First Pics: A Connor Caution!

Johnny grabs Robert and shoving him into the ginnel, tells him they need to have a little chat about Carla.

With Carla due home from hospital, Kate asks Johnny to get some shopping in and hands him the key to Carla’s flat.

Carla arrives home with Michelle and confides in her how the guilt of having slept with Robert behind Nick’s back is killing her.

Carla’s horrified to find Johnny in her kitchen, having overheard. Johnny promises her secret is safe with him, but is it?

It's All In The Name...

Robert isn't the only person to have his name up in lights on the Street.

Here's some of our favourite Corrie shops named after characters....

Elliott and Son

Run by, I say run by Fred Elliott and Ashley Peacock

Roy's Rolls

Roy Cropper - trusted to deliver excellent bacon butties!

D and S Alahan's

Run by 'entrepreneur extraordinaire' Dev Alahan

Websters' Auto Centre

Currently expanding to new premises! Run by Kevin Webster, Sophie Webster and Tyrone Dobbs

Alf’s Mini Market

Alf Roberts cornered the market on groceries!

Nick’s Bistro

They're getting excellent reviews - run by Nick Tilsley and Leanne Tilsley

Audrey’s Salon

Come for a trim, stay for the chat - run by Audrey Roberts

Barlow’s Bookies

You know you've backed a good one when your Bookies is run by Peter Barlow!



First Pic: Busted!

Sally catches Anna and Kevin kissing - we're sure she'll be FINE with it...

Loved up Anna and Kevin agree that it’s time to go public with their relationship.

But before they get chance an incensed Sally rushes into the garage to enlist Kevin’s help as a council worker is threatening to remove Craig’s new mural to Maddie.

How will Sally react when she arrives to find Kevin and Anna kissing passionately?


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First Pic: Have Anna and Kevin been Rumbled?

As Anna and Kevin get cosy on the couch, could a knock at the door mean their secret is about to come out?

Having invited Kevin round, Anna asks Tim if he and Sally will have Faye. Suspecting that Anna’s spending the evening with her new boyfriend, nosy Sally suggests they call round and pick up a DVD.

Hearing Sally on the stairs, Anna quickly shuts Kevin in the bedroom.

Convinced Anna’s hiding her new man, Sally calls out to him. Is she about to discover just who Anna is getting cosy with?

New Year’s Eva!

Things are looking up for unlucky in love Eva Price in 2016 after she manages to bag the boss on New Year’s Eve.

Eva finds herself in a clinch with knicker factory boss Aidan Connor as they see in the new year at the Bistro.

And actress Cath Tyldesley has revealed that it was not as romantic as it looks on screen for her and co-star Shayne Ward: “Poor Shayne - Eva wears bright red lipstick and by the time we had finished the kissing scene it was all over his face!”

The New Year’s Eve snog is just the start of a big romance for Eva and Aidan in 2016.

On New Year’s Day Leanne catches Eva trying to sneak hunky Aidan out of the flat and the relationship develops further when Aidan discovers that his dad Johnny is Carla’s dad.

Cath explains: “Eva tells him that she was shocked when she found out Leanne was her half sister but now they are very close and she feels it could be the same for him and Carla. They bond over this shared experience.

“Eva is ready for romance again after what happened with Jason and it looks like she and Aidan could be perfect together.”

It won’t all be plain sailing for the lovebirds though. In January a new client arrives at Underworld with his glamorous wife. It isn’t long before Eva realises that all is not what it seems with the O’Driscolls, and they are hiding a dark secret that could have far reaching consequences for the factory.