Preview: Monday 29th September

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Kylie struggles to resist taking more of Max's pills. Will David find out?

Poorly Sally drives Tim up the wall.
Mary plays third wheel with Dev and Julie.
And, Neil asks to speak to Andrea.


A suspicious Maddie questions Tim about his secret. Will he admit the truth?

David catches Kylie red-handed.
Is this the end of Neil's reign of terror?
And, Mary and Julie battle it out for Dev's attention.

Picture Previews: Mon 29 Sept - Fri 3 Oct

This week: Kylie is drawn back to her old life, Tim tries to keep a secret, Liz turns to Eileen for help and Dev is caught between Mary and Julie.

David is furious when he discovers the Kylie has been taking Max's pills.

Kylie turnes to Eva for help, determined to do some digging to get to the bottom of Max's problems.

Heading to her old neighbourhood, Kylie meets Gemma who offers to help her find Max's dad...

And, sexy Callum makes an instant impression when reunited with Kylie.

As the afternoon goes on, Eva worries about how easily Kylie slots back into her old life.

Especially when charmer Callum writes his number on Kylie's arm! Is she playing a dangerous game?