Preview Clips: Friday 24th August

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Living in fear for his life, Henry watches Rita put her annuity cheque for £15k in a drawer. What does he have planned?

We are gonna be so great behind that bar, we'll be like Tom Cruise and whats-his-name?

– Gemma Winter


As Gina begins to realise how Dev views their relationship, has it broken down beyond repair?

Every time you look at me lately I see humiliation in your eyes.

– Gina Seddon

Preview Clips: Wednesday 22nd August

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Keen to stamp their authority on The Rovers, Johnny and Jenny spread the word that they are going to turn it into a gastropub. How will Michelle and Robert react?

It will still be The Rovers, just with a different look.

– Johnny Connor


As Audrey and Lewis rekindle their relationship, Gail worries about her mother and what she's up to. What will happen when she discovers the truth?

When I spoke to her she was having drinks with the Captain.

– Gail Rodwell

Preview Clips: Monday 20th August

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Leanne’s put out when Imran explains that his father has just died and she was 'just' a distraction. How will she deal with this?

Last night was amazing. It was exactly what I needed, not pity, but...

– Imran Habeeb


Having been seen by Billy at the food van, Sean lies making out that he’s a volunteer and there to help serve the food. Billy’s not entirely convinced, but will he realise the truth?

Is there something you're not telling me?

– Billy Mayhew

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Coming up: Gail catches Audrey and Lewis red-handed! Sean seeks help from Billy, Imran is having trouble with his ex and Henry is in very hot water!

Lewis and Audrey

In order to spend time with Lewis, Audrey tells Gail that she's gone away on a cruise.

But when she finds out that Audrey has lied, Gail goes round to her house to see what's really going on. How will she react?

Preview Clips: Friday 17th August

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Worried he might die, Rana is desperate to see her father. Kate suggests she could pretend they have split up to change her mum’s mind.

Will a reluctant Rana agree to her idea?

Tell her that you've seen the error of your ways...

– Kate Connor


Lewis does his best to convince Audrey he’s a changed man and that to prove it, he handed himself into the police and transferred £40k into Gail’s account.

But is he to be trusted?

All I can tell you is... I've changed. I no longer want those things. That person is not who I wish to be.

– Lewis Archer

Preview Clips: Wednesday 15th August

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Eileen quizzes Sean about his living arrangements. Will he come clean?

It's not pity, it's what people do when their mates are having a rough time.

– Eileen Grimshaw


Jude does his best to persuade Angie that they’ll find a way to make their marriage work but will she be convinced?

There's nothing polite about you Adam, you came in here just to stick your oar in.

– Jude Appleton

Preview Clips: Monday 13th August

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With Aidan's DVD weighing heavily on her heart Alya approaches Carla with a deal.

But does she have the cash to accept?

I need it sorted ASAP, okay. Clock's ticking.

– Alya Nazir


After being arrested, the police present Sally with copies of her bank account and demand to know why Duncan deposited £1000.

Does she have an explanation?

He's set me up to cover his tracks. I've never seen any of this. Anybody can buy a phone and send a load of fake messages.

– Sally Metcalfe

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Coming Up On Coronation Street: Sally's fun day is cut short, Sean can't catch a break, a blast from the past returns for Audrey and Carla retakes her throne.

Clowning Around

The final preperations for the family day at Speed Daal are underway.

Only to be interrupted when the police come in looking for Sally.

How will she react when they arrest her on suspicion of fraud, bribery and money laundering?

Later, furious to discover that Barlow's Legal Services are representing Duncan, Sally and Tim pay Adam a visit.

Things Get Worse For Sean

Thinking the coast is clear, Sean helps himself to a vodka behind the bar, intending to take it out to Frank.

However, Jenny catches him red-handed and when he fails to provide an explanation Jenny tells him she has no option but to fire him!

Later, devastated Sean sits a street corner on his sleeping bag, helpless.

Guess Who's back?

Audrey goes to visit Lewis in prison.

What will he have to say to her?

Rana's Regret

Saira agree's to let Rana see her father, but tells him Rana has seen the error of her ways.

He squeezes his daughters hand and passes away.

Rana is wracked with guilt that she lied to her father on his deathbed, how will she cope?

New love for Leanne?

Leanne approaches Imran about the PA job at the Solicitors and they hit it off immediately.

Imran invites Leanne back for a game of Scrabble, is this the start of a new romance?

Return of the Queen

Alya hands Carla Aidan's DVD and explains she realises the importance of family and is willing to sell her the factory for the value of Aidan's original stake.

Carla is shocked, but delighted - has she got everything she ever wanted?

Later, Carla and Peter let themselves into the factory to survey their empire.

Carla becomes emotional about Aidan, is she really ready to run the factory again?

Happy Anniversary!

Jude accidently lets slip to Mary that it's his and Angie's wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Mary insists that they must celebrate, whilst Angie masks her dread.

Can Jude do anything to reignite the spark in their relationship?