Picture Previews: Christmas Week

Christmas on the Street: The festivities begin with a bang when Callum introduces himself to David... Tracy starts playing games with Tony, Gary hits rock bottom and Roy attacks an intruder!

Callum turns up on the Street, wanting his car MOT'd by Kevin.

And if he manages to bump into Kylie while he's there, that's purely incidental...

Later, Callum lets himself into the Platt's and then Kylie's forced to make some awkward introductions.

It's fairly safe to say that David and Callum aren't going to see eye to eye.

And that's before the rest of the family show up!

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Picture Previews: Mon 15 Dec - Fri 19 Dec

This week on the Street: There's new love for Nick, Callum comes looking for Kylie, Alya questions her future with Gary and Tracy and Tony get up to no good...

Sean's desperate to make a good impression with Billy, despite Todd's best efforts.

Kylie's worlds collide when Callum turns up at the salon.

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Picture Previews: Sun 7 Dec - Fri 12 Dec

This week on Coronation Street: Feel the love as Julie and Dev, Maria and Luke and Sean and Billy all have first dates! The path to true love doesn’t always run smoothly though, especially when Kal finds out about Gary and Alya!

Also: David takes a stand against Kylie and Michael tries to build bridges with Gavin.

Kal and Yasmeen walk in on Gary and Alya snogging! We’re not going to lie, Gary’s face is going to be sore in the morning!

Especially when the ruckus spills out onto the street…

Meanwhile, it’s family day at the Community Centre. Will Michael be able to persuade Gavin to have a photo with him?

Maria accidentally stabs herself in the eye with a mascara wand and Luke leaps to her rescue and takes her to A&E.

Later, the couple enjoy their first date at the bistro, but when Luke realises he's lost his keys will Maria's suggest a nightcap at hers?

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Picture Previews: Mon 1 Dec - Fri 5 Dec

This week on the Cobbles: Sean finds new love, Carla faces Tracy's wrath and Kevin gets a date!

Sean is walking on air when he meets Billy the vicar.

Alya grits her teeth as Sally shows her the ropes at Underworld.

Gary sneaks in to see Alya when she's locking up but they're both startled by a noise!

It's a vengeful Tracy who's broken in and started trashing the place!

Will Carla be able to stop her? - This is going to get messy!

When Kevin buys a new sofa he never thought he'd hit it off with the owner's ex-wife when she contacts him, trying to find it.

Later, Kevin and Diane go for a meal at the Bistro and are joined by Sally and Tim, but is there a secret Kevin's trying to keep?

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Picture Previews: Mon 24 Nov - Fri 28 Nov

This week on the Street: Michael builds up the courage to tell Gavin about his heart condition, things get worse for Steve and Dev and Julie go on a date!

Michael introduces Gavin to Audrey, but he's a little guarded after she bombards him with questions.

Later, Gavin offers to help out at the Bistro and immediately hits it off with Steph.

But when Michael collapses, will the truth come out about his hereditary heart condition?

And if so, how will he take the news?

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Picture Previews: Mon 17 Nov - Fri 21 Nov

This week on the Street: Michelle gives Steve an ultimatum, Michael finds his long-lost son Gavin and Dev gets jealous when Julie hits it off with his friend.

Michelle is busy preparing for the hoedown party...

But it's clear that hungover Steve is in no condition to help.

Later, Michelle is mystified when Steve impulsively buys a sports car.

And then offers to help work at the Bistro, instead of helping Michelle with the business.

Michelle demands Steve tell her what's wrong or she's leaving. Will he remain tongue-tied?

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Picture Previews: Mon 10 Nov - Fri 14 Nov

This week on Coronation Street: Peter is freed, but has he reached the end of his journey? Cilla makes a decision about her future, Alya and Gary get caught out and Todd returns home from hospital.

It's a tearful reunion for the Barlows, as Peter returns to the Street.

Peter throws himself at Carla's mercy. Will she be willing to hear what he has to say?

And Simon fights back the tears, as his dad tells him his new plan...

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Picture Previews: Mon 3 Nov - Fri 7 Nov

This week on Coronation Street: Todd is attacked, Tracy is faced with an impossible decision and Michael tracks down his son.

When Roy's Rolls is egged by the teenagers, it's Todd who rides to the rescue and helps Roy clean up. Has he turned over a new leaf?

But, Eileen continues to ignore Todd.

Later, a downbeat Todd walks alone in a darkened side street, where he's set upon and mugged.

Todd is left battered and bleeding.

Eileen and Jason race to the hospital and are horrified at Todd's injuries.

Wracked with guilt and blaming herself for abandoning him, Eileen tells Todd how sorry she is for letting him down. Will he be ok?

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