Picture Previews: Mon 31 Aug - Fri 4 Sept

This week on the Street: Simon goes too far when Leanne is left seriously injured, Carla and Tracy struggle with their guilt at Maddie's Memorial Auction, Fiz and Tyrone get some heartbreaking news and Tim gives Kevin something he'll never forget!

Having hearing that Simon has been in a fight at school, Leanne marches him home...

Leanne has another fight with Simon who gives her an almighty shove and then storms out the door. Leanne stumbles and catching her head on a table, passes out on the floor - leaving the bath running!

As water starts to seep through the kebab shop ceiling, Dev and Mary race upstairs and are horrified to find leanne unconscious and the bath overflowing.

Seeing Leanne being lifted into an ambulance, Zeedan insists he'll go with her to the hospital.

As Simon watches, terrified, realising he's the cause of his mum's injuries. Will Leanne finally speak out?

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Picture Previews: Mon 24 Aug - Fri 28 Aug

This week on the Street: Tony goes looking for revenge on Callum, Lloyd and Liz grow closer, Aidan gets to grips with Underworld and Max goes to the police about his dad!

Jason regains consciousness and Eileen, Tony and Sean learn the full extent of his injuries.

Todd calls at the hospital and offers to donate a kidney to save Jason.

Kylie agrees to take Max to the police to report witnessing Callum's attack on Jason.

But Callum still has one more trick up his sleeve. Does he have leverage on Bethany?

Everyone gathers for Lily's birthday, will Bethany admit what's she's done?

Later, as Callum approaches his car, Tony grabs him and drags him into the ginnel.

Tony gives Callum a beating and demands the names of his two accomplices. Will he spill?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 17 Aug - Fri 21 Aug

This week on the Street: Callum and his thugs decide to show Jason who's boss - with disastrous consequences, Nick wears his heart on his sleeve as he tries to stop Carla from leaving and camping in Wales? What could go wrong?

Bethany confides in Jason about how Callum has been threatening her and Sarah.

When Jason later finds Callum trying to intimidate Sarah he runs to her defence - but is he enough of a deterrent for steely Callum?

At breaking point, Sarah unburdens herself to David, Kylie and Gail...

Gail insists they phone the police. Is it time for Callum to get his just desserts?

David and Kylie are overjoyed as they watch Callum being bundled into a police car, pleased that they finally seem to have the upper hand.

It's not long before Callum's back on the streets - intent on showing Jason who's boss.

But little does Callum know that Max witness the whole thing.

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Picture Previews: Mon 10 Aug - Fri 14 Aug

This week on the Street: Is this the end of Andrea and Lloyd? Sophie is suspicious of Sally's odd behaviour, Simon gets drunk and is Maria cheating on Luke?

Lloyd's fuming when, in a desperate bid to get some money to her daughter, Andrea sells off some of Lloyd's prized records.

Later, Lloyd is stunned when he catches Andrea loading her things into a taxi.

Andrea tells him that she knows he will never forgive her, so she has to go.

Will Lloyd try and persuade her to stay, or will he let her slip away?

Tracy's guilt about the fire starts to catch up with her.

But will she tell caring Robert about what she did? (He might look at her differently if he knew what she was really like...)

Sophie starts playing detective when she notices that Sally is acting oddly (well more than usual).

Will Sally crack and reveal what happened with Kevin?

Steve has a heavy heart as he prepares to deliver Rover to her rightful owner.

Leanne and Simon have another argument about his behaviour.

Later, Zeedan questions Leanne about the cut on her leg. Is he right to be suspicious?

In a bid to smooth things over with Simon, Leanne suggests he invites his friends for lunch at the Bistro but she doesn't see him steal a bottle of vodka from behind the bar.

She's pleased that he appears to be enjoying himself, until she discovers the empty bottle under the table and that they're all drunk!

When Steph overhears Maria arranging to meet a man in a car park, she hurries over to the garage to break the news to Luke that she must be cheating on him.

But when Maria reveals what she's actually up to, how will Steph and Luke react?

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Picture Previews: Mon 3 Aug - Fri 7 Aug

This week on the Street: Carla's back with her problems in tow, Sally makes some bad decisions, Max gets caught up in Callum's dark world and Robert tries to make peace.

Carla returns but is evasive about her trip to Spain...

Could that be because she actually went to Las Vegas?

Upset that her secret is out, Carla heads back to the casino but this time a concerned Nick insists on going with her. He's aghast to see her recklessly gamble away hundreds of pounds.

Meanwhile, Tim's attempt to surprise Sally with a holiday falls flat when she point blank refuses to take time off work at such short notice.

Later, Sally's busy working through Underworld's accounts.

Until Carla catches her and fires her on the spot for snooping!

Sally thinks her dreams are in tatters, but Kevin tells her he's decided to invest in her plan...

Sally's overjoyed and goes in to kiss him! Will he reciprocate?

Later, Tim asks Kevin to be his Best Man, will he accept? And can he and Sally mask their guilty secret?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 27 July - Fri 31 July

This week on the Street: Roy is forced to help Cathy (whether she likes it or not), Bethany gets in deep trouble and Alya's guilt starts to catch up with her.

Cathy has a fright when a pile of boxes suddenly come tumbling down upon her.

This is the last straw for Roy, who takes Cathy out for the day so that Fiz, Tyrone and Chesney can clear some junk out her house. How will Cathy take it?

Sarah jokes to Callum that she thinks Bethany has a crush on him...

Desperate to impress, Bethany offers to help Callum with his next delivery and he chucks her a small package of drugs. But when the police raid the Dog & Gun, will Bethany be arrested?

Meanwhile, Sarah's feeling guilty when Kylie explains to Gail that David is spending a few days alone with his Dad, as Max's continual references to Callum were getting him down.

Sally has a go at Tim over his lack of ambition. How will she react when he admits he's fed up being compared to Kevin?

Gary surprises Alya with a picnic hamper for lunch. Will he get the reaction he was hoping for?

Later, Beth finds a pregnancy test in the bin and teases Alya - saying it's hers!

Gary's completely bemused but Alya is secretly horrified...

While everyone else is laughing, Sinead clocks Alya's strange reaction.

Later, Sinead approaches Alya who breaks down, confessing to her friend how she slept with Jason. How will she react?

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Picture Previews: Mon 20 July - Fri 24 July

This week on Corrie: Tracy, meet Robert's wife Joni! Tony's in for a shock when he returns to the Street, Dan goes off the deep end and Tim gets down on one knee!

Robert bakes Deirdre's infamous stuffed marrow recipe. Is the way to Tracy’s heart through her stomach?

Meanwhile, someone arrives on the Street looking for Robert...

Later, Tracy goes to surprise Robert at work and gets the shock of her life when she bumps into Joni, his wife!

How will Tracy react to the news?

Tony comes home but is soon sent packing by Jason.

You can only imagine the reaction he's going to get when he walks into the Rovers!

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Picture Previews: Mon 15 June - Fri 19 June

This week on the Street: Jenny's on the edge, Alya does something she'll regret, Kylie and David attempt to join forces and Fiz comes home.

Rita tracks down missing Jenny and Jack's location.

But when they get there Jenny is dangerously close to the edge of the balcony.

Can they talk her down before tragedy strikes?

Jason steps in to help Alya when she's made uncomfortable during a business lunch.

Later, Alya panics when Sharif suffers an asthma attack.

And to Gary's alarm buys herself a large wine in the Rovers which results in them having an argument.

Later, seeing Jason walking home with beers, Alya offers to join him. But as they get drunk together Alya makes a move on Jason, will he respond?

The next day Gary has a big question to ask Alya. What will she say?

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