Nick's Nightmare

Could Nick's brain injury put his future with Carla in jeopardy? Ben Price hints at what's to come...

It's perfectly balanced for him to have the best time of his life or the worst time of his life.

– Ben Price

The wedding is nearly here and Nick is feeling excited, but equally stressed. The fallout from his brain injury is really starting to affect him and the more he worries about it, the worse it appears to get.

Looking for some hope, he goes to see the consultant, but when he doesn't get the answers he's looking for, he loses it again.

The realisation that he may have to live with this for the rest of his life, weighs heavy on his shoulders and he's not sure how to deal with it.

What will the future bring for Nick and Carla?

Is Alex Going Off The Rails?

Cathy's worried that Alex has been enjoying his new found freedom a little too much. We asked Liam Bairstow whether Alex can have too much of a good thing?

Is Alex’s drinking a recent problem?

It is a recent thing, he’s drinking with his friends.

Why do you think it is that he’s turning to the bottle at this particular point in his life?

I think he’s trying to impress his friends so he can be part of the group. It makes him feel like they welcome him being with them.

What does Cathy think of his drinking?

She’s not happy but if anyone can get through to him it’s Cathy. He thinks she’s a bit of a nag at the moment but she’s no worse than his mum, Nessa.

Can you tell us what’s going on at home with his mum?

Lately she’s been trying to get Alex to go to Scotland with her and her new boyfriend. But he doesn’t really want to go. He wants to stay with his Auntie Cathy and Roy but things take a turn for the worse.

Why doesn’t he want to move to Scotland?

He doesn’t get along with his mum’s boyfriend. His mum doesn’t spend a lot of time with him, she’s really not interested.

Why does he want to move in with Cathy?

Because he knows Cathy cares more than his mum. Cathy treats him like a nephew but also like a son. He likes Cathy.

Will this see Alex move to Weatherfield permanently?

I don’t know, but I’d like that.

How do you feel about becoming a more regular fixture in Corrie?

I feel really excited, really emotional.

What’s the Corrie experience been like for you so far?

It’s been a rollercoaster on my journey.

Has anyone in the cast taken you under their wing and shown you the ropes?

William Roache is so supportive and always gives me a hug when he sees me. Kym Marsh, Debbie Rush and Beverley Callard have been great too and Melanie Hill who plays Cathy has done some extra rehearsals with me and she’s been really supportive which helps with the relationship between the characters.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

David Neilson who plays Roy. I really like him. Shayne Ward as well, I’ve done lots of scenes with him now.

Have you been recognised by Corrie fans when you’ve been out and about?

I’ve had girls wave at me and someone asked me for a selfie at the train station.

What else is coming up for Alex in the coming weeks/months?

I don’t know but there’s been talk about a possible girlfriend in the long term.

Jason's Bad News

Things come tumbling down for poor Jason when he finds out his dad has passed away.

Ryan Thomas talks of the troubles to come...

This is going to be really horrible as a viewer to watch, as you'll see the downfall of Jason.

– Ryan Thomas

Jason has been having a fun time with his new buddy Phelan, but his world comes crashing down with the news of his dad's death.

Having adored his father, Jason starts to struggle with his emotions, and never missing a trick, Phelan manages to take advantage of Jason's vulnerable state of mind.

He's becoming bitter and confrontational, struggling to deal with his anger. Will Jason be able to pull it himself together before he loses everything?

Will Michelle Follow Her Head Or Her Heart?

Can Michelle continue to fight temptation? We asked Leon Ockenden whether she'll fall for Will's charms!

Will has been growing close to Michelle. Tell us a bit more about him.

Will and Michelle went out together when they were in high school. It’s hinted that Will used to be a bit of a scally but he’s on the straight and narrow now. He’s training to be an architect and he’s supposed to be getting married.

How did Will feel when he saw Michelle again after so long?

She’s the first person he was ever in love with and you never forget that person, they always have a spot in your heart. And because he wasn’t expecting to see her at all, he definitely gets a rush of blood when he walks into the pub and discovers she’s the wedding planner.

Is there more attraction from his side than hers initially?

Will gets definite feelings for Michelle and he makes that clear to her. There’s this element of fate which throws them back together into each other’s lives. Michelle doesn’t feel it immediately as she is so preoccupied with Steve being away.

He’s getting married but is he happy with fiancee Saskia?

I think Saskia is more of a mother figure for him and he’s getting married because that’s what you do at a certain age. From Will’s perspective getting married is a very rational decision.

How do his feelings for Michelle grow?

Seeing Michelle again and spending time with her planning the wedding while Saskia is away he definitely feels something and he hopes that she feels the same. His teenage feelings for her resurface and quickly become quite deep, especially as Michelle is trying to fight her emotions.

Why does Michelle open up to Will?

They have that bond from their childhood and she can really talk to Will about the situation with Steve being away in a way that I guess Michelle can’t with Liz or anyone like that. He understands that Michelle has gone through a lot. Often, when people are suffering from mental illnesses, it’s those close to them who get really affected because they don’t have the same support network. Michelle feels like she’s been abandoned and I think Will’s got a lot of empathy for her and provides a kindly ear.

Would he leave Saskia for Michelle?

He’s wrestling with the strength of his emotions, definitely. Saskia seems to be away a lot on business and it’s definitely entered his mind.

Michelle ends up coming to Will’s house when Saskia is away. What happens there?

It’s her birthday, Michelle thinks Steve isn’t coming back for it and Will invites her round for dinner. It doesn’t go quite to plan for Will though.

Does he think about Steve at all?

No, Steve’s away, he’s never met him and to him it looks as if Steve has kind of abandoned Michelle.

You’ve been brought in as the person who could potentially split up Steve and Michelle. Are you prepared for the vitriol you may get from angry fans?

Sure, it’ll be fun! Seriously, I know Steve’s a most loved character in the show so I can understand viewers being protective of him.

How did Simon Gregson greet you when you first met seeing as you’re trying to pinch his ‘wife’?

Kym joked that he was fuming at me but he was great! He’s a lovely man, wonderful actor.

How are you finding being on Coronation Street?

Everyone’s really nice and friendly. When friends heard I’d got the part we had more messages than we did when our child was born! It just shows how big the show is.

You used to be a chef. Do you still cook? What’s your signature dish?

Before I became an actor I worked as a chef patissier in Amsterdam and at the Hilton on Park Lane in London. I’m the king of risottos but also my speciality is that I can go into an empty cupboard and create something nice out of nothing.


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Christening Crisis

Can Billy help Sarah in her time of need? Daniel Brocklebank hints at what's coming up on Coronation Street!

Has Billy been worrying about Sarah since she began confiding in him?

Yes, since everything that happened with Callum she’s been behaving erratically and because his job puts him within the community he notices people’s behaviour. It’s at the forefront of his mind what’s happened recently.

How does she seem to have taken to motherhood from what Billy’s seen?

She’s a mother already of course, although Bethany is older now. I think she’s taken to motherhood this time pretty well all things considered. It’s everything that’s happened before the baby arrived that is affecting her.

How does she behave at Harry’s Christening and what does Billy make of it?

It’s prior to the Christening that Billy starts to notice that Sarah’s not coping particularly well after the birth. She wants to get the baby Christened as quickly as possible because she’s afraid that Harry, without being Christened, may inherit some of his father’s traits. At the actual Christening she’s struggling and runs off at one point.

What does he think is causing her to behave in this way?

Billy assumes she’s been raped by Callum and that this baby is the product of that. He puts two and two together and comes up with five. She had told him previously that she’d been in an abusive relationship but she didn’t tell him it was with Callum although he guessed that’s who it was.

What advice does he give her after she runs away from the ceremony?

He essentially calms her down. Billy’s quick to repeatedly reassure her that the sins of the father are not passed on to the child. He reassures her that Harry is an innocent little baby, an innocent soul. He’s a vicar though, not a therapist. He’s there to be an ear, not necessarily an adviser.

Are you excited to see where this storyline goes?

Yes I am. It’s great coming so soon after the Marta slavery storyline. From an acting perspective it’s interesting because with each script you learn a little bit more about your character and how he deals with things.

Have you enjoyed working with Tina O’Brien?

I’ve loved working with Tina, she’s an absolute delight.

Is it nice having the babies who play Harry on set?

Well, they do say never work with animals or children! Seriously though, the baby I had in the Christening scene was so good. I was putting the water on his head and he didn’t make a peep.

Did you enjoy leading an on-screen Christening?

It was interesting. Again I did a lot of research, as I would for a funeral or a wedding. It’s nice to see Billy doing his job rather than drinking a pint in the Rovers!

How do you find playing a vicar?

I did a lot of research for this job. I spoke to a lot ofclergy, especially gay vicars, about the Church of England’s stance on LGBT clergy. I’m contacted quite a bit by gay vicars and it’s good to know that we’re doing something relevant. I’ve been playing Billy for 18 months and I’m only now beginning to understand where he’s coming from and what his past is.

How did you enjoy working with Cath Tyldesley?

I had the best time. We hadn’t worked that much together before but we got on really well. Cath and I came up with the hashtag ‘Beva’ - Billy and Eva! Because we were on location so much it was like being away on a school trip.

On the way back from the location on the last day we both felt a bit sad. We had a lovely time doing it and I think the storyline hit all the Corrie notes - it was serious but with a touch of comedy.

Which character would you like Billy to have a storyline with?

Norris Cole, I would love Billy to have a really in-depth storyline with him!


STEVE'S HOMECOMING: Simon Gregson spills the beans

Steve's back!

After 6 months in Spain, Steve is finally back! But what drama has he got waiting for him on his return?

Simon Gregson hints at the drama to come!

Heads in a good place, he's in a good place, everything's cool. Comes back - massive drama! Typical!

– Simon Gregson

Steve's thinks that all has been merry while he's been sunning it up in Spain for the last six months, however that's not the case!

When Steve returns for Michelle's 40th birthday, he's totally oblivious to the fact that Michelle is in fact with her old flame Will!

Will he find out the truth and what does this mean for Steve and Michelle? We sense there may be some trouble ahead...

What's Next For Nick?

Nick is officially a man of leisure. He's sold the Bistro, he's about to get married and he's going to start a new life with Carla in Devon.

We asked Ben Price what could possibly go wrong...

What does it mean to Nick to be starting a new life with Carla?

After what happened with Leanne and them splitting up, then his head injury, he’s looking for that stability and he’s willing to go all out for it. Although he loved Leanne, she’s much more straightforward.

Carla isn’t as straightforward. Nick’s quite happy to weather her complications, that self-destructive streak, to get to the part where they’re together.

Nick’s health seems to have been under better control recently, so why do you think he suddenly lost it with Bethany’s bullies this week?

He’s moving into a place where he’s not got a business, which was important to him. He’s a bit lost. He gets the news of his new restaurant purchase falling through, he’s the type of man who likes control and now he’s out of control. The thing with the bullies catches him completely unawares. He’s stressed and they’re quite rude. He really loses it.

How does he process what’s happened and what is he most scared of?

He realises how extreme his reaction was. The lack of control scares him, he’s all about control, Nick.

When incidents like this happen, does he feel resentful towards David for causing the crash?

No, I don’t think he does. They talk about it actually. I think he feels you know, he’s a grown up, he slept with his brother’s wife after all.

Why does Nick insist on keeping his fears to himself and ask David not to tell anyone?

He doesn’t want people feeling sorry for him and he doesn’t want Carla to know. He’s not sure what to do.

Where does Nick go from here? Is he brave enough to confront the problem head on?

He is brave but right now Nick’s panicking, panicking that he willlose Carla, he will lose his marriage, she’s not tough enough to take this. Leanne is, funnily enough. Carla would like to think she is, but she isn’t.

How does Nick feel when Sarah asks him to be Harry’s Godfather?

I think he’s set himself up as the man of the family, the patriarch, that man who is missing for all of them - David’s father, Nick's father, a sensible male for Gail! So I think he’s very happy to be asked.

Are his health issues likely to distract him in the lead up to his wedding?

His injuries are coming out gradually where he’s getting a bit snappy. His patience goes. Like others who have had this kind of head injury, it could affect him for the rest of his life. Whether that’s the reason if it all collapses, I don’t know.

Do you feel sorry for Nick, knowing that he is still in the dark about Carla’s night with Robert?

I guess, but he’s pretty stable is Nick. It’s not nice that he’s in the dark but he’s not a jealous guy and he’s quite willing to admit his own shortcomings.

Alison King has said that she loves Nick and Carla’s relationship and didn't want Carla to cheat! Do you feel the same since being paired up with her?

You could see these characters were very different but could find something in each other. The affair thing’s difficult because in an ideal world it wouldn’t happen but I can see why they’re doing it. For once Carla had found love, she wanted that happy ending.

What is Alison like to have as a leading lady?

She’s amazing, she’s a fantastic actress.

Will Nick and Carla get their happily ever after?

Are you looking forward to filming the scenes in which Nick inevitably finds out about Carla’s betrayal? Potentially he could really let rip?

Yes, I’m sure he would but I think he’d get past it. It’s not black and white for Nick like it is with David, there are grey areas. He’d think about it and get angry but then he’d go, well, who am I?

Do you get members of the public in the supermarket trying to warn you about Robert?

Hardly at all. I get more people asking me not to leave, because Ali’s leaving. That’s what's happening at the moment.

Nick’s friendship and partnership with Leanne is really sweet after everything they’ve been through. Are you glad they overcame their difficulties?

Yes, I am. Leanne has been through a great deal but she’s been incredibly forgiving. He was in love with her once too.

Do you think Nick has it in him to ever recover from Carla’s betrayal?

Yes, I do. Nick is similar to Leanne in that they’re both forgiving. They’re always looking at things from a position of forgiveness. Unlike someone like Tracy who is always looking for someone to blame.

What’s the tastiest dish on the Bistro menu that you’d order for yourself, if you were a customer?

The menu changes quite a bit, you get everything. But I don’t own it anymore, Robert will have changed the menu. I’d probably just have cheese!