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Gary To The Rescue

Gary's heroics saved Lily from certain death, but at what cost?

We spoke to our very own action hero, Mikey North about filming the stunts!


Running, jumping, explosions and crashes are all in a day's work for Mikey North, but no one mentioned the litres of water the Costume Department would be pouring over him to make it look like spilt petrol!

See how we shot the stunts and get a hint at what else is coming up for Gary and Anna...


INTERVIEW: Jack P Shepherd on caging David
VIDEO MESSAGE: Watch David say goodbye

Behind The Scenes: The Bistro Burglary

Alison King, Michael Le Vell and James Atherton show us how they filmed the stunt, as Jamie tried to make his getaway from the Bistro.

(No Carlas were harmed in the making of these scenes!)

I can't be held responsible...

– James Atherton

Join us on a very chilly night on the cobbles as our cast and crew put the pedal to the metal for the action-packed episode.

Meet Alison King's stunt-double, Nelly, who actually dived out of the moving car and see how Super Kevin saved Phelan from almost certain doom.


INTERVIEW: Tracy knows the truth!
ASK ALISON KING: Mrs Connor answers your questions

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The Big Quiz: Coronation Street v Emmerdale

The annual grudge match between ITV's biggest shows is back!

Stephen Mulhern pits the cast from Coronation Street against the cast from Emmerdale in a no holds barred battle of the brainboxes.

Team Corrie

Michael Le Vell, Sue Cleaver, Jack P Shepherd and Brooke Vincent


Charlotte Bellamy, Mark Charnock, Samantha Giles and Liam Fox

The soapiest teams in town will be tested on the biggest events and the funniest moments in the Dales and on the cobbles during 2015.

There is plenty of drama as they battle it out, but who will reign supreme?

The Big Quiz: Coronation Street v Emmerdale - Friday 1st January, 9pm

Come on Team Corrie!

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Behind The Scenes: Christmas!

Merry Christmas from everyone at Coronation Street! Here's how we built our very own snowy wonderland to the cobbles.

Just watch out for snowballs from Alan Halsall - that fake snow gets everywhere!

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Behind The Scenes: The Car Race

We put our pedal to the metal and joined the cast and crew as they got the behind the wheels of Luke's car race.

What happens if you put Dean Fagan, Tisha Merry, Oliver Farnworth and James Atherton out on a freezing street in the middle of Manchester?

Car-nage! (sorry)

Dean talks about stunt drivers and sitting in the driving seat, James reflects on playing the villain and see how we filmed the heart-pounding race - including drone-cam!


Behind The Scenes: The Quarry

Kate Ford and Alison King are in a quarry with a bunch of hunky men - it was a really difficult shoot for them...

Ali and Kate talk about the dramatic revelations for Carla and Tracy, as the truth comes out about the fire.

See the crew put together the scenes, in a rather difficult location, and witness Kate and Ali doing their own death-defying stunts!