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UNLOCK AN EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Steve's Left Holding The Baby

Could this be the moment when the truth comes out about the real identity of baby Oliver’s dad, when Steve McDonald finds himself staring down into the face of his secret child?

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Tonight’s (Friday) action packed must-see episodes of Coronation Street see Steve and Michelle unwittingly caught up in a last minute party Gail throws at the bistro to welcome what she believes to be her new grandson Oliver into the world.

The McDonalds, still grieving the loss of their baby Ruairi, are forced to look on as the Platts wet the baby’s head and toast new parents Nick and Leanne.

When the time comes for a photo of the happy family group David asks Steve to do the honours and he takes the pic through gritted teeth whilst Michelle looks on. But the real danger comes when David asks Steve to hold baby Oliver.

Will coming face to face with his own flesh and blood for the first time be too much for Steve? Michelle is oblivious to what is going on in Steve’s mind as he looks down at the tiny bundle in his arms but Leanne can only stare in horror fearing the worst.

Tune in tonight at 7.30pm and 8,30pm on ITV to see if Steve is able to keep his promise and keep the truth to himself.

New Love For Sinead And Daniel

With romance in the air, we spoke to Katie McGlynn and Rob Mallard about the blossoming relationship between Daniel and Sinead.

But with wounded Chesney on one side and pressure from Ken for Daniel to focus on his studies at the other, the course of true love never did run smooth!

Get a hint of what to come in our exclusive interview.


Preview Clips: This Week On The Cobbles

Monday 13th February


Sophie hears some home truths from Tyrone about the financial state of the garage.

These money problems we're having, I don't think Kev's told you the full story.

– Tyrone Dobbs


Tracy is furious when she hears the truth about Luke's 'romantic' getaway.

You know I got my passport out, I started Googling beautiful places with famous bridges like some kind of mug...

– Tracy Barlow

Wednesday 15th February


Brian tells a shocked Sally about the scenes of destruction at the allotments.

What's happened?

– Rosie Webster

Thursday 16th February


A change of career offers new possibilities for Sophie and Rosie.

The amount of times over the years I've woken up to some hairy face bloke staring through my windows fag in one hand, rag in the other...

– Eileen Phelan

Friday 17th February


Nathan puts Bethany in an awkward situation. How will she react?

It doesn't feel right though lying to the police...

– Bethany Platt


A mysterious woman takes Adam's fancy.

Sounds like a bit of a bad boy.

– Adam Barlow

Rosie's Here To Stay!

Everything is coming up Rosie on the cobbles as we can today confirmed that Helen Flanagan has had her contract extended to December.

Rosie returned to Weatherfield on Monday night and immediately found herself at the centre of the drama when she and Sophie discovered they had been used as drugs mules.

Helen was originally contracted for three months but ITV have now announced that Rosie will be staying in Weatherfield with her family.

Viewers can expect lots of comedy and some romance for Rosie, she will also find a new unlikely career on the cobbles.

Producer Kate Oates said:

"We are thrilled to have Helen back and delighted that she is now going to become a more permanent fixture in Weatherfield.

"Rosie is a classic Coronation Street comedy character and we are looking forward to seeing more of her antics in the future."

Helen said:

"I am having so much fun being back here playing Rosie again. The writing is hilarious and I am delighted to be staying around. I can’t wait to see what Rosie is going to get up to.”