Goodbye Kal

We say goodbye to the hero of the hour, in our exclusive final interview with Jimi Mistry.

Join Jimi as he looks back at some of his favourite scenes with Kal - chocolate sauce anyone?

Jimi chats about Leanne and Kal's tragic love story and what it's been like working with Jane Danson.

Not to mention how much fun it's been to have his own soap family and how he's going to miss them all!


Behind The Scenes: Victoria Court Fire

Go backstage on the night shoots with action heroes Jane Danson and Jimi Mistry to see how the cast and crew filmed this week's explosive fire episodes.

Safety First - Our SFX Coordinator Danny Hargreaves explains how his team rigged up the fire.

Take a look inside Carla's specially built flat to see how we set it alight.

Amy James-Kelly breaks down her shocking scene -will Maddie be okay?

See Beverley Callard and Sair Khan's brilliant reactions to the explosion on the night.

And watch as Alan Halsall and Michael Le Vell get things thrown at them.