First Pics: Mary and Dev!

Wowsers! Could this be the start of something beautiful?

What would Mary's Mother say?

Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there's been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room.

Of course that's all fine, they are good friends after all...

But the next morning Dev's horrified to realise he’s spent the night with Mary!

While Mary enthuses about what a fantastic time she had.

We wouldn't want to be in Dev's shoes when Erica finds out...

First Pics: Flaming Revenge!

Finding his van on fire, Jason wants to know who's to blame! Is this revenge for Callum's murder?

Gemma warns Jason that Callum’s mates are out for revenge now that they know Tony was his killer. As Phelan and Jason head back to the yard, they’re shocked to find the van on fire. Has someone torched it?

As Gemma appears from the kebab shop, Jason turns on her, demanding to know which of Callum’s mates torched his van. Gemma denies all knowledge.

First Pics: Lee kidnaps Sarah

Desperate Lee takes a fragile Sarah hostage in an attempt to exploit Billy for money, but will he have taken on more than he bargained for?

Sarah bumps into Lee in the corner shop and tells him that she's desperate to see Billy. Claiming that Billy is on his way round, Lee lures Sarah back to his bedsit.

Lee steals Sarah's phone and calls Billy, telling him that he is holding Sarah hostage and will let her go in return for cash.

Billy recruits Todd and David to hunt down his brother...

Sarah attempts to make a run for it but Lee grabs her and they wrestle to the floor.

Reminding Sarah of her ordeal at the hands of Callum, she breaks down, causing Lee to realise that she is mentally unstable.

Will Billy, David and Todd get to Sarah on time?

First Pics: David v Jason

In the Rovers, David lays into Jason telling him to stop harassing his family but things get heated and the regulars have to step in to prevent a fight!

And when the police discover what kind of weapon was used in the murder, both men's alibis will be put under closer scrutiny...

First Pic: Carla Says Goodbye

A devastated Carla Connor says a sad farewell to her father Johnny as she prepares to leave Coronation Street.

With her marriage in tatters before it has even begun and her friendship with Roy Cropper seemingly over, Carla has nothing left to keep her in Weatherfield.

Following her disastrous wedding day which saw her exposed as a cheat and ended in her accidently mowing down Roy’s girlfriend Cathy, Carla has packed her bags and is ready to go.

Will Roy forgive her before she finally leaves the cobbles behind for good?

Meanwhile, as the dust settles on Gail’s annexe following the crash, David ventures into the rubble to find out the extent of the damage.

His worst fears are realised when he comes across the exposed manhole and the stench of Callum’s rotting corpse hits him.

And when the cops come calling on the Platts it seems they finally have nowhere left to hide!

First Pics: Carla's revving for revenge

Tracy Barlow is a like a rabbit caught in the headlights of Carla Connor’s car in Wednesday night’s Coronation Street.

With her wedding in tatters, thanks to Tracy, a devastated Carla gets into her car desperate to escape the humiliation.

But as she prepares to leave the cobbles she spots Tracy on the pavement and intent on revenge presses her foot on the accelerator…

Will the feuding enemies escape unscathed?

Earlier in the episode, a furious Nick seeks out Robert and punches him for sleeping with his fiancee.

The drama continues on Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm when a spectacular sequence of events leads to Callum’s decomposing body being discovered at number 8...


First Pic: Will Todd Learn The Truth?

In the aftermath of next week's dramatic events, Todd is baffled when Sarah lets slip that she saw Callum’s dead body.

Todd humours Sarah and promises to keep her confidence and asks who killed him. But, Todd’s eyes widen in shock as Sarah whispers her reply in his ear!

Will she tell him the truth? And if she does, what's Todd going to do about it?


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First Pic: Jenny to the Rescue!

On a day trip to Blackpool, Jenny tries to lay some of her demons to rest. But as she sees Jack running straight towards the tram line, she rushes to his aid before the awful past repeats itself!

Johnny suggests that Jenny should return to Blackpool in honour of her dad and offers to accompany her. In Blackpool, Jenny shows Johnny the place where her dad was hit by a tram all those years ago.

Meanwhile, also in Blackpool, as Sally rails at Tim, accusing him of playing happy families with Kevin, Jack vanishes from the café.

He careers across the road, straight into the path of a tram, but Jenny chases after him!

Will they both be alright?!