The Prison Visit

After hearing how Jim 'heroically' saved Peter's life, Steve decides to give him one more chance.

But how will Steve react when he finds out that his dad was the one who supplied the booze to Peter in the first place?

And, what will be the repercussions for Peter, when things don't go Jim's way?

Simon Gregson promises drama, drama, full on drama in this exclusive interview!

Behind The Scenes: Hello Ladies!

Women of Weatherfield watch out - there is a new ‘Rat Pack’ on the street and they are going to be breaking some hearts!

As the nights draw in and summer comes to an end, temperatures will still be rising on Coronation Street as these four sexy guys make their presence known.

Get to know them a little better - go behind the scenes at the photo shoot below:

The Rat Pack

Oliver Farnworth, Dean Fagan, Sean Ward and Qasim Akhtar.

Chaotic Kylie

Kylie starts to put a lot of pressure on herself to be the perfect mother, after Max's ADHD diagnosis.

But when the strain of being Super-Mum gets too much to bear, rather than turn to David for support, she does the unthinkable and takes Max's tablets.

Paula Lane joined us to talk about leading Kylie down a very dark path...

How's Kylie going to find her way out of this one?

Behind The Scenes: The Cricket Match

Join the cast as they gear up for the big pub cricket match between Steve and Dean, landlord of rival pub The Flying Horse.

Of course the whole cast are all keen cricketers and complete naturals when it comes to a bat and ball...

It's also a big day for Kal as all the Nazir's come together for the first time - although for how long remains to be seen once Zeedan, his son, clocks eyes on Leanne!

DON'T FORGET: Find out who wins the match during the one hour episode at 7pm on Sunday 7th September.

Tyrone's Discovery

Tyrone's had a bit of a tough time recently, after his fall through the roof.

Luckily, Tony, Todd and Jason ride in as the cavalry and can't help enough with the repairs...

Little do Tyrone and Fiz know, but the Grimshaws are desperately trying to cover up their negligence.

But, an innocent comment from Owen about the floorboards blows the whole thing wide open and leaves Tyrone and Fiz looking for answers.

Alan Halsall reveals all in this exclusive interview.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Watch how Tyrone's attic fall stunt was performed

Peter's death bed

We joined Chris Gascoyne behind bars, to ask whether this is the end for Peter?

Things have been getting increasingly bleak for Peter in prison, and Jim uses his desperation for alcohol as a ploy to get Steve and Liz to visit him.

But when things don't go according to plan, Peter finds and drinks Jim's entire stash of booze.

With Peter left fighting for his life in hospital, could this be the answer to murderous Rob's prayers?

Tyrone's fall - mobile phone footage

Next week, Tyrone will be left seriously injured after a fall through the loft floor!

Watch this exclusive footage taken from Tyrone's mobile phone, just before his accident.

Tune in on Monday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm to see what happens and head back here, after the episodes to go behind the scenes with Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone.

Will Tyrone be okay?