Picture Previews: Mon 7 Sept - Fri 11 Sept

This week on the Street: Carla's driven to the edge with only Tracy to talk her down, Zeedan learns Leanne's secret, Callum stirs up trouble and Andrea has some shocking news!

Tracy finds drunk Carla teetering dangerously close to the edge of a quarry.

Begging Carla to stop blaming herself, Tracy points out that the fire was just a horrible accident but will she reveal what really happened?

Back on the Street, a trip to The Rovers turns sour when Alya reveals her plans to sabotage Underworld.

As Tracy nervously watches on, fearing an aggravated Carla might reveal details of their emotional confrontation at the quarry…

Tracy’s worst fears are confirmed when the police arrive at The Rovers to arrest her on suspicion of murder…

Will Tracy finally pay the price for her crime?

Tracy's Truth Uncovered?

Will Tracy's guilt about the fire get too much for her? We spoke to Kate Ford about whether the truth will be revealed!

The loss of Deirdre has allowed Tracy to develop an understanding of other people's pain and she really doesn't know how to cope with it.

So, when Carla makes a scene of herself during Maddie's Memorial Auction Tracy's facade slips and Robert notices.

A showdown between the fledgling couple leaves Robert determined to get to the bottom of her secret...


Preview Clips: Friday 4th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Uncontrollable Simon knocks Leanne unconscious!

Try and stop me!

– Simon

The news of Hope's diagnosis begins to spread.
Michelle takes a stand with Carla. Will it be enough to get through to her?
And, Sally and Tim set a date for the wedding!


Roy vows to help Fiz and Tyrone.

Simon watches, terrified, as Leanne is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Will she finally talk to someone about his behaviour?
Fiz and Tyrone tentatively explain to Hope that she’s poorly.
And, Kevin takes on another big contract at the garage.

Keep It In The Family: Corrie Special

Antony Cotton, Jennie McAlpine, Sam Aston, Hayley Tamaddon, Dan Brocklebank and Paula Lane prepare to take on the dreaded drop as they help two families win a star prize in this week's Keep It In The Family!

Watch our exclusive preview clips and pics below and tune in, Saturday at 7pm on ITV.

Antony v Hayley

I'm terrified... This is beyond hilarious.

– Antony Cotton

Sam v Jennie

I'm really scared!

– Jennie

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Trailer Week: Roy and Cathy

All this week we're giving you a special treat!

We've put together some exciting trailers which hint at what storylines you should be paying extra attention to as we build up to Coronation Street's Live episode in September!

Cathy and Roy are tentatively growing closer but are either of them ready to let go of their pasts?

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