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Preview Pictures: Mon 3 Oct - Fri 7 Oct

Coming up on the Cobbles: David has a very bad week, Steve and Tim make a new friend, Norris gives Freddie ballroom dancing lessons and will Sarah and Gary go for a drink?

David agrees to go along to a grief counselling session to appease Gail but refuses to speak to the counsellor when he gets there.

Later, David is viciously attacked by the menacing figure at the Dog and Gun.

Will he make it home in one piece?

To make matters worse, the police turn up at No.8 and arrest David on suspicion of perverting the course of justice - what’s David done now?

Later, David sets his sights once more on his revenge plan...

Heading to the hospital David finds Macca fighting for his life.

Michelle is embarrassed when she finds Steve, Tim and Tyrone fawning over her new wedding client Tommy Orpington.

But things turn sour when Steve learns that Tim has invited Tommy round for some home brew and accuses Tim of trying to steal his new friend!

Andy shares his latest story with Steph and hopes she'll sing his praises.

But when Steph is horrified by his fictional tastes, Andy is left fuming and feels unsupported.

Audrey is eaten up with jealousy when she sees a dressed up Rita heading off to the Zambezi Club party with Freddie.

But when she sees them return to the Street later, Audrey decides to mark her territory...

Freddie is panicked when Audrey wants to take him dancing and he confides in Tyrone and Luke that he has two left feet.

In a bid to help him out, Tyrone calls upon the help of Norris who gives Freddie a ballroom dancing lesson.

What could possibly go wrong?

Vinny reminds Phelan that if they can keep the game up for another two months then they'll be on a beach sipping cocktails enjoying their new wealth.

But for how much longer can Vinny endure Eileen's interfering?

Sarah’s perturbed when Izzy tells her they saw Bethany out running on her lunch hour.

Grateful to Gary for his support, Sarah invites him out for a drink.

But can the two put their problems aside for the evening and will their date be a success?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 26 Sept - Fri 30 Sept

This week on Coronation Street: Can Roy stop Alex leaving for Scotland? Maria and Kirk get some devastating news, Billy tempts Todd back to the light and Gail and David have a little chat...

Roy is shocked when Alex announces that he's going to live in Scotland with his mum and Cathy does nothing to dissuade him.

At the allotment, Roy tries to brush off Alex's concerns but Roy is aghast when Alex hits the nail right on the head.

Can Roy make Cathy see sense and encourage Alex to stay?

Beth tries to persuade Kirk to support her in court, will he find the strength to say yes?

Kirk and Maria are left devastated when a close family member passes away, but Caz relishes the opportunity to be a pillar of support to a grieving Maria.

Knowing she has to have an honest conversation with Caz, Maria explains to her that she only sees her as a friend. How will she react?

Sharif is at a loss as to where he will find the funds to appease both Alya and Sonia. He needs to come up with an idea and soon!

Erica tricks Aadi and Asha into admitting to Dev where they've really been getting their flowers from. How will Dev react?

Eileen is gutted when she witnesses Billy refusing to give Todd the time of day.

In a dramatic turn of events, Todd and Billy find themselves in an A&E waiting room together.

Todd realises how much he wants Billy back and decides he needs to do the right thing and pull out of his partnership with Phelan.

Sarah is delighted when she unexpectedly receives a large sum of money and decides to approach Phelan about buying one of his flats for her and Bethany.

But, when Todd learns what Sarah is doing he confronts Phelan, ordering him not to rip off his close friend or he will blow the whistle on him and Vinny. Will Pat listen?

Gail and Audrey are curious about David's constantly beeping phone and decide to check it, but are left gobsmacked by what they find.

Can Gail convince David to go to grief counselling?

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Picture Preview: Mon 19 Sept - Fri 23 Sept

This week on the Street: Alya uncovers Sharif's affair, Todd goes back to the dark side, Cathy pays Alex's dad an unwelcome visit and will Johnny go for a new business venture at Underworld?

Alone at No.6, Sonia, suggests to Sharif they make the most of the empty house. Will Sharif be able to resist temptation?

Of course not! Sharif's guilt-ridden after sleeping with Sonia but as he places a hand on her back, Alya walks in and clocks their intimacy...

A stunned Alya works out that Sharif is buying Sonia's silence by setting her up in a flat. Sharif admits it but insists he loves Yasmeen and begs Alya not to betray his secret. Will she agree to keep quiet?

Later, Alya and Sinead Tinker excitedly outline their bespoke design ideas.

Aidan is impressed but sceptical Johnny demands facts and figures before the venture can proceed.

Troubled Sean reveals to Billy that he took a call on Todd's mobile from the Bishop. Billy's stunned by the obvious implications...

Vinny and Phelan are gobsmacked when Todd announces that he wants in on the deal!

Declaring he's reverting to type and back on the dark side, he'll happily fleece the neighbours but Eileen and Jason mustn't loose a penny!

Phelan's impressed as Todd effortlessly charms the locals.

But Todd's uncomfortable when Phelan gets him to target Alex and seeing Billy watching with disapproval, guilty Todd abandons his sales pitch.

Eileen hears Anna warning Cathy and Alex against buying a flat from Phelan.

Eileen steps in to assure them it's a sound deal and agrees to hold a flat for Alex, if Cathy can raise the funds.

Cathy goes to Alex's dad Nigel's house for help. But when Cathy knocks on the door, a hostile Nigel refuses to discuss Alex and slams it in her face.

And, as Erica's patience with Aadi and Asha wears thin...

Dev confronts Mary with a copy of her contract, pointing out she's breaking its terms by leaving Erica to cover her duties.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 12 Sept - Fri 16 Sept

This week on the Street: Craig meets his dad, Caz kisses Maria, Billy gets in trouble with the Bishop, Todd makes his move against Phelan and Audrey and Freddie go on a proper date!

Craig and Beth are furious to learn that Faye has written to Craig’s dad in prison!

But when a letter arrives for Craig he tears it open and announces that his dad wants to see him. Beth's devastated.

After drowning his sorrows in the Bistro, Craig returns to No.4 and throws up on the carpet.

We'll let you imagine what Sally's reaction is going to be!!

A nervous Craig meets his dad Darryl for the first time and they get on famously, much to Craig's delight.

But things take a turn when Darryl reveals his true colours.

Will there be long-lasting repercussions for the family?

Maria tells Caz that Aidan's got her an interview for a job at a local factory.

Grateful Caz instinctively kisses her on the lips, leaving Maria confused...

Later, Maria berates Aidan for tricking her about the job for Caz and makes a dig about his honesty in front of Eva - will she twig that something is going on?

Sean's birthday ends in an argument when Billy hears that someone has told the Bishop about Todd moving in with him.

The Bishop is sympathetic as he informs Billy that since Todd's presence at the vicarage is causing disquiet among the congregation, he must leave.

Billy rails at the injustice of being unable to have a proper love life within the church.

It’s celebration time in the Rovers when Vinnie takes a call confirming that the planning permission has been granted...

But Todd is determined to bring down Phelan and calls the police. Will they find anything underhand going on?

Audrey and Freddie go on a proper date!

But, Freddie's shaken when his old friend Angelica rails at him for dating again so soon after Sadie's death.

And, Cathy's puzzled when Roy offers to move into her bedroom, freeing up his for Alex.

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Picture Previews: Mon 5 Sept - Fri 9 Sept

This week on the Street: Nick puts the frighteners on Steve, David gives Bethany's bully Lauren a taste of her own medicine, Sally holds a mediation session for Craig and Beth and Todd gets frustrated with Billy.

Nick drives Steve to a piece of waste ground and threatens to tell Michelle everything unless Steve moves away.

When Steve refuses, pointing out his whole life is in Weatherfield, Nick sends a text and Steve reels.

Michelle’s phone beeps, seeing that the incoming text is from Nick, Leanne nervously hides the phone. But when Michelle's phone rings in Leanne's pocket, Leanne is forced to hand it over.

As Michelle reads Nick's text, Leanne's heart is in her mouth. Has Nick blown everything?

Sarah ask Gary to come with her to Bethany's school meeting.

But Lauren plays the victim, twisting the situation to make it seem like Bethany is the bully!

Later, Gary warns Sarah to keep an eye on Bethany. Clocking their exchange from across the street, Izzy is puzzled.

Meanwhile, Lauren finds Bethany all alone and delights in putting the frighteners on her...

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Picture Previews: Mon 29 Aug - Fri 2 Sept

This week on the Street: Maria is attacked, Craig uncovers Beth's secret, Alex could put a stop to Phelan's fiendish plans and Gary makes a stand for Bethany!

Maria's shocked to find Caz sleeping rough on a bench. But pointing out she's already had her fingers burnt once, Maria hands her some cash and tells her she'll have to sort herself out.

Maria comes home to find a burglar in her house! Shoving Maria out of the way, she falls and cracks her head on the edge of a table.

Caz calls at Maria flat and is horrified to discover she's been attacked.

While tending to Maria's wound, Caz phones the police to report the burglary.

Maria and Caz comfort Liam but as Caz prepares to leave, Liam finds his dad's watch in Caz's bag. Will she be able to explain?

Craig's devastated when Beth admits to Craig she concealed the truth about his dad from him.

When Johnny catches the Underworld staff out for slacking Sean wonders who grassed them up.

We can't think who it might be!?

But are Jenny and Johnny about to be busted!?

Sally explains to Phelan how the building he intends to pull down currently houses a film club which Alex attends. Will this put Phelan's plans in jeopardy?

Meanwhile, Todd tells Eileen she's mad to invest in Phelan's project but is Eileen prepared to listen?

Steve lays the law down to Liz and tells her if she can't disguise her feelings over the situation with Leanne then she needs to find somewhere else to live as he can't risk losing Michelle.

Bethany's shocked when Gary turns up at school and tells the Head that Lauren is has been making Bethany's life hell and they need to do something about it!

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Preview Clips: Friday 26th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Aidan and Maria just need to act normal around each other - how hard can that be?

Keep it normal.

– Aidan Connor

Nick's got an announcement to make and Gail's not going to like it one bit!
Concerned about Bethany’s health, Gary drags her to the café insisting they need to talk.
Phelan brings Vinnie in on his plans to scam the money from Eileen.


Eileen tells Phelan that Jason has come to a decision about investing in his development project. Is he in?

You're going to string this out as much as you can aren't you?

– Pat Phelan

Is Steve's dark secret about to be revealed?
Telling Aidan what a lovely girl Maria is, Eva resolves to find her a new man!
Bully Lauren tracks Bethany down to the gym and makes cruel jibes about her weight.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 22 Aug - Fri 26 Aug

This week on the Street: Can Nick stop Leanne from leaving? Gary to the rescue as Bethany collapses, The Nazir's celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary and Phelan introduces Eileen to Vinnie...

Leanne reveals to Steve that she's leaving Weatherfield.

As the coach readies to leave, Nick scrambles on board and begs Leanne not to go and that he knows about the baby!

Leanne's stunned. As Simon waits with bated breath will the pair admit their love for each other?

Of course they will! Later, Nick accompanies Leanne to her first baby scan.

But you can imagine Gail's reaction when Nick announces that he and Leanne are back together and she and Simon will be moving in with him!

While the Platts argue, Tracy approaches and asks Leanne when the baby's due! All eyes turn to Leanne and Steve watches, his heart in his mouth.

Convinced she's overweight, Bethany secretly pops two of her diet pills.

While Gary oversees Craig's induction at the gym, Bethany pounds away on a running machine.

Suddenly, Bethany collapses! She quickly regains consciousness and assures Gary she's fine but Gary's not convinced.

Worried that Gary is about to reveal her health problems to Sarah, Bethany quickly shoves the envelope containing her exam results at her mum, warning her that she's done really badly.

Back at the gym Lauren tracks Bethany down and makes cruel jibes about her weight.

Bethany finally snaps and punches Lauren in front of Gary.

Bethany begs Gary not to tell Sarah about the bullying. Gary agrees on condition they report Lauren to the school.

Watch a preview!

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