Behind The Scenes: Victoria Court Fire

Go backstage on the night shoots with action heroes Jane Danson and Jimi Mistry to see how the cast and crew filmed this week's explosive fire episodes.

Safety First - Our SFX Coordinator Danny Hargreaves explains how his team rigged up the fire.

Take a look inside Carla's specially built flat to see how we set it alight.

Amy James-Kelly breaks down her shocking scene -will Maddie be okay?

See Beverley Callard and Sair Khan's brilliant reactions to the explosion on the night.

And watch as Alan Halsall and Michael Le Vell get things thrown at them.


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Behind The Scenes: Minibus Crash - Part Two (The Aftermath)

Watch our second backstage featurette to see how we filmed the aftermath of the Minibus crash - including the cliff top fall!

WATCH PART ONE: See how we crashed the minibus!

Join Sair Khan and Amy Kelly as they guide us through how the special effects were shot.

Katie McGlynn shares her excitement for being a part of such a big stunt, while Kate Ford ponders what being the hero might mean for Tracy - we think she'll milk it!

In the studio Andrew Whyment demonstrates how to hang upside down in an upturned bus.

And, Kym Marsh talks movie magic!

DID YOU KNOW? The visual effects team had to create close to 200 visual effects shots across the three episodes.

WATCH PART ONE: Join the cast and crew to see how the explosive crash was filmed

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Behind The Scenes: Minibus Crash - Part One

Join the cast and crew on some VERY cold night shoots to see how the explosive stunt was filmed.

WATCH PART TWO: See how we filmed the aftermath

Shot over five weeks, the three different locations were pieced together appear as though it was all one place .

Simon Gregson talks through the vehicle rig and shows off his best 'movie driving' acting.

Amy Kelly acts as our tour guide, whilst trying to keep warm!

Kym Marsh commentates from the sidelines, as the minibus fires off the hidden ramp at 45 miles per hour.

And, Antony Cotton showcases his uncanny Simon Gregson impression...

WATCH PART TWO: We strapped the crew upside down and dangled them off a cliff face...

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Behind The Scenes: Kirk and Beth's 80s Wedding

Go backstage with Andrew Whyment and Lisa George at Kirk and Beth's bonkers 80s themed wedding!

Get all the gossip from before the cameras rolled at the Registry Office and then go back to the Rovers for some cheeky asides from Katie McGlynn (Sinead), Sam Aston (Chesney) Patti Clare (Mary), Katy Cavanagh (Julie) and Jimmi Harkishin (Dev).

Also: Don't miss Brooke Vincent (Sophie) channeling her inner-Madonna!



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Photos: The Smile

ACTION! The first scene of What Would Kirk Do? is underway.

Absolutely no fun was had by Samia when taping up Andy's mouth for The Facelift ending.

None at all. Honest...

DISCLAIMER: No Kirk's were harmed in the making of this series...

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Behind The Scenes: Hello Ladies!

Women of Weatherfield watch out - there is a new ‘Rat Pack’ on the street and they are going to be breaking some hearts!

As the nights draw in and summer comes to an end, temperatures will still be rising on Coronation Street as these four sexy guys make their presence known.

Get to know them a little better - go behind the scenes at the photo shoot below:

The Rat Pack

Oliver Farnworth, Dean Fagan, Sean Ward and Qasim Akhtar.

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Behind The Scenes: The Cricket Match

Join the cast as they gear up for the big pub cricket match between Steve and Dean, landlord of rival pub The Flying Horse.

Of course the whole cast are all keen cricketers and complete naturals when it comes to a bat and ball...

It's also a big day for Kal as all the Nazir's come together for the first time - although for how long remains to be seen once Zeedan, his son, clocks eyes on Leanne!

DON'T FORGET: Find out who wins the match during the one hour episode at 7pm on Sunday 7th September.

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