Pat Phelan

Pat Phelan played by Connor McIntyre

First Appearance: 2nd October 2013

Behind The Scenes: Luke's Demise

Join Dean Fagan and Connor McIntyre at the location of Luke's explosive final confrontation with Phelan!

Connor and Dean reveal what's involved in making such a dramatic episode and tease what's to come for dastardly Phelan - will he get his comeuppance?

And, don't miss Dean's goodbye message to all the Coronation Street fans.

Killer Phelan

Join Connor McIntyre, Oliver Farnworth and Ian Kelsey behind the scenes of the darkest chapter in Phelan's story yet...

Andy's Diaries: Episode Four

If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise - especially if you bump into Oliver Farnworth and Connor McIntyre!

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THE SECRET LIFE OF PHELAN: Connor McIntyre examines what Phelan's been up to
THEN, NOW & FOREVER: Take a walk down memory lane

The Secret Life Of Phelan

Did you notice all the times that Phelan was acting suspiciously over the past few months?

Connor McIntyre invites you to look a little closer at the past few months as we spot all the times that Phelan was up to no good!

  • Pat Phelan

Phelan Arrested

This is the moment that Pat Phelan is arrested on suspicion of the attempted murder of Ken Barlow!

In Wednesday night’s episode DS MacKinnon told the Barlow family that Ken had not suffered a stroke and had in fact been attacked and pushed down the stairs.

In tonight’s (Friday) episodes the police arrest Phelan after his name comes up repeatedly in police interviews with the Barlows and, after hearing about how he rowed with Ken over the unfinished kitchen, Phelan is arrested.

  • Pat Phelan

Behind The Scenes: Unholy Matrimony

For better or for worse, Eileen and Pat are now married! Join Sue Cleaver, Connor McIntyre, Bruno Langley and Daniel Brocklebank behind the scenes at the top secret wedding.

Will Mr and Mrs Phelan get their happily ever after?


Michael’s Demise

Join Les Dennis and Connor McIntyre behind the scenes during Michael's chilling exit.

I’ve got a ‘Phelan’ he is going to get me.

– Les Dennis

As we say goodbye to Michael after two and a half years on the cobbles what effect will his shocking death be on an already devastated Platt family.

And with the walls closing in, will Phelan get away with it all?