Goodbye Kal

We say goodbye to the hero of the hour, in our exclusive final interview with Jimi Mistry.

Join Jimi as he looks back at some of his favourite scenes with Kal - chocolate sauce anyone?

Jimi chats about Leanne and Kal's tragic love story and what it's been like working with Jane Danson.

Not to mention how much fun it's been to have his own soap family and how he's going to miss them all!


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Tracy's Revenge

Tracy vows to destroy the lives of those she feels have wronged her. Kate Ford teases up an explosive week on Coronation Street.

With her dreams of owning the Rovers in tatters, Tracy is consumed with bitterness as everyone happily prepares for Steve and Michelle's wedding.

Unfortunately, it's poor Liz who suffers Tracy's first wave of attack, as she reveals every excruciating detail of her affair with Tony.

Learning of what's happened, Carla jumps to Liz's defence and Tracy is taken aback as nemesis Carla knocks her down a peg or two (again).

But this is the last straw for Tracy. Determined to do Carla some harm, she breaks into her flat while she sleeps...

Will she get her ultimate revenge?


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The Wedding Dress Fitting

Steve and Michelle's big day is just around the corner, so we joined Kym Marsh as she tried on Michelle's wedding dress for the first time!

The wedding is part of a huge week on at the end of May which culminates in a massive fire at Victoria Court.

Michelle has been excitedly planning the wedding for months, but will Tracy spoil her big day?


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Tony's Plan

We caught up with Terence Maynard as Tony's devious plot to take over the Rovers steps up a gear.

Tracy and Tony are blatantly using each other, but it seems to be Tony who's doing all the heavy lifting.

And, with Steve's half of the Rovers looking like a done deal, Tony turns his attentions to scaring Liz out of her shares.

But as we all know, Liz isn't ever one to go down without a fight!


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David on the run!

Fearing he's losing his family to Callum, David goes on the run with Max and Lily.

Jack P Shepherd asks, "What could possibly go wrong?" in our exclusive interview.

David's war with Callum has turned nasty very quickly, but it's the final straw when David catches his nemesis sneaking around with his sister Sarah!

Feeling he has nowhere else to turn, David packs his bags and heads to Liverpool with the kids.

But with a furious Callum hot on his trail and Max increasingly frustrated with his actions will David make a clean getaway?


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Jenny's True Colours

It's fair to say that Jenny's arrival on the Street may have rubbed some people up the wrong way, but are they right to be suspicious?

Sally Ann Matthews teases a darker turn in the story...

Despite Sophie's reservations Kevin is quite besotted with Jenny, however she seems to be enjoying her relationship with little Jack more than she is with him.

Then we see a very different side of her when Maria is on the receiving end of a right wallop!

Can anyone stop Jenny before she does something she shouldn't?

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Andy takes on Callum

David blackmails Andy into joining his fight against Callum. What could possibly go wrong?

Oliver Farnworth hints at what's to come...

David's a man with a plan. Unfortunately it's not a very good one, as it relies on Andy planting drugs on Callum.

So when Andy gets caught red-handed, David is forced to try and save the day.

Which leaves them both at evil Callum's mercy!


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