Picture Previews: Mon 6 April - Fri 10 April

This week on the Street: Owen attacks Craig, Bethany plays matchmaker, Eileen has a date and Alya impresses at work.

Owen lashes out at Craig, convinced that he is the father of Faye's baby.

But later gets a visit from the police. Will Owen be arrested for assault?

Then, Anna drops the bombshell that Jackson is the father. Will his family believe her?

Later, Owen and Anna have the mother of all rows.

Reeling, can a devastated Owen save his relationship?

Alone with Sophie, Faye bursts into tears, admitting she wants nothing to do with the baby...

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Picture Previews: Sun 29 Mar - Fri 3 Apr

This week on the Street: Sarah's back but Bethany isn't the only trouble she has to face, Faye goes into labour and Carla returns from LA.

Nick goes to take Bethany to the airport, but she hides in Barlow's Buys, until Todd finds her!

Sarah returns to hear Bethany pouring her heart out to Jason, will she think about staying around for a while?

Later, Callum makes a beeline towards Sarah, just as Bethany storms out of a shop - has she been shoplifting?

Will Sarah be taken in by Callum's charms?

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Picture Previews: Mon 23 Mar - Wed 25 Mar

This week in Weatherfield: Steve's in trouble with the tax man, Gail and Andy attend Gavin's funeral and David's mediation with Callum doesn't go according to plan...

Steve takes the news about the tax bill surprisingly well, or so Michelle thinks...

Because then he starts buying loo roll in bulk in an attempt to save money. A lot of loo roll...

But when Michelle confronts him, she gets a shock proposal!

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Picture Previews: Mon 16 Mar - Fri 20 Mar

This week on the Street: Bethany's back (and causing trouble already), Chesney wrestles with what to do about Joseph and David and Callum start mediation.

Bethany crashes back into Weatherfield.

And immediately takes a shine to Andy, convincing him to buy her a drink...

Until Gail finds her 14-year-old granddaughter in the pub and marches her home!

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Picture Previews: Mon 2 Mar - Fri 6 Mar

This week on the Street : The real Gavin shows up looking for answers, David's heartbroken as Max and Callum spend time together, and Gail celebrates her hen party!

Steph's shocked when the real Gavin turns up out of the blue to see Andy.

And it's not long before Gavin figures out what's been going on...

Will he reveal that Andy's been lying about everything?

And break Michael's heart?

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Picture Previews: Mon 23 Feb - Fri 27 Feb

This week on the Street: Lloyd returns home, Jason tries to save his relationship, Rita has a thing or two to say to Jenny and will Tracy and Tony get caught?

Lloyd’s reunion with Andrea is cut short when Chesney steams over and recaps what Steve’s been up to.

Lloyd snaps and confronts Steve over the fact he almost destroyed their business and put Sinead in a wheelchair. How will Steve react?

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Picture Previews: Mon 16 Feb - Fri 20 Feb

This week on Coronation Street: Kevin has a date with a blast from the past, Callum steps up his torment of David and Todd puts his revenge into action

Kevin is shocked to find his internet date is Jenny Bradley!

They reminisce about old times until Kevin convinces her to join him in the Rovers.

Sally is shocked to see Jenny back in Weatherfield, but will anyone tell Rita?

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Picture Previews: Mon 9 Feb - Fri 13 Feb

This week on the Street: Faye is horrified to discover she's pregnant, Katy and Izzy's mum Linda turns up out of the blue and Julie is unhappy as Dev plans for his trip to Mumbai.

Owen's ex-wife (and Katy and Izzy's mum) Linda returns.

But it soon becomes clear that Owen's been economical with the truth about why Linda walked out on them. Will his lies be revealed?

Meanwhile, Faye confides in Craig that despite putting herself on a diet, she's still gaining weight.

Craig wonders if she's pregnant. Horrified by the thought Faye takes a pregnancy test...

Faye's shocked to the core as the test proves positive!

As Owen, Anna and Faye attend the school art exhibition, Faye feels sick with anxiety. Will she tell her parents?

Elsewhere, As Dev enthuses about his trip to Mumbai, Julie begs him not to go, admitting she'll miss him terribly.

Dev suggests that Mary should be in charge of the children and Sophie the shop. Will that make matters worse with Julie before he goes?

Andy is consumed with guilt as he visits Michael in hospital.

At Michael's bedside Gail tells him she can't imagine life without him and suggests they get married as soon as they can. How will Michael respond to her proposal?

Steve is upbeat ahead of his shift at Street Cars but Michelle wonders if he's pushing himself too hard.

Sally is horrified when one of Sharif's chickens escapes into her garden.

Can Kal save the day?

Elsewhere on Corrie...

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