Leanne Gives Simon A Red Card

Will Leanne report Simon to the police!? We spoke to Jane Danson about Leanne's very difficult decision.

Things have seemed on a more even keel with Simon since he’s been having counselling?

Yes, Leanne feels as though things are a lot better - he is still moody and grumpy but much more the normal moody grumpy behaviour of a teenager - that she can cope with and the violence has stopped. She really feels as though it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Do warning bells start to ring when Simon says he doesn’t want her at the footy match?

She thinks he is just being grumpy because she has had a go at him about his homework. So she still plans to go along.

Was she surprised to see Tom and find out who he is?

She is really surprised when he comes over to talk to her - neither of them had mentioned having a child so it is a surprise to both of the to see each other there, But it is a nice surprise and they start chatting - something that Simon immediately spots.

Did she notice Simon getting angry when he sees her talking to Tom?

Yes she kicks herself as she realises he has seen her doing what he sees as flirting with Tom - he has been teased by one of the other boys about it so he feels really stupid.

Simon notices a spark between Leanne and Tom.

What’s Leanne’s reaction when he brutally tackles and badly injures another player?

Kyle the young lad who is injured is the one who was teasing Simon and he says that Simon did it on purpose. It isn’t something that she wants to believe but there is part of her that thinks it is entirely possible knowing what he has done to her and Amy in the past.

What’s her reaction when Zeedan tells her that Simon admitted to her that he did do it on purpose because he got angry?

She is devastated but she realises that things have gone too far and if he is starting to lash out at other people she needs to do something about it. It is one thing her having to deal with his anger issues but she knows that if things are going to start happening at school then there is a whole world of problems ahead for him unless she nips it in the bud now.

Simon Gets Arrested!

When Simon lashes out on the football pitch, Leanne is forced to report him to the police. Jane Danson teases what's to come...

Enough is enough!

– Jane Danson

Things have been starting to calm down between Simon and Leanne recently. His counselling sessions have been going well and for the first time in a while Leanne has allowed herself to hope that things are getting back to normal.

BUT things go rapidly wrong during a football match when Simon sees red and a lad is seriously injured.

Feeling if she doesn't do something now, something worse might happen Leanne does the unthinkable and reports her son to the police.

Will they ever be able to repair their relationship?


SALLY ANN MATTHEWS: Jenny Bradley's Back!
RICHARD HAWLEY: King of the Connors

King of the Connors

It's been a hard journey for Johnny so far. With the truth now out about being Carla's dad, Richard Hawley tells us what it's like being a Connor on the cobbles.

Does Johnny feel like a real dad to Carla?

I think it’ll take time to start to feel like her dad and it’s been very interesting to think about- in some ways you don’t just ‘love’ someone, you take the responsibility for them first. I think Johnny is relieved that Carla now knows the truth, because now he can be himself completely. When you live your life based on a secret you have to build endless structures in order to safeguard it, and you can never quite be yourself. There’s been a lie at the centre of his world for years and now it’s out there - and that was rough and scary and he was forced into confronting it, but it’s actually been for the best. It’s going to take some time but I think the family can now flourish without this lie at the centre of them all, holding them all back.

Does he feel guilt over what’s happened to Carla through her childhood without him there?

Johnny of course feels guilt, he wasn’t there for her and he just couldn’t look at things in the time. I think he’s put to one side the bad memories and he’s selective memory and remembers all of the good times they had together. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves and reinhabit some of the good times, which I think Carla needs to do - but equally, if you think everything was perfect in a past time you’d do well to be reminded of the harder times - which Johnny needs to do! Johnny idealises a lot as a coping strategy.

Here's Jenny!

Jenny Bradley's back! We asked Sally Ann Matthews whether she thinks the Websters will forgive and forget...

Everybody's thrilled to see her...

– Sally Ann Matthews

It's fair to say that after running to Hull with Jack, Jenny didn't leave under the best of circumstances (don't mention the wig!).

But Jenny went away, dealt with her issues and, with the help of Rita, has returned with every intention of making amends.

And then Jack goes missing...


Jenny Says Sorry

Jenny is back and ready to make amends. But will all be forgiven?
Sally Ann Matthews hints at what's to come...

What’s happened to Jenny since she was last in Weatherfield?

Jenny was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. So as part of that process she was hospitalised and she would have been given medication to help her cope with the situation and also some counselling to help her come to terms with what had happened in her past. It had been successful in so far as she was released from hospital but she has to keep up her medication and her counselling. She is on the mend.

How would you describe her state of mind?

She’s definitely getting better, and I think part of her healing process for her would be to get the chance to say sorry and make amends with Rita and Kevin and Sophie.

What prompts her to reach out to Rita? And why is it Rita she contacts and no one else?

Jenny wants to apologise for what she put everyone through. She also doesn’t want anyone to worry about her so she contacts Rita and tells Rita that she’s fully recovered and has fallen on her feet, has found a fantastic place to live and that life couldn’t be better. Unfortunately that’s not the truth, but her intentions are just to say she’s sorry and that she’s fine. Jenny chooses to reach out to Rita because they have so much history. Rita was a mother figure to Jenny ever since Jenny lost her mum at the age of 15. And Rita was the one she called when she took Jack, because she knew she had gone too far.

What happens when they meet up for the first time?

When they meet up Jenny has spruced herself up a bit and tells Rita all about this fantastic new life she has and that her treatment has more or less stopped. She tells her she has this lovely flat and that life couldn’t be better. Rita is suspicious as to why Jenny has got in touch with her but Jenny’s motivation is innocent - she really does want to make amends. Rita tells Jenny that she doesn’t think Kevin and Sophie will be quite ready to make peace just yet. That really upsets Jenny - it isn’t what she wants to hear, so she runs off.

Rita tracks Jenny down to a bedsit. Can you describe the sort of conditions that she’s living in?

The truth is she’s not in some swanky apartment, she’s living in this sort of Hostel type place with very basic accomodation. But Jenny is very grateful that she’s got a roof over her head, it’s a new beginning for her and that really is the way she sees it. She’s not feeling sorry for herself, she knows she has to restart somewhere.

Is Jenny relieved when Rita offers her a lifeline?

Rita sees where Jenny is living and decides that she can’t live like this. It’s not the living conditions that Jenny’s in, it’s more about the people that are around her and the area she’s living in. Rita doesn’t think it’s safe - she is concerned for Jenny’s safety being around there.

How does Jenny feel about the prospect of facing Kevin?

I think Jenny is optimistic that she’s going to be able to apologise and that they are going to be understanding and forgiving. She’s naively thinking that they will understand why she did what she did and that they’ll forgive her and put it in the past.

Talk us through the moment they come face to face for the first time?

When Jenny first arrives back on the Street the first people she sees are Kevin and Sophie. What she’d imagined to be quite easy, she is suddenly overwhelmed and thinks maybe this was a step too soon for her. But she’s there now so she tries to explain...but are they going to listen, are they going to understand?

How does Jenny feel to see little Jack again?

I don’t think it’s so much the trauma that she went through with Jack that would set her back, but more her now realising the genuine affection she has for Jack, and not Jack who she saw as a replacement for the child she had lost. So when she sees him there’s the realization that had the whole ordeal not happened last summer, she would be really close to Jack now. She’s denied herself the opportunity to spend time with him. From Jack’s point of view, he just sees Jenny - and he is pleased to see her!

Does it sting Jenny to know that Kevin has moved on with Anna?

I think Jenny knows that this is her fate now and it’s because of what she did. She doesn’t blame herself for what she did, she knows it was grief and that it wasn’t ‘her’. But jenny still has real affection for Kevin, and he does for her...but he’s going to be too terrified to go there again with her. Kevin knows who Jenny is deep inside and why she did what she did and what she’s been through, so he will turn out to be quite supportive. I think Jenny has to resign herself to the fact that he’s moved on with someone else and probably knows that there isn’t potential for them to get back together...but who knows. Watch this space!

Given their past, how do you think Jenny and Rita will get on living together?

I don’t know the answer to that. I’ve not a clue how they’ll get on. They both have genuine affection for each other and even way back when, when Jenny tried to get money out of Rita she didn’t do it behind Rita’s back - she asked her outright! So she isn’t conniving or underhand with Rita and I don’t think she ever would be. She might do things without thinking of the consequences for Rita...but I don’t know. We will see won’t we!

Is it nice for you to know that people want to see Jenny back on the street again?

Yes it is really brilliant. It’s great to be back and be back under circumstances where there are people who are still absolutely hating Jenny for what she did and then others who have such sympathy for her. People perhaps don’t condone what she did but understand why she did it and those people want to see Jenny get help and reconcile with Rita and Kevin. It’s really nice that the viewers bought into the story and that they care enough to want to know where she’s been and what she’s been doing.

How do you feel to be back on the street?

It’s lovely to be back, it feels like I’ve had a week off and come back. It’s great and I’m really looking forward to watching. I’ve got some fantastic scenes coming up with Sally Webster - the Sally/Jenny showdown is brilliant. I find it very funny and I think the audience is going to love the scenes between them two!

Who is Jenny Bradley?

Rita's reconnecting with Jenny so we thought it's about time you did to! Here's a couple of videos to make sure you're up to speed.

Jenny's return

Up until last year it had been 21 years since Jenny Bradley was last in Weatherfield, so we sat Sally Ann Matthews down to go through what trouble Jenny got into the first time she was on the Street!

Jenny's departure

Join Sally Ann Matthews as she recounts the roller coaster that has been Jenny Bradley's five months on Coronation Street.

No more Mrs Nice Tracy

The sweet, caring, lovable* Tracy is gone. Tracy's out for revenge and Carla's in her sights! Kate Ford hints at what's next!

(*well she likes to think so.)

How does Tracy feel when she hears the news about Carla and Robert’s night of passion?

She is absolutely raging. Her blood turns cold. Tracy cannot feel wronged again by this woman, she is gobsmacked that Carla has ruined things for her once again. Tracy is completely blindsided by her own self importance, she will be quick to forget about all the things she has done to Carla in the past and will see this as yet another example of Carla ruining her life.

Why does Tracy’s jealousy keep getting the better of her?

Tracy is an inherently jealous person, she always wants more and she can never be happy with her lot. She’s very bitter and deep down, I think she’s a very insecure person. She can’t help herself at all and her jealousy leads her to destruction time and time again.

What’s going through Tracy’s mind when she goes to confront Carla in the Bistro?

After she’s heard the conversation between Carla and Robert, Tracy’s mind is racing and she can’t think straight. She’s not sure what to do at first. She can’t let Carla get away with this - she’s seen red and feels completely horrified that Carla has ‘wronged’ her again.

How does she feel about leaving poor Carla in grave danger? Would she really abandon her?

Yes course she would! Tracy feels she’s the one who has been badly done to, Carla’s the one who has wronged her. Ultimately there’s no way Tracy would sacrifice herself for her, given what she’s just heard. Deep down she probably knows that she shouldn’t have left Carla but she’s selfish, she wasn’t about to put herself in danger.

Todd and Tracy have been growing closer – can she trust him to keep quiet?

Todd and Tracy are similar in many ways. As much as they wind each other up I think he’s the closest thing she has to having a ‘friend’. I think Todd knows better than to cross Tracy - he’s seen what she’s capable of!

Why doesn’t Tracy confront Robert about his cheating ways?

As reactive as Tracy can be, she often bides her time when it comes to revenge. She’s also trapped between a rock and a hard place because if she tells Robert she knows about him and Carla, he’ll find out she left her alone with the thugs in the Bistro...

Can you see a happy ever after for Robert and Tracy?

It’s Tracy Barlow, I doubt it! He’s the closest thing she will ever get to ‘normality’ and having something stable, Robert has been great for Tracy after everything that’s happened in the past year, especially with losing her mum, so I’d like to see them have some happiness - but Tracy has a habit of spoiling things!

Would she take him back?

I think there’s a part of her that is guilty about visiting Rob - it probably weighs heavy that she told Rob. I think she knows she’s got it made with Robert and he’s the best thing to happen to her in a long time so she probably would be devastated if he walked out on her.

Tracy’s promised to take her revenge on Carla – how low is she set to scoop?

She can always think of something - although leaving her at the mercy of the thugs in the Bistro was pretty low! Ultimately she will stew on it until the time is right... Carla won’t get away with crossing her again.

Have you missed Tracy's bad behaviour?

Tracy’s always bad! Even when she’s behaving, she’s always winding someone up or being nasty to someone else. There’ll always be something that Tracy has to fight about. It’ll be interesting to see how she makes Carla pay for the latest hit!

Anna's Phelan The Pressure

We sat Debbie Rush down to ask what Anna is planning to do now that Phelan is back on the scene?

Anna can't bring herself to tell Kevin the secret.

– Debbie Rush

Anna's in a tight spot, just as she's taking the first cautious steps into a new relationship with Kevin, Phelan returns to throw a spanner in the works.

She's ashamed of what she did to save her family from Phelan's grasp, but she's more concerned about what Gary will do when he lays eyes on him.

It's like her worst nightmare, happening all over again!