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Preview Pictures: Mon 8 Feb - Fri 12 Feb

This week on the Street: Leanne makes the hardest decision of her life, Anna doesn't take kindly to Sally's council, there's a discovery at the Factory, Izzy finds a friend in Erica and Beth is itching for a fight!

As Leanne arrives to watch Simon play football, she’s surprised to see Tom there (the guy who she got talking to last night) whilst Simon’s furious to see her chatting up the manager.

As the football match hots up, Simon tackles another player, bringing him down and causing him to writhe in pain as Leanne watches in horror.

Concerned that Simon is totally out of control, Leanne decides the time has come to take drastic action.

With heavy heart, Leanne reports Simon to the police, listing all the occasions on which he’s abused her and explaining about the latest incident involving Kyle.

Under the police officer's’ gaze, Simon admits that sometimes he sees red and can’t stop himself from lashing out. Ken puts his arm round him to show his support.

Elsewhere, when there’s a problem at the Arches, Phelan tells Kevin they can sort it but it’ll mean another week’s work. Kevin’s grateful, while Anna tells Kevin she reckons Phelan tampered with it himself as she knows he’s short of work. Will Kevin buy this?

Later, Anna calls in the garage and apologises to Kevin for her recent tantrums and suggests they wipe the slate clean. Kevin agrees and at his suggestion they join Tim and Sally for dinner.

Sally bores Anna to death about her council campaign. Anna loses her temper and thrusting some cash at Kevin, storms out of the bistro.

Sean’s furious to discover his new coat is missing. As the factory girls argue about who could have stolen it, Marta suddenly emerges from behind some boxes wearing Sean’s coat and makes a dash for it. Everyone watches open mouthed.

As Eva, Sean and Sinead fuss round Izzy, she confirms that her hip was hurt as Marta barged past.

Later, Izzy confides in Erica that since dislocating her hip, she’s been in terrible pain and her painkillers aren’t working. Erica offers to get her some cannabis but Izzy’s not keen. Will she take her up on the offer?

Meanwhile finding Jenny alone, Johnny buys her a drink and assures her that the factory girls will come round eventually. Jenny’s glad of his company.

Dressed up and sporting her new hair do, Beth and Kirk also head to the Bistro. But halfway through the meal, her skin becomes itchy and blotchy and blaming the bistro food, Beth insists Kirk takes her to hospital

Beth shows David her awful rash and tells him Nick can expect a visit from Environmental Health. Beth’s furious when David reveals that her rash was caused by hair dye and is nothing to do with the Bistro food.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 1 Feb - Fri 5 Feb

This week on the Street: Jenny's reunited with Jack, Johnny lays down the law with Robert, Aidan invites Eva to dinner with the O'Driscolls and Phelan worms his way in with the Grimshaws.

Jenny's nervous as she prepares for her first day at work - things get worse when she's accused of being a thief!

Later, Kevin, Rita and Sophie search frantically for Jack, worried sick that Jenny may have snatched him again.

In the factory, a tearful Jenny hugs Jack closely.

Kate tells Sophie how deeply sorry Jenny is for what she did. Will Sophie be prepared to listen?

As Jenny loads her things into a cab, Kevin approaches. Can he convince her to stay?

Meanwhile, Johnny shoves Robert into the ginnel, telling him they need to have a little chat.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 25 Jan - Fri 29 Jan

This week on Coronation Street: Jenny Bradley returns to a frosty reception from Kevin and Sophie, Gary finds out Phelan is back on the street, and Ken offers to take Audrey out for a drink - but will she accept his offer?

Rita tells Sophie that Jenny has been in contact and that she's worried about her.

Rita decides to visit Jenny - will she listen to what she has to say?

Rita brings Jenny back to the cobbles - but Sophie and Kevin are less than impressed to see her again.

Gary is stunned to see Phelan working on the Arches...

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Preview Pictures: Mon 18 Jan - Fri 22 Jan

This week on Coronation Street: Carla's life is left hanging in the balance, Phelan returns to the Street, Sally decides to stand as a Councillor and Gail wants underfloor heating - but that means digging up the annex!

Tracy sneaks into the Bistro to surprise Robert, wearing just some sexy lingerie and a coat.

But as she arrives Carla and Robert are having a heated discussion about their night together - will Tracy overhear?

Later, Jamie breaks into the Bistro, intending to rob the till and put the frighteners on Steph but he bumps into Carla instead!

With no sign of Steph and a till devoid of cash, Jamie and Lee grab Carla's bag and do a runner.

Furious, Carla goes after them. As Jamie and Lee jump into their car intent on making their getaway.

But, Carla clings onto her bag and is dragged down the street by the moving vehicle.

Phelan positions himself in front of the oncoming car, but realising it's not going to stop, Kevin drags him out of the way!

While Robert rushes to Carla's lifeless body!

At the hospital, Nick and the Connors are told that Carla needs an emergency operation. Will Carla be okay?

Anna is horrified to see Phelan back on the street and working for Kevin!

Phelan reveals to Kevin how he was once wealthy but his wife took him to the cleaners and now he's reduced to working as a labourer. Will he mention his history with Anna?

Anna and Kevin agree it’s time to go public with their relationship, just as Sally barges in! How will she react when she sees them kissing?

Later, Tim jokingly suggests Sally should stand as a Councillor. But will Sally take it as the joke he intended?

Soon, she’s steamrollering Ken into agreeing to be her campaign manager - look out Weatherfield!

Roy suggests to Alex he works in the cafe whilst he's away in Hastings.

Rita is thrilled when she receives her first online friend request from an old pal.

David and Kylie arrive home and are horrified to find Gail and Jason rolling back the carpet in the annexe!

Gail explains she's pricing up under floor heating. Pushing her out of the way, David quickly pulls the carpet back but can he hide what lies beneath?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 11 Jan - Fri 15 Jan

This week on Coronation Street: Anna and Kevin get closer, Robert gives Nick an ultimatum, the guilt gets to much for Carla, Fiz discovers the truth, and Luke and Andy take things into their own hands.

Dressed to the nines, Anna drops Faye off with Tim and Sally. As Kevin and Anna head off into town, Tim watches as they kiss passionately in the back of their taxi.

Having invited Kevin round, Anna asks Tim if he and Sally will have Faye. Suspecting that Anna’s spending the evening with her new boyfriend, nosy Sally suggests they call round.

Hearing Sally on the stairs, Anna tells Kevin to hide in the bedroom. As Sally, Tim and Faye enter the flat, flustered Anna does her best to act normal.

Convinced Anna’s hiding her new man, Sally calls out to him. Is she about to discover just who Anna is getting cosy with?

Elsewhere, at her grand opening party Tracy reveals her new shop sign which leaves Robert stunned! Robert tells Tracy the only business he’s interested in is the bistro and not her flower shop.

Pointing out how much extra business he’s brought in, Robert tells Nick he’d like to invest in the bistro but Nick’s not keen and Robert’s annoyed. Robert gives Nick an ultimatum, either he lets him buy into the business or he’ll leave. What will Nick decide?

Meanwhile. riddled with guilt, Carla tells Nick she can’t marry him!

Telling Carla how much he loves her, Nick begs her to give their relationship a chance. Will she agree?

Consumed with money worries, when Tyrone is then short changed by the hospital vending machine, he completely loses his temper. Fiz is horrified whilst Roy’s concerned.

Tyrone apologises to Fiz for his outburst, whilst the consultant delivers the news to Fiz and Tyrone that Hope’s operation was a success and they should have the results in a week’s time.

After Ted the elf barges in demanding payment, Tryone is forced to admit they’re in debt to the tune of nearly £10k! How will Fiz react?

Luke reveals to Andy that Jamie’s been released on bail and he’s worried he might come looking for Steph.

Visiting the bar where he works Andy and Luke reveal to Jamie’s boss how he’s out on bail for posting revenge porn on the web. She sacks Jamie on the spot. He’s furious!

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New Year’s Eva!

Things are looking up for unlucky in love Eva Price in 2016 after she manages to bag the boss on New Year’s Eve.

Eva finds herself in a clinch with knicker factory boss Aidan Connor as they see in the new year at the Bistro.

And actress Cath Tyldesley has revealed that it was not as romantic as it looks on screen for her and co-star Shayne Ward: “Poor Shayne - Eva wears bright red lipstick and by the time we had finished the kissing scene it was all over his face!”

The New Year’s Eve snog is just the start of a big romance for Eva and Aidan in 2016.

On New Year’s Day Leanne catches Eva trying to sneak hunky Aidan out of the flat and the relationship develops further when Aidan discovers that his dad Johnny is Carla’s dad.

Cath explains: “Eva tells him that she was shocked when she found out Leanne was her half sister but now they are very close and she feels it could be the same for him and Carla. They bond over this shared experience.

“Eva is ready for romance again after what happened with Jason and it looks like she and Aidan could be perfect together.”

It won’t all be plain sailing for the lovebirds though. In January a new client arrives at Underworld with his glamorous wife. It isn’t long before Eva realises that all is not what it seems with the O’Driscolls, and they are hiding a dark secret that could have far reaching consequences for the factory.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 4 Jan - Fri 8 Jan

This week on Coronation Street: Johnny's secret is revealed to the rest of the Connors, Roy confronts Nessa about her affair and Sophie suspects something is going on between Kevin and Anna!

Rob tells Carla that if Johnny doesn't pay up, he'll reveal the truth to Aidan and Kate.

So, Carla drops the bombshell that Johnny is her dad. As Johnny desperately tries to explain himself, will Kate and Aidan be able to forgive him?

Johnny tries to talk to Aidan, but his son sees red!

And clocks him one! Kate tells him it would be best if he found somewhere else to live. Will Johnny be forced to leave the street?

Later, Nick insists that he Carla and Robert sit down to discuss wedding menus. Carla and Robert cover their guilt.

Roy confronts Nessa and she admits she and Alan were having an affair. Panicking, Nessa implores Roy to take her to Cathy's house to retrieve more of the letters before Cathy finds them.

But they're too late and devastated Cathy orders them both to leave.

Taking Nessa back to No.1, Ken suggests they go their separate ways. Will Nessa be able to talk Ken round, or is their relationship over?

Dev's annoyed when Mary refuses to babysit as she has a date with Brendan.

Mary swoons as Brendan gazes at her adoringly. Is their relationship about to get more serious?

Sophie clocks the chemistry between Kevin and Anna but will they admit to anything?

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Picture Previews: Mon 28 Dec - Fri 1 Jan

This week on the Street: Carla risks it all, Roy has a difficult decision to make about Cathy and find out who will be kissing when the New Year's clock strikes midnight!

As Aidan announces the Underworld ping-pong team, he assures Carla of his plans to lose the tournament, so that the O'Driscolls sign the deal.

But with the scores level pegging, Aidan and Richie play the deciding match. Will Aidan follow Carla's instructions and let Richie win?

Meanwhile, Johnny receives an email...

Carla’s about to set out for an evening with Roy when Johnny ambushes her, insisting they have to talk...

After their 'talk', Carla turns to Roy and Nick who implore her not to distress Aidan and Kate with the truth in her bid to punish Johnny.

Later, the Bistro staff surprise Nick with a birthday cake.

As Leanne wipes a bit of icing from Robert's cheek, Tracy arrives and clocking their intimacy, jumps to the wrong conclusion!

Reeling from Johnny's revelations, Carla heads back to the Casino but is surprised when Robert enters, still cut up over Tracy.

Having won a small fortune, Robert and Carla celebrate with a drink. On a high, Robert suggests they take the champagne to a bedroom, will Carla agree?

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