Callum's True Colours

Apparently Callum has been playing nice all this time, but the gloves are about to come off! Sean Ward teases what's coming up...

He knows that Bethany has a crush on him, so he uses that to his advantage at every turn.

– Sean Ward

Callum loves nothing more than manipulating everyone around him, but he doesn't know the can of worms he's opening when he turns his sights to Bethany.

Bethany can be unpredictable at the best of times and that eventually leads to Callum's facade slipping just enough for Sarah to get suspicious.

Expect a big game changer with poor Max caught in the middle when he finds something he really shouldn't hidden in his bedroom...

Leanne in Danger!

Dan's secret is out, but will he carry out his threat and reveal Leanne's dark past to Simon? Jane Danson teases what's coming up!

Dan's a man on the edge, his sordid past is out in the open, his relationship with Liz is over and his daughter won't so much as look at him.

Blaming Leanne for all his woes, Dan decides to pay her a visit - forcing his way into the flat and violently holding Leanne, Liz and Simon hostage!

Will he keep his promise and tell Simon about his mum's past? And if so, will Simon and Leanne's relationship ever recover?

You look like a smart boy, do you know what a prostitute is?

– Dan

A Dark Night At The Barlows

Deirdre's death has reopened old wounds for the Barlows, but as Peter returns will the family be able to find peace?

Chris Gascoyne talks about coming back to the cobbles.

Of course Peter is late for Deirdre's funeral (he'd be late for his own) but he certainly isn't expecting to walk into a huge row between Ken and Tracy.

In true Barlow fashion, it's not long before the home truths start flying and you just know it's going to be a long night!

Chris chats openly about wanting to come back as a tribute to Anne Kirkbride and how they filmed this emotional story.


Deirdre's funeral

This week is going to be one of the most difficult the Barlows have ever faced, but will they face it together? Kate Ford discusses what's coming up.

Wounded Ken lashes out at Tracy when he discovers that Deirdre had stayed away for so long because of her behaviour.

And with emotions running high, Tracy is forced to leave her mother's funeral after Ken's words sting too close to home.

But what she wasn't expecting was to bump into her ex husband Robert Preston who is there to pay his respects.

Kate hints that we'll be seeing different sides of everyone during this emotional storyline and with the arrival of Robert something else Tracy didn't see coming at all...

Deirdre's Greatest Moments

We've collected some of our favourite Deirdre scenes together.

Take a look back and smile at what made Mrs Barlow so great.

Deirdre's first scene

Businessman Jimmy Frazer brought 17-year-old typist Deirdre Hunt along to his lunch meeting at The Vine, hoping her attentions would soften up his partner Alan Howard - husband of the formidable Elsie, who turned up to keep an eye on things and threw a few catty insults at Deirdre.

Dear Dev

Following a blazing row with Peter, Deirdre sought solace in a Christmas tryst with Dev, on whom she’d harboured a crush for months. Her one-off infidelity remained a secret from Ken for more than a year, until Tracy finally uncovers the truth.

Ken's affair

Over 22 million viewers tuned in as Deirdre finally pieced together the clues and confronted Ken about his affair with council mole Wendy Crozier, delivering the classic line "I want to know where you've been - and who with."

The Love Triangle

The culmination of the famous Ken/Deirdre/Mike Baldwin love triangle resulted in an angry Ken losing his temper with Deirdre, when Mike turns up on their doorstep following her frank confession.

Samir's death

Deirdre’s third marriage, to Moroccan toyboy Samir Rachid, came to a premature end as Samir died from injuries sustained when he was attacked en route to the hospital to donate a kidney to drug-addled Tracy. Deirdre granted permission for the operation to go ahead and weeped as Samir’s body was taken into theatre.

Tracy and Deirdre

On the eve of her murder trial, Tracy confessed to her horrified mother that she did indeed plan to deliberately kill her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs. Old wounds were reopened as the women lay bare their volatile relationship, and Tracy implored Deirdre to lie in court to back up her story of self-defence.

The Trifle

Feeling the pressure in the build-up to Peter’s trial for Tina McIntyre’s murder, Deirdre erupted during a family meal, hurling a trifle at the wall before heading off to visit her friend Bev Unwin for a break. This would turn out to be the last time we saw her on screen.