Jenny's True Colours

It's fair to say that Jenny's arrival on the Street may have rubbed some people up the wrong way, but are they right to be suspicious?

Sally Ann Matthews teases a darker turn in the story...

Despite Sophie's reservations Kevin is quite besotted with Jenny, however she seems to be enjoying her relationship with little Jack more than she is with him.

Then we see a very different side of her when Maria is on the receiving end of a right wallop!

Can anyone stop Jenny before she does something she shouldn't?

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Andy takes on Callum

David blackmails Andy into joining his fight against Callum. What could possibly go wrong?

Oliver Farnworth hints at what's to come...

David's a man with a plan. Unfortunately it's not a very good one, as it relies on Andy planting drugs on Callum.

So when Andy gets caught red-handed, David is forced to try and save the day.

Which leaves them both at evil Callum's mercy!


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Goodbye Owen

After five years on the cobbles, Ian Puleston-Davies bids an emotional farewell to Owen Armstrong.

Reminiscing on his time on Street, Ian recalls his first ever scene and how originally he thought he was going to be a villain!

He focuses on the ups and downs of Owen and Anna's relationship, which eventually led Owen to leave Weatherfield for Aberdeen (via Portugal).

Ian shares how much he's going to miss his Corrie family (we'll miss him too!) and sends out a thank you to all the fans for their support during his time here.

Ian says a final goodbye to the Armstrong-Windass family.


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Detective David

David is suspicious of Gail's strange behaviour, but will he get to the bottom of what's wrong with her? Jack P Shepherd turns super-sleuth in our behind-the-scenes interview.

David hasn't got it easy at the minute: the disappearance of Kylie, fighting a custody battle with Callum and the return of Sarah and Bethany.

He still sets some time aside to get to the bottom of his mum's strange behaviour. But as he follows her to the graveyard, will he find out what she's really up to?

Can Gail dig herself out of this one?


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Faye's baby

We spoke exclusively to Debbie Rush about the shocking consequences of Faye having a baby at 13 years old.

For a little girl from a broken home, Faye feels like she's really let everyone down, but Anna takes the responsibility on herself for not being there for her daughter.

After the year that the Armstrong / Windass family has had, will they be able to rally together or will this be the final straw?


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Michelle's proposal

Steve is going to pop the question to Michelle, but will money troubles stand in the way of their happiness? Kym Marsh teases what's to come.

Since Michelle learnt of Steve's depression their relationship has been growing from strength to strength.

And eventually Steve plucks up the courage to ask her to marry him!

But Michelle has a secret. Steve's amassed a lot of debt and she's worried about how to break the news to him.

'Luckily' Tony sweeps in and offers to lend them the money, behind Steve's back.

But will it be a favour they live to regret?

PREVIEW: Watch a clip of Steve's proposal before Wednesday's episode

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