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Picture Previews: Mon 1 Aug - Fri 5 Aug

This week on Coronation Street: Kylie's funeral unearths some deeply guarded secrets, Gemma's safety is threatened, Sean finds out about Billy and Todd and Gary comes to a decision about Izzy.

The time has come to say a final goodbye to Kylie.

And Max is keen to do right by his mum.

By delivering a heartfelt eulogy.

Meanwhile, Eileen's beside herself when she hears that Jason's had an accident in Thailand and she needs to fly out as soon as possible.

Deeply concerned Todd clashes with Sarah, pointing out how he's covered for her by letting Tony take the rap. Sarah's shocked to realise Todd thinks she murdered Callum.

But seeing Sarah's confusion, furious Todd lays into David telling him how Jason is now in a hospital bed because he believed his dad to be a murderer when all along it was him!

Unable to stand it any longer, Sarah finally cracks and reveals that Callum's killer was Kylie! Todd's stunned.

Todd jumps in Phelan's van and races to the police station.

Can Sarah stop him from reporting the truth of what happened?

A vulnerable David sits by Kylie's grave and admits he's struggling to keep his anger in check.

Meanwhile, Macca grabs Gemma and threatens to teach her a lesson if she doesn't retract her statement about Clayton.

In a tender moment, Phelan tells Eileen he loves her. Will she believe him?

Sean returns home. Billy and Todd might have some explaining to do, especially when Sean issues an ultimatum!

And, Gary confides in Anna that he's determined to try and make a go of it with Izzy for Jake's sake. Anna despairs while Faye thrilled to hear they're back together.

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Picture Previews: Mon 25 July - Fri 29 July

This week on the Street: Caz causes trouble for Maria, everyone worries about how David is coping in the wake of Kylie's death, is Eileen onto Billy and Todd? and Leanne has a scare about the baby.

Caz is bereft when Kate harshly spells out she never wants to see her again.

But Luke's left fuming when Maria offers her a place to stay until she gets things sorted.

We're sure Kate will have a thing or two to say about that!

Will Maria listen to Kate and Luke's warnings?

Meanwhile, Audrey doesn't know how to handle David who returns to work as though nothing has happened.

Will Sarah returning home from hospital for the day help?

Later, Billy calls at No.8 to discuss Kylie's funeral arrangements.

But Billy is taken aback by David's apparent calm.

Eileen spots that Billy and Todd are spending a lot of time together and calls them on it.

Can they cover before Eileen gets too suspicious?

When Johnny and Aidan are held up Jenny steps in to help a client. Will Johnny feel a pang of jealousy when he finds Matthew Singh enjoying a drink with Jenny in the Bistro?

Leanne suffers from stomach pain in the Street and realising she's pregnant Michelle insists she take her to the hospital.

Leanne's news gets Michelle thinking and she proposes to Steve that they might start trying for a baby too!

Steve's a little taken aback but after a long hard think, he reckons it might not be a bad idea!

Rana calls at No.6 and apologises to Zeedan for failing to respect his beliefs when they're actually to be admired.

Can she convince him to give her another chance?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 18 July - Fri 22 July

This week on the Street: Leanne tells the baby's father about her pregnancy, Sarah gets told about Kylie, things hot up in the factory and Sally's party doesn't quite go to plan!

Leanne meets up with Steph for a drink in the bistro but she’s suddenly overcome by a wave of nausea. Steph guesses she’s pregnant and promises not to breathe a word.

Meanwhile, Simon confides in Amy that Leanne’s behaving strangely and he’s worried she might have cancer. While Leanne’s distracted, Simon checks her phone. When he sees a text confirming a doctor’s appointment, worried Simon shows it to Amy.

Simon tearfully demands to know what’s wrong with her. Leanne plucks up the courage and breaks the news to Simon that she’s pregnant. She makes Simon promise to keep the baby a secret but refuses to discuss who the dad is.

Simon’s hurt and Leanne feels guilty, so Leanne heads to the Rovers, but realising her news would be best delivered without an audience, she phones the daddy and summons him outside.

Elsewhere, David and Bethany visit Sarah in hospital and break the news to her of Kylie’s death. Sarah becomes jittery, convinced Callum is in some way connected to it.

Later, David visits Kylie in the Chapel of Rest and tells her how much he loves her and misses her.

Meanwhile, with the factory short-staffed, Jenny suggests Johnny gives her a trial as a machinist. Sally’s sceptical about her sewing skills but Jenny sets about proving her wrong.

Jenny meets up with Johnny for an after hours sewing lesson and the chemistry between them is evident.

Soon they kiss passionately and Johnny asks to take Jenny out for dinner.

However, when he doesn’t turn up, Jenny heads to the Rovers with Kevin!

An excited Sally reveals to Tim that the Mayor of Weatherfield and his partner will be attending their soiree, however when he arrives, Sally’s put out to see they’ve brought their dog with them.

As Sally lights the sparklers on her croquembouche, angry Yasmeen barges her way in demanding they turn their music down.

To Sally’s horror, the mayor’s dog escapes through the open front door.

Also gone missing is Steve's wedding ring and he's horrified! As Steve searches frantically for his wedding ring, Michelle reveals that she took it away and had it engraved.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 11 July - Fri 15 July

This week on the Street: Leanne receives some shocking news, David and Kylie plan to make a new life for themselves, Caz's secret is rumbled and Todd meets the Bishop - much to Billy's dismay!

The doctor prescribes some new drugs for Leanne's back pain and questions whether or not she could be pregnant. But she couldn’t be, right?

Masking her inner turmoil, Leanne meets Nick for a drink.

But when he suggests a glass of wine, she panics and rushes out.

Kylie’s excited about the thought of moving to Barbados, so when David reveals he's put the wheels in motion to formally adopt Max she’s over the moon.

Michael and Gail finally admit that they've missed each other and kiss.

With some encouragement from David and Kylie...

Gail’s in such a good mood she eventually comes round to their way of thinking and accepts a fresh start is what's best for the kids.

Later, Bethany breaks down to Kylie, admitting that how the bullying is still going on and how she’s messed up her exams.

The welfare officer confronts Caz, telling her they need to discuss her court martial proceedings and wanting to know why she missed her physio appointment.

Later, Macca’s brother, Clayton tries it on with Kate

Caz flies into a rage, throwing him out of the Rovers.

Kate’s shocked to realise that Caz’s ankle isn’t injured at all - how will she react?

At the kebab show, angry Sinead clashes with Gemma, accusing her of stealing from the till and giving away free food.

Suddenly Clayton barges his way into the shop and demands that Gemma hand over the cash.

Gemma refuses and a scuffle ensues. Will Craig step in and save the day?

Things get awkward when Todd calls at the vicarage with flowers and wine while Billy's entertaining the bishop! How will Todd talk his way out of this one?

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Picture Previews: Mon 4 July - Fri 8 July

This week on Coronation Street: Todd and Billy kiss, Tracy struggles a year on since Deirdre's death, Dev and Mary go for a spa day and Michael's back and he's got Phelan's number.

Finding himself snowed under at the flower shop, Todd's grateful when Billy offers to help out.

Billy calls in the pub and tells Sean he can spend the week with him in London. Sean's delighted, while Todd quietly fumes.

Sean and Billy set off for London, but spotting Todd outside the flower shop, Billy can no longer contain his feelings and orders the driver to stop.

While Billy gathers the last of his things from No.11, Todd leans in for a kiss.

Billy tries to resist but his feelings get the better of him and they kiss passionately.

Tracy arrives home from hospital to find Ken and Amy having lunch. Amy quickly grabs her school bag and heads out ignoring her Mum.

It's Simon's birthday and everyone gathers to give him his presents.

Tracy arrives at Simon's party armed with presents for Amy - who's furious!

Later, Tracy sits at Deirdre's graveside and cries as she talks to her about Amy.

Sarah opens up to the psychiatrist about her ordeal with Callum. Will she reveal everything that happened?

An excited Bethany shows Kylie her gym application form.

Later, Lauren parks herself next to Bethany and makes out she's sorry for bullying her, could things be on the up for her at last?

Elsewhere, Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there's been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room.

After a night raiding the minibar Dev's horrified to realise he's spent the night with Mary!

While Mary enthuses about what a fantastic time she had.

Could this be the start of something beautiful?

Macca and his mate demand free kebabs from Gemma...

When Chesney arrives back from Wolverhampton, Macca and his mate slink out, leaving Gemma relieved to see the back of them.

Steph and Andy approach Eileen and confirm that they're happy with the rent increase as Michael has agreed to move in.

Eileen's delighted while Phelan quietly fumes. Taking Phelan to one side, Michael warns him that he might have Eileen fooled, but not him.

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Preview Pictures: 27 June - 1 July

This week on Coronation Street: Someone torches Jason's van, there's something very wrong with Tracy, Nick makes Leanne an offer and Izzy goes to jail.

Gemma appears and Jason demands to know which one of Callum’s mates torched his van, but Gemma denies all knowledge. Phelan suggests Jason takes a break…

As No.11 prepare themselves for Jason’s birthday celebrations at the Bistro, Jason announces that he is leaving and that Pat has kindly agreed to look after the business.

As they give Jason an emotional goodbye, Phelan can't help but smile as Jason’s taxi pulls away...

Amy has a violin recital and makes it clear she doesn’t want Tracy there. Tracy goes anyway. However, seeing Tracy, Amy loses concentration and runs off the stage humiliated.

Tracy makes cruel comments about Amy’s lack of talent to an angry Ken but Amy overhears.

Later, Tracy suffers a stab of pain, Beth takes her to the medical centre who refer her to a transplant clinic.

Tracy tells Eccles she is her only friend and takes her for a walk but collapses in agony in the ginnel.

Seeing Eccles unattended a concerned Beth and Robert stumble upon Tracy unconscious. Will she be okay?

Meanwhile, Steve is devastated as he and Michelle say an awkward farewell. Neither of them want to admit they are heartbroken.

Nick calls at Leanne's to apologise. He admits he still has feelings for her and tries to kiss her but Leanne resists.

When Ken offers to lend Leanne money to set up a restaurant with Nick. She tells Nick but he remains distant.

After returning home, a hurt Leanne is then interrupted by a visitor. Later, the visitor leaves and Leanne is deeply regretful of what just happened.

Meanwhile, Izzie breaks down in front of Gary, knowing she might not see Jake for a long time. Emotionally, she kisses him and he kisses her back.

Izzie is scared and upset as she sits alone in a prison cell.

At Liam’s party, Maria spills water over Caz. Caz quickly moves her leg out of the way. Seeing this, Luke realises she's not actually in any pain at all but will he say anything?

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Preview Pictures: Sun 19 June - Fri 24 June

This week on Coronation Street: Sarah is left reeling when she's attacked by Lee, new evidence appears in the Callum case which could leave David in hot water, Tim has a garden party - what will Sally say? And, who wants to come along to Beth's school reunion?

Sarah bumps into Lee and tells him that she’s desperate to see Billy. Claiming that Billy is on his way round, Lee lures Sarah back to his bedsit.

Lee steals Sarah’s phone and calls Billy, telling him that he is holding Sarah hostage and will release her in return for money.

Sarah attempts to make a run for it but Lee grabs her and they wrestle on the floor. Reminded of her ordeal at the hands of Callum, Sarah breaks down.

Arriving at Lee’s bedsit and hearing Sarah’s cries, David breaks down the door.

Later, convinced Callum is still alive and out to get her, Sarah asks Phelan to change the locks at No.8.

Sarah is then taken to hospital, the psychiatrist explains that she has suffered some psychotic episodes, brought on by stress.

Todd insists that Jason accompany him to the hospital to visit Sarah. They are shocked by her zombie-like state…

Meanwhile, the police call at No.8 and take David in for questioning.

The police question David about the texts sent from Callum’s phone after his death. Will David keep his cool?

Elsewhere, Tim signs Steve up to a dating website despite him being adamant that he only has eyes for Michelle.

But, when Michelle spots a series of messages on his phone from the site she tells Maria that she has accepted the job on the cruise ship, as it’s clear that Steve has moved on.

At Beth’s school reunion. Beth trades insults with her old nemesis Lindsey, inventing a lavish lifestyle…

However, when the truth comes out, Kirk overhears and thinks that Beth is ashamed of what he does for a living.

In a desperate attempt to win Kirk around, Beth tempts him with some new underwear. Will Kirk be won over?

Meanwhile, Kevin, Dev, Freddie and Ken join Tim for an impromptu beer party.

Sally then returns home with fellow councillors Paul and Helena. How will they react to find Tim and his mates getting drunk in the garden?

In the Cafe, Nick asks Leanne to be involved in some new business ideas but how will Robert react when she doesn’t show up to work?

When Roy receives a speeding ticket he suspects Alex of taking his car. Will Alex admit the truth?

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Preview Pictures: Sun 12 June - Tue 14 June

This week on Coronation Street: Will Sarah regret going to Callum's funeral? David and Jason get into a fight, Amy runs away and is this the end of Billy and Sean?

Marion places a photo of Callum next to his coffin and it's almost too much for nervous Billy...

It's down to Todd to convince him to continue with the service for Marion's sake.

But Todd also knows the police are there watching...

Grieving Gemma is beside herself, as Macca does his best to comfort his friend.

Outside, Marion thanks Sarah for coming and suggests that she'd like to be involved in Harry and Max's lives. How will she react?

Later, Billy arrives back on the Street and is stunned when Sean finishes with him!

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