Sally's Deal With The Devil

We asked Sally Dynevor whether Sally will be taken in by Phelan's silver tongue?

What does Sally make of Phelan?

She likes the fact that Phelan talks to her like a councillor and takes her very seriously, she thinks. She thinks he is quite intelligent and knows what he is talking about and seems to like her as a councillor so he must be ok. Some of the other residents are a bit sniffy about her but he massages her ego.

What do his development plans involve?

He has been telling her that he is going to develop an old building to build the apartments and sell them on but Todd has said that she needs to be careful as people won’t want the building to be developed as they will want it to stay as a meeting place.

Sally knows she has to be careful that there are stipulations in the contract that he has to adhere. But then he says he is going to build some of the apartments for people with learning difficulties.

Why does she with draw her support from his development project?

Basically the council veto it and say they are important meeting places and she is going to upset her constituents. She was elected in by them and she can’t just go ahead with supporting something they may disagree on. She is worried she may lose her seat so she is a bit thrown by that. She is a bit naive really.

How does Phelan try to win her over?

Very cleverly he brings Alex round to Sally’s house and uses him as an example of someone who could benefit from the housing. She thinks if she goes back to the committee and explains this then she may get brownie points.

What makes her consider changing her mind?

She really does want to be looked up to and be a good councillor, she has principles and she really wants to do the right thing she just doesn’t have the experience. She has a good heart and a conscience and she wants to be liked, she thinks this might help with that.

Why does Tim not trust Phelan?

He can see through him, I’m not quite sure why but he is a bit more savvy than Sally and she thinks she is cleverer than Tim because he is ‘only a window cleaner ‘ and she has been in lots of meetings and read up on it all.

She is very disparaging about him! He is probably ten times cleverer than she will ever be and far more worldly wise. He knows people like Phelan.

Why does Sally not share his suspicions?

Basically because Phelan is very clever and knows how to play people. He has her wrapped around his little finger. Sally is completely taken in and thinks he takes her seriously. She thinks he really believes she will be able to do something for him

Are you surprised that Sally trusts him?

Not at all I think that is exactly how she would react, I like the fact that she trusts him.

Are you enjoying playing Councillor Sally?

I love it, it’s great it is another side to her. It goes with all the snobbery and it is so different from what Tim does. I like the fact that she is still working in Underworld as well as being a councillor.

She also has a new councillor wardrobe that can be a bit over the top but she thinks she should have a certain look as a councillor.

Has it been nice working with Connor McIntyre?

Fantastic. I am really enjoying working with him. He thinks about things a lot and works them out. He is a brilliant villain, he is the sort of villain who could be around for a while, he is very clever and I hope he stays around.

I was surprised but pleased that Sally got involved with him because of course he would use her position for his own gain.

Have you enjoyed the relationship between Sally and Yasmeen?

I love working with Shelley, we are good friends and I think Yasmeen is great. I do hope with have more stuff together. They have more in common than they realise. There is a scene coming up where they open up a bit to each other and there is a kind of coming together of these two characters so I hope that develops.

They are at loggerheads but they can recognise something in each other. Playing the councillor means that I get to work with lots of different people which is great!

Bethany's Diet Pill Danger

Bethany's bully pushes her to do something drastic. We asked Lucy Fallon if anyone can help Bethany in her hour of need?

Why has Bethany become concerned about her weight?

It’s because of the bullies, she’s receiving texts from several girls at her school saying that she’s fat, so it’s made her really self-conscious and this is what’s made her determined to lose weight.

How does Bethany feel when the garden swing collapses with her in it?

She feels horrible, especially because Craig takes a picture of her while she’s on the swing when it breaks, he puts it on a social media website so everybody sees it, so Bethany is absolutely mortified because she already feels really self conscious anyway because of the bullying, so that just makes it worse and heightens it.

Why has she ordered the diet pills? And how much does she know about them?

I don’t think she really knows a lot about them, she knows that they are illegal and that she shouldn’t be taking them, and because she’s not eating either, she knows that it’s really not good for her.

I think she ordered them just to sort of make the process faster and lose the weight quicker, because she’s going to the gym quite a lot, so I think she just thinks that it’ll really help her to shed weight quickly.

Why is she being so secretive about the pills?

It’s because she knows how bad they are, so she doesn’t want her mum to find out because of everything that she’s gone through already. Aswell as everything the whole family is going through with Kylie’s death, she thinks that if they know she’s taking diet pills they’ll think there’s something really wrong with her, so she wants to keep it to herself.

Is she worried after she passes out at the gym?

Yes, I think it does worry her a little bit because she obviously knows that she’s not eating and she’s taking these pills, on top of really pushing herself at the gym, so it’s obvious to her that something is wrong. But I don’t think it worries her enough for her to want to stop doing it, because she’s quite young, she’s so fixated on the fact that she’s over weight, so it doesn’t worry her too much.

How does she feel when Gary finds the pills?

She’s going to be really worried that Gary’s found the pills because she doesn’t want him to tell anybody. She doesn’t want him to tell her mum or any of her family, so that they don’t worry.

What is she thinking when Gary suggests they report the bullies to the school?

She doesn’t want to do that at all, because she doesn’t want to make it worse, she doesn’t want to report the bullies and then for Lauren to keep bullying her because of it, she thinks it’s just going to make it even worse, so she really tries to persuade him not to do that, but he does it anyway.

Does she think by losing the weight that the bullying will stop?

Well at first, it wasn’t really about her weight, it was because she was new at the school and she didn’t really have any friends. They were bullying her for different reasons and then they started to fixate on her weight. I don’t think she thinks that the bullying will stop, but she will feel better about herself if she doesn’t feel like she’s fat.

Why is she so keen to keep the bullying hidden from Sarah?

Well, Sarah’s just come out of hospital and if she tells her that she’s still getting bullied and that it’s got even worse, that it’s got physical,she’s worried her mum will just lose the plot again and end up back in hospital, so she just wants to keep it from her while her mum get’s better.

I hope that girls watching realise that just because someone bullies you about something, doesn’t make it true.

– Lucy Fallon

What are you hoping that teenage girl viewers will take from Bethany’s body issues?

I hope that girls watching realise that just because someone bullies you about something, doesn’t make it true, I know that really I’m not overweight, and I hope that they see that bullies just say cruel things to bait people and to be nasty.

They’ll probably realise that what Bethany is doing is stupid, and it will show them how serious taking diet pills and not eating can be.

Have you had many fans get in touch with you about the bullying story?

Yes, I’ve had quite a lot of tweets about it, people telling me they have been in similar situations and that the storyline has helped them want to tell somebody so that’s really nice to hear. And there was a girl who came into work yesterday to look around the set and she was telling me about how she had been bullied in the past and that watching the storyline develop made her upset, but she was glad that we’re highlighting just how bad bullying can be, and luckily she told her parents what was happening and she doesn’t get bullied anymore.

Are you glad to see Bethany stand up for herself and punch Lauren?

Yes, definitely. And I think that Lauren deserves it,although it doesn’t really make things better for her, in fact if anything it makes it worse.

Do you think that Bethany regrets doing it?

Yes, as soon as she does it she regrets it, but it was just her instinct, it was her initial reaction to just punch her, and then as soon as she did it she felt so guilty and she was really worried about what the consequences would be because of that.

Do you get on well with Shannon who plays Lauren?

Yes, I get on really well with her. She’s really lovely and because she’s the same age as me as well, we’ve got quite a lot in common, and she’s really easy to get on with.

What about the rest of the cast?

I am really good friends with Colson, if we are free in between scenes we will often go for a drive somewhere and get some food, he’s like my brother.

Leanne's Leaving For Liverpool

To avoid the secret of her baby's father getting out and to spare Nick more heartache Leanne makes the decision to move to Liverpool. We asked Jane Danson whether anything could tempt Leanne to stick around?

How did you react when you found out about Leanne’s pregnancy shock, and that Steve would be the daddy?

At first I was intrigued by how it came about because Leanne and Steve have never really been romantically linked. They were good friends a long time ago, and they occasionally revisit that friendship when they’re going through a tough time, but it was put to me that it was a bit of a moment in time where they were both a bit low and feeling a bit vulnerable. Leanne was in turmoil over Nick and Steve thought Michelle was leaving the Street.

Things like this can happen but it’s just Leanne’s luck that it goes a bit pear shaped. I think it’s been very clever, it’s had everybody guessing. Leanne’s finally pregnant with the baby she’s always wanted but it’s bittersweet as it’s with Steve, who’s married to Michelle, who’s always been quite nice to Leanne.

As time goes on we see a friendship developing between Leanne and Michelle which makes Leanne feel even more guilty because she feels really two faced, she has this huge secret which could destroy Michelle’s life.

Did you have lots of people asking you who the father was?

Yes, Twitter’s gone crazy for it! Most people thought it was Robert because there was a slight flirtation between them which was a bit of a red herring. Also Zeedan was in the mix because they have a nice friendship but that would have been a bit wrong seen as he’s her ex’s fiance’s son. Then there was Nick, there’s obviously masses of history there but that would have just been too easy.

Does Leanne want this baby, and what would it mean for her to have a child of her own?

She really wants this baby, she’s always wanted a baby and she’s had difficulties in the past, experiencing both miscarriage and abortion, so this is her third time lucky. Because of her history she sees this as her last chance, she thought that it would never happen and that her chance was gone so even though this isn’t the most ideal of circumstances she wants to make a go of it.

Let’s face it she’s done pretty much everything else in her life on her own so I don’t think she sees it as such a big deal. I think she’ll cope quite well.

Given how complicated life will become for her and Steve, does she want Steve to be apart of the baby’s life?

There’s a chink of ‘do you want anything to do with this?’ for all of 5 seconds, then as soon as he says no she says well let’s forget it ever happened, you can carry on with your life and I’ll carry on with mine.

That said they live about 20 yards from each other so it’s not going to be easy.

Talk us through Leanne’s reasons for wanting to leave Weatherfield and move to Liverpool?

Nick’s feelings for her are becoming more and more apparent and as time goes on she realises that she’s got feelings for him too. But given what he’s gone through with Carla and Robert, and how much he’s been hurt, she almost sacrifices herself to stop him hurting so she decides to leave. With his brain injury as well she doesn’t want him to suffer any more unnecessary pain.

How does Leanne feel when Michelle reveals she’s pregnant?

Fuming! She’s fuming with Steve because when she told him she was pregnant he said ‘how could you let this happen’ now he’s gone and planned a baby with Michelle and it makes the whole situation even more complicated. Michelle was there for Leanne when Leanne was at her most vulnerable and now Michelle wants to be pregnancy buddies and it’s all getting a bit much.

Everywhere she turns, the more she tries to back away from it, it seems to chase her, she can’t get away from it and it’s on her mind all the time.

How does Leanne feel when Nick stops her from leaving and reveals that he knows about the pregnancy?

He declares his feelings and says maybe we can make this work. But given the baby is someone else’s it’s whether Nick can accept that or not. Taking on Steve’s baby would be a huge undertaking because Steve lives on the street and they see him every day.

What does it mean for Leanne when Nick tells her he wants to help raise the baby and be a family?

She’s torn and she feels guilty, what Nick is offering is great but while she’s trying to blank out the fact that she’s carrying someone else’s baby it’s a ticking time bomb and deep down she knows this moment won’t last forever.

Talk us through the moment when Leanne’s pregnancy is revealed in the Rovers, and how she and Steve deal with it?

It’s awful, you don’t reveal somebody else’s baby news, but then it’s Tracy Barlow sticking her neck in. She’s seen them at the hospital while she was having a kidney check up so Leanne’s backed into a corner and because she’s not had the time to cook up a story Nick jumps in and says it’s mine.

Obviously it’s plausible because they’re living together and because of their history but it’s not got them off to the best of starts.

How do you think Leanne would cope if the real truth came out? In a catfight between Leanne and Michelle, who do you think would win?

I think that’d be quite a good fight, they’re both little powerhouses although they are both pregnant so shouldn’t really be fighting! I think it would be more of a verbal slanging match. Michelle would obviously be devastated to know what her husband did but in Leanne’s eyes they were on a break and it takes two to tango.

Even though she feels guilty Leanne will come out fighting her corner, she’ll never admit she was wrong.

How do you feel about the prospect of filming birth scenes?

I’ve never had to do it on screen before so I don’t know. I suppose all births are different so there’s no right or wrong, I just hope it’s a lot quicker than mine were!

Are you looking forward to working with a newborn on set?

Well working with children and animals is always unpredictable but I’m a mum so I hope it comes back to me, it’s been awhile.

How does it feel to have such a big storyline with Simon Gregson after all these years of working together?

It’s always nice to work with different people. We’ve had big storylines together before a long time ago so it’s nice to revisit that, which they have done as friends over the years. There was a scene about 18 months ago where they were sat on a bench talking about the old days and I think possibly that’s where this story was born. (SEE BELOW!)

Double Trouble For Steve

With baby McDonalds popping up whichever way he turns we spoke to Simon Gregson about how Steve's going to cope with two new babies by two different women!

How’s Steve been feeling since he found out Leanne’s pregnant?

When he found out that Leanne is pregnant, his whole world crumbled around him. He initially thought that he and Michelle were officially over, and that she was going to go.

He had gone over to Leanne’s very innocently and one thing led to another, after some drinks. They’re both in the same headspace, and they end up sleeping together. He’s feeling extremely guilty and very worried about what’s going to happen next.

Can he handle watching her pregnancy develop?

Steve is under the illusion at the moment that he will be able to handle it, but I’m sure when it comes to it, he is going to find it very difficult.

Will he be able to let her cope alone?

Steve’s not a bad guy, he is quite a sensitive chap, so he will feel guilty about that and he will want to be there for the child. But, he has to do what he thinks is right to save his marriage because he loves Michelle past the sky, and at the moment saving his marriage is at the forefront of his mind.

How terrified is he that Michelle will find out?

He’s absolutely petrified that she’s going to find out. For once everything is going great for him and Michelle, and he makes this one mistake that could jeopardise it so he’s in a bit of a quandary.

Why has he agreed to have a baby with Michelle?

He’s always wanted another baby. When he was with Becky he desperately wanted her to have a baby, and when he’s been with Michelle in the past he’s wanted a baby, because he’s never had a child out of love. It’s never been planned. So to actually have one for the right reasons is what he’s after.

Why doesn’t he want to?

Because obviously he knows about Leanne being pregnant, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with that, and now he’s going from nobody wanting a baby, to having two new ones.

How’s he dealing with Michelle's plans to get going?

He’s taken a lot of Ginseng.

What advice does Tim give him?

He’s given him a lot of humorous advice, sometimes it’s good advice, but then on the other hand, sometimes it’s not very good at all. Tim’s more of someone to vent spleen at, rather than take advice from.

Does he know about Leanne and Liz’s heart to heart?

Eventually he does, and he’s not very happy about it.

How does he pluck up the courage to come clean to Michelle about not wanting a baby?

Well Liz has been on at him about coming clean and telling Michelle because she knows how much Michelle wants a baby, and with him knowing that Leanne is pregnant as well, I think he realises that this could seriously affects things so he knows the right thing to do is to tell Michelle the truth.

How does he feel when he does?

Well obviously he feels like an idiot, he’s wanted a baby for so long but now because of the news with Leanne he has to say that he doesn’t want one. He loves Michelle and when he tells her he doesn’t want a baby, Michelleis devastated.

And then to make things even worse, Michelle tells him that she’s already pregnant and he just feels terrible, and is really worried about how it’s going to affect his marriage.

What’s his first reaction?

He thinks it would be absolutely mad to have a baby. He’s both very shocked, but also pleased as well. It’s a massive mixture of emotions for him. He wants the baby, but it’s difficult because of what’s happening with Leanne.

Can he handle this?

As soon as the situation with Leanne has calmed down, and Steve is convinced that it will remain a secret and everything is going to be ok, he is very happy and pleased for him and Michelle.

Will he tell her about Leanne?

I don’t think he would no, I think he’d keep it to himself.

What would you advise him to do?

Leave the country, start again somewhere else.

How are you feeling about Steve having two babies?

Well I’ve got three at home, so I don’t really want two at work, so let’s just see what happens with that.

A cue for comedy situations or might it push him over the edge?

It’s going to be a cue for comedy situations, we’ve already done Steve over the edge so it is nice to play the comedy.

Where do Steve and Michelle go from here?

Hopefully, they have a happily ever after, but Steve andMichelle are very much Ross and Rachel, the audience want them to be together but he always manages to mess it up. They are on and off all the time.

Can their relationship escape unscathed?

Well it’s soap land, so obviously there is going to be some huge eruption at some point.

Are you glad that the secret's out about Leanne?

No, definitely not - this is bad news for Steve so really he wants it to remain a secret.

Are you expecting a hard time about it?

Yes, Steve is going to be lucky to walk away from this one unscathed!

Feeling Guilty Aidan?

We spoke to that naughty Mr Shayne Ward about what happened between Aidan and Maria and what sort of fallout we should expect...

How does Aidan feel in the aftermath of his night with Maria?

Gutted that he’s actually done something behind Eva’s back because he does really like Eva. He feels a lot of remorse, but he’s just not the settling down type and he just feels the pressures of that.

One of the reasons why he did it was because it was coming up to the anniversary of his mum’s passing, and Eva should have known this because she’s with him now, but when he asks her if she knows what anniversary it was, she says something completely different which really gets Aidan’s back up. So he goes and does what he does, but he instantly regrets it.

How does she react when he tells her it was a mistake?

I think she feels a little bit more for Aidan. She eventually ends up finishing with Luke, to Aidan’s surprise and he’s shocked by that and worried she’s left Luke for him. I think Maria feels that it could turn into something more between them. As things play out, there could be something more in the future, but we’re going to wait and see the response from the audience.

Doe she really mean it?

Aidan doesn’t know how to deal with those types of situations, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone so when he says it was a mistake, he’s saying it in the heat of the moment. When Maria walks away it hits him and he’s wondering why he just can’t say things in a nice way. Sometimes he just comes out with things in the wrong tone.

Where does he tell Eva that he was the previous night?

He tells her he was at a mates who’d just split up with his Mrs and was having money troubles.

Can you talk us through what happens when he and Eva join Maria and Luke for a drink?

Aidan takes Eva for something to eat in the Bistro and they see that Maria and Luke are sat down, and there’s no tables so they get asked to join Maria and Luke’s table, and it get’s very awkward. Awkward to the point where Aidan is waiting for Eva and Luke to go to the bar so he can ask Maria what she’s playing at.

It’s obvious that there’s a lot of tension, to the point where Maria ends up walking out and Aidan has to make the excuse she’s gone out for some air. It’s very uncomfortable for them both, but Aidan is just trying to play it cool, so she’s struggling with it.

How does it end up coming out that he was at Maria’s the previous night? Can Aidan talk his way out of it?

While we’re having something to eat, Caz, who is staying with Maria, comes up to us and asks Aidan if he has seen Liam’s toy car, but Aidan told Eva that he spent the night with his mate, so Caz basically drops Aidan in it with Eva. But they manage to cover their tracks because Maria makes up the excuse that after he was done at his mates, Maria was helping him look for flats for him and Eva, which then causes it’s own problems because Aidan doesn’t want to live with Eva.

Eva’s not stupid, she does know that something’s not quite right.

– Shayne Ward

How does he react when he hears that Maria and Luke have split up?

He starts getting really nervous, he doesn’t want that to happen because if they stay together it can kind of close the lid on what’s happened, but because they’ve split up, he doesn’t know what Maria is going to do next, she might decide she wants to tell Eva. Or she might tell somebody else. It was a mistake, just one of those things that happens, two bottles of wine on a school night.

What’s his reaction when he spots Maria buying a pregnancy test?

He completely freaks out, he walks into the shop and see’s her getting the test and instantly he’s thinking oh my god, this cannot be happening, she’s pregnant!

He makes sure that Maria doesn’t see him, until he has to mention it to her after a while, and it’s kind of like a puppet on a string, she teases him about it at first because she’s annoyed with him, but she eventually tells Aidan that it wasn’t for her, it was for a friend.

How do you think he’d cope if he was going to become a dad?

Aidan doesn’t want to settle down, but if he had to put his mind to it, he would be able to step up to the plate if there was a baby involved. He’s just terrified of the fact that he cheated getting out. It’s not that he doesn’t want kids, he just wants Eva to slow down and he wants to focus on building up the business and taking Underworld to the next level.

Why is he still dragging his heels about moving in with Eva?

For him, everything’s regimented in the sense that he wants to be focused on one thing at once, rather than dealing with lots of things at the same time. He’s got a lovely girlfriend, she’s beautiful, but he wants to do things at his own pace and he thinks that they’re good at the moment and don’t need to be thinking of the next step.

Do you think he’s serious about her?

He is yes, he’s starting to get serious, it’s his first serious girlfriend in a very long time and what’s quite nice is that the public does like Aidan and Eva together. I do think that he will stay with Eva but we don’t know because that’s Corrie, we don’t actually know what’s going to happen next!

What advice would you give to Aidan about his predicament?

He did what he did and he’s got to hold his hands up and take full responsibility for that because that was his choice, at the end of the day they’re both adults. He needs to make sure that nothing like this happens again and to focus on his relationship with Eva, and try to keep it amicable with Maria. It’s going to be fun to see how it plays out.

Men Trouble

We spoke to Samia Ghadie about Maria's somewhat dysfunctional love life and whether she knows what kind of trouble she's letting herself in for with Caz!

Talk to us about Maria’s feelings towards Luke?

Maria and Luke... well they’re engaged... for now! He’s a nice lad and she is fond of him, but she’s very much aware that he’s younger than her. They’ve been arguing a lot because Luke hasn’t been happy about Caz staying with them. He isn’t sure about her and he thinks she’s outstayed her welcome!

He’s been getting on Maria’s nerves a lot with the way he’s been acting, so things aren’t great between them. There’s been a lot of bickering!

What does Maria make of Caz?

Maria is defensive of Caz and wants to protect her. A few months ago Maria had a meltdown of her own over the whole Tyrone stalking business! So Maria knows what it’s like to be vulnerable and to be going through a tough time, so she’s quite sympathetic towards her. Maria doesn’t see the bad in Caz, which is why she’s so defensive of her.

Do you think that Maria believes there’s a possibility that they’ll be genuine friends?

Maria’s got friends of her own, I guess she doesn’t really need anymore, but I think she’s just being there for Caz more than anything and is giving her a helping hand really because she doesn’t have anyone else to turn to. Maria feels sorry for her.

There’s a bit of a mix up with some flowers, what does she make of that?

Maria doesn’t think it’s Caz’s fault. Maria’s told Luke to be nice to Caz so Luke orders some flowers for Kate from Caz, but by mistake he orders the type of flowers that Kate’s mum hates, carnations. So Maria has a massive go at Luke in the Rovers and Luke storms off. That’s not Caz’s fault, but that then causes Luke to throw his keys at Maria, which is what causes it all to kick off. Luke just sees this as another example of Caz coming between them!

Why does she get so angry with Luke?

It’s been building up over time with them not getting on and they’ve been arguing a lot. So in some ways, her doing what she does with Aidan is a way for her to get out of the relationship with Luke.

By doing that she thinks that she can’t be in love with Luke or else she wouldn’t have done it, and that’s why she ends it with him.

Talk to us about Aidan – they have a bit of history, do you think that she fancies him?

She possibly does...we’re led to believe that they’ve known each other for years, because obviously Aidan is Liam’s cousin – Maria’s husband. So they have got that history there, and then when Aidan comes round to apologise for what happened with the flowers and Kate, he defends Maria and says he’s on her side. He gives Maria a shoulder to cry on.

Then they get chatting and realise that they’ve got lots to talk about and he starts to tell her that she’s funny and asks why they’ve never spoken like this before. He calls her beautiful and gives her a lot of charm, and she falls for it and they end up sleeping together! She hasn’t intentionally done it because Eva is her friend as well...she’s not set out to hurt anybody but she ends up in this situation before she’s even thought about it!

Aidan went round to her flat with the best intentions but after a bottle of wine they were both a bit tipsy. Immediately afterwards they realise that what they’ve done is wrong.

Aidan seems to be regretting it more than Maria because he has more to lose.

– Samia

When Maria and Luke split up, how does he take it?
He is absolutely gutted because he feels like it’s come out of nowhere, as far as he was concerned everything was ok. They were engaged and were talking about dates for the wedding, but Maria’s thrown him this curve ball that it’s over so his head is all over the place.

How is Maria feeling after the deed with Aidan? Does a part of her wonder whether he likes her?

Yeah definitely, the next day she sees him in the street and she’s smiling when she goes over to him... I think part of her is thinking he is it going to say let’s do it again, it was fun - but he doesn’t. He says it was a massive mistake and that they can’t let Eva know.

Maria feels like a bit of a fool really, like he has used her. And she sort of likes him more than she realised that she did.

Do you think that she would tell Eva?

I don’t know. Aidan keeps telling her that they can’t tell Eva, and because she likes him she’s not going to tell her. Eva is really annoying her because she keeps going on about her perfect life and when Eva knows that Maria and Luke have split up she’s in her face rubbing her relationship with Aidan in.

Me personally, I’d love her to tell Eva – but I do think that Maria would be quite scared of telling Eva because they go boxing, that would be a fight and a half!

Do they almost get caught at any point? Does anyone suspect anything?

Not really, no. Caz mentions it, she asks Maria ‘is something going on with Aidan’ and Maria says no, and then ends up throwing Caz out of the flat. But that’s not the reason she throws her out; it’s because Caz has told Liam that Maria and Luke have split up and Maria is upset because it should have been her to tell her son that. But when Caz mentions Aidan, Maria just flips and is like ‘get out my flat!’

When that happens does it cross her mind that Caz might use this?

No I don’t think so, because up until that point she still doesn’t think Caz is devious in anyway. She’s still quite naïve to that.

Are you enjoying working with Shayne and Rhea?

Yes, definitely, it’s really nice. They’re new characters for Maria to work with.

Personally, do you think Maria should stick with Luke or pursue Aidan?

I think Maria should just stick with being on her own for a while, I don’t think Luke is the guy for her, he’s too young and he’s not the love of her life.

I think Liam was the love of her life and she’s never really found anyone who matches up to him. She should be on her own for a while now.

Watch Out Robert!

Revenge is a dish best served cold and Nick has the perfect recipe for Robert...

Ben Price hints at what's to come!

Talk us through Nick taking his revenge on Robert and what’s driving him?

With Carla having left and Nick being on his own, he is now focusing his hate on Robert. Carla isn’t here so he has to channel it somewhere - and with Robert, he has nothing to lose! Nick wants to ruin Robert, get him out the way and get the Bistro back. Nick’s hurt, he’s in real pain over what happened with Carla.

Is he confident that his rival restaurant can put Robert out of business?

Very confident! Nick doesn’t think Robert is any good, that’s the thing. Robert’s a fine chef, but he can’t run a business! He’s not got a clue. Nick couldn’t cook an egg but he gets the business, he understands it. Robert is no match for Nick, he’s nowhere near as crafty. Nick will either get the business back or he will ruin it. He started it and he wants it back.

Robert got hold of the Bistro under false pretences. Nick feels cheated and thinks, what kind of a man does that and then doesn’t hand it back?! It’s bad news. Robert’s the one in the wrong. So when Robert doesn’t play fair, Nick thinks, well fine... I’ll just ruin you instead!

Why does Nick shop Robert to the police for drink driving?

It’s a collective collapse. A little nail in the coffin, that’s what it is. I don’t think Nick really cares. It’s child's-play really! He hopes this will be the beginning of Robert’s demise. He can’t do it all - manage the Bistro, be the head chef, drive the van... and that’s what Robert is attempting. So Nick just wants to drive him further and further down.

Robert confronts Nick about shopping him to the police for drink driving, and Leanne overhears. Does it damage his relationship with her?

Leanne is sick of it. She wants the two of them to sort it out and get on with their lives, especially for Nick. She knows this isn’t good for him. Nick is her priority, I don’t think she’s that attached to Robert. Ultimately she wants the best for Nick and she can see this is affecting him. She can also see that Nick’s spite and revenge is a Carla trait coming through him. That revenge that Nick has now - where he can’t see anything else - isn’t him, and Leanne tells him that.

Nick will always listen to Leanne. She’s smart, she’s good at what she does, and Nick knows that. They care for each other a great deal, so when she tells him to stop all of this with Robert, he knows she’s trying to save him.

How do they eventually agree to split the restaurant 50/50?

They eventually agree on the basis that Leanne agrees to come back to work too. I think Nick just accepts it and thinks he will squeeze Robert out altogether eventually.

Where is Nick’s head at this point regarding Carla? And how would you sum up his feelings for Leanne in comparison?

He really thought that was it with Carla. It didn’t work with Leanne, then it didn’t work with Carla... but I think he’s always been in love with Leanne. First love, and he never lost that love. But he was also in love with Carla.

With Leanne he was able to think rationally about it - it didn’t work out, so he gave it a go with Carla instead. In hindsight he maybe found the rollercoaster of Carla a bit too much. It was a complete whirlwind.

How does it make him feel when he sees her growing closer to Robert? Is he jealous?

I think Nick is trying to work out all the time whether people have a game plan. He’s paranoid about being made a fool of again. That’s what he’s worried about. Deep down I don’t think he really believes there’s anything between Leanne and Robert other than friendship, but he is questioning whether she’s making a fool of him, or is going to make a fool of him. He’s just over-anxious because of what Carla did, so he’s trying to be two steps ahead of everyone.

Would you like to see Nick and Leanne get back together?

Yes absolutely. I love working with Jane, she’s a fantastic actress. We work together brilliantly. The characters have got history and they are both essentially good people - and are striving to be better. When you have two people like that - a bit like Fiz and Tyrone - they are essentially always trying to be good, they are striving all the time. If you pair people like Leanne and Peter, and Carla and Nick, they work for a bit, they thrive on the immediate passion, but long term you can’t make it work. It’s too tricky. Because one character is so flawed and the other is trying to balance that out and it’s too much to juggle.

But with Leanne and Nick, they find the middle ground together. They could be stable together and have a family. They’re both forgiving, they’ve both forgiven each other in the past. I feel lucky to work with Jane.

If Leanne is pregnant with another man’s baby, do you think Nick’s feelings for her would change?

I think he would be fine. He would think well she’s now single, he’s always wanted a family, so maybe this could be her big amends to her. He loves her and she loves him and he’s quite matter of fact about it. He would think, let’s crack on; that’s life, let’s go for it.

How instrumental will Nick be in helping to piece his brother back together?

David and Nick have grown much closer in recent times. It works best between them when they are in a room together and deal with things just the two of them. They can have an argument but if someone else steps in, they both tell them to back off. They help each other now.

David helped Nick a lot when Carla left, and Nick will in turn help David after Kylie. It’s not so distinct anymore that Nick is the older brother, the age gap between them has shrunk. David helps and supports Nick just as much as Nick supports him. I think we’ll see more of them leaning on each other.

No More Secrets

Sarah tells Todd the truth about Callum! We spoke to Tina O'Brien about the consequences...

How is Sarah’s mental state at this point?

Sarah still has a long recovery ahead of her. She’s made some progress whilst being in hospital, but she still has some way to go and of course the latest shock to the Platt family could really set her back. Sarah’s been through a hell of a lot and it will take a long time and a lot of continued support from both her family and the mental health team that have been looking after her.

But seeing David in so much pain and knowing how much he needs her, she wants to give David the support that he’s given her over the past few months. It’s not going to be easy for any of them, least of all Sarah and David, but when times are tough they always pull together.

Why has she decided to come out of hospital?

Sarah has been discussing her gradual discharge plan with the nurses over the past few weeks. Basically this means that when they felt she was ready, Sarah would go home for a few hours, then maybe a night stay and then a weekend, until both her and the doctor/nurses felt she would be OK to move home. Sarah really wants to be at home for David and whilst she knows it could be detrimental to her own well being, she knows she wouldn’t be able to return to hospital knowing David would have to go through the funeral without her by his side.

It’s a huge decision for Sarah to take and Gail and Bethany really try and persuade her otherwise. But Sarah’s mind is made up - she just can’t face the thought of David having to do this without her.

In some ways I think that feeling needed by her family really helps her.

– Tina O'Brien

How is she coping without Kylie?

She’s trying to be there for David more than anything. There’s so much going on for all of them, especially Sarah, who knows she has to really look after herself and her wellbeing. But at the same time she knows how devastated David will be by this. Kylie was the love of his life and she also knows that David can be volatile when pushed to the edge. She wants to try and help the family hold it together.

In some ways she feels she owes Kylie this - in Sarah’s eyes, Kylie saved her life and then supported her through her time in hospital. So she wants to be there for David, not only for him but for Kylie too.

How does she feel when she realises Todd thinks she murdered Callum?

She’s massively shocked. She can’t believe it, she’s rocked by it. Sarah really wasn’t well at all when she initially spoke to Todd about Callum on the day of Bethany’s party, so whilst she never said outright that she killed Callum, a lot of what she said could easily have been interpreted the wrong way.

Why does Todd then think that David is the murderer?

I think he just jumps to a natural conclusion. If it wasn’t Sarah but Sarah knew all about it, then to Todd that means it must have been David. Todd also knows what David is like. I think Todd just gets lost in the fury of it all and once he has it in his head that it was David he can’t see past it.

What makes Sarah confess that Kylie was Callum’s killer?

On the day of Kylie’s funeral Todd is like a dog with a bone. He follows David and Sarah to the house after the funeral and he just won’t stop getting at David, accusing him of killing Callum and telling him that Jason left town because he believed his father was a murderer.

Sarah is worried what this might do to David and she knows that he would never betray Kylie or tell Todd the truth. Sarah can’t take it and in blind panic blurts out the truth.

How does she feel after she’s told the truth?

I think part of her probably feels like a weight has been lifted, whilst the other half of her will feel incredibly guilty that she’s told Todd the truth about Kylie, when Kylie was the one who saved her. I think she probably also panics that Todd will go to the police and land them all in it. Sarah knows that the family wouldn’t be able to take any more blows.

How does Todd react?

He’s shell shocked. For so long he thought it was Sarah, and then he’s been so convinced it was David. Kylie never crossed his mind so he’s completely stunned. They try to beg him not to go to the police but Todd refuses to make any promises. He thinks he needs to do what is right.

How worried is she that he will go to the police?

Understandably worried. She knows the family won’t recover from it if they have to be put through the turmoil of another investigation and arrests. She worries what it will mean for Max and Lily if both her and David get sent down.

Was it sad filming the funeral?

The storyline was so heartbreaking to film, it really was. David and Kylie are a love story and what happens is devastating. The Platts have been through a lot together and are so tight, and all of us love working with each other so much so it’s really sad to have to say goodbye to Kylie, but to Paula too.

Is there still a lot more to come regarding Sarah’s psychosis?

Sarah has a long way to go in terms of her recovery, but over time I think Sarah will slowly start to improve. She will have to have continued professional support and a lot of help from her family.