Preview Clips: Friday 27th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Beth sees Fiz splashing the cash in the café and wonders where it came from. Are the girls onto them?

Posh hot chocolate for breakfast? liking your style.

– Beth Sutherland


Nicola confronts Phelan with some home truths. Has he finally met his match in his own daughter?

You're either telling the truth, or your a really good liar.

– Nicola Rubinstein

Preview Clips: Wednesday 25th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Seb blames Anna for calling Social Services, will things get out of hand?

We don't want you, we don't need you, even Faye hates you.

– Seb Franklin


After being set up on a blind date, Moira tells Steve that he’s not her type... How will he cope with the devastating news?

This is never, ever going to happen.

– Moira Pollock

Preview Clips: Monday 23rd October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Alya explains to Luke that she's struggling to make contacts in the fashion world. Can Luke convince her not to give up?

You are going to get on that phone and you're not going to come off until you have at least one meeting in the bag.

– Luke Britton


Phelan threatens that unless Vinny pays him back all the money he stole, he won’t see his mother again!

Lovely lady your mum, very chatty.

– Pat Phelan

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the street: Things go from bad to worse for Seb but who is to blame? Phelan puts his new scheme into motion and Steve goes dating.

Seb confides in Faye about his awful home life but when he takes her to see his house they're shocked to find his mum unconscious. Will she be ok?

After Abi is rushed to hospital, social services arrive and take the twins into care. Seb is devastated, accusing Anna of calling them. 

Following an argument with Anna, Seb falls from his ladder while cleaning windows at the solicitor's office.

Faye and Anna find Seb unconscious. Will he be ok?

Meanwhile, Phelan seizes the chance to frame Anna for attempted murder. Will it work!?

Preview Clips: Friday 20th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Gina distracts Dev with a kiss, so that he doesn't the medication which has fallen out of her bag. How will he react?

Dev, the thing is with me. I like to live life to the max, you know...

– Gina Seddon


Anna does her best to persuade Tim to give Seb a job. Will her plea work?

You know, I think that he's a decent lad.

– Anna Windass

Preview Clips: Wednesday 18th October

Tonight on the cobbles...


Mary railroads Angie into having an afternoon out with Toyah. How will Angie react?

You're getting a persecution complex, it's not a good look.

– Jude Appleton


A furious Phelan quizzes Seb on what 'exactly' he has been discussing with Anna.

Come on, I want to know. Exactly what you spoke to her about?

– Pat Phelan

Preview Clips: Monday 16th October

Tonight on Coronation Street...


A distraught Summer begs Todd to patch things up with Billy...

Somewhere safe and secure, that's all my dad ever wanted for me.

– Summer Spellman


How will Peter and Toyah react when Simon admits supplied Summer with the cigarette and dared her to smoke it?

I dared her to smoke it, I didn't mean it. I thought she chucked it away

– Simon Barlow