Maria Connor

Maria Connor is played by Samia Ghadie

First Appearance: 19th May 2000

Preview Clips: Monday 10th April


As Toyah and Peter prepare to head to the fertility clinic, they’re interrupted by the police...

I'm arresting you on suspicion of assaulting Chloe Tipton.

– DS MacKinnon


When David clocks the tension between Aidan and Maria, will she admit the truth to him about their affair?

Just felt like a bit of a kick in the teeth.

– Maria Connor

Preview Clip: Wednesday 15th March

With Maria back at the salon, David and Gail do their best to make her feel as normal as possible.

You're a right little ASBO aren't you. You should be on the Red Rec drinking cider.

– David Platt

Day Fourteen

As a special treat for DAY FOURTEEN of the Corrie Advent Calendar, here are the lovely Samia Longchambon and Catherine Tyldesley answering our festive questions.

But REMEMBER, an Aidan is for life, not just for Christmas!

Watching Maria

Caz steps up her torment of Maria but how does she know every move she makes?

Beth, Kirk and Peanut call at Maria's to put her mind at rest and Kirk checks round the flat, assuring her there’s nothing to worry about.

Little do they realise that Caz can see everything they're doing through a webcam!

Is Maria in danger?