Picture Previews: Mon 25 May - Fri 29 May

This week on the Street: An explosion rips through the Victoria Court Flats, Tracy sets off on a rampage of destruction, Jenny Bradley reveals her true colours and Kal has something very important to ask Leanne.

Hell bent on revenge, Tracy corners Liz before the wedding and tells her everything about Tony and the Rovers.

But it's Steve and Michelle's big day and Liz is determined to not let Tracy ruin it for them.

As Steve waits nervously for Michelle to arrive.

And Michelle makes her way down the aisle.

Will our loved up couple get hitched without a hitch?

The Wedding Dress Fitting

Leanne's stunned when Kal gets down on one knee! Will she say yes?

Tracy sneaks into Carla's flat unnoticed.

Will she get her ultimate revenge?

TRAILER: Tracy's Revenge

And when flames suddenly start licking through the building it looks like there could be more than one person in jeopardy!

A huge explosion sends the crowds reeling.

Will Carla make it out alive?

Tyrone, Tim, Kevin, Sally and Liz rush to the rescue.

But will Tracy's revenge turn into a nightmare for all?

Meanwhile, Maddie rushes home to find Jenny packing Jack's bags.

Whilst wearing a wig!

Will Maddie be able to warn Kevin and Sophie in time?

Or will Jenny get to them first!?

Elsewhere, Max asks David some difficult questions about Callum and Kylie.

Will David tell him the truth?

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Picture Previews: Mon 18 May - Fri 22 May

This week on the Street: Steve and Michelle have eventful Stag and Hen parties, Callum and David face off in court and Leanne attempts to stop Zeedan from lashing out.

Steve’s stag do gets underway - minus the stag!

Fearing the night’s a bust, Tyrone goes after a rather upset Lloyd.

But as the pair hit the bottle is the night about to end in drama after all?

Sneak Peek!

Michelle gets a shock during her hen night when Carla makes her an offer.

As Liz and Tony wait nervously at the solicitor's, Carla and Michelle arrive, explaining how Carla's seen her bank manager and would like to buy into the Rovers. How will Tony react?

Sneak Peek!

Sally is put out when Tim invites Anna to join them for dinner - we're sure they'll get on fine...

Sophie and Maddie, clearly loved up, discuss getting a place together.

David’s nervous as the court case for custody of Max begins.

But when Callum’s lawyer launches a character assassination, will David keep his cool?

Sneak Peek!

When Leanne catches Zeedan approaching Barlow's Buys with a crowbar, will she be able to talk him out of doing something stupid?

As Carla and Nick try out canapa's for Michelle's wedding, Erica clocks their intimacy and invites Nick to join her at her ante natal class.

Alya tells Izzy and Sinead her plans to set up her own designer lingerie business as a side-line. Will they agree to work for her in their spare time?

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Picture Previews: Mon 11 May - Fri 15 May

This week on the Street: Liz has a run in with some thugs, Sean meets the Bishop, Zeedan gets fired and Jackson admits he's Miley's father.

Liz is attacked in the pub, but is it all part of Tony's plan?

Later, Tony suggests that Liz might want to sell her share of the Rovers also.

Although, Tracy nearly puts her foot in Tony's whole plan.

Forcing Tony to reveal his dastardly plot to his partner in crime...

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Picture Previews: Mon 4 May - Fri 8 May

This week on the Street: Billy (and the rest of Weatherfield!) find out that Julie spoke to the papers, David is forced to take drastic measures and Steve gets a dog!

Will Billy be forced to make a difficult decision about his future?

David calls Gail from Liverpool, telling her he can't return home and risk losing Max.

But will Max be on board with the plan?

How will Callum react when he calls looking for his son?

Especially when Gail lets slip that David has taken their passports!

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Picture Previews: Mon 27 April - Fri 1 May

This week on the Street: Cathy pays Roy a visit, Sinead comes home from hospital, Sophie and Maria get the sharp end of Jenny's odd behaviour and Nick gets the surprise of his life!

Roy joins the boys for a curry night, but can they face the challenge?

Later, Cathy calls to see Roy in the cafe but leaves in a hurry when he suggests a drink in the Rovers.

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Picture Previews: Mon 20 April - Fri 24 April

This week on Coronation Street: Callum wants to teach David a lesson, Sophie is concerned about Jenny's behaviour and will Gail and Michael finally tie the knot?

Maria is shocked when Luke is violent towards Andy.

Michael and Gail try to tie the knot (again), but will she feel guilty when she spots Andy's black eye?

Later, Callum is stunned to find Andy in his car and frogmarches him to the pub for answers.

Callum's furious when he finds out David masterminded the whole scheme.

Callum insists that David needs teaching a lesson...

But what has Callum got in store for him?

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Picture Previews: Mon 13 April - Fri 17 April

This week on Coronation Street: Sarah and Callum hit it off, David uncovers Gail's secret and will the strain break Anna and Owen?

Callum gatecrashes Sarah and Bethany's leaving meal.

Sarah gets a call from work and rushes home to email an urgent docuement.

But gets interupted by Callum... Just as they head upstairs, David, Max and Bethany arrive!

Will Sarah have to face the consequences for her actions?

Tracy puts her plans into action by filling Tony's head with ideas...

Just as Steve learns that Tony's the one who's offered to pay for the wedding - he won't be impressed!

Later, Tony tells Liz he's in debt to a loan shark and he needs the money quickly. Will she make an offer he can't refuse?

Owen and Anna struggle to reconcile after everything they've been through...

Could this be the end of the Armstrong-Windass clan?

Determined to make an effort, Faye asks Anna to show her how to change a nappy and announces she's naming the baby. Is she turning a corner?

Sean and Billy book a room for the night, but face a disapproving landlord...

Eileen and Adrian go on another date but Todd keeps on stirring.

Suspicious David follows Gail to the graveyard...

Will Gail admit the truth about Gavin!?

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Picture Previews: Mon 6 April - Fri 10 April

This week on the Street: Owen attacks Craig, Bethany plays matchmaker, Eileen has a date and Alya impresses at work.

Owen lashes out at Craig, convinced that he is the father of Faye's baby.

But later gets a visit from the police. Will Owen be arrested for assault?

Then, Anna drops the bombshell that Jackson is the father. Will his family believe her?

Later, Owen and Anna have the mother of all rows.

Reeling, can a devastated Owen save his relationship?

Alone with Sophie, Faye bursts into tears, admitting she wants nothing to do with the baby...

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