First Pic: Will Leanne Keep Mum?

That awkward moment when you find your wife taking care of the woman carrying your unborn baby...

Steve dashes to the local hospital after Tim tells him Michelle has gone there.

Worried that his wife is ill he is sent reeling when he finds her sitting with an anxious Leanne who has been experiencing stomach pains.

Has Steve arrived just in the nick of time? Or will Leanne tell Michelle that she's carrying Steve's baby?

David Catches Up With Kylie's Killer

Following the devastating death of his wife, is this the moment that David exacts his revenge on Kylie’s killer?

On Friday 15th July viewers watched David cradle his dying wife in his arms after she was stabbed by Clayton, one of the gang from Callum’s old haunt The Dog & Gun.

As he struggles to come to terms with his sudden loss David spots Clayton, who’s now on the run from the police, threatening Gemma to keep her mouth shut.

Grabbing a piece of scaffolding from the builders yard an angry David loses control as he pins Clayton to the ground.

The pain still raw, will an unhinged David go vigilante as he vows to make Clayton pay for taking his wife and the mother of his children from him?

Kylie's Final Moments

This is the first sneak preview of Kylie Platt’s last dramatic moments as she dies in the arms of her husband on the Coronation Street cobbles.

The details of how Kylie, played by Paula Lane, dies are being kept strictly under wraps but as these moving pictures show she breathes her last breath in the street cradled by David.

The tear jerking scenes will air on ITV tonight (Friday July 15th) at 7.30 and 8.30pm - finally ending weeks of speculation about how the mum-of-two will leave the street.

Filming the harrowing scenes took its toll on Jack P Shepherd who cried when he read the scripts for the first time.

He also revealed that his tears in the scene were real, saying:

“When the cameras stopped filming I couldn’t stop crying the tears were very real. The script is superb, every word, every moment of the scene was exactly right. They are the most moving scenes I have ever had to film."

In rehearsal I just had to speak the lines and not look at anyone as I didn’t want to let my emotions take over too soon.

– Jack P Shepherd

Jack also said that Kylie’s death will see a return to the crazy out of control David of old:

“David has to try and keep it together for the sake of the children but he wants to blame someone for what has happened. He is angry at the world, he and Kylie were so close to having the perfect life and now he is a single dad and a widower.

"He is lashing out and behaving in a way which really starts to worry his family. There is a lot more drama in the coming months as David struggles to come to terms with losing Kylie.”

First Pics: A Factory Fling?

With the factory short-staffed, Jenny suggests Johnny gives her a trial as a machinist, but sewing's not the only thing on her mind!

Sally’s sceptical about Jenny's sewing skills but Jenny sets about proving her wrong.

The factory girls gather round Jenny’s machine and cheer her on but Jenny’s disappointed when the material snags and realises she’s failed the test. Johnny assures Jenny that he was impressed with her first attempt and she mustn’t give up. Jenny’s cheered by his words.

Jenny meets up with Johnny for an after hours sewing lesson and the chemistry between them is evident. Soon they kiss passionately.

One thing leads to another and they kiss passionately!

First Pics: Mary and Dev!

Wowsers! Could this be the start of something beautiful?

What would Mary's Mother say?

Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there's been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room.

Of course that's all fine, they are good friends after all...

But the next morning Dev's horrified to realise he’s spent the night with Mary!

While Mary enthuses about what a fantastic time she had.

We wouldn't want to be in Dev's shoes when Erica finds out...

First Pics: Flaming Revenge!

Finding his van on fire, Jason wants to know who's to blame! Is this revenge for Callum's murder?

Gemma warns Jason that Callum’s mates are out for revenge now that they know Tony was his killer. As Phelan and Jason head back to the yard, they’re shocked to find the van on fire. Has someone torched it?

As Gemma appears from the kebab shop, Jason turns on her, demanding to know which of Callum’s mates torched his van. Gemma denies all knowledge.

First Pics: Lee kidnaps Sarah

Desperate Lee takes a fragile Sarah hostage in an attempt to exploit Billy for money, but will he have taken on more than he bargained for?

Sarah bumps into Lee in the corner shop and tells him that she's desperate to see Billy. Claiming that Billy is on his way round, Lee lures Sarah back to his bedsit.

Lee steals Sarah's phone and calls Billy, telling him that he is holding Sarah hostage and will let her go in return for cash.

Billy recruits Todd and David to hunt down his brother...

Sarah attempts to make a run for it but Lee grabs her and they wrestle to the floor.

Reminding Sarah of her ordeal at the hands of Callum, she breaks down, causing Lee to realise that she is mentally unstable.

Will Billy, David and Todd get to Sarah on time?