that Leanne's entitled to quite a substantial payout in the divorce. Can the warring pair sort out their finances amicably?

And, Norris accuses Dennis of stealing £20 from the till. Who will Rita side with?

Andrea's truth

Andrea's in a bit of a pickle. She's all loved up and ready to move in with Lloyd, only there's the slight complication of having a secret husband that she has to deal with...

Hayley Tamaddon sat us down to talk through what on earth she's going to do and even reveals the unlikeliest of allies for Andrea!

Watch the exclusive interview above.

Picture Previews: 14th July - 18th July

Will Peter get sent down for a crime he didn't commit? It's decision time for Andrea and is Marcus leaving the Weatherfield for good?

Rob's on a knife edge as Tracy continues to go on about Tina...

Desperate to point the finger at Peter, Rob starts arguing again, just as the police come calling.

They believe they have sufficient evidence to arrest Peter. Can Rob now breathe a sight of relief?