Linda's proposal

Linda wants to put her family back together and not just the girls!

How will Owen react to advances from his ex-wife? Ian Puleston-Davies teases what's coming up.

Owen's left with a conundrum when Linda sets her sights on him, but thankfully his love for Anna holds strong.

But Linda is a determined lady and has more than one plan up her sleeves...

What will Owen do next?

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Gavin, meet Gavin!

The real Gavin is back in the country and Andy (AKA: Fake Gavin/GAndy/Gandalf) might have some explaining to do! Oliver Farnworth hints at what's to come...

Michael's real son Gavin, doesn't share his temperament - in fact he's not very nice at all! So, it doesn't take him very long to figure out what Andy and Steph have been up to.

Immediately seeing that he has them both over a barrel, Gavin sets about making demands, but will they give in to his blackmail?

Oh, and there's the little thing of Michael and Gail's impending nuptials to attend with - what could possibly go wrong?

Want more Oliver? Watch his Faking It Corrie Challenge

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Kevin and Jenny

There is romance in the air for Kevin, but does he know what he's letting himself in for with Jenny Bradley? Michael Le Vell teases what's to come!

Kevin is quite smitten with Jenny and refuses to listen when his friends and family voice their concerns about the way she behaved last time she was in Weatherfield.

But people change, and after 21 years away, Jenny insists she's turned over a new leaf - although we're not sure that Rita will be convinced...

RECAP: Find out more about the last time Jenny was on the Street

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Who is Jenny Bradley?

It's been 21 years since Jenny Bradley was last in Weatherfield, so we sat Sally Ann Matthews down to recap on what trouble Jenny got into last time she was on the Street!

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Eva Uncovered

Eva has a surprise in store for Jason, but will Todd throw a spanner in the works? Catherine Tyldesley reveals all!

Eva was over the moon when Tony offered to help towards buying a house for her and Jason, but Jason was far too proud to accept help from his dad.

So, when Todd learnt that Eva and Tony had been house hunting anyway, the cogs started to turn and an evil scheme started to come together.

As Todd drips poison into Jason's ear, you just know it's all going to end in tears...

Is this the end of Eva and Jason? We hope not!

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Owen's Ex Wife

Owen's got some explaining to do when his ex, Linda turns up out of the blue. Ian Pulston-Davies hints at what's to come...

After seemingly abandoning them both as kids, Izzy wants nothing to do with Linda, but Katy is determined to connect with her long-lost mother and that terrifies Owen...

Will Linda reveal Owen's dark secret?

It looks like things are about to get even worse for the Windass Armstrong clan.

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Spring Preview... with Stuart Blackburn

Our explosive SPRING TRAILER left us with lots of big questions unanswered, so we pinned Series Producer Stuart Blackburn down and demanded to know what is going on!

Get ready for some major exclusives, as he reveals what exciting things are coming up on the cobbles this spring.

WARNING: This interview contains more spoilers than you can shake a stick at!

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What's next for Chesney and Sinead?

We spoke to Sam Aston about stoic Chesney bottling up his concern for injured Sinead, as he attempts to be supportive.

The minibus crash has left Sinead in turmoil as she worries that she'll never walk again.

Throughout everything Chesney has remained Sinead's rock, but although he has been trying to contain his emotions, someone is going to bear the brunt of all his fears and anger.

And the most obvious target is Steve...

Get ready to see a new side of Chesney - he's got his fighting gloves on!

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