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The Coronation Street Bee Is Coming Home

Mission 'Bring Hilda' Home Accomplished as Corrie stars make winning bid at Manchester's Bee in the City auction.

Last night Corrie cast headed down to the Bee in the City Auction with one mission in mind - to get 'Hilda Bugden' back to the cobbles giving cast, crew and Corrie Tour visitors the chance to see her back home!

Lot 25 was the aim and after a bidding frenzy Dolly Rose Campbell, Melanie Hill and Charlie de Melo managed to bag the bee with the help of the audience who got behind their task as the room went wild telling auctioneer, Charles Hanson, to put the gavel down and "sell it to them"!

Charlie, Dolly and Mel with Hilda!

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming up on the cobbles: David drops a bombshell on Nick! Ken puts pressure on a Sinead. And, will wrongly accused Abi end up behind bars?

Ken's in trouble

A furious Audrey shocks Ken when she reveals she's the inspiration behind his salacious tales! Will Ken reveal his source?

Later, Ken mounts pressure on Sinead to tell Daniel her secret. But when Daniel walks in on them, he demands to know what Ken has done!

As they walk out of the cafe, Sinead suffers from a dizzy spell. Will the truth be revealed?

Nick's Surprise!

Nick's panicked when David starts snooping, but things get worse for him when detective Shona gets on the case. What is he hiding?

Nick is all set to abandon David once again, but will his conscience get the better of him?

Preview Clips: Friday 19th October

Coming up on the cobbles...


Angie lies to Jude and says she has a business meeting but really she is going for a date with a guy she met online!

Will Jude discover the truth?

I just feel like it's time to at least try to move on.

– Angie Appleton


Ken and Sinead have a heart-to-heart, but will he agree to her wishes and keep Daniel in the dark?

I just know, for a fact, that it will just break his heart. And I can't do it...

– Sinead Tinker

Preview Clips: Wednesday 17th October

Coming up on the cobbles...


The police question Michelle about the accident and she is shocked when DS MacKinnon tells her that Ronan had a gun in his car.

Will she keep quiet for Ali's sake?

Between you and me, I think the world is a much safer place without Ronan in it.

– DS MacKinnon


Daniel confronts Peter about suspending Sinead from Underworld.

Can he change his mind?

Your problem is that you've got not empathy.

– Daniel Osbourne

Preview Clips: Monday 15th October

Coming up on the cobbles...


With Nick back in Weatherfield it doesn't take long for Gail to come looking for him!

Will she be happy to see her son?

Hiya Mum..!?

– Gail McIntyre


Jenny pops round for a 'friendly' chat with Liz!

We're sure it'll be fine...

I take it I'm sacked?

– Liz McDonald