Picture Previews: Mon 15 June - Fri 19 June

This week on the Street: Jenny's on the edge, Alya does something she'll regret, Kylie and David attempt to join forces and Fiz comes home.

Rita tracks down missing Jenny and Jack's location.

But when they get there Jenny is dangerously close to the edge of the balcony.

Can they talk her down before tragedy strikes?

Jason steps in to help Alya when she's made uncomfortable during a business lunch.

Later, Alya panics when Sharif suffers an asthma attack.

And to Gary's alarm buys herself a large wine in the Rovers which results in them having an argument.

Later, seeing Jason walking home with beers, Alya offers to join him. But as they get drunk together Alya makes a move on Jason, will he respond?

The next day Gary has a big question to ask Alya. What will she say?

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Picture Previews: Mon 13 July - Fri 17 July

This week on the Street: Deirdre's friends and family gather to say goodbye.

As Ken and Tracy prepare for Deirdre's funeral the tension between them is palpable.

As the funeral cortege sets off the residents watch, deeply moved.

Deirdre's funeral takes places and as the congregation sing, Tracy sobs uncontrollably for her mum.

The Coronation Street residents pay their respects to Deirdre.

But will Ken be able to hold is emotions in check?

Upset that his Dad didn't turn up at the funeral, Simon takes out his bad mood on Leanne.

At the wake, Liz questions Eileen's feelings towards Michael.

Tracy's shocked to see her ex-husband Robert at the funeral.

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Picture Previews: Mon 6 July - Fri 10 July

This week on the Street: The Barlows get some devastating news, Callum propositions Kylie and Roy helps Cathy.

Ken and Audrey excitedly get everything ready for Deirdre's 60th Birthday party.

But are devastated when Bev arrives to break the news that Deirdre has died. Ken, Tracy and Audrey can only look at her in stunned silence as Bev explains how she passed away.

Watch the scene

In the Rovers, everyone's stunned by the tragic news, as they raise their glasses in a toast to Deirdre.

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Picture Previews: Mon 29 June - Fri 3 July

This week on the Street: Tracy gets arrested, Gail and Eileen come to blows, Steve's back from Spain and Roy discovers what Cathy's been hiding.

Liz serves up a nice big dish of cold hard revenge on scheming Tracy.

Michael and Gail try to clear the air, but in the interest of honesty Michael reveals what (who) triggered his heart attack.

Watch a clip!

Furious, Gail wastes no time in hunting down her arch nemesis Eileen.

And they're soon brawling in the Street!

Could this be the last straw for Michael?

Now you know you want to watch this clip!

Dan's not happy when Carla invites herself along to the boy's poker night - and wipes the floor with them!

Later, Steve arrives home and is pleased to see his mum is moving on from Tony.

But when Liz introduces Dan to Leanne, both hide their shock at seeing each other. What is their history?

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Picture Previews: Mon 22 June - Fri 26 June

This week on the Street: Fiz and Tyrone sense Cathy is starting to see Roy as more than a friend, Erica is horrified by her surprise birthday party, and Alya is overcome with guilt.

It’s a difficult day for Faye at Miley’s christening as she struggles with the pressure of motherhood.

David, Gail, Audrey and Nick attend Kylie's first drug counselling session...

...but how will Kylie react when Michael turns up?

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Picture Previews: Mon 8 June - Fri 12 June

This week on the Street: Things get worse for Leanne, Kylie returns home, Eileen makes Michael's heart skip a beat, Jenny makes a run for it and will Carla and Nick kiss!?

Increasingly angry Simon lashes out and violently throws a remote at Leanne's head.

Stunned, how will Leanne react?

Nervous Kylie builds up the courage to return home.

How will David react to find her on his doorstep?

It's an emotional reunion with Lily and a wary Max.

But it's short lived when Callum arrives...

Trailer: Kylie's back

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Picture Previews: Mon 1 June - Fri 5 June

This week on the Street: Will an act of kindness unravel Andy's lies? Julie is over the moon when Dev returns home, David goes in search of Kylie and Jenny Bradley is on borrowed time...

Michael's touched when his ex-wife Susan sends over a photo album of Gavin's life.

But, will Michael realise he's looking at pictures of a different man?

Meanwhile, David is about to show the Cafcass officer into No.8 - what will they walk into?

Later, David and Nick go on a final desperate search for Kylie.

And Gemma is as helpful as ever...

But is she hiding a secret?

Eileen finally figures out the truth behind Jeff from Dubai, but will it come at a cost?

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Picture Previews: Mon 25 May - Fri 29 May

This week on the Street: An explosion rips through the Victoria Court Flats, Tracy sets off on a rampage of destruction, Jenny Bradley reveals her true colours and Kal has something very important to ask Leanne.

Hell bent on revenge, Tracy corners Liz before the wedding and tells her everything about Tony and the Rovers.

But it's Steve and Michelle's big day and Liz is determined to not let Tracy ruin it for them.

As Steve waits nervously for Michelle to arrive.

And Michelle makes her way down the aisle.

Will our loved up couple get hitched without a hitch?

The Wedding Dress Fitting

Leanne's stunned when Kal gets down on one knee! Will she say yes?

Tracy sneaks into Carla's flat unnoticed.

Will she get her ultimate revenge?

TRAILER: Tracy's Revenge

And when flames suddenly start licking through the building it looks like there could be more than one person in jeopardy!

A huge explosion sends the crowds reeling.

Will Carla make it out alive?

Tyrone, Tim, Kevin, Sally and Liz rush to the rescue.

But will Tracy's revenge turn into a nightmare for all?

Meanwhile, Maddie rushes home to find Jenny packing Jack's bags.

Whilst wearing a wig!

Will Maddie be able to warn Kevin and Sophie in time?

Or will Jenny get to them first!?

Elsewhere, Max asks David some difficult questions about Callum and Kylie.

Will David tell him the truth?

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