Peter Barlow

Peter Barlow is played by Chris Gascoyne

First Appearance: 5th April 1965

Behind The Scenes: Nick's Quicksand Terror

Who fancies a trip to the seaside with the Coronation Street cast and crew?

Just watch where you stand...

Ben Price, Chris Gascoyne and Simon Gregson take us away from Weatherfield to see how we filmed Nick's terrifying quicksand scenes.

Director Michael Lacey discusses the trials and tribulations of filming on a beach - especially when the sea doesn't behave like it's supposed to!

Thankfully HM Coastguard were on hand to offer advice and help us out of any tight spots!


Preview Clips: Monday 10th April


As Toyah and Peter prepare to head to the fertility clinic, they’re interrupted by the police...

I'm arresting you on suspicion of assaulting Chloe Tipton.

– DS MacKinnon


When David clocks the tension between Aidan and Maria, will she admit the truth to him about their affair?

Just felt like a bit of a kick in the teeth.

– Maria Connor

First Pics: Peter's Temptation

Stunned to find out Toyah has kept her IVF attempts a secret from him Peter wonders what other lies she has told him and storms off to go on a taxi run.

When his glamorous customer Chloe invites him into the hotel for a drink Peter accepts - has he gone back to his old ways?


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Day Eleven

Peter has been keeping secrets ever since he walked back into Weatherfield. As Christmas approaches it becomes clear, that as usual with Peter, a woman is involved...

When he’s overheard booking a hotel room and caught wrapping a present to the love of his life it looks like his mystery woman is about to be revealed.

Nick is convinced he’s making a play for Leanne as he watches her and Peter bond again over Simon - what is Peter’s game?

Quick Fire Christmas Questions

The Barlows at Christmas

We asked Chris Gascoyne some fun festive questions!

What are your plans for this Christmas?

I will just be having a quiet Christmas with all my family.

What does Christmas mean to you?

It’s memories isn’t it really, once you get to a certain age. It’s also a nice time to be with your family. I do really like Christmas and it reminds me of when I was young spending time with my family and of course you miss the people who aren’t there anymore. It’s a time for reflection.

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

It was a football game called Subbuteo in the 1970s and I loved it. Another boy who lived down the road from me had it for quite a while before me, so I was just thrilled when I got that.

What will you be watching on TV this Christmas?

I’m not sure yet because I haven’t got my TV Mag! I like to go through it and ring all the programmes that I want to watch, that is how boring I am! I love all the television programmes at Christmas and watching I’ll be Coronation Street on Christmas Day.

What is your secret to a stress free Christmas?

Break it up a bit as you don’t have to be together all the time. Go and do something else: Go out, go for a walk, do other things. But I don’t think there is any such thing as a stress-free Christmas is there?

  • Peter Barlow