Picture Preview: Mon 2 Feb - Fri 6 Feb

This week on Coronation Street: Roy attempts to say a final goodbye to Hayley, Callum comes looking for Max, Faye struggles with bullies at school and Michael gets ready for his operation.

Callum pops into Roy's Rolls to share a milkshake with Max.

Which worries David into researching his legal rights as Max's dad.

Callum turns the charm on Katy, will she warm to his sob story?

Later, Callum asks David to act as his alibi, or he'll tell Max who he really is!

Will David lie to the police?

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Picture Previews: Mon 26 Jan - Fri 30 Jan

This week on the Street: Todd plots his revenge, David and Eva try to track down Kylie and Sinead awaits news from the doctors.

Eva confides in Tony and Todd that she plans to ask Jason if he’d like to buy a place together.

But she’s gutted when Jason says he doesn’t want to.

But as Tony gives her a hug, fiendish Todd forms a plan…

Knowing Tony and Eva are in the flat looking to buy under Jason's nose, Todd conspires to make Jason walk in on them. Will they tell him what they're up to?

Never missing an opportunity to stir things up more, Todd suggests that it's good that Eva and Tony get on so well and spend so much time together. Will Jason start to think the worst?

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Picture Previews: Mon 19 Jan - Fri 23 Jan

This week on the Street: A horrific accident leaves lives at risk, Steve's forced to confront his demons, Steph struggles with Gavin's secret and will Sean grab his chance of happiness?

Alya offers to accompany Gary to court but he insists she mustn't miss her night out with the factory girls.

Steve's hurt after seeing Michelle kissing Hamish.

And so volunteers to drive the Underworld staff to the awards ceremony.

But Michelle is really not happy to see Steve driving.

and a drunken Beth gets left behind!

As the minibus speeds along, some boy racers cut them up causing Steve to swerve off the road.

The minibus crashes and flips on its side!

Bus crash

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Picture Previews: Mon 5 Jan - Fri 9 Jan

This week on the Street: Will Kirk and Beth get hitched without a hitch? David backs Callum into a corner and Michelle goes on a date?

WEDDING PHOTOS: See more pics of Kirk and Beth's 80s themed wedding

Beth’s family arrive and are pleasantly surprised to find Jason, topless in the living room.

Thinking he’s Kirk they’re a little deflated to meet the real one… Poor Kirk

Kirk overhears Agnes, Nancy and Arlene discussing him and he's deeply hurt by their harsh words

Beth is speechless (for once) when Sinead unveils the finished basque.

But Kirk’s confidence has been knocked for six. Can Chesney convince him to go through with the wedding?

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Picture Previews: Mon 29 Dec - Fri 2 Jan

This week on the Street: Roy spends the night in prison, Steve's spending catches up with him and David faces off against Callum.

Liz is worried when Steve seems unenthusiastic about taking Amy to the Panto.

But maybe he's got other things on his mind after Eileen confronts him about not being paid. Has Steve's financial mess caught up with him?

Michael is evicted when he can't pay his rent (thanks to Steve). Will David take pity and offer to put him up?

Max is upset when Kylie doesn't show up. Will David be able to find her?

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Picture Previews: Christmas Week

Christmas on the Street: The festivities begin with a bang when Callum introduces himself to David... Tracy starts playing games with Tony, Gary hits rock bottom and Roy attacks an intruder!

Callum turns up on the Street, wanting his car MOT'd by Kevin.

And if he manages to bump into Kylie while he's there, that's purely incidental...

Later, Callum lets himself into the Platt's and then Kylie's forced to make some awkward introductions.

It's fairly safe to say that David and Callum aren't going to see eye to eye.

And that's before the rest of the family show up!

Watch the Christmas Promo

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Picture Previews: Mon 15 Dec - Fri 19 Dec

This week on the Street: There's new love for Nick, Callum comes looking for Kylie, Alya questions her future with Gary and Tracy and Tony get up to no good...

Sean's desperate to make a good impression with Billy, despite Todd's best efforts.

Kylie's worlds collide when Callum turns up at the salon.

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Picture Previews: Sun 7 Dec - Fri 12 Dec

This week on Coronation Street: Feel the love as Julie and Dev, Maria and Luke and Sean and Billy all have first dates! The path to true love doesn’t always run smoothly though, especially when Kal finds out about Gary and Alya!

Also: David takes a stand against Kylie and Michael tries to build bridges with Gavin.

Kal and Yasmeen walk in on Gary and Alya snogging! We’re not going to lie, Gary’s face is going to be sore in the morning!

Especially when the ruckus spills out onto the street…

Meanwhile, it’s family day at the Community Centre. Will Michael be able to persuade Gavin to have a photo with him?

Maria accidentally stabs herself in the eye with a mascara wand and Luke leaps to her rescue and takes her to A&E.

Later, the couple enjoy their first date at the bistro, but when Luke realises he's lost his keys will Maria's suggest a nightcap at hers?

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