Picture Previews: Mon 29 Sept - Fri 3 Oct

This week: Kylie is drawn back to her old life, Tim tries to keep a secret, Liz turns to Eileen for help and Dev is caught between Mary and Julie.

David is furious when he discovers the Kylie has been taking Max's pills.

Kylie turnes to Eva for help, determined to do some digging to get to the bottom of Max's problems.

Heading to her old neighbourhood, Kylie meets Gemma who offers to help her find Max's dad...

And, sexy Callum makes an instant impression when reunited with Kylie.

As the afternoon goes on, Eva worries about how easily Kylie slots back into her old life.

Especially when charmer Callum writes his number on Kylie's arm! Is she playing a dangerous game?

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Picture Previews: Mon 22 Sept - Fri 26 Sept

This week on the Street: Neil takes a stand, Liz makes a deal with the devil, and the Grimshaws wash their hands of Todd...

Neil stages a protest on the roof of the Rovers, in a desperate act to win Andrea back.

The crowd looks on as Andrea attempts to reason with her ex-husband...

But when the ladders slip, Andrea is left dangling by her fingertips. Will she be okay?

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Picture Previews: Mon 15 Sept - Fri 19 Sept

This week on the Cobbles: Steve finally visits Jim in prison, Neil's manipulation of Andrea goes too far, Todd gets back to his old tricks - don't tell Tony! And, Simon, Sophie and Maddie put a plan together to save Eccles!

Jim's thrilled when Steve agrees to visit, will the pair reconcile?

But back in the cells, Jim makes it clear that he doesn't want Steve to find out that he supplied the booze that almost killed Peter.

And, just to make his point, Jim leaves Peter a clear message. Will Peter bow down to his threats?

Neil threatens to do something stupid after Andrea starts divorce proceedings. Fearing for his life, Lloyd goes to check on him...

Lloyd's furious when he learns that it was just another ploy by Neil to see Andrea.

But Neil's not finished yet and Lloyd and Andrea are shocked to find that he's called the police on them!

Gail encourages Michael to search for his long-lost father online, but will he like what he finds?

Tyrone and Luke return to the garage to find the doors unlocked, lights flashing and music blaring...

Has Todd been up to his old tricks?

Dev and Julie head out for a drink together, leaving an upset Mary to babysit again.

Maddie promises to help a distraught Simon rescue Eccles, before Tracy gets her put down.

But how will Ken react when he uncovers their plan to dognap Eccles?

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Picture Previews: Sun 7 Sept - Fri 12 Sept

This week on the Street: There's trouble for Kal at the cricket match, Neil goes too far, Kylie is pushed to the edge and the police want a word with Rob...

The team gears up for The Rovers v The Flying Horse cricket match.

But when Leanne shows up to support Kal, his son Zeedan is less than impressed.

Will Alya be able to talk her brother (and Steve's star player) round?

Or will the game end in disaster?

Neil steps up his nuisance campaign, on what would have been his and Andrea's anniversary...

Even going as far as placing an announcement in the Gazette celebrating their love and showing Lloyd photos of previous anniversaries!

Kylie's at her wits end, struggling with the salon accounts as Lily cries upstairs. Feeling the pressure she looks at Max's pills, will she be tempted?

In turmoil, Kylie confides in Eva that she's a terrible mother. But will she confess the new depths she's sunk to?

When Rob overhears Owen say he has a job at the site where he buried the murder weapon. Rob sneaks in and stashes the evidence in the boot of his car...

But when Ken needs a lift to the hospital, Rob's heart is in his mouth as they're pulled over by the police!

Tony tries to make peace with Tyrone and Fiz, but just makes things worse.

Can Eileen convince Jason to give his dad a second chance?

And, Alya tells Julie that she thinks Dev fancies her...

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Picture Previews: Mon 1 Sept - Fri 5 Sept

This week on the Street: Questions are asked as Peter's life hangs in the balance, Steve attempts to put his cricket team together, Luke and Katy wind up Steph and will Tyrone and Fiz discover the truth about accident?

When Carla hears that Peter's fighting for his life, she decides to pay him a visit.

But not before devious Rob has a thing or two to whisper in his ear!

Later, Carla confesses that she doesn't believe Peter is the murderer...

Can Rob convince her she's barking up the wrong tree?

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Picture Previews: Mon 25 Aug - Fri 29 Aug

This week on the Street: Cutting corners on the loft conversion has dangerous consequences for Tyrone. Peter collapses after he finds Jim's stash of alcohol and downs the lot! And, is romance in the air for Luke and Katy?

Tyrone's delighted with the progress on the loft conversion, unaware of the shortcuts made by Todd...

But when he accidentally slips from the ladders, Tyrone crashes through the floor below...

And is left badly hurt! Will he be okay?

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Picture Previews: Mon 18 Aug - Fri 22 Aug

This week on Coronation Street: Neil and Lloyd go to war, Ken and Deirdre go to Wales and Nick pushes Leanne too far.

Neil becomes nostalgic when he and Andrea share a drink, but he's not happy when Lloyd crashes the party.

Later, Neil ups his nuisance campaign by sending Andrea a barrage of texts and ordering stacks of pizzas to the cab office.

So, of course you know that this means war!

As Steve and Lloyd order a children's clown to pay Neil a visit!

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Picture Previews: Mon 11 Aug - Fri 15 Aug

This week: Kirk builds up the courage to ask Beth to marry him, Michael and Gail hit a bump in the road, Peter continues to struggle in prison and Jenna packs her bags.

Nothing says I love you like a freshly cooked kebab.

Can Kirk build up the courage to pop the question?

Or will Beth scupper his chances before he even has chance to go down on one knee?

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