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Preview Pics: Mon 30 Nov - Fri 4 Dec

This week on Coronation Street: Nick proposes to Carla! Sarah gets run over (which is the least of her worries), Faye meets Caitlin and the Connor boys settle things the old fashioned way...

Realising Nick is short-staffed, Carla insists she'll waitress for the evening - Sally is going to LOVE this!

Clearly loved up, Carla tries to propose to Nick but she's interrupted by Michelle!

Later, Nick produces an engagement ring and getting down on one knee, places it on Carla's finger.

We think it's safe to say that she says YES!

Although there is the small matter of dealing with the future mother-in-law...

Sarah continues to struggle to hold it together.

Dressed to kill, Sarah arrives in the Rovers for her date. Aidan is bowled over but when he realises Sarah's horribly drunk he calls an abrupt end to the evening.

Upset, Sarah pours her heart out to Billy.

But as Tim drives past in his van...

Sarah stumbles into the road!

David calls for an ambulance - will Sarah be okay?

As they wait to discover the extent of Sarah’s injuries, Sarah’ stunned when the doctor tells her she’s pregnant!

Michael is mortified to discover Dee has nominated him for the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award. Unaware of his discomfort, Eileen's thrilled!

Sean, Billy, Sophie and Kate head out for a night on the town!

While Caitlin and Craig plan for a quiet night in.

Well, that is until Faye turns up!

Aidan wants to move into the Streetcars Flat. But so do Johnny and Kate. There's only one way to sort this...

Rock, Paper, Scissors!

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Preview Pictures: Mon 23rd Nov - Fri 27 Nov

This week on the Street: The race is on for Luke as Steph challenges Jamie to do his worst, Tracy gets the wrong end of the stick with Robert and Leanne and Gary returns, determined to remain part of the gym.

It's finally race day and Luke is ready to go.

When Steph and Andy find out, they set off in hot pursuit to try and stop him.

The race goes ahead and Luke wins! Whilst Jamie rejoices as he collects his winnings.

Steph's furious, but when the truth comes out about the photos Steph challenges Jamie to do his worst. Will he call her bluff?

Amy and Simon continue to wind each other up. Simon loses his temper and throws her against a wall. How far will he go?

The family gather to question Simon and Eva forces Leanne to admit how he’s physically abused her. Leanne breaks down, pouring her heart out to the Barlows. Ken’s full of sympathy but how will Tracy respond to Leanne’s revelation?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 16 Nov - Fri 20 Nov

This week on the Street: Simon pushes Leanne too far, Kate's fiancée Caz pops in for a visit, Beth decides to teach Craig some life lessons and Tony has something very important to ask Liz...

Leanne breaks down, revealing Simon's out of control and that she doesn't know what to do. How will Eva respond?

As a crowd gathers outside the bistro, Leanne is sickened to realise the graffiti was written by Simon.

Simon's defiant when Leanne confronts him, goading her about her infertility and calling her an awful mum. Leanne screams at Simon to shut up, on the verge of striking him. Will Leanne lash out?

Simon escapes to Ken's where Amy does her best to wind him up as much as possible.

He soon flips out and Ken has to step in as things get heated.

Leanne admits to Ken that she's finding it hard to cope. Ken suggests Simon comes to live with him for a few weeks.

Simon begs Leanne not to leave him at No.1, telling her he'll never speak to her again if she does. Will Leanne be able to go through with it?

As a birthday surprise, Aidan and Carla arrange for Kate's fiancée Caz to pay a visit.

Kate's thrilled as Caz's taxi pulls up outside.

Kate hugs Caz, telling her she's the best birthday present she could have wished for.

Beth gives Craig and Caitlin a talk about the birds and bees. Craig cringes but he's thrilled when Caitlin confirms that they're boyfriend and girlfriend but taking things slowly.

Telling Liz how he wants a fresh start, Tony goes down on one knee.

As Liz reels in shock, Michelle walks in and is horrified to find Tony mid-proposal!

And, Luke tells Jamie he's not willing to drive in the big race but when Jamie threatens to reveal the photos of Steph, will Luke have a choice?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 9 Nov - Fri 13 Nov

This week on the Street: Will Gail uncover Kylie and David's secret? Liz and Tony are rumbled, Simon comes home but will he be a reformed character?

David and Kylie argue over Gail throwing a party with Callum buried inches away. Gail is shocked when she walks in on the tail end of the conversation!

Amy sees Liz and Tony kissing...

Later, Tracy accuses Liz of being in on Tony's plan to pull the plug on Barlow's Buys, but Liz denies all knowledge.

That is until, Tony admits that he did empty Tracy's business account! But just as they are about to celebrate...

They get an unexpected visit - we think Liz is going to have some explaining to do!

Leanne and Eva prepare a special tea to welcome Simon home from his holiday with Peter.

But as soon as the others have left, Simon drops the facade and slams into his room, leaving Leanne fighting back tears of despair.

Dev, Erica Michael and Eileen go for a drink.

Will Erica heed Eileen's warnings that Dev fancies her.

Sally returns to work and immediately clashes with Johnny.

And, Tracy is not at all happy to see Ken spending time with Nessa!

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Picture Previews: Mon 26 Oct - Fri 30 Oct

This week on Coronation Street: Gary finds out that Alya slept with someone else! Will Eva be tempted by Aidan's advances? And is Fiz the hero Weatherfield deserves?

The week starts out great for Gary!

First Sharif and Yasmeen offer to make him a partner in the gym.

And then Jason agrees to be his best man!

Alya on the other hand is horrified!

Later, Yasmeen shows Alya her mother's wedding dress, suggesting she might like to wear it at her own wedding.

It all proves too much for Alya, who breaks down and confesses to Gary that she slept with someone.

Gary's devastated and demands to know who she had sex with.

Later, Aidan tries to comfort Alya when he finds her in floods of tears.

Lashing out Gary assumes it was Aidan that she cheated with. Will Jason step up and admit the truth?

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Picture Previews: Mon 19 Oct - Fri 23 Oct

This week on the Street: Jamie threatens to share some saucy pics of Steph if Luke doesn’t race, but he’s promised Maria he won't. Alya has a proposal for Gary after she grows concerned about the time he’s spending with Jason. The Platts realise with horror that one of the family may have blabbed. Johnny needs Aidan’s help, while Eva makes it her mission to persuade Aidan to give her a job at the factory. Tyrone is unable to give up on on the idea of taking Hope to Lapland and Audrey takes Ken out for lunch.

Luke's aghast when Jamie shows him some old photos of a scantily clad Steph on his phone and threatens to make them public unless Luke agrees to race.

However, he’s promised Maria that his racing days are over. Desperate to protect Steph, will Luke give in to Jamie's demands?

David and Kylie are mortified when they realise Sarah has spoken to Billy and threaten to tell the police that she killed Callum if she speaks to anyone else.

Having had enough, Sarah tells Bethany the are moving back to Italy, but Bethany is not happy!

She goes to moans to David about moving, but he tells her it's for their own safety as Callum has threatened to kill them both

Johnny realises he needs Aidan's help, can he manage to rescue the deal and secure a large order?

Meanwhile, Eva's got her mind set on making Aidan give her a job at the factory

Elsewhere, when Alya admits to Jason how difficult she’s finding it to live with the guilt, he snaps that she might be best to tell Gary the truth

Clearly wound up, Jason picks a fight with a punter in the pub on a lads night out with Gary, Tyrone, Kirk and Chesney

Confused by Jason's behavior, Gary demands to know what's the matter with him.

Hearing of the boy's altercation, Alya calls at No.11 to find Jason and Gary putting the world to rights. Will Jason spill?

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Picture Previews: Mon 12 Oct - Fri 16 Oct

This week on the Street: Will Sarah confide in Billy? Tyrone and Fiz learn more on Hope's condition, Maria gives Luke an ultimatum, Kate is ruffling feathers at the factory and Ken buys Amy a violin.

Billy confides in Todd that he's worried about Sarah

But when Sean sees them talking, he's upset thinking Billy swerved dinner with him to be with Todd.

Meanwhile, as Jason, Gary and Tony continue with the building works, can the Platts get the closure they need?

Fiz and Tyrone wait anxiously for news on whether Hope's cancer has spread.

As their friends rally together, will it be good news?

Maria gives Luke an ultimatum, he has to choose between her and his racing!

Kate starts working in the factory, but is unimpressed to find she's working with Kirk in packing.

But she's not the only unhappy one, as she manages to wind Beth up by feeling Kirk's biceps.

Has Kate bitten off more than she can chew?

Ken buys a violin for Amy and gives her her first lesson. What will Tracy think of the racket?

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Picture Previews: Mon 5 Oct - Fri 9 Oct

This week on the Street: Aidan's dad and sister show up with a surprise for Carla, Sally is determined that the wedding will go ahead, despite what Tim has to say on the matter and Sarah goes to the police!

As Carla works on a tough client, she's unimpressed by a distracted Aidan, who's studiously ignoring calls from his dad.

She's later stunned when Aidan's dad, Johnny, bursts into the factory demanding to see his son.

Followed closely by Aidan's sister Kate!

But how will Carla react when it becomes clear that Aidan hasn't been entirely truthful about where he got the funds to buy into the business?

And it doesn't take Johnny long to get his feet under the table!

Meanwhile, Kate pops in to see Michelle (her 3rd cousin!) to catch up all about her engagement!

Elsewhere, Sally is getting ready for the wedding. Despite Tim telling her repeatedly that he has no intention of turning up!

Look! He even tears up the invite!

Will Sally get her happily ever after, or will she be left humiliated in front of her friends and family?

When Kevin announces he's landed a bigger contract, Fiz worries about how much Tyrone is working.

Sarah's in bits when she hears that a body has been found in the canal.

Can Kylie stop Sarah from going to the police?

As Roy and Ken set off for their classical concert, Cathy admits to Anna she's a bit jealous of Ken.

But how will she react when Anna explains Roy had intended to take her and only invited Ken out of pity.

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