Picture Previews: Mon 1 June - Fri 5 June

This week on the Street: Will an act of kindness unravel Andy's lies? Julie is over the moon when Dev returns home, David goes in search of Kylie and Jenny Bradley is on borrowed time...

Michael's touched when his ex-wife Susan sends over a photo album of Gavin's life.

But, will Michael realise he's looking at pictures of a different man?

Meanwhile, David is about to show the Cafcass officer into No.8 - what will they walk into?

Later, David and Nick go on a final desperate search for Kylie.

And Gemma is as helpful as ever...

But is she hiding a secret?

Eileen finally figures out the truth behind Jeff from Dubai, but will it come at a cost?

Classic Corrie Explosions

As you may have seen from our sneak preview, Victoria Court is going to up in flames in one of the biggest explosions Coronation Street has ever seen.

We've reignited some scorching classic clips. Watch and tell us which one is your favourite below.

Be careful - they're hot to touch!

Don Brennan and Mike Baldwin 1992

The Corner Shop 2004

Underworld 2010

The Tram Crash 2010

The Rovers Fire 2013


Tracy's Revenge

Tracy vows to destroy the lives of those she feels have wronged her. Kate Ford teases up an explosive week on Coronation Street.

With her dreams of owning the Rovers in tatters, Tracy is consumed with bitterness as everyone happily prepares for Steve and Michelle's wedding.

Unfortunately, it's poor Liz who suffers Tracy's first wave of attack, as she reveals every excruciating detail of her affair with Tony.

Learning of what's happened, Carla jumps to Liz's defence and Tracy is taken aback as nemesis Carla knocks her down a peg or two (again).

But this is the last straw for Tracy. Determined to do Carla some harm, she breaks into her flat while she sleeps...

Will she get her ultimate revenge?