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Picture Previews: Mon 2 May - Fri 6 May

This week on the cobbles: Nick's temper accidentally hurts Carla, Todd hatches a plan to catch Phelan out, Jason and Gemma get together (yes you read it here first!) and Yasmeen tries to have a garden party - in this weather!

Nick accidentally pours boiling water on his hand while making a cuppa. He loses his temper and hurls the mug at the wall, hurting Carla in the process.

Nick admits to the consultant that he's scared that he might lash out at Carla. Will he get the diagnosis he is hoping for?

Billy is appalled to find Lee begging money from Steve. Will Steve believe that he's a troublemaker from the homeless shelter?

Todd confides in Billy that he reckons Phelan is after Jason's money and hatches a plan to get to the truth.

Triumphant Todd returns home and with footage of Phelan flogging Tony's gear behind Jason's back.

Eileen's gutted, how's Phelan going to worm his way out of this one?

After one drink too many, Jason makes an awkward pass at Eva. When she turns him down Jason focuses his attention on Gemma instead.

Gemma's thrilled and readily follows him home!

Later in the week, Jason does some work in Gail's annex but Sarah breaks down leaving Jason wondering what's wrong.

Fretting, Sarah takes Harry to the medical centre where Rana assures her she's got a lovely healthy baby and there's nothing to worry about.

Fed up of being given the cold shoulder, Rana barges her way into the Bistro, marches up to Zeedan and boldly kisses him!

Amy helps Steve pull off a romantic dinner for Michelle - can he put their relationship back on track?

Caz lets out a yelp when she bumps into Sophie, making out Sophie caught her injured ankle on purpose!

Sophie's furious, confiding in Kevin that she thinks Caz is playing on her injury in an attempt to hang on to Kate.

And Yasmeen's garden party is ruined when the heavens open!

As Sally watches smugly from the comfort of her conservatory!

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Preview Pictures: Mon 25 April - Fri 29 April

This week on Coronation Street: Jason gets devastating news about Tony, Billy's got a secret, Will drops a bombshell on Michelle and is this the end of Zeedan and Rana?

Jason invites Yasmeen up to the builders yard, hoping to catch the vandal on CCTV but Phelan’s quick to point out that the camera is unplugged.

Later, Jason returns home to the worst news possible. Tony has been found dead in his flat with a suspected heart attack!

When Jason discovers that Tony may have lain dead for three days, he blames Liz, claiming she drove him away.

Later in the Rovers, Jason rails at Liz, how will she react to the news of Tony’s death?

Lashing out, Jason locks horns with Aidan in the pub but when Phelan also wades in Johnny punches him!

It’s down to Billy to break up the fight, threatening to punch them both if they don’t behave.

Johnny catches up with Phelan and apologises for their earlier spat but Phelan's unimpressed and promises Johnny he'll have his revenge.

Billy apologises to Sean for snapping at him and blames it on the stress of his job. But when Billy's phone rings he suspiciously cancels the call...

But Eva clocks Billy handing cash to an ill-kempt young lad. Clearly embarrassed, Billy makes out he was a stranger but what’s the truth?

Cathy reluctantly hands Alex a tenner and warns him not to waste it on booze.

Annoyed at having been stood up on their date, Rana storms into No.6.

But she gets more than she bargained for when Zeedan dumps her, telling her she's a flirt and he won't be messed around.

Back at the Rovers, Will drops the bombshell that he's split up from Saskia.

Michelle’s stunned, although Steve’s none the wiser.

Nick bumps into Kylie in the street but struggles to recognise her. Clearly concerned David urges him to get a doctors appointment.

Having overheard Nick on the phone to the doctor, Carla wonders who he was talking to. Will he tell her what’s going on?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 18 April - Fri 22 April

This week on Coronation Street: Michelle gives into temptation, Harry's Christening doesn't go according to plan, Gary and Izzy face the consequences of their actions and Phelan is back to his old tricks...

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When Michelle realises Steve isn't coming home for her birthday, she is upset and convinced Steve no longer cares about her. She heads to Will’s house.

Kissing her on the cheek, Will shows her in. Michelle confides in Will she just wants to be with someone who cares about her.

Will kisses her and she responds passionately, leading him upstairs where they kiss again.

Will Michelle come to her senses before it's too late?

And when she arrives home she finds Steve waiting for her in the living room! What's Michelle going to do now?

At Harry’s christening, Harry screams in Sarah’s arms causing a distraught Sarah to run from the church. Can Billy convince her to continue?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 11 April - Fri 15 April

This week on Coronation Street: Gary is arrested! Who is Maria's mystery man? Nick gets angry and Norris makes an enemy of Tyrone...

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Izzy begs a reluctant Gary to buy her more cannabis. Sharif is suspicious when Dane appears at the gym and calls the police.

The police arrive just as Gary is given the drugs and he’s arrested for possession!

Mortified by what’s happened, Izzy hands herself in at the police station but will she make matters worse for Gary?

Maria’s home but it looks like she’s bought back more baggage than she intended…

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Picture Previews: Mon 4 April - Fri 8 April

This week on the Street: Caz warns Sophie away from Kate, Sally starts a turf war with Yasmeen, Tracy comes clean to Robert and Liz gets a new admirer...

Jealous Caz confronts Sophie, warning her to stay away from Kate.

Tim's sympathetic but when Sophie overhears the Kate has cancelled the hen do she rushes to see her.

No longer able to mask their true feelings, Sophie and Kate kiss - just as Caz walks in!

Kate begs Caz not to go, but how will Sophie react when Kate insists their kiss was just a mistake?

As Sally admires her new fence, she's horrified to realise her garden has shrunk and Yasmeen has made Jason move the boundary!

Later, Tim heads to Sally's meeting but he's hurt when he hears her boasting about her successful husband and his charity work and beats a hasty retreat.

Tracy heads to the Bistro to tell Robert that she might be pregnant, but she's furious to find him in deep discussion with Carla.

Robert's furious when Tracy finally admits that she knows all about Carla and that she's been blackmailing her for Robert to get his hands on the Bistro.

So when things don't go her way, Tracy tells Carla that there's nothing to stop her from revealing the truth to Nick - unless she can convince Robert to give Tracy another chance.

Liz is all ears when Saskia arrives at the Rovers wanting to know why Michelle has dropped them as clients!

Amy convinces Liz to take her to the music club at the community centre.

Where a chap called Chris takes a shine to an oblivious Liz.

Later, Chris calls in the Rovers for a drink and explains to Mary and Eva that if it hadn't been for Sam's music club, he'd never have met Amy's beautiful mother Liz!! Amused, will Mary and Eva keep Liz's secret?

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Preview Pictures: Mon 28th Mar - Fri 1st April

This week on Coronation Street: Will Tracy reveal Carla's secret? When things get worse for Izzy she turns to Gary for help, Michelle meets a blast from her past and Sarah brings the baby home.

Robert's horrified to find a man replacing the Nick's Bistro sign with a new one. He orders him to stop and Tracy's excitement quickly turns to anger.

Tracy lays into Robert before turning her anger on Carla. Is Tracy about to reveal all?

Not if Carla can help it!

Alone with Tracy, Robert demands to know what lengths Tracy went to for him. Will she tell him what she’s done?

After a successful shopping trip for the wedding, an upbeat Carla and Nick arrive in the Rovers, clearly loved up. Tracy's furious at their apparent bliss.

Izzy joins Gary and Jake on the Easter egg hunt at the community centre. With the hunt in full swing, suddenly Izzy doubles over in pain.

Gary reluctantly agrees to score Izzy some more cannabis to help with her pain relief. Dropping the drugs off Gary warns Izzy to be careful as they're stronger than usual. But will she heed his warning?

David rows with Gemma over her interfering with Marion. Gemma's furious, pointing out how she came to Bethany's rescue and saw off the school bullies.

Later, Sarah's overprotective when she brings baby Harry home, confiding in Bethany that she's worried about him.

Sharif is shocked when an Environmental Health Officer calls at No.6 and demands to inspect the chicken coop. Realising Sally was behind the visit, Yasmeen vows revenge!

When Michelle's wedding client Saskia introduces her to her fiance, Michelle's taken aback to realise it's Will, her first ever boyfriend.

Later Michelle and Will have a drink. A suspicious Liz confronts Michelle asking her outright if she's having an affair!

And, Phelan cooks a lovely meal for Eileen, Todd and Sean. Suspicious, Todd warns him to treat his mum with respect.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 21 Mar - Fri 25 Mar

This week on the Street: Sarah goes into labour - will the baby be okay? Aidan and Eva are reunited, Tracy will stop at nothing to get her claws into the Bistro and Tim offers Tyrone a job.

Sarah suddenly starts contractions with only Tracy to help her!

Luckily Todd and David call for an ambulance and they're soon rushed to hospital.

David holds Sarah's hand as she struggles in labour and the consultant advises a caesarean is required for the baby's sake.

As Sarah comes to with Gail by her side, the midwife presents her newborn son. Troubled Sarah seeks reassurance that he's okay.

The mood is soured by the arrival of Marion, causing Bethany to fret that Callum might show up.

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Preview Pictures: Mon 14 Mar - Fri 18 Mar

This week on Coronation Street: Billy and Eva try to rescue Marta, Phelan makes a move on Eileen, Kylie's heart goes out to grieving Freddie and David's had enough of Gemma already!

Aidan doesn’t want to hear when Eva tries to talk about Marta - it looks like Eva and Billy are on their own!

Breaking into the O’Driscolls they find a terrified Marta locked in a bedroom.

But just as they’re about to make their escape the O'Driscolls arrive home!

Billy threatens to call the police and have the O'Driscolls arrested on kidnap charges but Richie grabs the phone and shoves Eva up against a wall.

But Aidan suddenly comes to Eva's rescue and punches Richie, knocking him out!

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