Leanne's love triangle

Leanne's got her eyes set on Kal but nothing's ever quite that simple... Jane Danson gives us the inside scoop.

All Leanne really wants is a cuddle but when Kal shows off his 'assets' in the Bistro, it's all she can do not to kiss him.

Things only get complicated when Nick gets down on one knee to ask Leanne to stay married to him...

Should we expect the cobbles to shake when the truth comes out?

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Maria's meltdown

Maria's world crumbled when she found Marcus and Todd together, but things are about to get a lot more complicated...

As ever, Todd isn't at all gracious in victory and takes every opportunity to stick the boot in, but there's only so much Maria can take and eventually she snaps!

Her friends rally round, but it's only Tyrone who manages to get through to her. Unfortunately, Maria gets the wrong idea and goes in for a kiss. That's going to open up a can of worms…

Samia Ghadie spills the beans in our exclusive interview.

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Anna's indecent proposal

Things are going from bad to worse for Anna's family, as Phelan pushes Gary and Owen beyond breaking point.

First Anna is forced to come to Owen's rescue before he does something he'll regret, but it's when Gary suffers a crippling panic attack that she decides to take action.

Storming round to Phelan's in an attempt to reason with Valerie, she's instead stopped by the villain himself, who makes an outrageous proposition...

With the power to make all the pain for her family stop, will Anna do the unthinkable and sleep with Phelan?

Debbie Rush, who plays Anna talks through her dilemma in the exclusive video above.

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