First Look: Don't Do It Sarah!

Sarah is delighted when she unexpectedly receives a large sum of money and decides to approach Phelan and Vinny about buying one of their flats for her and Bethany.

When Todd learns that Sarah has decided to invest in a flat he’s panicked and confronts Phelan, ordering him not to rip off his close friend or he will blow the whistle on him and Vinny.

But when Phelan tells Todd what Vinny is capable of, will Todd have a change of heart?

FIRST LOOK: Alya Uncovers The Truth!

Sharif’s guilt-ridden after sleeping with Sonia and when she starts criticising Yasmeen’s taste, Sharif forbids her from mocking his wife.

Sonia’s chastened but as Sharif places a hand on her back, Alya walks in and clocks their intimacy.

Has Alya uncovered the affair? Will Sharif be able to talk his way out of this one?

Look Out Steve, Nick Knows!

This is the dramatic moment when a furious Nick Tylsley confronts Steve McDonald after discovering he is the father of Leanne’s child.

Leanne confesses to Nick next week that she slept with Steve and that she is carrying his baby. Whilst Nick had been prepared to bring up someone else’s child he struggles with this revelation and Leanne is devastated when he walks out on her.

Determined to get more answers Nick asks an unsuspecting Steve to go with him on a test drive for the new bistro Delivery service he is planning with Streetcars.

But once the two men are on the road it becomes evident to Steve that Nick has more on his mind than food deliveries when he asks Steve to stop the car on some waste ground and demands he gets out.

How will Nick deal with this turn of events? Will he be able to stay with Leanne and bring up Steve’s baby with the father living just around the corner? Will Nick believe that Michelle deserves to know the truth.

Tune in to ITV on Monday 5th September at 7.30pm to find out.

Maria Attacked!

Maria is shocked when she comes home to find her flat broken into.

Suddenly, shoving Maria out of the way, the burglar makes a run for it!

But, Maria falls, cracking her head on the edge of a table. Will she be okay?