Picture Previews: Mon 12 Oct - Fri 16 Oct

This week on the Street: Will Sarah confide in Billy? Tyrone and Fiz learn more on Hope's condition, Maria gives Luke an ultimatum, Kate is ruffling feathers at the factory and Ken buys Amy a violin.

Billy confides in Todd that he's worried about Sarah

But when Sean sees them talking, he's upset thinking Billy swerved dinner with him to be with Todd.

Meanwhile, as Jason, Gary and Tony continue with the building works, can the Platts get the closure they need?

Fiz and Tyrone wait anxiously for news on whether Hope's cancer has spread.

As their friends rally together, will it be good news?

Maria gives Luke an ultimatum, he has to choose between her and his racing!

Kate starts working in the factory, but is unimpressed to find she's working with Kirk in packing.

But she's not the only unhappy one, as she manages to wind Beth up by feeling Kirk's biceps.

Has Kate bitten off more than she can chew?

Ken buys a violin for Amy and gives her her first lesson. What will Tracy think of the racket?

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Picture Previews: Mon 5 Oct - Fri 9 Oct

This week on the Street: Aidan's dad and sister show up with a surprise for Carla, Sally is determined that the wedding will go ahead, despite what Tim has to say on the matter and Sarah goes to the police!

As Carla works on a tough client, she's unimpressed by a distracted Aidan, who's studiously ignoring calls from his dad.

She's later stunned when Aidan's dad, Johnny, bursts into the factory demanding to see his son.

Followed closely by Aidan's sister Kate!

But how will Carla react when it becomes clear that Aidan hasn't been entirely truthful about where he got the funds to buy into the business?

And it doesn't take Johnny long to get his feet under the table!

Meanwhile, Kate pops in to see Michelle (her 3rd cousin!) to catch up all about her engagement!

Elsewhere, Sally is getting ready for the wedding. Despite Tim telling her repeatedly that he has no intention of turning up!

Look! He even tears up the invite!

Will Sally get her happily ever after, or will she be left humiliated in front of her friends and family?

When Kevin announces he's landed a bigger contract, Fiz worries about how much Tyrone is working.

Sarah's in bits when she hears that a body has been found in the canal.

Can Kylie stop Sarah from going to the police?

As Roy and Ken set off for their classical concert, Cathy admits to Anna she's a bit jealous of Ken.

But how will she react when Anna explains Roy had intended to take her and only invited Ken out of pity.

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First Pics - Sally's Big Day

In the Bistro, staff and guests alike are embarrassed for Sally as she stands in her wedding dress waiting for Tim.
Sally’s resolve starts to crumble when it becomes clear that Tim’s not coming, and as her guests dessert her she’s left stood alone like Miss Havisham!

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Preview Pictures: Mon 28 Sept - Fri 2 Oct

This week on Coronation Street: Sally wallows in heartbreak over the mess with Tim. Yasmeen vows not to rest until she has justice for Kal, Fiz and Tyrone receive more news about Hope's condition, and Roy and Cathy are in new territory...

Rita orders Sally to buck up and try to sort things out with Tim.

Yasmeen is outraged to see Tracy back on the cobbles...

And Tracy is rattled by the hostility.

Meanwhile Zeedan is struggling to run the gym, and Sharif checks out the bills.

Fiz and Tyrone get the results of Hope's biopsy.

And Roy waits anxiously for Cathy in the Bistro, but will she show?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 21 Sept - Fri 25 Sept

This week on the cobbles: Cathy pulls out all the stops for Roy's birthday, Callum continues to terrorise the Platts, and Jason wants revenge. Sally's secret is in danger of being exposed, and Steve and Lloyd get locked in the cellar together!

Cathy whisks Roy off to Blackpool for his birthday.

But will a place filled with such painful memories be too much for Roy?

Callum is back to cause more trouble for the Platts!

And Sarah is playing a dangerous game.

Meanwhile, Jason is hellbent on revenge.

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Preview Pictures: Sun 13 Sept - Thu 17 Sept

This week on the cobbles: Eva's back! Jason goes looking for revenge on an increasingly desperate Callum, Cathy's nephew comes to stay and Lloyd finds out he's going to be a dad!

Jason gets Callum's address from David and heads out for revenge.

But he's still in no shape and risks hurting himself further.

But Jason's not the only one who's after Callum, as two thugs burst in demanding money. How will he talk himself out of this one?

Meanwhile, Eva's back and she's got a thing or two to say to Todd.

Later, Jason and Eva catch up and it's clear they both still have strong feelings for each other.

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Picture Previews: Mon 7 Sept - Fri 11 Sept

This week on the Street: Carla's driven to the edge with only Tracy to talk her down, Zeedan learns Leanne's secret, Callum stirs up trouble and Andrea has some shocking news!

Tracy finds drunk Carla teetering dangerously close to the edge of a quarry.

Begging Carla to stop blaming herself, Tracy points out that the fire was just a horrible accident but will she reveal what really happened?

Exclusive Preview

Back on the Street, a trip to The Rovers turns sour when Alya reveals her plans to sabotage Underworld.

As Tracy nervously watches on, fearing an aggravated Carla might reveal details of their emotional confrontation at the quarry…

Tracy’s worst fears are confirmed when the police arrive at The Rovers to arrest her on suspicion of murder…

Will Tracy finally pay the price for her crime?

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Picture Previews: Mon 31 Aug - Fri 4 Sept

This week on the Street: Simon goes too far when Leanne is left seriously injured, Carla and Tracy struggle with their guilt at Maddie's Memorial Auction, Fiz and Tyrone get some heartbreaking news and Tim gives Kevin something he'll never forget!

Having hearing that Simon has been in a fight at school, Leanne marches him home...

Leanne has another fight with Simon who gives her an almighty shove and then storms out the door. Leanne stumbles and catching her head on a table, passes out on the floor - leaving the bath running!

As water starts to seep through the kebab shop ceiling, Dev and Mary race upstairs and are horrified to find leanne unconscious and the bath overflowing.

Seeing Leanne being lifted into an ambulance, Zeedan insists he'll go with her to the hospital.

As Simon watches, terrified, realising he's the cause of his mum's injuries. Will Leanne finally speak out?

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