Andy Carver

Andy Carver is played by Oliver Farnworth

First Appearance: 21st November 2014

Killer Phelan

Join Connor McIntyre, Oliver Farnworth and Ian Kelsey behind the scenes of the darkest chapter in Phelan's story yet...

Andy's Diaries: Episode Four

If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise - especially if you bump into Oliver Farnworth and Connor McIntyre!

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THE SECRET LIFE OF PHELAN: Connor McIntyre examines what Phelan's been up to
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Andy's Diaries: Episode Three

Follow Oliver Farnworth down into Andy's cellar, for a guided tour of the Hotel Patrick Phelan...

You might never leave!

Andy's Diaries: Episode Two

We've had such an amazing reaction to the reveal that Andy is still alive, Oliver Farnworth thought he'd have a read through some of your messages on Facebook and Twitter!

Andy's Diaries: Episode One

Andy's alive!

In the first episode, go behind the scenes with Oliver Farnworth for a unique insight into how we kept one of Coronation Street's biggest secrets...

Mr and Mrs: Tisha Merry and Oliver Farnworth

As we wave a fond farewell to Tisha Merry and Oliver Farnworth, let's take another look at their very entertaining Mr and Mrs Quiz.

Who will win - Steph or Andy?


GOODBYE ANDY: Oliver Farnworth Interview

Day Twenty

What's behind the door on DAY TWENTY of our Corrie Advent Calendar?

Why, it's Tisha Merry and Oliver Farnworth with another special festive edition of our 'Mr & Mr's Quiz.

Day Five

On DAY FIVE of our Corrie Advent Calendar we find out what our wonderful cast would buy their characters as a special Christmas gift.