First Pics: Sarah's Confession?

Billy becomes increasingly concerned about Sarah when he sees her snapping at Todd. Todd explains to Billy how he and the Platt family have history and that he feels guilty about the past.

Aware that there’s clearly something troubling the Platt family, Billy makes an approach and assures them that whatever they tell him is in the strictest confidence.
Will Sarah confess all?

The Connor Clan Mean Business!

The Connors are back in business as two more family members join Carla on the cobbles this autumn.

Aidan Connor arrived on the street back in August, investing in Underworld after hearing how Carla’s gambling debts were threatening the business.

After a rocky start Carla has welcomed Aidan’s input but when his dad Johnny (Richard Hawley) and sister Kate (Faye Brookes) burst into the factory Carla is left wondering what she’s let herself in for!

It turns out that Aidan has been less than truthful about where his cash came from and Carla soon finds herself with more than one family member going over the books.

Johnny makes himself at home in Underworld!

Kate and Aidan Connor are distant cousins of Michelle and the family grew up on the same estate as Carla, who later married into the Connor family.

Dad Johnny is a self made man, he’s been in the rag trade for years and has a well earned reputation. He’s funny, charming but ruthless in business. Johnny adores his kids but he’s no pushover as Carla soon learns.

Kate shows off her engagement ring to Michelle.

Sister Kate is a tough cookie and more than a match for her father and brother. Engaged to be married to female soldier Caz, Kate is a fun and vibrant young woman, full of mischief but passionate about family.

Standing alongside Carla it’s clear the Connors are a force to be reckoned and as our first family portrait shows they’ll be making their presence felt on the street.

Johnny and Kate join Carla, Michelle and Aidan on screen from Monday 5th October.

First Pics - Sally's Big Day

In the Bistro, staff and guests alike are embarrassed for Sally as she stands in her wedding dress waiting for Tim.
Sally’s resolve starts to crumble when it becomes clear that Tim’s not coming, and as her guests dessert her she’s left stood alone like Miss Havisham!

Roy's birthday trip to Blackpool

Cathy surprises Roy with a trip to Blackpool for his Birthday. Completely unaware of the history, she has organised for them to go to a steam fair as a special treat. But how will he react being in a place which holds so many painful memories for him?

David Neilson and Melanie Hill had lots of fun filming in Blackpool - check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes pics...

Some of which are direct from Melanie's own phone!

Holiday Photo Album

As you know there are three things you have to do when you get back from your holiday.

  1. Put the washing on.

  2. Make a cup of tea.

  3. Show everyone your photos in order to make them really, really jealous of the wonderful time you've had.

Isn't it lovely meeting new people when you go away.

Kirky's shirts got more tropical as the week went on!

Chesney and Sinead found a lovely little shop that sold pork pies.

The Dobbs had a lovely time although Hope was a little under the weather.

Craig had his first holiday romance with Caitlin.

But her dad, Dougie was a bit of a know-it-all!.Made a lovely dandelion tea though!

First Pics: Aidan Connor

Aidan, played by Shayne Ward, joins Michelle and Carla to rock the cobbles as a trio of Connors!

Aidan arrives in Weatherfield when his cousin Michelle and Nick Tilsley ask for help with Carla - after her gambling problem puts Underworld in jeopardy.

But, will Aidan's intervention be enough to help Carla see sense?

We first see Aidan on screen, Friday 21st August.