Peter's death bed

We joined Chris Gascoyne behind bars, to ask whether this is the end for Peter?

Things have been getting increasingly bleak for Peter in prison, and Jim uses his desperation for alcohol as a ploy to get Steve and Liz to visit him.

But when things don't go according to plan, Peter finds and drinks Jim's entire stash of booze.

With Peter left fighting for his life in hospital, could this be the answer to murderous Rob's prayers?

Preview: Fri 29th Aug 8.30pm

Tyrone pays the Grimshaw's a visit, wanting to talk about the accident...

Peter resorts to desperate measures in order to get a drink.
Dev has some grovelling to do when after he inadvertently insults Julie.
And, Katy and Luke decide to remain just friends.

Tyrone's fall - mobile phone footage

Next week, Tyrone will be left seriously injured after a fall through the loft floor!

Watch this exclusive footage taken from Tyrone's mobile phone, just before his accident.

Tune in on Monday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm to see what happens and head back here, after the episodes to go behind the scenes with Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone.

Will Tyrone be okay?

Preview: Wed 27 Aug 7.30pm

Steve visits the prison, but will Peter reveal his true motivation for inviting him?

Devastated Jason visits injured Tyrone in hospital.
Luke and Katy arrange a date in the Rovers - how will Steph react?
And, Mary persuades Julie to join her at the gym.

Preview: Mon 25 Aug 8.30pm

Jason looks for help after Tyrone has an accident in the loft.

Kylie tries to get Max under control.
Michelle gives her blessing for Steve to visit Peter.
And, a rival pub challenges the Rovers to a crict

EXTRA SCENE: Watch Tyrone's mobile phone footage from the fall