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Preview Clips: Friday 26th May


Daniel tells Sinead he’s going to stay at his old flat for a few days as his landlord is demanding he redecorates it.

Yeah... I know, and i had no-one to vouch for me when dad was attacked, I was frightened. I don't want to go to prison.

– Daniel Osbourne


When Steve tells Leanne about Nick’s interference and devious plan to buy the Rovers she’s incandescent with rage

The pub... saying that I think I've done you a favour. I don't think your sister would ever have forgiven you.

– Steve McDonald

Preview Clip: Wednesday 24th May


Unable to live with the guilt any longer, Gina confesses to a stunned Sally that she was her internet troll.

Sally, I've done a terrible thing, or Leah says I have anyway, I don't remember doing any of it...

– Gina Seddon

Preview Clips: Monday 22nd May


Having noted Johnny's discomfort, Kate refuses to take no for an answer and drags her father to the medical centre.

Alright, but do me a favour, don't say anything to your brother or Jenny till we've talked to someone and know what's going on.

– Johnny Connor


With the Underworld anniversary party in full swing, Aidan calls for hush. Are Eva's dreams about to come true?

Before we start to celebrate the last 20 years, I want to look to the future.

– Aidan Connor