What's next for Chesney and Sinead?

We spoke to Sam Aston about stoic Chesney bottling up his concern for injured Sinead, as he attempts to be supportive.

The minibus crash has left Sinead in turmoil as she worries that she'll never walk again.

Throughout everything Chesney has remained Sinead's rock, but although he has been trying to contain his emotions, someone is going to bear the brunt of all his fears and anger.

And the most obvious target is Steve...

Get ready to see a new side of Chesney - he's got his fighting gloves on!

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The Bus Crash

Steve has been having a difficult time recently and things are about to get a great deal worse. Simon Gregson talks exclusively about what's coming up.

Simon discusses the challenge of playing Steve's ongoing battle with depression and teases the events that lead up to him volunteering to drive the Underworld workers to their ill-fated awards ceremony...

As the man himself says, 'It's a real cliff hanger!'

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Steph's discovery

Steph is baffled by Gavin's behaviour and demands to know what's going on, but does she really want to know the truth? Tisha Merry teases what's to come.

Steph doesn't know where she stands with Gavin. One minute they're sharing a New Year's Eve snog, the next he's hardly talking to her.

Then to make matters worse, Gavin's ex-girlfriend shows up and tells everyone exactly what she thinks of him.

But it's the final straw when poor Michael gets rushed to hospital and Gavin disappears! Determined to get some answers Steph tracks him down and demands to know what's going on.

Will Gavin tell her his big secret?

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Maria and Luke

Maria and Luke are really hitting it off, but will their big date be a disaster?
Samia Ghadie teases what's to come.

After a rather rocky 2014, things seem to be going well for Maria (for a change).

So with the Dobbs family away, flirty Luke invites her round for a romantic dinner, but then Tyrone comes home early - awkward!

Will Maria and Luke's relationship go off the boil before it's even warmed up?

WHAT WOULD KIRK DO? Watch Maria and Kirk in our interactive mini-series

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Goodbye Kylie

No, don't go! We caught up with Paula Lane to talk about Kylie's shocking departure.

Kylie thought that she had finally left her past behind her, but Callum wasn't going to let her go that easily!

Paula chats about filming the emotional final scenes with Jack (David) and Harry, who plays Max, and asks whether we've seen the last of dastardly Callum?

When will Kylie return and more importantly where will she return from?

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Callum's Christmas

It's safe to say that Callum is probably on Santa's naughty list, but that won't stop him trying to get what he wants for Christmas - Kylie!

Sean Ward tells us what to expect on Christmas Day...

Callum has revelled in causing trouble for Kylie but David knows something isn't right.

So when David returns home and catches Callum red-handed trying to give Kylie drugs, you just know it's all going to kick off!

Don't miss the explosive episode on Christmas Day at 8pm.

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Tony's temptation

Tony and Tracy are up to no good! We spoke to Terence Maynard about whether Tony's finally met his match!

Tony has his eyes set on Barlow's Buys and has been putting pressure on a vulnerable Tracy for quite some time now.

But, when Tracy gets some devastating news about Rob's verdict, it doesn't take her long to exploit Tony's weaknesses and turn the tables on her potential business partner.

Is Tony about to get more than he bargained for?

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David meets Callum...

David finally finds out what Kylie's been up to, but that's just the start of his problems. Jack P Shepherd reveals all!

Things have been tense between Kylie and David, ever since he found her taking Max's ADHD pills.

So when David catches her buying drugs, he's absolutely furious. And Kylie, desperate to make amends, tries to leave that world behind.

Unfortunately for everyone, Callum isn't so keen to see his ex (and mother of his son) go and so pops into the salon for a visit!

Kylie might have some explaining to do...

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