Preview Clip: Wednesday 8th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


As everyone prepares for Deirdre's birthday party, Bev arrives with devastating news for Ken and Tracy.

Kylie tells Sarah about Callum's offer - will she believe her?
Roy devises a plan to help Cathy.
And, Michael and Eileen go for a drink at the Bistro...

The Tilsley Triangle

We spoke to Ben Price about Nick's difficult decision. Will his heart lead him to Carla or Erica?

Having been burnt so much in the past, Nick and Carla have both tried to be cautious and adult about their feelings for one another.

But after the heartbreak of the miscarriage, Nick wants to be a good man to Erica, who's convinced he was only with her for the baby.

Nick makes a decision and honours his commitment to Erica, but will there be a Carla shaped itch he needs to scratch?


Miley's Christening

When the strain of the Christening becomes too much for Faye will she be able to help Tim understand how she feels?

We sat down with Joe Duttine to discuss the very emotional storyline.

Grandad Tim is absolutely besotted with baby Miley, but even he's started to notice the cracks appearing with Faye's attachment towards her daughter.

So when Faye runs out during the ceremony and confides in him that she doesn't want to be a mother, will he be willing to listen?

And when a possible solution presents itself will Tim, Faye and Anna be able to make the right decision?


Goodbye Jenny

Join Sally Ann Matthews as she recounts the roller coaster that has been Jenny Bradley's last five months on Coronation Street.

Sally Ann shares all about the fun she's had working with Brooke (Sophie), Barbara (Rita) and Michael (Kevin).

See her reaction after first reading the balcony scripts and listen as she recalls the differences between her first time on the show compared to now.

Will this be the last we see of Jenny Bradley? We'll have to wait and see...