Interview: Audrey's Dilemma

We spoke to Sue Nicholls about Lewis' return and the unfinished business between him and Audrey. Is Lewis to be trusted?

How has Audrey been feeling since she saw Lewis again when he was exposed as the person helping Rosemary?

It was one of those realisations that happens sometimes, although a good few years have passed and even though she may have been thinking she was well out of it, when the person is suddenly there you realise that the feelings have not gone away. This is the way for Audrey, it is unfinished business for her.

What happens when he gets back in touch this time?

She gets a visiting order and I guess most people would think ‘oh rip it up and don’t give him another thought’ but she does just the opposite, she cancels a lunch with her family and heads off to see him. She is curious and she wants to see face to face what he wants to say and if there is anything still there.

What does he say to her?

Well he does tell her that he has paid Gail the money back, he is trying to prove to her that he has turned over a new leaf and is paying for what he did.

Does she say anything to Gail?

No I don’t think she was planning to tell Gail she had been to see him but even if she had been going to Gail out maneuvers her tells her about the money going back in her account and is very outspoken against Lewis, even though he has done that Audrey knows she can’t tell her.

Can you see why Audrey is believing what he is saying?

Audrey never really lost out money wise and once she had seen in him prison and reignited the flame she does want to believe him.

Do you think Audrey feels like she needs a man or is it just this particular man?

I think it is this particular man, I hope it comes over that way. Once she realises there are feelings still there, and not a silly kind of crush, then it is something she can’t do anything about. It may be the wrong person for her and she has probably had a little talk with herself but she thinks she has to take chance.

Does she feel as though she has always been there for her family and now she wants something for herself?

Yes she thinks that she will always wonder if she doesn’t do this. She is 78 and she might not get another chance at love so she can’t think about their opinion. She also thinks that yes it might go wrong but if it does she is no worse off and actually it might all work out.

She goes to great lengths to keep the secret, what does she do?

She goes as far as concocting the fact that she is going on a cruise when actually she and Lewis are holed up at Grasmere Drive and Claudia is the only one that knows the truth.

What does Claudia think?

They actually have a lovely heart to heart and Claudia tells her to go for it, I think this comes from a genuine feeling on Claudia’s part that she wants her friend to have this chance at happiness.

She must have known that at some point she would have to tell the family was she wanting to wait and see if it worked out?

She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, she knows how Gail feels and she wasn’t brave enough to tell her. She did probably want to see how it was going herself before she told the family but now the genie is out of the bottle.

Is she angry when the stage an intervention in the salon?

I think she was past being angry by that time, she had talked to Gail and then David had also found out when he returned from his holiday. She had already told Gail that she wants her on her side and that she wants her to approve of her choice and that it might be her last chance of happiness which forces her to choose. It is after that when they ‘kidnap’ her. So she is just fed up with them treating her like she is daft and doesn’t know what she is doing.

Is Audrey concerned about what other people might think if her and Lewis?

No she isn’t really someone who is too worried about people gossiping about her she has grown up and lived a fairly eventful life and she can give as good as she gets really. There comes a time in life when you no longer care about other people’s opinions.

Does it upset Audrey that Gail is so judgemental over it all?

Gail always harps on about what Lewis did to her and I have thought about it and really nobody else has ever appreciated that when the kerfuffle happened years ago Gail knew that Audrey was having a relationship with him and they were together and it was actually quite a serious affair. He might have done wrong to Gail but Audrey was wronged by both of them and hurt most so Gail shouldn’t really have the moral high ground on this one. Maybe Audrey should tell her one day, that might come.

Are you pleased that Corrie is showing that romance is not just for the younger generations?

Yes I am, it is important, not everyone wants romance later in life but it happens and it is a lovely thing. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to play this storyline. It is never too late to find love.

Are you enjoying working with Nigel?

Yes he is lovely to work with I find it very easy to do the scenes with him, I want it to look truthful and he helps. Audrey really cares for him and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

INTERVIEW: Carla's Conundrum

Alison King discusses the battle for the factory, life after Aidan and Carla's disastrous love life - especially where Peter's concerned...

How has Carla been feeling since Aidan’s death because she had kept it together for so long and been everyone’s rock?

She was trying to be strong but she needed to have that meltdown and fighting Alya for the factory was her denial and when it looked like she had lost it all, it was a release, everyone told her it wasn't her fault and she knows that but she still believed she had played a part in his death.

What was it that was making her feel guilty?

It was the fact that like all of them she couldn’t help and she didn’t know how he was feeling. She tries to help everybody and fix everybody and she feels has done so many things wrong, she was out of control and she couldn't do anything to fix it. She was able to grieve at the funeral and she was able to cry but she still felt as though she had played a part in it, coming back to Weatherfield, giving him the factory.

Goodbye Eva

Catherine Tyldesley reflects upon her time on the cobbles as Eva leaves the street after seven years.

Take a look at some of her most memorable moments of her time on the street.

As a final farewell, guess who came back?

How will Catherine Tyldesley cope being interviewed by her biggest fan?

Catherine Tydesley is nominated for Best Actress in this year's Inside Soap Awards, show your support for her here.

Interview: Abi's Anguish

Being friends with Tracy can often be a double-edged sword, especially when Steve's involved! We asked Sally Carman whether Abi has bitten off more than she can chew...

How has Abi found fitting in on the Street?

Abi hasn’t emotionally attached herself to anything on the Street yet because she can’t believe her luck but the more she connects with people like Tracy and Steve, the more she has started to put down roots and so she starts to believe that maybe she could live here.

Does Abi see Tracy as a friend?
There’s a definite spark between them both, Abi recognises a kindred spirit and Tracy actually takes Abi seriously, whereas no one else does. Tracy has been open and acknowledges her as a friend and Abi has never had that, so it’s quite nice for her.

Interview: Jenny's Top Job

The Connors are taking over the Rovers! We asked Sally Ann Matthews what that means for Jenny and Johnny and what will happen to poor Gemma!?

How does the idea about buying the Rovers come about for Jenny and Johnny?

Jenny and Johnny are now at a loose end because they are not going to Spain and they have not got the factory because Johnny doesn’t particularly want anything to do with the factory. But he is a businessman, he is always looking for an opportunity and suddenly they are presented with the possibility of getting the Rovers which Johnny thinks would be a great idea.

Interview: Billy Don't Be A Hero

We spoke to Dan Brocklebank about Billy's good deed gone wrong and his friendship with David.

Shona asks Billy to keep an eye on David, why is that?

Shona and Billy are quite close and Billy will have counselling experience so Shona pushes him in the direction of looking after David.

Is Billy worried about David?

Yes, if Shona is worried about David then that’s enough to prompt Billy.

What happens when Billy follows David?

Billy is following David and there’s a car chase! David is chasing someone in a cab then Billy screeches out in his car and eventually he sees David parked up. Billy plonks himself in David’s car and asks him what is going on; he then tries to reason with him, reminding him he has a family and he persuades David to go home. But Billy just can’t resist sticking his nose in…

Why does Billy get himself involved?

Billy endlessly seems to do the wrong thing whilst trying to do the right thing. Potentially, Billy is getting a bit nosier the more he is in the show and he can’t resist getting involved. Ultimately he is trying to stop what happened to David to someone else so that is why he speaks to this chap who he thinks Josh is grooming. His intentions are good except he his basically doing what he has told David not to do!

What are Billy's first thoughts when he hears what has happened to Josh?

He feels terrible because he has caused it. Yes, he has stopped someone going through the trauma of what David went through but he has now actually managed to get someone beaten up so badly that they are near death.

What’s David and Shona’s reaction when Billy comes clean to them?

David is really annoyed because Billy has done the thing that he had told David not to do and calls him a hypocrite which is right actually however Gail is very much, ‘Good on you, Billy,’ because he has stopped him from hurting somebody else.

What will this do to Billy’s conscience?

Billy feels guilt towards Josh and his injuries but this could be a potential opportunity for Billy to maybe help Josh and rehabilitate him and find out why he has done the things that he has done to David and potentially stop it from happening again to someone else but going at it from a different angle.

Let’s talk about the car chase, how was that to film?

Never in my twenty five years of doing this for a living did I think I would be doing a car chase around the streets of Manchester dressed as a vicar, it was very exciting and we got to do all of our own driving which was really cool.

Had you ever filmed anything like that before?

I have driven before in TV shows and in films but I have never done a car crash before. We shut the streets of Manchester off and had proper wheel-spinning-screeching moments - it was brilliant!

Do you think David and Billy’s friendship is a one that can blossom? Do you like that partnership?

I love that partnership and I love Jack P Shepherd. In real life we are quite different and therefore our friendship is good fun so potentially Billy and David could be interesting to watch from an audience’s perspective probably for the same reasons because they are very different people too. Not only could there be a lot of drama there but there could be a huge amount of comedy.

What advice would you give to Billy?

Stop sticking your nose in! Billy, don’t be a hero!

Interview: Kayla's Kidnap Plan

Kayla is out for revenge, but how far will she go? We spoke to Mollie Winnard about Kayla's plan.

From the beginning, did Kayla plan to go this far with her plan?

Initially no, but at this stage she doesn't care about the consequences, she is very clever and calculated in her moves. She has one end goal.