Preview: Mon 25 Aug 8.30pm

Jason looks for help after Tyrone has an accident in the loft.

Kylie tries to get Max under control.
Michelle gives her blessing for Steve to visit Peter.
And, a rival pub challenges the Rovers to a crict

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Preview: Mon 25 Aug 7.30pm

Kylie's at her wits' end when Max ruins Lily's birthday party.

Jason makes a start on Tyrone’s loft conversion.
Luke and Katy have a night on the tiles.
And, Steve isn't keen on visiting Peter in prison.

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Preview: Fri 22nd Aug 8.30pm

Peter asks Steve to visit him in prison, but has he already burnt his bridges?

Nick and Leanne's conflict comes to a head.
Maddie faces Carla's wrath.
And, Lloyd and Steve put their plan into action.

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Preview: Fri 22nd Aug 7.30pm

When Eccles is in trouble, Maddie steps up to get her to the vets as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, she steals Carla's car to do it!

Will Nick push Leanne too far?
Jim calls in the favour promised by a desperate Peter.
And, Lloyd and Steve hatch a plan to teach Neil a lesson.

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Preview: Wed 20th Aug 7.30pm

Could Peter's addiction land him in hot water with Jim?

Neil continues to watch Andrea he ups his nuisance campaign.
Leanne remains unconvinced by Nick's seizures.
And, Maddie asks Carla for a job.

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Preview: Mon 18th Aug 8.30pm

Rob discovers Peter's been drinking and can barely contain the smirk on his face.

Neil's desperation unnerves Andrea.
Will Deirdre carry on camping?
And, David warns Nick about his playacting.

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Preview: Mon 18th Aug 7.30pm

Ken and Deirdre go caravanning in Wales. What could possibly go wrong?

Leanne prepares Simon for a visit to the prison.
Neil attempts to win Andrea back.
And, Dev offers Leanne a job...

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