Toyah's Baby

We spoke to Georgia Taylor about whether Toyah and Eva's baby plans will result in their happily-ever-after...

Does Toyah feel bad about the web of lies she is spinning?

This plan is so crazy and doesn’t ever seem like it’s going to work but once they have started it there’s never really a good time to back out, they’ve gone too far and they get in too deep. If this did work, it would be perfect for everyone but of course, this is soap…

How confident is Toyah that this plan will work?

She is definitely not confident, she has entered into this with a sense of trepidation. With Toyah being a counsellor, what is interesting is that if this were happening to a friend of hers, she would strongly advise against this but she is so desperate for a child and so vulnerable that the rational side of her has been overruled and her heart has led instead of her head.

What happens when Toyah gets to the cottage and finds that Eva is in labour?

Toyah hears screams and Eva says she has gone in to labour but unfortunately the door to the bathroom has fallen off with Eva trapped inside. Toyah smashes the hell out of that door because she is going to make sure that Eva and her baby are okay. Toyah finds herself delivering the baby and what I love about this so much is it reminded me of my days on Casualty because this is the kind of thing happens on those kind of shows all the time, total flashback!

David's State Of Mind

Jack P Shepherd talks about David's struggle and whether there is any hope for David and Shona's relationship.

Is David angry at Shona?

No, he has pushed her away he still loves her but he can’t be with her at the same time as
trying to deal with what happened to him. He can’t be near her, he doesn’t want to be with her sexually, but it’s because he loves her.

He showed his feelings in a very violent way at the boxing match and now he is
paying the price. What made him react in that way?

It was the culmination of all his anger and anxiety over the rape. He was in the boxing ring
and wasn’t putting up much of a defence when Josh whispered in his ear, "I bet you’d rather go round two with me." There is a just a red mist moment where he hits Gary and can’t stop.

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Bhavna Limbachia on Rana's Struggle

Bhavna Limbachia talks about Rana's struggles with her sexuality. What does her affair with Kate mean for Rana's relationship with her family?

How do Rana’s parents react when they realise the relationship between Kate and Rana is still going on?

Rana’s family are absolutely disgusted and feel betrayed that she’s broken the terms of the contract. In desperation to cover up their daughter’s shame they take drastic measures to make sure that Rana and Kate can’t be together.

When Rana’s mum calls to say she’s going to Pakistan to see her dying sister why does Rana agree to go with, despite how strained their relationship has been?

Rana believes the only way she can make things right and win her mum round is to be her support system for her dying sister. She feels so guilty and so ashamed of what she’s done that she doesn’t question anything.

Keeping Mum

As Eva plans to move away to have the baby, we speak to Catherine Tyldesley about what's coming up for Eva.

Leading up to this week, has Eva started to have any doubts?

She went into it with a genuine heart, her and Toyah have developed this really strong bond and relationship and she genuinely felt sorry for Toyah and she thought she would be able to deal with it all.

But as we know, and as the viewers know, Eva has got a big heart and things are going to be extremely difficult for her. She is still in love with Aidan, as much as she tries to deny it she does still love him, and this is their baby, so at the same time she is wracked with guilt.

So, when she thought this would be the ideal solution, was she being naive?

Yes! She is not the brightest of girls, and she never thinks of the consequences. At this point she thought, "Oh my God, this is the ideal solution!" Toyah can have the baby, she will get her life back, hopefully get back with Adam and she just doesn't question the consequences.

Was Toyah naive about the whole thing too?

Yes, they were both naive and desperate, that's the key word here, desperate. They were both looking for something and this sounded like the ideal solution, when in fact is anything but.

Eva signs the lease on the cottage this week, is she worried about moving away?

She has been putting it off but it is getting to the point where she can't hide this bump anymore or pass it off as a heartbreak diet. Eva is also finding it incredibly difficult to be on the street, seeing Adam and Aidan. Now she realises that moving to the cottage is the best thing to do.

But she is very dubious about it because she is not very good on her own, she has always needed, a boyfriend, a mum or a sister, and she will be in the middle of nowhere on her own. She is very needy and she is worried about that.

The midwife starts talking about the importance of the father's involvement. Is this when Eva realises the significance of what she is doing?

When she mentions the fathers involvement, Eva looks around the room and see's all the couples preparing for what should be the most important moment in their lives, it's then she realises she is robbing Aidan of the chance to be a father. He will never get to hold her, sing to her, and do all the things that Dad's are suppose to do, and that really overwhelms her at that point.

That is the big heart in Eva coming through, she grew up without a Dad and that is also a key part in this.

Toyah realises that something is not right with Eva, does she support her?

Toyah is totally genuine, she is a very genuine person and hates lying just as much a Eva. She wouldn't behave like this if she wasn't so desperate to become a mum.

She also went through the whole wedding scenario with Eva and saw how in love she was and how desperate she was when she found out about the affair. She really does care about Eva and she realises that although they had a plan, Eva should go for it with Aidan if she thinks it will work out.

Is the weight of the lie with Toyah as well?

Both of them are riddled with guilt. They are lying to both Aidan and Peter, and those men don't deserve that.

Do you think that Eva should tell Aidan?

Yes 100%. If I was her friend I would never have let her go this far in the first place. But it has taken Eva this long to realise that she loves Aidan, because she hasn't been letting those feeling in, every time she has thought about it she has just pushed it to one side.

Overtime and because she is carrying his baby it has overwhelmed her how much she still care about him. If I was her friend I would be saying you have to give this a go, and that's exactly what Toyah does.

Do you think Aidan is her soul mate?

Yes I do and this whole year has just been horrific for them both. They have both made mistakes, and they should really sit down and talk about it all.

Do you think Eva would make a good mum?

Yes I do think she would be, a slightly dizzy one but a good one nonetheless. She would be loads of fun and cherish a little baby.

Do you think she could cope as a single mum?

Her mum did that, and she has got that strength from her mum. I just don't think she has the self belief.

Why did she not want the baby in the beginning?

It was fear, she was terrified, she was a alone carrying Aidan's baby, and was still not over the events of the wedding. The wedding was huge betrayal and a huge event and she just couldn't see a way out of it. She was so hurt and alone. If she had spoken to Leanne first instead of Toyah it would have been a different story.

Do you like the dynamic with the three sisters?

I absolutely love it! I love working with Jane and Georgia they are fantastic actresses, the characters just work so well together because they are so different. I love the comedy between Toyah and Eva and their differences. Toyah is very much natural and earthy and Eva is anything but, there is a lot of comedy to be had here and it works. Leanne is like the mother figure and they all care about each other very much.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 11th April

Shona's Heartbreak

Julia Goulding discusses Shona and David's break-up and what's coming up for them both in this heart-wrenching storyline.

Before this point what had she noticed about David's behaviour?

She had noticed he had become really distant with her, very angry, short tempered and snappy. He is not engaging with anything but Shona is focusing on that he is not engaging with her.

She is not seeing the bigger picture that he is also being like this with the kids, with Gail and with work.

Does Shona have any idea why their relationship has changed?

Shona believes she is the problem. She just thinks that he doesn't want to be with her anymore and that he is just not telling her.

David and Shona were very loved up over Christmas, and this has literally changed overnight and she can't for the life of her think of a reason why, so assumes it must be because of her.

Does Shona really believe that this is the end of their relationship?

She really does love him. But as he has turned around, looked her in the eye and said he no longer loves her, so she is very adamant that that is it. She feels very stupid.

What were Shona's first thoughts when she first heard David say that?

Oh, it really was gut-wrenching for her. She saved face in front of him because she was so shocked, she couldn't possibly believe that this is what he is saying her.

But he was so cold towards her, so she took her stuff and left.

What was your reaction when you first heard about this storyline?

It is an important issue and a very brave issue for Coronation Street to tackle. I had every faith, I didn't question it in any way, because hard subjects are done with such sensitivity and proper justice.

It is the aftermath that is the important story, the way David deals with what has happened and his mental health, so I feel really privileged that I have been trusted with this storyline.

What has it been like filming these scenes with Jack?

It's always amazing filming with Jack. When David and Shona are happy we have loads of fun filming those scenes.

Filming conflict, especially with Jack, we bounce of each other really well.

How do you take yourself out of the mindset filming difficult scenes like that?

We can fall into it quite easily because Jack and I have a really good relationship, so it doesn't take much to get where we need to in those scenes.

Afterwards we talk about really random, silly things and that shakes it off for both of us.


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