Interview: Mollie Winnard

We spoke to newcomer Mollie Winnard on whats next for Kayla and her relationship with Craig.

What is Kayla's first thoughts about Craig?

Kayla wants to get to know Craig. She spies her opportunity and she can see there is more going on with him and Bethany but she is not put off by that. She wants to get Bethany out the picture so she can move in on Craig.

What does she think is going on between Bethany and Craig?

When she first gave her number to Craig she could tell there is more going on than they care to admit because it’s obvious how close they are to each other but she doesn’t feel threatened.

Bethany is quite encouraging when it comes to Craig and Kayla, isn’t she?

Yes, but you can see she has a hidden agenda. She is trying to be happy because she is trying to do the right thing but it is obvious that she still likes Craig. She is putting her own feelings to one side because she cares about him and wants what is best for him.

Interview: Cath Tyldesley

As Eva and Toyah's lies have finally come to surface, we spoke to Catherine Tyldesley about what's next in the baby Susie saga.

How does Eva feel about Toyah going back on the pact they made?

Initially she was completely shocked because she could see how desperate Toyah has always been for a family but at the same time she is super relieved because deep down her mum instincts have kicked in and she wants to be a mum to Susie. She is also feeling the fear because all of a sudden she’s like, “I am going to be a mum now,” but the overwhelming feeling is relief.

If Toyah hadn’t have revealed the truth do you think Eva would have done?

Yes, one hundred percent. It was always going to come out and the chances were that it was going to be Eva because there was no way that she could have carried on, her maternal instinct is too strong.

Why does Eva decide to come clean to Adam about her pregnancy?

She does genuinely care about him. She doesn't love him like she did with Aidan but she’s got a huge soft spot for him and he is offering that shoulder to cry on. At the moment, to have that offer in her life and that support is brilliant for her.

Toyah Tells The Truth

Georgia Taylor speaks about THAT secret and how Peter discovers the truth about baby Susie...

There’s been moments where Toyah is worried that Eva may change her mind about the pact, how anxious is she that Eva will want Susie back?

Toyah is always on the verge of feeling like that is going to happen, like she is walking a tightrope and at any moment she could just fall off. Susie is quite literally a piece of Aidan and Toyah knows that Eva has to look in to that child’s eyes knowing that it is the last remaining piece of the man that she loved.

But in the meantime, Toyah and Peter have both bonded with Susie.

Toyah absolutely feels as though Susie is her daughter and she feels very much like the mother she has always wanted to be but the fact they are all living on top of each other is really exacerbating the tension of the situation.

So living with the lie hasn’t become easier for Toyah now that she has Susie?

No, the only thing that feels easy is how natural it feels for her to be a mum because that is something that she has wanted for so long.

What happens when Eva tells Peter, Toyah and Leanne how she caught Simon and his mate smoking over the pram?

Eva goes ballistic because this is her child and she still feels protective so Eva lays in to Peter about it but Peter goes on the defensive for Simon, so Eva and Peter are at loggerheads. There is a genuine moment of tension where Toyah doesn’t know whether Eva is going to reveal the secret. She manages to dissipate the drama but it’s the fact that they have come so close and for a short time Peter and Eva aren’t talking to each other and that is terrifying to Toyah because the drama is bubbling away.

Richard Hawley On Johnny's Grief

Richard Hawley discusses Johnny's state of mind ahead of Aidan's funeral.

How would you describe Johnny and Jenny’s relationship at the moment?

This is the story of men’s difficulty in expressing feelings and in this case, Johnny is finding difficulty with grieving and of course he is deeply traumatised. He’s acting out the silence that Aidan lived in.

Does Johnny realise that he is pushing Jenny away?

Johnny is blinded to everything, he is keeping other people out, not deliberately but he can’t stop it. This is the danger of the difficulty of grieving. It’s an instinctive response to protect his own pain and vulnerability and it’s a classic case of you lash out at the ones closest to you.

What happens when Johnny tells Jenny she is not welcome at the Chapel of Rest?

The trigger for banning Jenny is because she spills a coffee on Aidan’s suit which is almost like desecrating his son. He sees innocent mistakes as desecration because all of his feelings are elevated, you just can’t reach him.

The End Of Phelan

One of most notorious villains to ever walk the cobbles, Pat Phelan has finally exited the Street in a bodybag.

Join us behind the scenes as we speak to Connor McIntyre, Debbie Rush, Nicola Thorp and Kym Marsh about filming the dramatic climax to Phelan's reign of terror.

David Speaks Out

Jack P. Shepherd talks about David finding the courage to speak out about Josh.

How does David feel when Dec confesses he is also a victim of Josh?

Dec tells David that he has had enough of Shona bothering him. Dec says he can’t go to the police too and it makes a difference to David to know that he is not the only one but he still feels that going public and letting the whole street know is too much for him.

Does it hit home for David when Dec says he can’t go to the police too?

David should feel that, with both their words against Josh’s, they have a stronger chance of being believed. But he blames himself because he feels like he should have been able to stop Josh, and that’s because of the mind games that Josh has been playing with him and probably with Dec too.
But this is the point of the storyline, he shouldn’t be scared that he isn’t going to be believed, he shouldn’t feel embarrassed, he should open up and not keep it all bottled up inside himself.

What is going through David’s head when he listens to Johnny talk about Aidan?

When he hears Johnny pouring his heart out to Peter, saying he wished that Aidan would have talked to him about what was going on in his head, it really hits home. He has been making rash decisions, and hurting the ones he loves along the way, when the one thing he needs to do is talk.

Can he see a likeness in his and Aidan’s situation?

Even though David is very extreme in his behaviour sometimes; no one knew what Aidan was dealing with, in the same way that no one really knows what David is dealing with, apart from now Shona. We have David at his lowest ebb but he realises that he wants to live, he wants to fight these feelings. And he realises he can’t move on until he opens up and for Josh to get punished he has to talk.

How much courage does it take for David to tell Shona he wants to report Josh?

It’s what he has been afraid of since the ordeal. But everything changed from the moment he told Shona and she believed him. And after hearing Johnny pour his heart out to Peter, he knows that talking about it is the only way to move forward.

Does David feel like a weight has been lifted when he tells the police?

In David’s head it is all about Josh owning up to what he has done and admitting that he raped David, because at the moment he is still saying that it was consensual and that’s really eating David up.

How hard is it for David to tell Gail and Audrey about his rape ordeal?

When it comes to Gail and Audrey David has always got something up his sleeve, but in that moment David seems powerless and he never really is. This is a men’s mental health story and about encouraging men to talk about things that happen to them rather than bottling them up.

Does it help David to realise he has done the right thing by talking to people?

This is the most important part of the storyline because it has always been less about the ordeal and more about how David deals with the aftermath. Hopefully people will start talking about the storyline and it could help someone who has gone through something similar to realise they need to open up and speak to somebody.


If you've been affected by David's story please where help and support is available.

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