The Big Corrie Preview

Passions run high this summer on the cobbles as affairs, death and births threaten to destroy lives and wreck marriages.

As this new photograph shows some of Coronation Street’s residents could be seeing red and it won’t all be hearts and flowers in Weatherfield.

Watch our exclusive advanced previews below to find out what's coming up for our characters on the cobbles...

Battersby Baby

Hapless Steve McDonald has been in some scrapes in the past but this time he is faced with the daddy of all problems. Having discovered he is the father of Leanne’s baby, following an ill judged one night stand, he is stunned when wife Michelle announces she is also pregnant.

As the two women bond over their baby news will Steve be able to keep the secret of his illegitimate child from Michelle?

Aidan, Eva and Maria

Over at the factory Aidan and Eva are fast becoming Weatherfield’s new power couple and Eva is keen to take things to the next level, unaware that her plans have pushed Aidan into the arms, and bed, of her friend Maria.

When Maria’s friendship with Caz takes a sinister turn it is Aidan and Eva who are there for her - but how will Eva feel if she ever finds out about Maria’s fling with her fella?

David's Revenge

Having lost his wife in devastating circumstances, David is at a loss without Kylie by his side. Unable to come to terms with what’s happened, David is bereft and heartbroken - but most of all... he’s out for revenge.

The pain still raw, unhinged David will vow to make Kylie’s killer pay and when he has his mind set on something, he’s not one to let it go.

But how far is this lone wolf prepared to go to make Clayton pay for taking his wife and the mother of his children from him and can anyone stop him from going vigilante?

Phelan's Plan

Phelan has his eyes on the prize when it comes to getting his grubby paws on Jason's money, but Eileen keeps inadvertently thwarting his every move!

They say two heads are better than one and when Pat bumps into his old mate Vinny the dastardly pair soon hatch a scam which will touch the lives of more than just the unexpecting Grimshaws. Will Phelan finally get everything he wants?

Bethany and Gary

Things get worse for Bethany as the bullies continue to make her suffer. Trying to channel her pain in a positive way Bethany hits the gym, but things escalate and soon she is tempted to take diet pills.

As Bethany spends more and more time at the gym, it's Gary who begins to notice that something is seriously wrong. Will he be able to help Bethany before things go too far?

Barlow's Back

That's right, Peter's returning to the Street, but he won't be the only one! Peter will be joined by his half-brother, Daniel, and Ken’s grandson Adam.

Watch out Weatherfield - the Barlows are coming home!

David's Despair

David is understandably struggling with the death of Kylie. We spoke to Jack P Shepherd about how David is going to move forward.

How is David coping in the aftermath of Kylie’s death?

It is mixed, he has his bad moments sometimes, usually when he is with the kids and it all falls apart for him. He is trying to look after them and keep them away from being sad and trying to get them to think of her in a positive light and remember the good times but when they start bringing things up that makes David very emotional. But the rest of the time he is putting on a bit of a facade that he is coping with it. He even goes for a drink in the pub and no one talks about it, as they all find it very difficult. So it isn’t being dealt with it, it’s very clever actually the way it has been written and the two sides to David. He is also keeping himself really busy trying to make the funeral exactly right, anything but deal with the emotions surrounding her death.

How do the rest of the family react to the news?

They are all walking on eggshells around David because they don’t know if he is coping with it. They are worried about him because he wants all of her possessions to be binned straight away, he says he wants them out and he wants to move on. And the family are thinking that is all a bit too soon. Everyone reacts differently and it was such a sudden death, it’s hit everybody hard.

Why is he so desperate to find someone to blame for Kylie dying?

It gives him something to focus on, he has always had this single minded streak and it gives him a reason to carry on. He wants to blame somebody for taking her away from them. Now he doesn’t have anyone like Kylie to reign him in so he is on the warpath. Everything was going great in his life and now he wants someone to pay for what happened.

Are we seeing a bit of the old David?

He has always been there, the audience know and I know that it needs something like this to trigger a reaction and send him over the edge and this is big enough for an extreme reaction.

How did you feel when you found out Kylie would die?

I understand why they decided she had to die because if she had been left hanging around, in prison or in another country then she would still be very much part of their lives in some way. She has left him before. If she was in prison he would have had to visit her even if it wasn’t shown on screen, with a death he has to move on in one way or another. A death makes it very final so there is a different way for him to move on.

How does Sarah react when he breaks the news to her?

Well Sarah is only just starting to recover from her breakdown. David was there for her and now it is Sarah’s turn to be the strong one and she is really worried about him.

Can you talk us through the scene where he visits Kylie in the chapel of rest?

Initially they weren’t going to have Paula in the coffin, they were going to shoot it without seeing the body. But the director asked how we would feel about it and in particular how Paula would feel and she said she was prepared to do it. So now you do see David talking to his dead wife and it made the scenes more emotional for me to play. He gets an extra chance to go and see her. They are great scenes where DAvid says goodbye to Kylie for the last time.

You’ve wanted the return of bad David for a while – how do you feel about him coming back under these circumstances?

I’m really pleased with the storyline, it warrants this type of story. We know David doesn’t respond well under pressure, certainly in a situation like this he will go on the warpath and I am really looking forward to watching how it all plays out over the coming months. It is due to continue well into the autumn.

What’s it like on set without Paula?

It is weird, on her last day she finished before the end of the day so the scenes we did after she had left felt different. Even though I had been filming scenes post Kylie’s death beforehand I was still seeing her around in the green room and in some scenes. That afternoon I had to film the first scene after she dies and she had literally just left for the final time so it was really weird. I loved working with her, I didn’t think I would miss her as much as I do, I’m always really blase about people leaving, but she has become a great friend, she was a big character within the Platt family and we all miss her.

What do you think the future holds for David without Kylie?

For now, grief and a desire for revenge but in the long term it will be interesting to see what sort of person he will become/ He is a great father so I do think that will be his focus for a while.

Goodbye Kylie

Look back at some of Kylie Platt's best bits and go behind the scenes during Paula Lane's final episode.

How do you describe Kylie Platt? Feisty? Caring? Gobby? Strong?

Whatever you call her you can guarantee that there will be a massive Paula-Lane-shaped hole in the cobbles for a long time to come.

What made you decide to leave?

I have made no secret of the fact that I never saw myself being in a long running drama for the rest of my career. I was only contracted for 6 months and ended up staying six years. Six years is a nice amount of time to make an impact, but not be typecast, I was very conscious of that, time goes so fast in soap, as we film ahead, I thought I am going to have to run and jump and see that decision through.

Were you surprised to be told she was being killed off?

I knew it was a possibility, they have free reign to do what they want with your character once you make that decision to leave and sometimes when it is a much loved character they want to go for a big impactful exit. I am more than happy with the exit and creatively I am excited to play it and see people’s reaction.

How did they tell you?

Kieran Roberts the executive producer me sat down explained how and why, I was excited. You don’t get to have that kind of exit every day and people will really remember it so I am really pleased. Hopefully it will leave the audience wanting more.

Of course it is nice to have the door open, it gives you a kind of safety net but I hope I can go on to do other things, this is a great spring board I feel like I have been given so much opportunity here and I am so grateful to that.

Has that been tricky keeping the secret?

My family and friends kind of know not to ask, but I have a very tight circle of people who knew. It is great that we kept the details of how she dies a secret though.


Go behind the scenes during Kylie's final episodes to see how the dramatic episodes were made.

What was Jack’s reaction?

He was very laid back about it, but It is heartbreaking really because I could have seen them last a lifetime together. It is hard when you have someone you have worked with for six years turn round and say ‘I am going and I won’t ever be coming back.’

Will you take any mementoes?

No I don’t think so I think it has got to be clean break.,

Will you be teary yourself?

I can’t quite go there, I have so many friends here and Jack really is great to work with, I love him to bits, it is going to be gut wrenching, it is safe to say the performances the viewers will be seeing will be real.

What would your dream job be?

I loved Marcella, loved the style, really gritty. ITV has got some great dramas on at the minute, so you just have to see. Of course it is easy say I would love to do something completely different from Corrie like a period drama, or sci-fi. And I would love to do theatre as well.

What’s been your favourite storyline?

It’s hard to just pick one. I loved spending time with Katherine Kelly and being in her shadow kind of thing when I started at Corrie. Then things got a bit more serious and Kylie slept with Nick, and we had ‘Is the baby Nick or David’s?’ thing. I’ve loved everything. I can’t really pinpoint one moment.

What will you miss the most and the least?

I won’t miss the many costume changes – it’s like going on a shopping spree everyday but without the end product. You know, you’re just constantly trying on clothes. I would never want the end product, either. I won’t miss the early starts, the drive. But I will miss the people, the buzz on set when a take goes well – we have so little time to shoot the scenes –when it just works, you go ‘Wow!’ and it feels great that you’ve managed to achieve it. Most things I’ll miss, I really will.

Is Kylie dying after killing Callum the ultimate soap justice?

I have to admit that when they made Kylie a murderer I did sort of think, ‘This means something quite big now.’ It does change things for the character when they commit a big crime.

Did that have any bearing on your decision to go?

I think it just reinforced the fact that they can do whatever they want to a character. And I still wanted her to be believable. There were so many parts of her that I’d played that I thought it was time for me to wrap it up.

As far as Kylie’s relationship with David is concerned, is this the best way for her to leave?

Yes – the family now get a clear cut end. She’ll forever be in David’s heart obviously but one of the best ways for her to go is not by choice. David has to try and move on if she is dead whereas if she had been in prison or had run away he would always be waiting for her. It will be a long process but will give him some great drama.

Do you think David will go off the rails after Kylie’s death?

Probably. It’ll catapult him into a new lease of life. The way she goes will lead to so much for Jack to be able play.

Is it one of the most shocking deaths in Corrie history?

Yes - without a doubt.

I’m not just saying this because I’m involved but I don’t think I’ve ever read an ending like it. The audience are going to get a real sense of shock and surprise – how a sudden death is. They’re going to feel those emotions.

How are you feeling about having to play dead?

It is a bit weird. I just hope my eyes don’t start flickering. I’ve never done it before so I don’t know. I’ve not practiced staying very still or anything. That’s what I mean about being given a storyline like this. It’s a new avenue, something different.

What’s been your proudest Corrie moment?

Without a doubt. The Live episode. The audience was completely oblivious to what me and Jack were doing logistically. In between scenes we were running around the set with about 30 seconds to spare. It was crazy. And then all those millions of people watching. It was an unbelievable feeling.

Leanne’s Baby Shock

When does Leanne first start to realise that she might be pregnant?

She hurts her back at work and she’s prescribed some painkillers. She feels sick and thinks it might be a reaction to the painkillers. The doctor asks if she might be pregnant and she thinks, ooh hang on… so that plants a seed and before she takes the painkillers she decides todo a pregnancy test.

Had it even crossed her mind before that?

After the one night stand she put it all down as being a bit of a mistake and forgot about it so no, it hadn’t crossed her mind.

How does she feel as she does the pregnancy test?

She doesn’t really think it’s a possibility that she might be pregnant because of her history and what’s happened in the past. She also thinks that this could be her last chance - she’s getting on a bit and there’s nobody on the horizon at the moment romantically.

What’s her reaction when it turns out to be positive?

I think it’s safe to say she wishes it were under better circumstances. But a little bit of her is pleased, she’s just worried about themes it’s going to cause. There’s a lot of mixed feelings because when it comes out who the father could be it could cause a massive upheaval in both their lives.

Just remind us of Leanne’s backstory – I thought she couldn’t have kids?

She fell down the stairs and had a miscarriage and then had pelvic inflammatory disease which damaged one of her fallopian tubes so her chances were minimised.

Is she ready to be a mum at this point, do you think?

Well she’s already got Simon even though he’s not her biological son and she makes the point that she won’t love him any less than this child. She had a difficult upbringing herself and I think where her parents failed she wants to try to give back to Simon and her own child.

What can you tell us about the father?

Nothing! The pregnancy was the result of a one night stand which wasn’t shown on screen and it’ll be a few weeks before the father’s identity is revealed.

How does she think he will react to the news?

There’s so much going on and her way of dealing with him is to say they can pretend this never happened and they don’t even have to talk about it but of course, that’s never going to happen. She’s quite strong and she thinks she can do this on her own but she’s not really thought it through.

What’s going on between her and Nick right now?

There’s an undercurrent of the flame still flickering for them. There’s a deep connection there, he was her first love and she did marry him twice.

What happens when Steph finds the pregnancy test?

Leanne at this point spins quite a few lies to different people so her story changes. She says it was Eva’s but tells Steph to keep it quiet as she wouldn’t want Aidan finding out. Her story keeps changing and she’s getting herself into a bit of a tangled web.

Do you think she believes Leanne’s story?

Steph is quite clued up. Leanne’s been a good friend to Steph and Steph wants to reciprocate. She’s being supportive but she soon smells a rat when she sees Leanne looking a bit green and running to the loo.

How did you react when you found out about this story?

I was really chuffed for Leanne because she’ll get the chance to be a better mum than the one she had. I was pleased that something weirdly is going right for her even though it’s under the wrong circumstances.

What advice would you give to Leanne about her situation?

It’s a tough one. She can’t run away any more. I’d say she has to be truthful. It’s going to hurt people but otherwise it’s going to catch up with her.

INTERVIEW: When one door closes...

It's been on and off, but is this the end for Sean and Billy? We spoke to Antony Cotton about heartbreak and moving forward.

Does Sean have any idea how close Billy and Todd have become?

No he totally believes everything that was going on was because of the secret about the brother.

Why do you think Billy chose to confide in Todd rather than Sean?

Well really it came out of their shared concerns over Sarah, I think. That is the side of things that Sean has no idea about, he knows that Todd found Billy’s brother so thinks that’s all there is to it. Sean thinks if it was him who found the brother he would have been the one Billy confided in. But of course Billy can’t talk to Sean about the Sarah thing as that was a confessional.

How important is this trip to London to Sean?

Very very important, it is not just a trip to London, it is a trip to see Dylan and it is Dylan meeting Billy. It is quite monumental for Sean, he doesn’t get to see Dylan a lot so it is a very significant trip. It is the next step on their relationship especially after the little glitch they have had.

Does Sean have any inkling that Billy’s feelings have changed?

No he doesn’t have any idea he genuinely thinks it was all about his secret brother.

What is Sean’s first thought when Billy asks the driver to stop the Car?

He just thinks that he has forgotten something, Sean rolls his eyes and asks Billy what he has forgotten but he just says he can’t do it!

How does the confrontation that follows pan out?

It is very sudden, Sean is telling Billy that he has packed some Prosecco for the train and Billy sees Todd standing in the doorway of the florists and that is the thing the catalyst makes him realise he can’t go with Sean. Sean is absolutely floored by it.

How will Billy and Todd affect Sean’s relationship with the Grimshaws?

Well Sean, Todd and Jason are like brothers so it is going to be very difficult for Sean living with Todd. I have filmed some later scenes and they are very emotional. It is going to have major implications for his relationship with the whole family. The brother code has been broken by Todd. That said I don’t think he has done it in a deliberate or dastardly way, he is genuinely sorry it has happened. It has massive implications for every rock solid foundation Sean has had for the last 14 years.

It seems as though Sean hasn’t been Billy’s priority for some time, so do you think Sean was truly happy in his relationship with Billy?

He absolutely thought he was the one. Sean is Raquel so he thinks everyone is the one, he is a romantic. Often he has been the orchestrator of his own downfall but not on this occasion. He wasn’t needy or clingy. He was confused because he knew something wasn’t right but he thought he had solved that problem. He has been happier with Billy than with anyone before.

Do you enjoy playing that side of Sean?

I love that vulnerable side of him, when I meet people out and about I love when people say how much they love Billy and Sean. It is a nice part of the feedback you get that people are rooting for Sean and Billy to work. When you think about it it’s not so long ago that we were being slated for showing the kiss on canal street and now the majority of people love the fact that Sean has found love. It just shows how far we have come.

Would you like Sean to find someone new or would you like to see him be single for a while?

He is on the shelf but always looking for love so he will revert to type.

Will you miss having Daniel as an on-screen boyfriend?

I love working with Dan, and hopefully Sean and Billy can be friends in the future. He is a generous actor and we have a great laugh.

How do you think fans will react to the end of the relationship?

I am sure I will get lots of sympathy. Poor Daniel he is going to get some grief as he’s the one that has done the dirty on Sean.

How can Sean and Todd move on from this, what does the future hold can they come back from this?

There are some very moving scenes coming up , Todd doesn’t want to lose Sean’s friendship. I’d like to think that as they are pretty much family that time will heal the wounds and they can move on from this.

The Bullies are Back!

How does the bullying storyline progress?

In the next couple of weeks Lauren makes Bethany believe that she actually wants to be her friend. In Roy’s Rolls she convinces her that she’s going to help get Bethany a summer job. She overhears Alex asking Bethany how her mum’s been and then it kind of twigs that Bethany’s mum has gone a little bit psychotic. When they go outside all Lauren’s friends are there and they’re all chanting ‘psycho’ at Bethany. They get really nasty.

Did you do any research for the bullying storyline? Did you witness bullying at school?

I’ve never been subjected to bullying myself, but I do know what girls can be like. I went to
high school, I was in quite a big group of girls. Although I’ve not been bullied I know that girls can be horrible to each other, especially at that age, 15 and 16. A relative was quite badly bullied. It’s all been sorted now but I spoke to her about it.

Do you feel upset by some of these storylines?

They are quite harrowing scenes when someone can be that nasty and it is upsetting knowing that this kind of stuff does actually happen to girls and boys.

Do you think it’s interesting that it’s happening to a character like Bethany who’s quite feisty and forthright? It shows how indiscriminate bullying can be.

Yes, I think it’s good to see Bethany’s vulnerable side. She’s not just this ballsy, feisty
character, she’s a normal girl underneath it all and she does have feelings, and she’s been
hurt by these girls. It shows how it can happen to anyone. Just because she’s feisty it
doesn’t mean people aren’t going to pick on her.

Have you had viewers telling you about their own experiences?

Yes, I’ve had quite a lot of tweets from girls around the same age as Bethany saying that it helped them to talk to an adult about it so that was really nice to see. And quite a lot of
people on Instagram have made nice comments. That made me feel good, that I’ve done the bullying storyline justice and that people want to talk about it.

How far is the bullying storyline going to go on.

It’s a slow burner. It’s going to go on for months and months, we’re not just using it as a
quick storyline and then moving onto something else, we’re looking well into the autumn.
There’s not going to be a quick resolution.

Bethany can’t tell Sarah about it, can she?

She feels really isolated at the moment. Everything that’s happening with Sarah and
Callum’s body, plus everything that happens with Kylie, it builds and builds. She confides in Kylie later on. I don’t know if she tells anyone else. She wants to talk to her mum but with everything that’s going on she feels she can’t talk to her mum about anything.

How aware is she of what Sarah’s experiencing?

At first she’s in denial and doesn’t think anything is wrong with her and then when Sarah
barricades herself in the Platts, she starts to see that something is really wrong. I think she does feel really horrible and sorry for her mum. She’s worried about her mum and is scared about what will happen.

Do you think there’s a lot of pressure on teenage girls to act in a certain way to avoid being bullied?

The thing that they’re trying to say to Bethany is she’s fat. I think “fat virgin” is one of the
texts that she got from them. She’s starts going to the gym. The whole skinny kind of thing, trying to keep up with make up trends and fashion trends, I do think it’s hard for girls. Plus Bethany’s come to the school late so there’s the jealousy there, it’s a minefield.

Would you like her to make friends with Craig, he’s a nice guy.

Yeah, Craig would be a good friend for Bethany because he’s lovely and he’s lovely in real
life. I really get on well with Colson, I’d like to have more scenes with him.

Have you ever experienced online bullying?

No, never to this kind of extreme. I’ve been called nasty things but I don’t really let things like that bother me. Obviously some people do when it gets worse, especially if someone really takes something to heart. I don’t, I try not to let things that people say to me make a difference to me. I’ve never been subjected to bullying in the same way Bethany is.

What advice would you give to Bethany?

To tell an adult she trusts, or a friend. I think talking about it can help resolve it as can getting advice from other people.

How do you feel about Paula leaving?

I’m really sad that she’s leaving because the dynamics really work - me, Tina, Paula, Jack and Helen, Ben – it really works so it’s going to be very sad when she leaves but it’s good for her to do other things.

How would you like to see your character evolve?

Hopefully the bullying resolves. I’d like her to get a cool fashion job, I think she’d be good at that because some of the things she wears are quite odd!

Anyone else on the street you’d like Bethany to have some scenes with?

Craig and maybe Tracy. Although I like that Bethany’s not so mean now, she’s quite nice, so maybe not Tracy as Tracy would probably make her mean again!

The Trouble With Tracy

She may have got rid of Carla but Tracy lost Amy and Robert in the process and now she's in hospital. We asked Kate Ford whether things can get any worse...

Tell us about Tracy's health problems.

She’s only got the one kidney because when she was younger she took an ecstasy tablet in a nightclub and had organ failure, so the kidney she’s got is Samir’s kidney. Tracy gets an infection in her kidney which means that she becomes very poorly as it isn’t functioning properly.

What did she think when she first felt pain in the flower shop?

She’s been feeling pain for a while and feeling tired but she’s been taking her medication so isn’t overly worried until she suddenly doubles over in agony in the flower shop.

What did she think when she was referred to a transplant clinic?

She tries to make light of it, claiming as soon as she’s ill the doctors always presume it’s her kidney but deep down I think she’s more worried than she’s letting on.

Why doesn’t she confide in Ken?

He’s so cross with her after the wedding, especially as it’s meant he’s now seeing less of Amy. Tracy takes that to mean he doesn’t care so bar Beth, who’s proving to be quite a good friend, Tracy decides she’ll deal with it on her own.

How scared is Tracy when she wakes up in hospital? Is she going to be OK?

Well she doesn’t die. I think for Tracy the only positive that comes out of it is that she hopes it will bring her and Amy back together. But Amy is quite a tough cookie and she doesn’t come to the hospital to see her, even though Tracy is on her deathbed, which really affects Tracy.

She’s desperate to try to make amends with Amy but it doesn’t seem to work.

How does she feel to be rejected by both Robert and Amy? How lonely is Tracy feeling at this point?

She’s very lonely and very emotional when she’s at the hospital. Robert visits her and she’s hopeful it means they have a future together but it’s not going to be that simple, especially with Amy who Tracy fears she may have lost forever.

Do you think Amy could turn out to be like her mum?

I think that Amy is becoming like a mini-Tracy in the sense that she’s got all the answers and knows all the tricks. Tracy’s met her match in a way. She’s not devious like Tracy, but she’s done a bit of blackmailing for money; Liz, Ken’s ex Nessa then Michelle over Will.

Tracy is really proud of it and thinks it’s really good Amy’s got one over on Michelle!

What’s it like working with Elle Mulvaney?

She’s a really good actress Elle, she really gets it.

What about Ken? Is he head in his hands with Tracy now as well?

I think even Ken has had enough, everybody has at this point. Beth and Eccles are all she’s got. She’s got Todd but he’s snide, I wouldn’t trust him. Everybody else after this, has washed their hands of her.

Do you like Tracy and Beth’s friendship?

Beth is the only real friend Tracy has got and it’s taken years for her to have just one friend, Tracy’s not a girlie girl.

What reaction do you get to Tracy on the street?

It’s not bad, you’d be surprised. I think maybe people are frightened of me (laughs)!