Will Gemma's Head Be Turned?

Dolly-Rose Campbell talks about Henry and Chesney's rivalry to win Gemma's heart.

Have Gemma and Chesney made up since their fall out?

Chesney is one of her best friends and even though things haven’t been great between them since Gemma’s fling with Tyrone because he struggled to forgive her, when he sees that she is upset he manages to put that aside and comfort her over the terrible news that Henry has got engaged.

Has she ever thought of Ches as anything other than a friend?

Yes, it did go through her mind after she broke up with Henry but when Fiz said that he seemed embarrassed at the idea, Gemma took that to mean that he wasn’t interested. Other people can see that they would make a good pairing but for many different reasons it hasn’t happened. There is always an obstacle in the way.

Does Cathy think they should be together?

Yes! Cathy knows that they are destined to be together and she wants to give it a helping hand along the way.

When Chesney asks her to go out for lunch what does she think?

She doesn’t read anything into it at all, she just thinks he is being a mate and he is trying to cheer her up and she actually forgets about the lunch and Cathy has to remind her. She finds Gemma having a pie and tells her she should be out with Chesney.

Is she genuinely upset about Henry?

Yes she had kept her hopes up because he had been in touch with her all this time, she did still dare to think that something might happen between them. She knew it started out as a bet but she does want to believe that he has feelings for her.

What happens when he comes in to the restaurant?

Chesney is just at the point where he is about to tell Gemma how he feels and that he wants the lunch meet up to be a date when Henry arrives out of the blue.

What does Henry say?

He tells her his parents had forced him to get engaged and he wasn't happy about it as he is still in love with Gemma. She isn’t sure whether to believe him and ends up leaving the Bistro and tells him to get lost but Henry wants to prove that he is telling the truth and that he does care for her.

What does he do to try and make her believe him?

In the end he tries to impress her with the grand romantic gesture of offering to buy the Rovers for them both to run as a business!

Does she think this could be the happy ending to her Cinderella story?

It would be a new start for her, going into business doing something that she really enjoys with a man like Henry at her side. She could never have dreamed that could happen to her.

Do you think it could work despite the class divide?

I think it would make some very interesting stories if Gemma and Henry got together. It would be a bit like My Fair Lady.

I don’t know if she could be changed though, I think she is a bit set in her ways and he does like that she is a bit of a breath of fresh air, she is real and more grounded and completely different to him and not after his money.

Do you think that there is more to Henry than meets the eye?

He didn’t come in with the best intentions regarding Gemma but this grand gesture could show that he does care and he wants to make a life with her. But there is something else going on and she probably should be wary of him.

Liz's Affair

Beverly Callard talks about how Liz's relationship with Johnny will be affected after he goes too far on his quest for revenge!

How has Liz been feeling about the situation with her and Johnny?

Liz has been really conflicted, she has had a few men in her time but she has never had an affair with a married man. She is very moral but she has really fallen for Johnny, she has tried to tell him that she has no feelings for him to try and put a stop to it.

What are her thoughts about his fight for baby Susie?

She understands what he is going through but she really does think that Susie should be with Eva. He knows he is angry with Jenny for saying that so she is trying to be careful about what she says. It is tricky because she wants to support him.

Does she feel guilty about him telling her how angry he is with Jenny?

Yes she does, she doesn’t take any pleasure in him talking about the problems with his marriage. She feels uncomfortable about it.

What happens when Susie goes missing?

Susie has gone missing from her crib and Johnny is also missing, then Liz discovers that she can't find her keys for the pub. She tells Kate and when Kate and Jenny search Johnny’s flat they realise he hasn’t taken his MS Medication with him. Everyone is really worried.

What does she do when she hears from Johnny?

She knows that she has to go and see him as she thinks she is the best person to persuade him to come back. The police are looking for him and Eva is all over the media with her police appeal so time is against her.

What does she say to him when she gets there?

When she gets there he totally breaks down, he can’t bear the thought of losing his granddaughter. She tries to convince him that he has to give himself up but he just won’t listen.

Have you enjoyed this storyline?

I’ve really enjoyed it, I am very lucky to be working with such great actors. We’ve seen a different side to Liz and that’s great.

Do you prefer the high drama or the comedy?

What’s great about playing Liz is that I get to do both! I love working in the medical centre, sometimes me and Louisa who plays Moira can’t keep a straight face.

Are you looking forward to Jim coming back?

I am so excited about working with Charlie again, Liz and Jim have such a complex relationship and I am really looking forward to the storyline surrounding his return.

Interview: Kayla's Crusade

Watch out Craig and Bethany - Mollie Winnard hints at just how far desperate Kayla is willing to go to protect her dad, Neil!

What is Kayla and Neil’s relationship like?

She is a daddy’s girl, her dad is her whole world.

How does Kayla feel when Neil loses his appeal?

That is the moment that everything switches for her. At first, she was just trying to gather information for the appeal but the minute that the appeal is rejected and her dad says to her, ‘I am going to die in prison,’ that is when she makes the decision that she will do whatever it takes to protect her dad.

Why does Kayla change her mind and tell Craig she wants him back?

Her plan is back on. She believes that Craig knows that Bethany has lied about Kayla’s dad, Neil, and that he can’t cope with that and that is what has triggered his OCD so she is trying to bring it back up.

Interview: Jack's Sepsis

We sat down with Michael Le Vell to discuss what will happen to seriously ill Jack now that he has been diagnosed with sepsis.

How is Kevin feeling after Jack was diagnosed with Sepsis?

First and foremost overwhelming shock, he didn’t know things could move this quickly from what he thought was just a little scratch. Kevin had seen it and wasn’t concerned about it yet in a matter of days it was life threatening.

Kevin doesn’t understand how a fit young lad can suddenly find himself in this position, it’s devastating.

Kevin had no idea about the threat of Sepsis, was it something you were aware of before this storyline?

I had no idea whatsoever, it’s terrifying, it really gets you thinking.

How does Kevin react when he’s told he has to consider amputation or could lose his son?

He’s heartbroken, he doesn’t know where to turn or who to talk to, he’s in his own little world and he feels lost. He still can’t understand the situation they’re in and how quickly it’s escalated.

It’s a heartbreaking decision to be faced with, Kevin doesn’t want to be the one who decides on amputation, but Jack is so seriously ill he’s left with little choice.

He doesn’t want to make the decision just in case the doctors are wrong, it’s so tough.

– Michael Le Vell

How does Jack react when Kevin tells him about the amputation?

He doesn’t understand at first, he can still feel sensation in his leg when he wakes up and it’s really confusing for him. When he starts to realise the implications he cries and it breaks Kevin’s heart.

Interview: Sophie's Guilt

Brooke Vincent talks about Sophie's guilt as Jack is diagnosed with Sepsis and the importance of this storyline.

How does Sophie react when Jack first says that he feels ill?

Sophie’s got a lot on her plate, Kevin’s away, she’s got a new job at Speed Dahl so when Jack says he feels ill it’s just another added pressure. She can’t really see anything wrong with Jack so she sends him to school. He does then get sent home and Sophie feels awful.

She takes him to the doctors but they just put it down to a virus and tell her to make sure he gets some rest, so she asks Faye to keep any eye on him and goes back to work.

When does she realises it’s more serious than that?

Faye and Seb are looking after Jack when they find him groaning and really drowsy, as they carry him out of number 13 Ali sees them and tells them they need to get him to hospital.

How worried is Sophie at this point?

She is worried because Jack’s in her care but when the doctor confirms it’s a viral infection and she can take him home she feels relieved. Jack has been checked out at the hospital so in her eyes she’s done everything she can and she presumes it’s probably nothing more than a good night’s sleep won't fix.

So how does she react when Ali calls round and realises Jack’s illness could be much more serious?

Ali calls to check on Jack and it’s not till he notices some discolouration on Jack’s fingers and toes that they realise it could be more serious.

Sophie’s in shock, Ali calls an ambulance and she doesn’t really know what’s going on, it all happens so quickly.

When sepsis is mentioned how does Sophie react?

It’s not until they get to the hospital that Ali mentions sepsis, Sophie doesn’t really know what it is or what it means but she can see things are moving quickly and she’s terrified. They’re told the next 24 hours will be crucial and Sophie and Kevin are just left clinging to that.

Interview: Sarah Lashes Out

Tina O'Brien talks about Sarah's raising concern for Bethany as she starts to date Ryan Connor.

After a tough few months, how is Sarah feeling at the moment?

I feel as though for her personally things are back track to a certain degree. Her and Gary are strong and she has totally come to terms with the whole baby situation. She is still concerned about David but it feels as though things are starting to settle down.

How does she feel Bethany is doing at the moment?

She knows Bethany is worried about Neil’s appeal, she knows that Bethany is not over what happened and now that she is not as close to Craig she does worry about her and how she is coping.

When Bethany starts to show an interest in Ryan, is Sarah worried?

She is worried about Ryan as a possible boyfriend for Bethany. She is concerned that Bethany is attracted to another loser and another older guy. He isn’t exactly her first choice of a boyfriend for Bethany on Sarah's part.

What happens when Bethany goes for a date with Ryan?

Sarah doesn’t know anything about the date so the first thing she sees when she arrives at Victoria Court is Bethany running down the hallway out of the flats with her blouse undone.

Interview: Daniel's Proposal

Rob Mallard talks about Daniel's proposal, Flora's inheritance and Tracy's troublemaking.

How does Daniel think his relationship with Sinead is going? Has he finally got everything he wanted?

Yes! I think he still would want to have his own family in the future but given where he was a year ago he can’t believe he’s even at the point he is now. Sinead is one hundred per cent the woman from him and he’s keen to seal the deal.

Has Flora living with them added a bit of pressure on their relationship?

Yes it has because initially Flora didn’t like Sinead. She’d heard how she hurt him in the past and she thought she was messing Daniel around and Flora’s very protective of Daniel because he helped her when she had no-one.

She made things a bit difficult for Sinead at first but after seeing Daniel and Sinead together she can see the relationship is real.

How does Daniel react when they discover how much money Vinny has left Flora?

It’s probably the most money either Daniel or Sinead have ever been close to. They’re conflicted about it because they know where it’s probably come from but they’re also equally happy for Flora that now she can afford a decent place to live.

It also takes her out of their flat, and while Daniel is equally protective of her, he’s still only in his 20s and wants the place to themselves.

So how does he feel when he hears that Tracy is trying to get her hands on Flora’s money?

It’s typical Tracy and Daniel’s not impressed. But having spent the time he has with Flora over the last few months, he knows that she’s more than capable of facing off against Tracy and he’s not too worried.

Daniel does throw a spanner in the works though when he reveals that Steve kissed Michelle on her wedding day. Why does he do this?

It’s all to get back at Tracy, they really don’t like each other. Of all the Barlows this is the relationship that has never recovered, although it never really existed even before the incident with Ken.

Daniel spends a lot of his time keeping his opinions to himself, but this is one of those situations where you’re being vicious so have this, you deserve this.

Daniel generally is a good guy but when his back is against the wall he can come out fighting, do you enjoy playing that unpredictability?

He’s had to be like that historically, it’s how he’s survived. He must see Tracy as a threat and that’s why he does it, he kind of sinks to her level. I like playing that element of his character a lot.

Since the Ken incident we’ve played Daniel’s redemption and he’s had to keep a lid on his temper which I do hope will be re-visited again because something like that doesn’t just evaporate. It’s mostly in the interactions with Tracy when that comes out.

Flora throws a 50s party to celebrate her inheritance. How does Daniel feel when he hears she’s been attacked after slipping home from the party?

She goes back to the flat to get something, she’s gone quite a while so Daniel goes to check on her and finds her semi-conscious on the floor. He’s really worried.

We later find out that Flora went back to the flat to find a ring to prompt Daniel to propose to Sinead, does this have the desired effect?

Yes it does! Having seen their love is real she decides to pass on a family heirloom and basically orchestrates the whole proposal. It’s an interesting theme that Daniel keeps getting pushed around by older women! He’s not reluctant to do it, he’s worried she might say no, but he’s given a firm push in the right direction.

Do you think it’s something he’s thought of before?

Oh yeah, but when he first asked Sinead to move in and she said it was too soon, that knocked his confidence. I think he would have proposed sooner had it not been for that rejection. He doesn't want to lose what he’s got again.

I think the proposal was always on his mind, he was just waiting for the right time to do it.

– Rob Mallard

What is Sinead's initial reaction?

I think she’s confused as to the way it comes about, even though it is romantic, it’s probably not the proposal either of them had imagined with Flora orchestrating the whole thing. But hopefully it is what she wants.

Was it fun to film the 50s party?

Loads of fun, good music, good costumes, the theme suited me!

How do you feel about the prospect of potentially filming a wedding? Have you filmed a wedding before?

Nope never. I’ve been a guest at a few weddings but never my own. I can’t imagine it would be a very traditional wedding, especially if Sinead was in charge, it could be quite different.

Interview: Peter's Heartbreak

Now that Toyah has told the truth about baby Susie, we spoke to Chris Gascoyne about the fall out , Simon's spiralling behaviour and what the future holds for Peter...

How has Peter been feeling since he found out about baby Susie?

He is totally devastated, he has not only found out that she is not his baby but that his real baby had died and Toyah kept it from him. He’s at a loss to know what she was thinking. He is grieving the loss of his child but it is so complex and hard for him to understand and he is really struggling with it.