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Bethany's Bullies

Bethany starts having a rough time at school when a gang of girls start picking on her.

Lucy Fallon hints at the drama to come.

Bethany can't deal with it because how she's feeling inside.

– Lucy Fallon

Despite her bolshy attitude poor Bethany has been bottling all this up for weeks without telling anyone.

It all comes to a head at Sarah's baby shower where Bethany lashes out, causing a scene and ruining the cake!

Can Bethany find someone she trusts to talk to?

ADVICE: Bullying at School


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Tracy's Ultimatum

Hold on to your hats - Tracy is about to confront Carla about her one night stand with Robert! Kate Ford teases the dramatic showdown!

Tracy now holds all the cards and she wants Carla out of Weatherfield once and for all!

– Kate Ford

Tracy's rage has been quietly bubbling away ever since she found out that Robert slept with her mortal enemy, but spotting a moment of weakness for Carla she pounces and Carla's worst nightmare unfolds in front of her.

Will Carla bow down to her demands and leave Weatherfield for good?


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Here's Jenny!

Jenny Bradley's back! We asked Sally Ann Matthews whether she thinks the Websters will forgive and forget...

Everybody's thrilled to see her...

– Sally Ann Matthews

It's fair to say that after running to Hull with Jack, Jenny didn't leave under the best of circumstances (don't mention the wig!).

But Jenny went away, dealt with her issues and, with the help of Rita, has returned with every intention of making amends.

And then Jack goes missing...


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Who is Jenny Bradley?

Rita's reconnecting with Jenny so we thought it's about time you did to! Here's a couple of videos to make sure you're up to speed.

Jenny's return

Up until last year it had been 21 years since Jenny Bradley was last in Weatherfield, so we sat Sally Ann Matthews down to go through what trouble Jenny got into the first time she was on the Street!

Jenny's departure

Join Sally Ann Matthews as she recounts the roller coaster that has been Jenny Bradley's five months on Coronation Street.

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Anna's Phelan The Pressure

We sat Debbie Rush down to ask what Anna is planning to do now that Phelan is back on the scene?

Anna can't bring herself to tell Kevin the secret.

– Debbie Rush

Anna's in a tight spot, just as she's taking the first cautious steps into a new relationship with Kevin, Phelan returns to throw a spanner in the works.

She's ashamed of what she did to save her family from Phelan's grasp, but she's more concerned about what Gary will do when he lays eyes on him.

It's like her worst nightmare, happening all over again!


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We've got a bad Phelan about this...

Phelan's back and that means trouble for anyone who crosses his path! Connor McIntyre teases what's coming up.

How has Phelan come to be back on the Street?

Phelan has been caught out getting up to his usual tricks, but this time out in Dubai! He went there with Val and made a load of money but it turned sour. So, his bad behaviour has brought him back to Weatherfield! Phelan is now totally broke - which is also a reason why he comes back.

Does Kevin have any idea who he is?

As it stands when Phelan first arrives back, Kevin doesn’t have any clue who he is or what his history on the Street is. Phelan is banking on the fact that Anna won’t divulge the story to Kevin.

Why would he want to come back?

I think Phelan is a predator and Anna, at the time, happened to be the right tool for him to use to get what he wanted. It was all a power thing. So no, I don’t think his return is specific to Anna, but obviously he will encounter her and her family again. He has to adapt to his new situation of having no money and no work, so we will see how he handles that.

Does he still think he has the upper hand over Anna?

Phelan is always looking for the advantage and the upper hand. The fact that Anna might not want to divulge the whole story to anyone is a huge advantage for Phelan.

How does Anna react when she sees him?

Can you imagine? Her worst nightmare turning up just at the time when she’s starting to think things are finally looking up. Owen is no longer around either so she’s got to face him on her own.

Is he planning on ruining things between Kevin and Anna?

Phelan will want to ensure that whatever happens, Anna doesn’t disrupt his plans with Kevin. He will monitor that and keep an eye on it. He sees potential with Kevin career wise and will be back into the wheeling and dealing and the business trade.

What does he suggest he and Anna agree on?

He says to her if she doesn’t cause him any trouble, he won’t cause her any trouble. He doesn’t want anything to rock the boat - he acknowledges to her that he’s back, but says he will keep out of her way if she keeps out of his.

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Phelan's Back

Phelan's back and down on his luck. We spoke to Connor McIntyre about why that makes him more dangerous than ever!

It's about survival of the most adaptable.

– Connor McIntyre

Last time we saw Pat he swanned off into the sunset, leaving the Windasses in tatters after his indecent proposal with Anna.

But his wife Val has had enough and now he's broke and working as a labourer and that doesn't sit well with someone who gets his thrills from being in control.

So when he meets Jason and Kevin he sees an opportunity to build his way back up to the top - just as long as Anna doesn't stand in his way...


INTERVIEW: Tracy knows the truth!
BEHIND THE SCENES: The Bistro Burglary

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Battle For the Bistro

Robert's getting grief from Carla in one ear, Nick being rude in the other and an increasingly short fuse. Tristan Gemmill hints at whether the explosive truth will come out!

Robert has been trying to put his night with Carla behind him and is instead looking to the future, by offering to buy into the Bistro.

But when Nick unceremoniously shoots him down and an increasingly guilty Carla gives Robert a hard time, it's not long before the secret is on the tip of his tongue!

Will Robert reveal all?


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