Picture Previews: Mon 25 Aug - Fri 29 Aug

This week on the Street: Cutting corners on the loft conversion has dangerous consequences for Tyrone. Peter collapses after he finds Jim's stash of alcohol and downs the lot! And, is romance in the air for Luke and Katy?

Tyrone's delighted with the progress on the loft conversion, unaware of the shortcuts made by Todd...

But when he accidentally slips from the ladders, Tyrone crashes through the floor below...

And is left badly hurt! Will he be okay?

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Picture Previews: Mon 18 Aug - Fri 22 Aug

This week on Coronation Street: Neil and Lloyd go to war, Ken and Deirdre go to Wales and Nick pushes Leanne too far.

Neil becomes nostalgic when he and Andrea share a drink, but he's not happy when Lloyd crashes the party.

Later, Neil ups his nuisance campaign by sending Andrea a barrage of texts and ordering stacks of pizzas to the cab office.

So, of course you know that this means war!

As Steve and Lloyd order a children's clown to pay Neil a visit!

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Picture Previews: Mon 11 Aug - Fri 15 Aug

This week: Kirk builds up the courage to ask Beth to marry him, Michael and Gail hit a bump in the road, Peter continues to struggle in prison and Jenna packs her bags.

Nothing says I love you like a freshly cooked kebab.

Can Kirk build up the courage to pop the question?

Or will Beth scupper his chances before he even has chance to go down on one knee?

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Picture Previews: Mon 4th Aug - Fri 8th Aug

This week on the Cobbles: Ken returns to more than a few shocks, Tony and Todd continue to rip off customers under Jason's nose and Peter says hello to an old friend...

Ken arrives back on the street and to Deirdre's horror bumps into Carla first...

Deirdre's going to have some explaining to do...

Ken finally visits Peter in jail. Will he believe he didn't do it?

And, Ken's not the only familiar face Peter sees this week. Jim McDonald is back!

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Picture Previews: Mon 21 July - Fri 25th July

Coming up on the cobbles this week - Peter languishes in jail, the bailiffs come calling for Owen and Anna, Steve suffers from a case of mistaken identity and Yasmeen makes her feelings known about Leanne...

Peter's feeling low, having not heard anything from his dad...

Perhaps it's about time Deirdre told Ken what was going on?

Owen and Anna admit to the family that they've received a bankruptcy summons...

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