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Picture Previews: 14th July - 18th July

Will Peter get sent down for a crime he didn't commit? It's decision time for Andrea and is Marcus leaving the Weatherfield for good?

Rob's on a knife edge as Tracy continues to go on about Tina...

Desperate to point the finger at Peter, Rob starts arguing again, just as the police come calling.

They believe they have sufficient evidence to arrest Peter. Can Rob now breathe a sight of relief?

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Picture Previews: Mon 30 June - Fri 4 July

David warns Michael to stay away from Gail, Nick pushes Leanne a step too far and Maria returns, but will anyone be happy to see her?

Michael loses his job after a run in with Kylie and David...

Outraged, Gail marches Michael over to Streetcars to see if she can get him a job with Steve.

But, Nick and David pay the former burglar a visit. Will he get the message and stay away from Gail?

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Picture Previews: Mon 23 June - Fri 27 June

Tina's funeral packs a punch, Luke and Katy grow closer, Gail gets an unexpected visitor and Kal's daughter causes a stir with Gary...

David reads an emotional eulogy to Tina.

While some surprising faces are in attendance at the funeral...

But, when a drunken Peter invites himself along, he's soon shown the door by everyone there.

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