Callum's Christmas

It's safe to say that Callum is probably on Santa's naughty list, but that won't stop him trying to get what he wants for Christmas - Kylie!

Sean Ward tells us what to expect on Christmas Day...

Callum has revelled in causing trouble for Kylie but David knows something isn't right.

So when David returns home and catches Callum red-handed trying to give Kylie drugs, you just know it's all going to kick off!

Don't miss the explosive episode on Christmas Day at 8pm.

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Tony's temptation

Tony and Tracy are up to no good! We spoke to Terence Maynard about whether Tony's finally met his match!

Tony has his eyes set on Barlow's Buys and has been putting pressure on a vulnerable Tracy for quite some time now.

But, when Tracy gets some devastating news about Rob's verdict, it doesn't take her long to exploit Tony's weaknesses and turn the tables on her potential business partner.

Is Tony about to get more than he bargained for?

David meets Callum...

David finally finds out what Kylie's been up to, but that's just the start of his problems. Jack P Shepherd reveals all!

Things have been tense between Kylie and David, ever since he found her taking Max's ADHD pills.

So when David catches her buying drugs, he's absolutely furious. And Kylie, desperate to make amends, tries to leave that world behind.

Unfortunately for everyone, Callum isn't so keen to see his ex (and mother of his son) go and so pops into the salon for a visit!

Kylie might have some explaining to do...

Tracy's Showdown

Tracy is at an all time low - heartbroken, penniless and humiliated and it's all Carla's fault. We spoke to Kate Ford about Tracy's thirst for revenge!

Rob was the love of Tracy's life and all her hope for the future was been taken away from her on their wedding day.

At the same time, Carla's business is booming, she's giving out bonuses and going on spa trips with Michelle.

This doesn't sit right with Tracy and she becomes fixated on Carla as the villain in her life - and once the bit's between her teeth, there's going to be no stopping her!

Get ready for the showdown you've all been waiting for.

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Meet Gavin

Michael has finally found his long-lost son Gavin, but is he as genuine as he seems? New boy Oliver Farnworth teases what's to come.

It doesn't take long for Gavin to be welcomed with open arms into the Platt family, but is there an ulterior motive for allowing Michael back into his life?

Oliver also hints at a massive secret to come, which is going to change everything...

Poor Michael!