Preview Clips: Mon 13th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Deirdre's friends and family gather to say goodbye but Ken struggles to control his anger towards Tracy.

Emily recognises Robert as Tracy’s ex-husband.
And, Bethany skives off school and heads to the Dog & Gun to party with Callum and his friends.


Tracy finds a shoulder to cry on when ex-husband Robert visits to pay his condolences.

Unable to face going to the funeral, Carla spends the afternoon in a casino.
And, Kylie's thrilled when David suggests that they should have a family holiday.

Picture Previews: Mon 13 July - Fri 17 July

This week on the Street: Deirdre's friends and family gather to say goodbye.

As Ken and Tracy prepare for Deirdre's funeral the tension between them is palpable.

As the funeral cortege sets off the residents watch, deeply moved.

Deirdre's funeral takes places and as the congregation sing, Tracy sobs uncontrollably for her mum.

The Coronation Street residents pay their respects to Deirdre.

But will Ken be able to hold is emotions in check?

Upset that his Dad didn't turn up at the funeral, Simon takes out his bad mood on Leanne.

At the wake, Liz questions Eileen's feelings towards Michael.

Tracy's shocked to see her ex-husband Robert at the funeral.

Preview Clips: Friday 10th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Carla and Erica go head-to-head at poker.

Kylie persuades David to go along with her plan to show Sarah Callum's true colours.
Ken pushes Bev as to why Deirdre stayed away from home for so long.
Cathy shows some improvement but will Roy be impressed?


Kylie's in danger when her plan doesn't go according to plan.

The poker game gets a bit more serious as the stakes are raised.
Cathy insists on taking Roy for a drink.
And, Leanne smiles at them through gritted teeth as Dan and Liz have dinner at the Bistro.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 8th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


As everyone prepares for Deirdre's birthday party, Bev arrives with devastating news for Ken and Tracy.

Kylie tells Sarah about Callum's offer - will she believe her?
Roy devises a plan to help Cathy.
And, Michael and Eileen go for a drink at the Bistro...

Preview Clips: Monday 6th July

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Leanne warns Dan off Liz but will he take kindly to her threats?

Callum propositions Kylie - will she be tempted?
Liz and Ken decide to throw Deirdre a surprise birthday party.
And, Roy offers to help Cathy.


Kylie and David have a showdown.

Leanne's left stunned when Simon is scathing towards her.
Carla amuses herself with a spot of online gambling.
And, Roy is determined to help Cathy - whether she likes it or not!