Sally Kisses Kevin!

Things are about to get complicated when Sally locks lips with Kevin! We spoke to Sally Dynevor to ask, "What about Tim?"

In Sally's eyes, Kevin has finally pulled his socks up and become the man she always wanted him to be!

Then, Carla announces that she's putting Underworld up for sale and that gets the cogs turning for Sally - maybe she could be the boss too?

At the same time, Sally is getting frustrated by Tim's more laid-back attitude to life and refuses to go away with him on an impulse holiday.

But when things don't quite go to plan, Sally turns to Kevin for comfort and he's shocked when she leans in for a kiss!

Will Kevin kiss Sally back? And will someone please think about poor Tim in all off this!


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Callum's True Colours

Apparently Callum has been playing nice all this time, but the gloves are about to come off! Sean Ward teases what's coming up...

He knows that Bethany has a crush on him, so he uses that to his advantage at every turn.

– Sean Ward

Callum loves nothing more than manipulating everyone around him, but he doesn't know the can of worms he's opening when he turns his sights to Bethany.

Bethany can be unpredictable at the best of times and that eventually leads to Callum's facade slipping just enough for Sarah to get suspicious.

Expect a big game changer with poor Max caught in the middle when he finds something he really shouldn't hidden in his bedroom...

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A Dark Night At The Barlows

Deirdre's death has reopened old wounds for the Barlows, but as Peter returns will the family be able to find peace?

Chris Gascoyne talks about coming back to the cobbles.

Of course Peter is late for Deirdre's funeral (he'd be late for his own) but he certainly isn't expecting to walk into a huge row between Ken and Tracy.

In true Barlow fashion, it's not long before the home truths start flying and you just know it's going to be a long night!

Chris chats openly about wanting to come back as a tribute to Anne Kirkbride and how they filmed this emotional story.


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Deirdre's funeral

This week is going to be one of the most difficult the Barlows have ever faced, but will they face it together? Kate Ford discusses what's coming up.

Wounded Ken lashes out at Tracy when he discovers that Deirdre had stayed away for so long because of her behaviour.

And with emotions running high, Tracy is forced to leave her mother's funeral after Ken's words sting too close to home.

But what she wasn't expecting was to bump into her ex husband Robert Preston who is there to pay his respects.

Kate hints that we'll be seeing different sides of everyone during this emotional storyline and with the arrival of Robert something else Tracy didn't see coming at all...

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Kylie's Plan

It's time to start the fight back against Callum. We spoke to Paula Lane about drawing up Kylie's battle plan...

Bully Callum knows exactly how to manipulate every situation to his advantage but he's not counted on his one big weakness - Kylie!

But when things don't go according to plan, will David and Sarah be able to get to Kylie in time, or will she find herself in a dark and dangerous place?

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The Tilsley Triangle

We spoke to Ben Price about Nick's difficult decision. Will his heart lead him to Carla or Erica?

Having been burnt so much in the past, Nick and Carla have both tried to be cautious and adult about their feelings for one another.

But after the heartbreak of the miscarriage, Nick wants to be a good man to Erica, who's convinced he was only with her for the baby.

Nick makes a decision and honours his commitment to Erica, but will there be a Carla shaped itch he needs to scratch?


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Miley's Christening

When the strain of the Christening becomes too much for Faye will she be able to help Tim understand how she feels?

We sat down with Joe Duttine to discuss the very emotional storyline.

Grandad Tim is absolutely besotted with baby Miley, but even he's started to notice the cracks appearing with Faye's attachment towards her daughter.

So when Faye runs out during the ceremony and confides in him that she doesn't want to be a mother, will he be willing to listen?

And when a possible solution presents itself will Tim, Faye and Anna be able to make the right decision?


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