What's next for Chesney and Sinead?

We spoke to Sam Aston about stoic Chesney bottling up his concern for injured Sinead, as he attempts to be supportive.

The minibus crash has left Sinead in turmoil as she worries that she'll never walk again.

Throughout everything Chesney has remained Sinead's rock, but although he has been trying to contain his emotions, someone is going to bear the brunt of all his fears and anger.

And the most obvious target is Steve...

Get ready to see a new side of Chesney - he's got his fighting gloves on!

Behind The Scenes: Minibus Crash - Part Two (The Aftermath)

Watch our second backstage featurette to see how we filmed the aftermath of the Minibus crash - including the cliff top fall!

WATCH PART ONE: See how we crashed the minibus!

Join Sair Khan and Amy Kelly as they guide us through how the special effects were shot.

Katie McGlynn shares her excitement for being a part of such a big stunt, while Kate Ford ponders what being the hero might mean for Tracy - we think she'll milk it!

In the studio Andrew Whyment demonstrates how to hang upside down in an upturned bus.

And, Kym Marsh talks movie magic!

DID YOU KNOW? The visual effects team had to create close to 200 visual effects shots across the three episodes.

WATCH PART ONE: Join the cast and crew to see how the explosive crash was filmed

Behind The Scenes: Minibus Crash - Part One

Join the cast and crew on some VERY cold night shoots to see how the explosive stunt was filmed.

WATCH PART TWO: See how we filmed the aftermath

Shot over five weeks, the three different locations were pieced together appear as though it was all one place .

Simon Gregson talks through the vehicle rig and shows off his best 'movie driving' acting.

Amy Kelly acts as our tour guide, whilst trying to keep warm!

Kym Marsh commentates from the sidelines, as the minibus fires off the hidden ramp at 45 miles per hour.

And, Antony Cotton showcases his uncanny Simon Gregson impression...

WATCH PART TWO: We strapped the crew upside down and dangled them off a cliff face...

Remembering Anne

Look back at some of Anne Kirkbride's memorable moments as the irreplaceable Deirdre Barlow.

She will be sorely missed.

Deirdre's First Appearance

We first met Deirdre on the 20th November 1972.

Deirdre, Ken and Mike

The 1983 love triangle was one of Deirdre's defining storylines.

The Weatherfield One

Deirdre was wrongfully imprisoned in 1998 causing a huge outcry in the media to 'Free the Weatherfield One'.

Deirdre and Blanche

Deirdre had a tempestuous relationship with her acerbic mother Blanche.

Ken and Deirdre

Ken and Deirdre were one of the great romances of our generation (most of the time).

The AA Meeting

The Barlow's rallied together to support alcoholic Peter at his first AA meeting.

Deirdre and Mike Baldwin

Mike Baldwin, the other man in Deirdre's life.

The Lorry Crash

In 1979 baby Tracy was feared dead, after a lorry crashed into the Rovers.

Deirdre's Trifle

Deirdre struggled with the stress of Peter's wrongful imprisonment in 2014. "Jelly shouldn't run - it should wobble!"

Ken and Deirdre's Bedtime Stories

2011 saw Ken and Deirdre star in their own spin-off series.

"Ken, did you remember to take the bins out?"

The Bus Crash

Steve has been having a difficult time recently and things are about to get a great deal worse. Simon Gregson talks exclusively about what's coming up.

Simon discusses the challenge of playing Steve's ongoing battle with depression and teases the events that lead up to him volunteering to drive the Underworld workers to their ill-fated awards ceremony...

As the man himself says, 'It's a real cliff hanger!'

Steph's discovery

Steph is baffled by Gavin's behaviour and demands to know what's going on, but does she really want to know the truth? Tisha Merry teases what's to come.

Steph doesn't know where she stands with Gavin. One minute they're sharing a New Year's Eve snog, the next he's hardly talking to her.

Then to make matters worse, Gavin's ex-girlfriend shows up and tells everyone exactly what she thinks of him.

But it's the final straw when poor Michael gets rushed to hospital and Gavin disappears! Determined to get some answers Steph tracks him down and demands to know what's going on.

Will Gavin tell her his big secret?

Behind The Scenes: Kirk and Beth's 80s Wedding

Go backstage with Andrew Whyment and Lisa George at Kirk and Beth's bonkers 80s themed wedding!

Get all the gossip from before the cameras rolled at the Registry Office and then go back to the Rovers for some cheeky asides from Katie McGlynn (Sinead), Sam Aston (Chesney) Patti Clare (Mary), Katy Cavanagh (Julie) and Jimmi Harkishin (Dev).

Also: Don't miss Brooke Vincent (Sophie) channeling her inner-Madonna!



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