Leanne loses it!

Things are going to get messy when Leanne unleashes her inner-Battersby - Jane Danson reveals all.

Leanne has been getting more and more frustrated with Nick's behaviour during the divorce and she soon sees through his lies when he starts pretending that he's ill.

Unfortunately, no one else believes her - even going as far as to blame her for Nick's predicament - and that just makes Leanne mad!

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Ken's return to the cobbles

Ken's been kept in the dark about Peter, but all that's about to change.

William Roache chats exclusively about his return to the Street.

Can Ken reignite the spark in Peter to want to fight to prove his innocence?

Will he ever forgive Deirdre for not telling him the truth?

And, killer Rob thought he was firmly in the clear, but now he'll have to step up his game if he has any hope of ensuring the finger stays firmly pointing at Peter.

Needless to say we should expect big drama for the Barlows!

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Stevie in the middle

Poor Steve's caught between a rock and a hard place now that the truth is out about Andrea's marriage.

Not only that, but when Steve offers Andrea a shoulder to cry on, Neil's convinced that he must be Lloyd and starts following him around!

How's Steve going to get out of this one? Simon Gregson spills the beans.

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MONDAY 7.30pm - Neil spots Andrea and Steve

MONDAY 8.30pm - Steve gets an unexpected visitor

Andrea's truth

Andrea's in a bit of a pickle. She's all loved up and ready to move in with Lloyd, only there's the slight complication of having a secret husband that she has to deal with...

Hayley Tamaddon sat us down to talk through what on earth she's going to do and even reveals the unlikeliest of allies for Andrea!

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Manipulated Marcus

They say that love is blind, but isn't it about time that Marcus saw Todd's true colours? Charlie Condou spills the beans on their relationship.

Marcus hopes that Maria's return will offer a chance to spend time with Liam, but Todd really doesn't see it that way and uses it as an excuse to act out.

Will Marcus decide it's time to move onto pastures new?

Michael's back

Join Les Dennis on his first visit to the Rovers, as he chats about what's in store for Michael and Gail.

We first caught Michael red-handed, attempting to burgle the Platt's house. Since then, he and Gail seem to have made peace, thanks to a restorative justice programme.

But a prank from Kylie backfires quite spectacularly, drawing a hopeful Michael back to Weatherfield.

Soon, David, Kylie and Nick set about trying to get rid of him again, but will that only bring Michael and Gail closer together?