Picture Previews: Mon 23 Feb - Fri 27 Feb

This week on the Street: Lloyd returns home, Jason tries to save his relationship, Rita has a thing or two to say to Jenny and will Tracy and Tony get caught?

Lloyd’s reunion with Andrea is cut short when Chesney steams over and recaps what Steve’s been up to.

Lloyd snaps and confronts Steve over the fact he almost destroyed their business and put Sinead in a wheelchair. How will Steve react?

Kirk and Beth's wedding album

Congratulations Beth and Kirk! Here are some snaps from their big day.

The 80s theme was a real hit!

Sinead and Craig looking fabulous

The Madonnas - Maddie and Sophie

Anyone else loving Tyrone's shirt?

Mr and Mrs Sutherland!


Rita and Me

A brand new documentary celebrating Barbara Knox's 50 years on Coronation Street starts tonight at 8pm.

Paul O'Grady surprises Barbara Knox on the Coronation Street set

Barbara and Thelma Barlow (Mavis) share their greatest comedy moments

Barbara during Coronation Street's first ever foreign filming in Majorca, 1974

Rita and Alan Bradley (Mark Eden) in 1989

The dynamic duo - Norris returns to Weatherfield in 1999.

Watch Rita's first scene

Kirk and Beth's 80s Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing for Kirk as he and bride-to-be Beth prepare to walk down the aisle - 80s style!

As these fantastic pictures show the couple decide on an 80s theme for their big day with the bride and groom leading the way with their outrageous outfits.

The decade that gave us neon, leg warmers and big hair doesn’t disappoint. Beth styles herself on Madonna from her Like A Virgin years, while Kirky chooses Adam Ant as his inspiration.

WHAT WOULD KIRK DO? Kirk needs your help before the wedding - watch his online mini-series

Bridesmaids Tracy, Sinead and Maria styled as Bananarama

Best man and usher Chesney and Craig dressed as the Blues Brothers

The guests are also invited to dress up and viewers will be given the visual treat of Sally and Tim styled as pop duo Dollar, Sean as George Michael, Dev from Ghostbusters, Julie as Molly Ringwald, and Sophie and Maddie as Vogue style Madonna tributes, much to Beth’s annoyance!

Sophie and Maddie as Madonna

Sally and Tim styled as pop duo Dollar

But will the wedding go without a hitch?

As Beth waits at the registry office, her Prince Charming is nowhere in sight. Kirk is suffering from a classic case of pre-wedding nerves, brought on by the arrival of Beth’s family - who clearly think Kirk isn’t good enough to join the Tinker clan!

Kirk’s left doubting whether he’s worthy of his beloved Beth. Can Chesney talk sense into his pal or is Kirk about to let the love of his life slip through his fingers?

Find out if the pair will tie the knot when the wedding episodes air on Friday 9th January.