Holiday Photo Album

As you know there are three things you have to do when you get back from your holiday.

  1. Put the washing on.

  2. Make a cup of tea.

  3. Show everyone your photos in order to make them really, really jealous of the wonderful time you've had.

Isn't it lovely meeting new people when you go away.

Kirky's shirts got more tropical as the week went on!

Chesney and Sinead found a lovely little shop that sold pork pies.

The Dobbs had a lovely time although Hope was a little under the weather.

Craig had his first holiday romance with Caitlin.

But her dad, Dougie was a bit of a know-it-all!.Made a lovely dandelion tea though!

First Pics: Aidan Connor

Aidan, played by Shayne Ward, joins Michelle and Carla to rock the cobbles as a trio of Connors!

Aidan arrives in Weatherfield when his cousin Michelle and Nick Tilsley ask for help with Carla - after her gambling problem puts Underworld in jeopardy.

But, will Aidan's intervention be enough to help Carla see sense?

We first see Aidan on screen, Friday 21st August.


First Picture: Bethany arrested?

Is Bethany in over her head with Callum? This exclusive photo certainly suggests she is!

Dressed up to the nines, (but trying to appear casual) Bethany joins Callum and Gemma in the Dog & Gun.

Desperate to impress, Bethany offers to help Callum with his next delivery and in amusement he chucks her a small package of drugs.

But just then the police raid the pub - will Bethany be caught red-handed!?

First Pictures: Entrapping Callum

In a bid to nail Callum and show Sarah his true colours Kylie and David come up with a fool proof plan - what could possibly go wrong?

Spotting Callum across the street, David and Kylie put their plan into action and stage a huge row for his benefit.

Finding Callum, Kylie goes all out to convince him how unhappy she is with David and how she wishes she’d taken him up on his offer. Callum falls for her act and leads her through to the back room of the Dog & Gun...

But as David searches in vain for Sarah, realising that time is running out, Callum pulls Kylie towards the sofa, telling her he wants her!

Wondering where on earth David has got to, Kylie tries to conceal her mounting panic.

How will she get out of this one?


First Picture: Will Tracy kill Carla?

Tracy Barlow stands menacingly over a sleeping Carla Connor and clearly has murder on her mind.

Furious that Carla has scuppered her plans to take over the Rovers, Tracy plots the ultimate revenge on her arch enemy in dramatic episodes to be screened on ITV from May 25th.

With her landlady dream in tatters, Tracy will be consumed by rage for those she feels have wronged her - and if there’s one thing we know about this Barlow it’s that her revenge knows no bounds...

As the picture above shows, Tracy sneaks out of Michelle and Steve's wedding at the Rovers and makes her way to Carla’s flat and once inside chooses her weapon of choice - the award Carla won for businesswoman of the year.

A sleeping Carla is unaware of the danger lurking over her - will she escape unharmed?

Tracy’s revenge on Carla will fuel an explosive week on Coronation Street which will culminate in a massive fire at Victoria Court.

But will the fire be part of Tracy’s plan, or will her vengeance take on a mind of its own?